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In the name of god amen the xvth daye of maye in ye yeare of m ccccc Lxvij  I John Badnall of gud and, perfytt mynde and memorye laud and prayse be to Almyghtye god do make and ordeyne this my testament comprynge herein my Last Wyll in manner and fourme followynge first I bequeath my Soule unto Almyghtye god ye maker and Redemer thereof and my bodye to be buryed in the parishe churche yowrd of Stone neare unto my wyfe   Item I geve and bequeath unto ye poore people of Stone xx s  Item I geve and bequeath unto F Rychard Clyffe ij s.   Item I brought whome my detts and funerall expenses dyscharged and quytte I geve and bequeath the rest of all my goods & detts moveable and unmoveable unto Robert Badnall my Sone and to se yt this my last wyll and testament be performed and kepte I ordeyne constytute and make Robert Badnall my sone my trew and lawfull executor THESE beynge Wyttenes  F Rye Clyfe curate of Stone Gregorye Gorton [.....] Wyllm Walleyes and Wyllm Wolryche with others moor

Dettes owynge unto me

Imprimis Sampsone Walkeden of Walton

iiij Li.

Itm John Atkey

xxj s. viij.

Itm Wyllm Emerye

xlv s.

Itm Wyllm Nycolsone

xxv s. .iiij d...

Itm Raffe Warrelow

xx s

Itm Wyllm Morrey


Itm Thomas Jonsone

vj s  viij d.

Itm Royd Gyttyns

xj s. iiij d.

Itm James Balken

xj s. viij d..

Itm Humfrey Wryght

.vij s. viij d.

Itm Thomas Flynt

xviij s.

Itm Wyllm Stevensone


Itm Harrye Stedman & myneshew

x s.

Lichfield Joint Record Office B/C/11 Probate


This ye the true lnventorye of ye goodes and cattelles of John Badnall of Stone lately dyseased praysed by Wylim Imerye Robart Fynney John Cooke wyth others

Imprimis one fethebedle iiij boulsters ij pylloys and ii pyllo beares

xvj s.


It iiij matteres

viij s.


It one coveryng ix coverlette ii blanketts

xx s.


It vij Wyndowshetes

x.j s.


It iiij payre of flaxen shetes

xiij s.

iiij d.

It iij payre of canvas shetes


iiij d.

It paynted clothes in the howse and about beddes in chambers

vj s.

viij d

It vi bedesteddes

iii s.


It ij pottes and a lyttyll posenet

iij s.

iiij d

It ij lyttell kettels and one skellyt


iiij d.

It ij caldrons

x s.


It iij wortte leades

vi s.


It one great coffer and ii lyttyll coffers

ij s.


It v cadelstyckes

v s.


It one great Voyder


ivj d.

it ij chargers


xvj d.

It vj potyngers

iij s.


It vj sasers


xij d.

It one pewter cane and one pewter cuppe


viij d.

It ij chaffyngdyshes


xvj d.

It ij fryyng panes and one drepyng pane

ij s.


It iij broches

ij s.

vj d

It one landyron and one payre of tonges and ij payre of potchenes and a payre of pothokys


xx d.

It vi quyshens

ij s.


It iii bourdes iii fourmes and ii payre tressels

iij s.


It v cheares


xiiij d.

It one halfe stryke & one maltsyfe


iiij d.

It ij loomes

ij s.


It one fatt

ij s.


It one axe one hatchet


xij d.

It one old sweard


xij d.

It one styddye with all implemetes therto belongyng

xxx s.


It one colt

viij s.


It vj table clothes

v s.


It vj towels

ij s.


It ix table napkyns


xviiij d

It ii kymnels


viij d.

It ii dosyn of trenchers


ij d.

It halfe a dosyn of wodden dyshes


j d.

It viij sylver spones

xiij s.

iiij d.

It the thryd shose of iii day workes of wheat and rye on the ground

v s.


It one pycheforke


ij d.

It his apparrell

x s.


It one close bowke


vj d.

It one wodden trough


ij d.



iiij s.

vij d.

Lichfield Joint Record Office: B/C/11. Probate

  A.W.Bednall, Macclesfield 1996-2001