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An estimate of the total number of persons bearing Badnall, Bednall, Beadnell, etc., names  alive in this country in the late 1980s was made using Government statistics relating to the number of households with telephones ( 75.8 percent) and the number of persons per household (2.729) in 1981.  The results obtained indicated that there were then between 922 and 1380 individuals bearing these names. An approximate indication of the rate of increase in the Badnall, Bednall etc., population between 1840 and 1945, was also obtained using the annual rates of Badnall, Bednall, etc., deaths during this period. See the section of this website dealing with the distribution of these names in the UK .These methods  suffered from a number of obvious defects e.g. the use of a modern "National average death rate per 100 living persons" and the fact that actual death rate of the small Badnall etc., population might have been (and be) very different from the national figure.


The availability of census indexes for the period from 1841 to 1911 has enabled the author to have a fresh look at the Badnall, Bednall, etc., population in England and Wales over this period and the results are given below.  However, it should be noted that this method also has its defects, most notably errors in the indexes due to the problems of reading and transcribing the original returns, e.g. Bednalls etc., may have been indexed as Rednalls, Bedhalls, Bagnalls, etc, and vice versa. Please keep this in mind when considering the figures below.

 Badnall, Bednall etc surnames in UK Census Returns 1841 to 1901


 Regression line for total numbers of Badnalls etc in UK census returns 1841-1901.


 Population of Badnalls, Bednall etc in the UK 1841 to 1940 based on annual deaths.


  Interdecade change in Badnall, Bednall etc, population of the UK 1841-1911


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