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This section contains Vital Records data for Bednall and related families, the full text transcripts of a all relevant wills and inventories so far identified and also the full text of references that relate to or mention Badnalls, Bednalls, etc. and related families. While containing much useful information, there are many gaps which we hope to fill in the future. 

The index to the Bednall Collection has also been included. This contains not only information  on Bednall, etc. and related families but also on other, unrelated, families and on aspects of the local history of North Staffordshire and South East Cheshire.

Please note that the original source references of the documents included in "References...1150 to 1970"  are not always as complete as they should be - we hope to correct this as soon as we can.

(1) Documents & Data

General Registry Index of Births, Marriages & Deaths 

Principal Probate Registry Index of Wills and Letters of Administration 

UK Census 

Transcripts of Badnall, Bednall, Etc. Wills and Inventories 

References From Various Sources 1150 to 1970     

The Bednall Collection

Badnall/Bednall Etc., Names in the IGI  

Beadnell  References 

Bidnell  References

Cruso References   

Other Sources

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