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The Bednall Archive  


US Immigration Records 
Castle Garden Immigration Center, New York USA, 2007 
William Bednall, age 21, a merchant, and married,  arrived in New York from England on 1 December 1847, in the Patrick Henry.
Samuel Bednall, age 41, married, occupation cooper arrived from England on  10 July 1871 in S.S. Nemisis. NB. The Nemisis was owned by the Inman Line and sailed from Liverpool.

Genealogical Gleanings in England by H. F. Waters 
The New England Historical & Genealogical Register.  New England Historical & Genealogical Society 1932,  page 46 
James R Badnall         Born 30 June 1832  Died 13 May 1865
Mary Badnall his wife Born 7 Sept. 1834 Died 5 August 1884.
Also Tommie?

Index To Marriages & Deaths In The New York Herald 1856-1863 
by James P. Maher, volume 2, page 259. 
Thomas Rathbone Badnall 14 March 1863.

Index To Marriages & Deaths In The New York World 1860-1865
by James P. Maher, 2006, page 62.
James Rathbone Badnall 16  May 1865.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle1841-1902  Online
12 January 1857
 List of passengers arriving in New York  from Liverpool included a Badnall.
28 June 1880 page 3 col. 7.
Mr John Bednall & Mrs Elizabeth Bednall were amongst those who became members of the Tabernacle (Presbyterian) at a revivalist meeting on the 27 June 1880.
11 June 1896 page 3 col. 5

Miss Elizabeth Bednall was one of the performers in an "Entertainment After the Fashion of Living Pictures" and the poses were made by nine young women with music between the tableaux. The event took place at a Strawberry Festival at Grace Chapel in Flatbush. Miss Lizzie Bednall was chairman of the Social Committee. See also BDE 7 June 1895 page 1 col. 5.
20 May 1902 page 5 col. 6,
Anniversary Review of the Fighting Fourteenth.  the 41st anniversary muster  of late the United States Service of the Fighting Fourteenth Regiment. Quartermaster Sergeant R. C. Bednal to receive "100% duty medal".

Insolvencies Listed in The Age Newspaper, Melbourne, Australia. 
18 April 1881 C. H. F. Badnall, journalist- Portland, South Australia, journalist.

The Church of England Magazine Vol. XXIII, July to December 1847
Edward Hughes, London 1847 page 432. 
Preferments: H. Badnell,  chaplain  to the Bishop of Capetown.

Abstract of Orders Made By The Court of Quarter Sessions, Shropshire 1902
Shropshire County Records, Lloyd Kenyon, page 124.
Ann Badnall  of Chipnall, Cheswardine, Salop, had been deserted by her husband, whose goods have been taken in execution for costs in an action. She is allowed by the parish 1 shilling [5p in modern terms] a week for self and children.

Oxford Council Acts 1752-1801
M.G. Hobson, Oxford Historical Society 1962, page 82 see also page 275
Thomas Horn and William Badnal of four messuages (late Anthony Weston's) and it is agreed that Mrs Sarah Fortnum shall have a new lease of Mr Weston's property in St. Michael for £4.

Index To Registers of Baptisms, Marriages & Burials in Ducklington, Oxon.
William Dunn Murray, 1881
3 July 1647 Elizabeth daughter  of George Badnall 
29 January 1693/4 Humphrey son of George Badnall 
5 October 1682 Marian daughter of George Badnall 

Payers Of The Window Tax In Oxford 1696
John Badnell of St. Aldgates, Oxford paid the tax on 8 windows in 1696.

Poll Of Freemen Of The City Of Oxford For Two Parliamentary Representatioves
Taken in the Town Hall, Tuesday to Friday, 6-9th July 1802. 
Richard Weston,  mayor
Candidates: Francis Burton; John Atkyns Wright; John Ingram Lockhart.

Name Address Occupation or Trade Votes/Candidate
      Burton Wright Lockhart
James Badnall 81 Berwick Street, Soho Square, London Tailor X   X
John Badnall All Saints, Oxon Glazier   X X
Thomas Badnall St. Michael, Oxon Tailor X X  
William Badnall St. Michael, Oxon Tailor X X  
William Badnall Jermyn Street, St. James, London Whitesmith X   X

A Calendar Of The Register  Of Henry Wakefield, Bishop Of Worcester 1375-95,
by Warwick Paul Marrett, Worcester Historical Society 1972, page 199
William Badenhale of Worcester.

Reports Of Decided Cases In The Court Of Probate And The Court For Divorce & Etc.
M. C. M. Swaby and T. H. Trstram. Volume 1, 1858-1860 page 292.
In the case of Warren v Kelson 15th - 19th February 1858, Emma Badnell was guardian appointed by the High Court of Chancery of the persons and estate of William Hall Warren.
See also Law Journals 1832-1949, Cases In  Chancery, published London 1949, pages 122, 123. and the Times Law Reports: Cases argued in the House of Lords, London 1848.

Notes & Queries: Somerset & Dorset: 
By J. C. Satwell et al, page 287
Inquisition at Blandford Forum, Dorset on Thursday After the Feast of St. Hilary, 14 henry 6 [1436] before Thomas Husee, escheator by the oath of John Coker, John Strede, Ralph Belton, John Bedenhale, Walter Dolyng, William Bishop.

Kelly's Directory of Directors 1898
Alfred Bednall of Taylor, Cooper & Bednall Ltd, 33 Holburn Viaduct, EC, Director Raglan Cycle & Antifriction Co., Ltd.
John Bednall of 10 Kenwood Park Road, Sheffield.

Kelly's Directory of Lincolnshire 1926 
Private Residents: Mrs Lizzie Bednall, 39 Sea View Road, Skegness.

Poems, Lyrics and Sketches 
by David Vedder, W. Peace & Son page 324
"discharging illicit cargo of brandy and tobacco at the mouth of Loch Badnell, an obscure bay on the North coast of Sutherland".

The Northern Territory as it is: a Narrative of the south Australian Parliamentary Party's Trip
Ralph Tate et al., W. K. Thomas & Co., 1882 page 93.
"..... been described by an old Palmestonian and conchologist -Mr W. T. Bednall- of whom it is currently reported here that he was so enthusiastic in his hobby that he has been known to lie hatless at full length..."

Monumental Inscriptions Burselm Cemetery 
Online data by Alfred Beard and Rosemary Lockie 2007 
No. 173 Mary , age 42, wife of William Bednall of 19 Church Square, Burslem, buried 4 May 1914, the above William buried 18 February 1937 aged 64 and Doris Jane Bednall, daughter of the above, buried 30 January 1907, aged 6.

Transactions of The Medical & Physical Society of Bombay, India 1860
page 123 The 4th King's Own Regiment
Post Mortem Details, Case 5: Private George Bidnell, age 22, an English groom, 2.5 years service and one year on station. A case of remittent fever with death on the 13th day, attended with extensive debility and low muttering delirium. Treatment by diaphoretics, quinine, ammonia, aether, chicken soup, wine, blisters and stimulant enemata.

Shipping Master's Office: :Passengers Arriving in Sydney, NSW Australia 1855-1922
State Records Authority NSW, NRS13278 [X104-106] 7409 Transcribed by Les Griffiths 2005.
J. Badnell arrived as a steerage passenger on the Kate of Auckland of 341 tons burden, Philip Jones, master, from the Port of Auckland to Sydney NSW -20 April 1861.

Baptisms in the Church of Coventry St. Michael , Warwickshire
Online at 

Date of Birth

Date of Baptism

Child's Name

Parents Names

Father's Occupation


3 Nov 1881

26 Nov. 1881


Henry & Fanny Bednel


St. John St., Coventry

30 Sept 1882

18 Oct. 1882


Henry & Fanny Bednel


St. John St., Coventry

25 May 1885

26 June 1885

Laura Edith

Henry & Fanny Bednel

Watch finisher

St. John St., Coventry

Hertford County Records Calendar of Sessions Books & Other Sessions Records Vol. IX [1799-1833].  By William John Harely, Hertfordshire County Council 1939 
Page 454 Goal and Bridewell Calendars (p.146-148 and 154).
Robert Bidnell and George Cooper Burrage, both of Royston, labourers,  for stealing 5 fleeces of wool, value £1 and 30 pounds of wool, value £1, from Valentine Beldam, farmer. Bidnell was sentenced to two months hard labour and whipped but Burrage was acquitted.

Letters & Papers Foreign & Domestic Henry VIII, Volume 1, 1509-1514
Public Record Office, Longman Green, H.M.S.O.1862 
Page 121
810 20 January 1510 Goal Delivery Commissions to Humphrey Coningsby, Guy Palms, Sir Henry Wyderyngton, Sir Edward Radclyffe, Wigard Harbatell,  John Heron, Robert Ward, George Swynborn, William Nelson, John Bidnell, and George Cresswell for Tinmouth. Westminster 20 January. Part 1 Henry VIII p.2, m.20d.

The Annual Register For 1847 
Editor Edmund Burke, London
Page 181

At the Cathedral Calcutta, Alfred Clark Bidnell esquire of the Bengal Civil Service to Miss Caroline Emma, eldest daughter of Lieut. Colonel Warren.

Abstracts of Gloucestershire Inquisitions Post Mortem Returned Into the Court of Chancery. By William Phillimore Watts Phillimore, George S. Fry, Court of Chancery, - British Record Society 1895
Page 7

" excepting out of these presents all those closes in Tetbury called Oxleas, Bidnell,"

Alumni Oxiensis: The Members of the University of Oxford 1500 to 1714
By Joseph Foster,  Parker & Co.,1891
Page 122
William Bidnell. 

The Berkshire Archaeological Journal -Vol. XL? 
by Berkshire Archaeological Society 1941? [NB Incomplete reference]
Page 115
1612 William Badnoll of Littleworth pr by John and Thomas Badnoll the brothers &
ex«, 5 May 1612, as before. .

1615 John Badnoll of Littleworth pr by Margaret, relict and exec. 5 May 1615 as above

Expeditions to Prussia and the Holy Land Made by Henry Earl of Derby 1391-1392
by Richard Kyngeston, Lucy Toulmin Smith. Camden Society 1894.
Page 122. 
May 9-31 Johanni Bodenhale sagittario pro vadiis suis extra curiam ad xij.d per diem, a ix die Maii usque ultimum dieum euisdem mensis utroque die computato ...xxiij.s.  

Athens County World War Boys From The Official Roster Of Ohio Soldiers, Sailors, And Marines
The Official Roster of Athens County Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines Who Served Their Country in the World War, Athens County, Ohio, published in 1934. Volume I:
:  ARMY :  Badnell 

Hinckley Times - July 15th 2004 
Bednell-Brown. -Margaret and Peter are delighted to announce the engagement of their daughter, Sally to Paul, youngest son of the late Mr and Mrs E Brown, of Coventry, on Friday, July 9. Love from both families x.

Genealogical Abstracts From Reported Deaths  The Nashville Christian Advocate, 1885-1886  January-June 1886 By Jonathan Kennon, Thompson Smith, Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2002
Page 57: 
Major Bednell born Lincoln Co., Tenn., Mar. 15, 1851; son of J. B. Bednell; married Mrs. Elzira Kieth [as spelled], Oct. 7, 1875; died Oak Hill, Tenn., Sept. 18, 1885.

Yuba  County Death Index 







William H. BEDNELL




 Congestion of brain - teamster


Census of the United States of America 1850 
CENSUS YR:  1850  TERRITORY:  Oregon  COUNTY:  Washington  REEL NO:  M432-742  PAGE NO:  248  REFERENCE:  Enum. on the 5th day of Decr 1850 by D. Oneill. SHEET NO: 125A

32 31 31 Bednell         Jas W. 19  M            Plasterer      Oregon.Territory.

Columns with the following headings were not filled in: MRD.  SCH.  R/W  DDB

Soundex Index to Petitions for Naturalizations Filed in Federal, State, and Local  Courts in New York City, 1792-1906 : 
NARA Publication M1674  
State: New York 
B354         Naturalization Year: 1906   
Date of Naturalisation: 24 September 1906
Immigrant Surname: Bednall;
Immigrant Given Name: Robert Edward   
Date of Birth: 24 November 1873             
Nationality: English.     
Occupation: Machinist   

Arrival Year: 1880
Witness 1 Full Name: Carroll L Mosher          Witness 2 Full Name 

See also 
Index to the Naturalization Petitions of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Jul 1865-Sep 1906 NARA
July 1865-September 1906

Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861 and 1900.
NARA: Publication Number: T289 

State: New York
Arm Of Service: Infantry
Regiment: 14 
Company: I 
Name: Bednall, Robert E.

Rank: [BLANK] 
Date: 13-JAN-1927 

State/arm of Service: N.Y. Inf.
Company/regiment: I,14
Roll Number: 385

Deed of Revocation and Declaration of uses. By Mary and Matthew Merefield. 
Somerset Archive and Record Service: Battiscombe family papers1612-1896
According to the power reserved to Mary and Matthew M. in an Indenture, dated 15 Oct. 1745 between (i) Mary and Matthew M., (ii) Richard Clark of Shaston (co. Dorset), clerk, and (iii) Thomas Read of the same, clerk, and William Jay of the City of New Sarum (co. Wilts.), they revoke all uses, estates and trusts declared in that Indenture concerning: Mess. etc. formerly called Guppys Tenement (21 ac.), closes of arable and woody ground called Honey Downes (35 ac.), close of past. called Beastlands (32 ac.), 6 closes of arable called Crossways Grounds (35 ac.), close of past. called Badnalls (4 ac.), Bennetts Mead (2½ ac.), Higgens's Mead (2½ ac.), and Rack Close (6 ac.), all in Hewish in Crewkerne, formerly in the possn. of Robert Merefield, grandfather of sd. Matthew M. And also barn, stable, etc. [as in No. DD/BC/86].
And also one third part of the manor of Hewish. They appoint and limit the sd. properties to the use and behoof of Matthew Merefield his heirs and assigns for ever. Witnesses: Richard Nicholls, Will. Raw. 17 Dec. 1750.

Internet query May 2006: Robin Womble Autry ( of Chesterfield Co., VA. Internet researching the Pittman, Robbins, Winston/Winstead and Wombwell/Womble  families.
"On December 25, 1642, Thomas Wombwell received a patent from the James City Company for six hundred and fifty acres of land. Three hundred acres was by assignment from Thomas Stout, of a patent dated October 29, 1639, and three hundred and fifty acres for transporting seven persons to the colony. These seven persons were: John Matthews, Jon Badnall, John Cascil, John White and --- Hudson being five of the seven.  Thomas Wombwell was Clerk of County Court for Isle of Wight, Co. from 1645-1654".   

London Directories Online U.K. and U.S. Directories, 1680-1830 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA:, Inc., 2003. Original data: Avero Publications. Biography Database, 1680-1830. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England: Avero Publications, 1998.

The London Directory for the Year 1772. 
Containing an Alphabetical List of Names and Places of Abode of the Merchants and Principal Traders of the City of London. 3rd edn., 1772. London  Printed for T. Lowndes
Pratt & Badnall, 14, Milk street, London. ware house men.
See also: 
The London Directory for the Year 1779
13th edn., 1779. London, Printed for T. Lowndes 
Pratt & Badnall,  16, Cateaton Street, London, ware house men.
See also: 
The London Directory for the Year 1780. 

Containing an Alphabetical List of Names and Places of Abode of the Merchants and Principal Traders of the City of London. 15th edn., 1780. London. Printed for T. Lowndes
Badnall & Yeoman. 16, Cateaton Street, London, warehouse, button merchants.
See also: 
Bailey's British Directory 1784; 

Volume  3 The Northern Directory;First Edition, 1784, BAILEY. London, Printed by J. Andrews.
Joseph Badnall, Leek, Staffordshire, dyer, dyeing/colouring.

Beadnell Estate deeds and papers 1624-1950
Powys County Archives Service
GB 0223 M/X/29
Deeds and papers relating to Treflogau, Bryn-yr-hesglyn, Lluest Peter and other properties in the parish of Llandinam, 1624-1906.; Beadnell family and estate papers, including leases, 1899-1939, schedules of deeds, 1583-1902, schedules of properties, 1911-1941, sales particulars, 1918-1921, and papers relating to the Beadnell Trust, 1892-1950

Boston, 1821-1850 Passenger and Immigration Lists 
National Archives' Series Number: M277 National Archives' Roll: 19 
Mr. ??? Badnall
Arrival Date: June 2, 1845    Age: 26  Gender: M  Port of Arrival: Boston  Place of Origin: United States of America Occupation: Merchant

New York, 1820-1850 Passenger and Immigration Lists 
Microfilm Serial Number: M237 Microfilm Roll Number: 95 

Jos. Badnall 
Arrival Date: Dec 23, 1850  Age: 46  Gender: M  Port of Arrival: New York  Port of Departure: Liverpool  Place of Origin: Great Britain  Ship: Africa  Family Identification: 26149015 

New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 
Microfilm Serial: M237 Microfilm Roll: M237_118 List Number: 1137 Line: 25 
Name:  Mr. Badnall
Arrival Date: 12 Aug 1852  Estimated birth year: abt 1822  Age: 30  Gender: Male   
Port of Departure: Liverpool    Destination: United States of America  Place of Origin: England  
Ship Name: Africa  Port Arrival State New York  Port Arrival Country: United States

The Cheshire (Earl of Chester's) Yeomanry, 1898-1967
Sir Richard Verdin Published 1971 c/o History Office, Cheshire Yeomanry, The Dale, Chester), Cheshire Yeomanry Association ISBN: 0950200808
Page 333  
Corporal F. H. Bednall



AWBednall, Macclesfield 2005-2006

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