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The last will and testament of the under signed Thomas Bednal of Rochdale Road, Manchester, made the first day of November in the year of our Lord 1856.
I Thomas Bednal, hereby appoint Joseph Greaves and Thomas Bednal junior, as my executors to carry out the instructions hereinafter contained.
The whole of my stock-in-trade, book debts, household furniture and all other effects appertaining to my real and personal estate to be realized by the executors above named and divided in equal portions to each and everyone of my children that may be living at the time of my decease. And I hereby totally exclude my wife Frances Bednal (late Reynolds) from any participation whatever in the proceeds arising from any and all, of the effects above mentioned; And further exclude her from receiving any portion of the funeral money due at my decease from the Mortality Burial Society of which I am a member; but that  the said funeral money  be paid over to the executors named in this my will by the party appointed to pay the same.

As witness my hand this first day of November in the year of Our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six in the presence of the undersigned witnesses,

Thomas Bednal senior,  Testator

Witnessed by Richard Steele   & Helen Lea 

Bednall Thomas- Probate 24 August 1858

This is the will referred to in the annexed oath     Jas. Moors, surrogate    Joseph Greaves.  Thomas Bednal  This is the will referred to in the annexed affidavit of Richard Steele and Samuel Bednal

Jas. Moors, surrogate    Richard Steele   Samuel Bednal