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1257      Staffordshire                        John De Bedenhale & Agnes De Bedenhale
Fine Roll Staffordshire 41 Henry III A. D. 1257 Memb 2 (alias B)
Agn' que fuit ux' Johis de Bedenhale F Willms fil'' ejus dant R. dimid marc per une ass' n' diss cap. Coram Willmo Trussel. Et mand est Vic. Staff. Tc. [Agnes onetime wife of John de Bednehale and her son William give half a mark for an assart .... Before William Trussel]
Excerpta rotulis finium in Turri londiensi asservatis, Henrico Tertio Rege. Vol. II 1246-1272.  PR0 Published 1836  page 262

1312  Staffs  Or Northumberland     William De Bedenhale
5th Edward II Hillary & Easter Terms

"Richard did assign a third part of the aforesaid this Agnes in the name of dower etc; and upon the aforesaid manor becoming vacant by the death of the aforesaid William etc, the aforesaid Richard the son of Richard did present the same vicarage to a certain William de Bedenhale, his clerk, who upon his presentation was admitted  and instituted in time of peace the time of King Edward father of our now Lord....King".  NB In the index it states "Bedenhale, William of, deprived clerk"
Publications of the Seldon Society. Seldon Society 1915. Vol. XXXI page 35

1312      Cheshire                               Richard De Bedenhall
30 November 1312. Quitclaim by Richard son of Gralam de Morton to Thomas son of Robert de scholall of a messuage and of a whole tenement at le Knol, Odd Rode. Witnesses: William de Venables de Newbald, Thomas de Rode, Richard de Almundelowe, Thomas de Morton, Richard de Bedenhall, Robert the Clerk. Given at le Knol, Thursday before the feast of St. Nicholas Bp. 1312. Seal, green, of Richard de Morton.
Cheshire Record Office. DBW/A/A/B/14

1313      Cheshire                               Richard De Budenhale
Grant in Fee by Henry son of Ralph de Mouhul to Richard son of Robert de Rode  of all his lands, tenements, mills, etc, in Odd Rode which he inherited of his father.  Witnesses: Thomas, Lord of Rode; Richard, Lord of Morton, Thomas de Morton, Robert de Alcumundelowe, Richard de Budenhale, John de Scalehalgh, Adam Harding the Clerk. Seal of Thomas de Lauton
Cheshire Record Office: DBW/A/A/F/16.

1330      Cheshire                               Gralam De Budenhale
Grant by John de Scalehalgh to Gralam de Budenhal of one place of land and a tenement called Aleweysacre in Mekensleg in the territory of Odd Rode.  Witnesses: Thomas de Rode, Richard his son, Thomas de Morton, Richard his brother, Adam Harding the Clark.c. 1330 
Cheshire Record Office DBW/A/A/F/7

1375/95      Worcestershire               William Badenhale
Calendar of the Register of Henry Wakefield, Bishop of Worcester 1375-1395.  Warwick Paul Marett, Worcester Historical Society. Printed W.S.Massey & Sons 1972 page 199

1477-80      London                           Alice Bednale & Matthew Bednale
Matthew Bednale CL was admitted to the Fraternity of St. Nicholas in 1477 and Alice Bednall CLW in1480. A note states "Probably Matthew Bednall who was lay clerk of St. George's Chapel, Windsor from 1485 [71486] until 1504 or later, where he was also paid as organist"  This book also mentions that he "might be a son of the man whose will was proved..."
The Bede Roll of the Fraternity of St. Nicholas, by N. W. James. Guildhall Library, London. London Record Society 2004 page 112 (see also pages 122, 122, 216, 301).

1532      Gloucestershire                  John Badnall
Bristol Apprentices 11 October 1532. Nicholas son of John Hycman of West Bromwich, Staffordshire, collier was apprenticed to John Badnall , fletcher and his wife Lucy for 11 years. The apprentice to "have at the end 13s 4d.  F. 4/6 (possibly charge paid by Badnall for recording of apprenticeship).  John may be the man living in a house formerly the property of the Fraternity Chapel of Assumption of St. Mary the Virgin on Bristol Bridge in St. Nicholas' Parish in 1547-1553 CPR.
Calendar of Bristol Apprentice Book 1532-1565, D. Hollis, Elizabeth Ralph and Nora M. Hardwick, Bristol Record Society 1949, pages 1 and 5.

1793  London                                    John Beadnell
John Fountain and John Beadnell, silversmiths, Aldersgate, London 1793  Mark IF over IB.
Old London Silver, its History: its Makers and its Marks, Montague Howard, New York, C.Scribner 1903  

1832  London                                      Joseph Bednal (Bednell?)
Painting of Private Joseph Bednal (1802-1833) of the 12th (Prince of Wales) Royal Lancers 1832, by Alexandre-Jean Dubois Drahonet. Commissioned by William IV
Royal Collection RCIN 407088  UK  

1828  Leicestershire                              John Bednall
Attestation made when John Bednall of Leicestershire joined the Royal Marines in 1828, at the age of 18. He was discharged in 1838 on grounds of mutiny.
UK Public Record Office PRO ADM157/355 Folios 47-50 covering dated 1828-1833

1848  London                                    Thomas Badnall
James Ryan (age 27) charged with stealing 3lbs weight of biscuits and 103 lbs of tobacco, value 18; the goods of the London Dock Company, from their Dock. Messrs Ballantine and Wilde conducted the Prosecution.
Witness: Thomas Badnall (policeman H 190)
I went into the warehouse with Mr Clements, on the Sunday morning, and found the prisoner lying under the desk, in a landing waiter's box-he had a waistcoat on, with this biscuit in the pocket- some dock Company's papers were found on him.- I found one piece of a brace of the same sort as the other piece- he afterwards said if I would take him down to where his own clothes were, he would show me where he got into the warehouse.- I took him there, and he pointed out the place where he got in from the east quay warehouse - it was a small hole - there was a ladder there.
Cross Examined: Question: Where was it? Answer: Against the partition in the east warehouse, which contains sugar- there is a partition between that and the tobacco warehouse.
NB The verdict was "Guilty" and he was sentenced to "Transportation for Seven Years".
Case 991, James Ryan for theft of goods from the London Dock Company. Proceedings of the Central Criminal Court, London 3rd April 1848. Pages 898-900. The Old Bailey Online Project  2008

1849  South Australia                         Bedall/Bednall
On 11/5/1849, W. H. Bedall or Bednall arrived in South Australia from London via Plymouth (departure 28/01/1849) on the William Hyde.
South Australia Passenger Arrivals 1803-50. Newspaper Passenger Lists

1850  South Australia                        Thomas Beadnall
Thomas Beadnall married Elizabeth Barker on 27 July 1850. 
South Australian Births, Marriages & Deaths.

1857      Liverpool                             Edward W. Badnall
Alphabetical List of Passed Masters and Mates:  Edward Wykeham Badnall. Master/Mate Certificate No. 6779
The Mercantile List And Annual Appendage To The Commercial Code 1857, Elibron Classics, Editor J.H.Brown, Adamant Press Media Corp 2000. Page 107

1863  South Australia                      William Bednall
Subcribers to the South Australian Institute 1863, William Bednall of Carrington Street, Adelaide, South Australia.
South Australia State Records. Series Id GRG 19/97 Consignment Su-Series: 00000 Unit 1. Application Book for Subscribers to the South Australian Institute, page 47.

1885  South Australia                      Thomas Bednall
Admissions to the Destitute Institute, Adelaide: Admission No. 84/1885, Thomas Bednall, residence Carwell Street, Adelaide who arrived in the ship Ann Holzberg and had been 32 years in Australia.
Register of admissions to the  Destitute Institution, Adelaide,. South Australia State Records. Series ID GRG 28/5  Consignment sub-series: 00000 Unit 2.

1892  France                                    Bednell
"Cooper and Bednall who were arrested and imprisoned at St. Etienne under the Espionage Act....... Where the Foreign Office will now endeavour to obtain compensation from the French Government for the imprisonment which Bednall has suffered"  ..." were tried upon a charge of  espionage and convicted" [Possibly Alfred Badnell, one of the partners in the firm Messrs Taylor, Cooper & Bednell Ltd cycle manufacturers.] 
Parliamentary Debates by Great Britain Parliament Published by Reuter's Telegram Company 1892. Fourth Series v.2, page 883. 

1890-95      Warwickshire               Bednell          
Taylor, Cooper & Bednell Ltd of Coventry operated in a mill previously occupied by ribbon manufacturers Hotchkiss, Mayo & Meek of...
The Journal of Transport History, By University of Leicester, Published by Manchester University Press, 1985 page 46.

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