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In the name Of God amen this xiv day of June in the year of our Lord 1579 that I Robert Badnoll of Stone sycke in bodye  but of good and perfect memorye thanks be unto God do make my last wyll and testament in manor and fourme folowynge

Fyrst I bequethe my soule to almyghty God the maker and redemer thereof and my bodye to be buryed in the parryshe church yeard of Stone neare wheare as my father lyeth: also I geve and bequethe to the poore of the towne of Stone xx s. whych my father comanned me to geve to them to be dystrybuted as my executours shall se cause: and I also geve to sayd poore of the sayd towne of Stone one bushell of rye to be bacun in bread as my executours shall see good also I geve to John Badnoll my sonne and to Elizabeth my daughter eyther of them one fetherbed: also when my dettes be payed my funeral expences dyscharged I wyll that all the rest of my goodes dettes and cattell to be devyded in ij partes the one halfe to my wyfe and the other halfe to my ii[i] chyldren to be devyded equally amongest them so that Robart Fynney my executour to have iijs. iiijd. to be good unto my wyfe and chyldren and my wyfe so long as she doth kepe my name to have my howse and all the goodes to reare up my chyldren with all tyll the come to yeares of dyscretyon and yf my sayd wyfe do marrye then I wyll that my chyldren shall have theyr goodes answered of hym that doeth marrye my sayd wyfe when the come to yeares of dyscrecyon also I ordayen costytue and make my my truae and lawfull executours Isabell Badnall my wyfe and Robart Fynney to see thys my last wyll and testament fulfylled and doen and Thomas Beche of the towne of Beche my avers ear to see thys my last wyll fulfylled and kept

Dettes whyche be owyng unto me


Dettes whych I do owe


Imprimis Sampson Walkeden

iiij  Li.

Imprimis to Elizabeth Hall

vij s.

Wyllyam Emerys

xxj s.

It to Alys Fenton

v s.  sj d.

Homfrey Wryght

vij s. viij d.

It to John Barber

v s.

Wyllm Morrey of Alton

xxv s.

It to maystres Rathbon

ix s.

It Henry Stedman and Maynshew suertyes for Jamys Abbot

x s.

It to Robart Ashe

xj s.

Richard Doodye executour to my wyves mother owyth me fyve marks wych she promysed and moore the [..] that I had of my wyves father at the daye of my marryage


John to John Bourne

xij s.

Gregory Gorton

11j s. iiij d.

It to my brother Thomas Beeche

xvij s.  iiij d.

Wyllam Whyte

iiij s.

It to Wyllm Whyte

v s.



It to Rafe Baylye

xj d.



Some     iij Li.  Xij s. ix d.

Lichfield Joint Record Office B/C/11 Probate


Thys ys the true Inventorye of the goodes and cattell of Robert Badnoll of Stone deceased and the names of the praysers therof Wyllm. Beech  John Whyttakers Thomas Cockswyche

Imprimis thre fetherbeddes  iij matteres  vj coverlettes  iiij boulsters iiij wyndowshetes one blanket


xL s.


It iij payre of flaxen shetes and vij canvas shetes


xix s.


It iiij tableclothes viij towels viij tablenapkys and iiij pyllowbeares


xj s.


It one caudron ii lyttyll kettyls


xij s


It iij pottes iij posenettes


xxx s.


It ij fzyyngpanes one drepyngpane


ij s.

viij d.

it ij iron brochs one payre of cobertes


.ij s.

iiij d.

It one styddye with implements therto belongyng


xxx s.


It ij payre of potthokes and one payre of potcheynes



viij d.

It a payre of tonges and a fyre shuel



vj d.

It iiij candelstycks and a plate of brasse


iij s.

iiij d.

It a lyttyll skellet and a brasen ladell



vj d.

It one voyder iij chargers ix pottyrigers fyve sacers one puter canne one puter bason ij saltes


viij s.


It vj coffers


vj s.


It boardes fourmes and tressels


v s.


It fyve cheares with ij lyttyll stoles


ij s.


It vj quysshens



iij d.

It paynted clothes in the howse and in the chambers with other hangynges about beddes


vj s.

viij d.

It vj payre of bedstockys


iij s.


It one axe a byl a hatchet a blacke byll


ij s.


It one great cowpe


iij s.


It ii,j turnels



xx d.

It ij lyttyll barrels and fyve loomes


ij s.

iiij d.

It one chafyng dyshe



vj d.

It iiij silver spones


vj s.

viij d.

It xj puter spones



iiij d.

It v dyshes and one dosen trenchers



iij d.

It one bowke ii gallons a pyggen a churns a closebowke a meele



xviij d.

It one twggen basket



iiij d.

It one loode of hay


v s.


It one thrane of rye and tenne sheves


iij s.


It one mare


xx s.


Some totales




Lichfield Joint Record Office B/C/11 Probate

  A.W.Bednall, Macclesfield 1996-2001