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In the name of God Amen: the second day of April in the year of our Lord god one thousand sixe hundred Twenty two I: Thomas Broughton of Bowers in the parish of Standon in the County of Stafford: gent, being of good health and perfit memory thanks I give for it to the Lorde doe make this my last will and testament in manor and forme followinge: first and before any other thinge I comend my soul when it shal be separated from my body unto my lorde and saviour not doubting but that for his infinite merits sett forth in the precious blood of his dearly beloved son Jesus Christ my only Redeemer and Saviour he will remove the  the same into his glory and place it in the Company of the heavenly Angells and blessed Saints. And my body I Comend to the earth where of it came & to be buryed in the Church of Standon at the discretion of my friends not doubting but that at the day of the general resurrection when we shall all appear before the Judgement Seate of Christ I shall receive the same again, by the mighty power of god not a corruptible and mortal as now it is but an uncorruptible immortall Stronge and perfect body, in all point unto the glorious body of my Lorde and saviour Jesus Christ.  And for my worldly goods which it hath pleased god to bestowe on me in this same life, I doe give and bequeath in manner and forme followinge:  

Imprimis my will is my funerall to be done with as little charges as may be, ather wayes I know by experience it will be great trouble and many discontent therefore havinge care to releve where most need is in the parish where I dwell I give twenty shillings to be devided amongst the poore there to suche as my wife, my cosen Humphrey Vise and my cosen John Broughton of Poltry shall think to have most need.  

Item I give and bequeath to my cosen Humphrey Vise my sett of silver buttons and if it please him to weare tham. I give unto his daughter Elizabeth my greater gold ringe. I give unto my cosen John Broughton now of Poltry my lesser gold ringe with the Stone.  

Item my apparrell I leave to the disposing of my wife with the consent of my cosen John Broughton.   

Item I give unto my daughter Clare Badnall three pounds of lawful money to be put and remane in the custodie and lettinge of my cosen John Broughton for the good of Clare my daughter and her children as also those debts by specealty remanninge in my custodie which are taken to the use of the said Clare and her children which she hath or hereafter shall have on her body begotten by her now husband Thomas Badnoll shall be disposed of for the good of the said Clare as shall be thought good by the discretion of my cosen Humphrey Vise and my cosen John Broughton.  

Item I give also unto Clare my daughter   three of my silver spoons to remaine after her decease to her eldest sonne then livinge.  Item I give unto my cosen Walter Aston my short sword.  

Item all the rest of my goods  (excepting all debts to me by specealty) I give unto my wife and my daughter Mary to be equally devided.  

Item further my will is if my wife and her brother Richard Eardley doe at any time within the space of fourteen days next after my decease assure as much as in them lyeth unto my daughter Mary Broughton and her assignes the moitie or one half of all the messuage or tenement in Bowers wherein I now doe dwell with the moytie or one half of all the landes, meadows, leasowes, pastures and commons thereunto belonginge, to have and to hold to the said Mary and assigne or assignes from the end of the fourteene days for and duringe the terme of fourscore yeares, if my said wyfe doe so long live, and without and lawfull lett vexation or trouble of my said wife or of her brother, or any other claminge by them or from or under them or eyther of them or to eyther of their .ses the said Mary yeildinge and payinge from time to time the moitie of all rents and duties for the said premises. If my said wife and her said brother doe assure as afore is said my will is my said wife shall have in consideration thereof the mouetie or one half of all my debts which shall be due unto me by specialtie at the time of my decease excepting those which are to the use of Clare Badnall and her children provided that it is my will that if my wife and her said brother will not assure the moytie as afforesaid to my daughter Mary then my said wife shall have for her part and porcion of all my due debts at my decease but only of twenty pounds.

 The true intent and meaning of my will is that legacies by me given which are to be paid in money and other ordinary payments are to be paid forth of my debts and others goods not to be charged with any part thereof but the moity to be wholie to my wife if she and her said brother doe not assure as aforesaid, I doe ordayne and appointe my daughter Mary Broughton my sole executorix to performe this my last will and testament according to my true intent and meaninge.  And I doe most heartily desire my cosen Greenwood my cosen Humphrey Vise my cosen John Broughton of Poltry and all the rest of my friends to help and assist my daughter in the execution and true performance of this my last will and testament and also to be good friends and comfortable to my loving wife who hath bin the greatest staie of my estate and preferment of my children, therefore I trust my friends will have great care of her in any thing for her good and seeing God will reward them and all good folks comend them. And lastly I doe desire my wife and charge my daughters that they and every of them be helping ayding and assisting each other, if any occasion be accordinge to their estates and abilities as my especial trust is the will to the uttermost of their power. In witness that this is my last will and testament I have written it with my own hand, and put my name and seale By me Thomas Broughton, sealed and delivered in the presence of William Beech, Richard Eardley.

 Probate granted at the PCC, London to Mary Broughton, the daughter and executorix of the testator, on the 24 January 1622.

PRO Probate 11/141