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I William Wykeham Badnall of Wavertree in the County of Lancaster hereby make this my only will I desire and direct that I shall be buried in the same grave as my late Father and infant children in the Churchyard of Trinity Church I also wish that I may be buried without any mourning coaches or carriages & in the plainest of coffins & that no hat bands scarves be used on that occasion I would prefer that no crape be worn except what my widow may wish for herself I bequeath all my effects & property for her use as long as she remains a widow after that I leave to my son William Wykeham the silver tea urn formerly belonging to Queen Charlotte to be kept in the family forever in case of his death without any issue to his next eldest brother for his heirs I also leave him my gold watch formerly belonging to my late Father To my son Edward I leave my silver snuff box To my son Herbert my jewel case & contents To my son Kenneth my silver salver To my son Cecil my signet ring & gold pencil case My property in Victoria Park Wavertree I wish the rent to go towards supporting all my sons who may be under 15 years of age and my daughters who may be unmarried or not otherwise provided for, so long as they can live together with the use of all my furniture, books pictures etc. and in case of them all getting married or any one dying and equal division to be made among the survivors both sons under 15  & daughters When all my sons arrive at maturity an equal division to take place.  In case of any personal property remaining after paying all my just debts I leave in the same manner also.

Dated this 27th day of April 1881  W. W. Badnall

Witnessed by  Fred. E. Beckett, J. T. Munro

Affidavit of execution filed J. C. Bromfield District Registrar

On the 23rd day of January 1913 Administration with this will of the estate of the testator was granted at Liverpool to Mary Anna Badnall widow the residuary legatee for life during widowhood

Principal Probate Registry: 23 January 1913

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