In some corner of a Krithian field....

No. 8645, John Myatt, Private 


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John Myatt was born in 1896 and was the only son of Jabez and Frances Myatt. 
Prior to joining up John had been apprenticed by his sisters (Lizzie and P...) who lived in Rochdale. When war broke out, he joined the 1st/6th Battalion the  Lancashire Fusiliers and sailed with them, as part of  the British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, to Egypt in September 1914.  On May Day 1915 the Lancashire Fusiliers sailed from Alexandria to reinforce the Gallipoli garrison, landing at Helles six days later. 

John died on the 4th June 1915, during the second of three attempts by the 14,224 men of the East Lancashire Division to breakout of their bridgehead on Cape Helles and capture the high ground around the village of Krithia. By the end of August the Division had lost two thirds of its strength through casualties and sickness and although subsequently reinforced, was withdrawn from Gallipoli 5 months later.

The first of the above letters informs John's sisters that he had been "killed in action". The remainder are  concerned with his sisters' (and their cousin Mary Stanley's) efforts to sort out his estate and provide for their father who was a patient in the Parkside Hospital..

John is one of many who have no known grave and are remembered
on the panels of the Helles Memorial, Gallipoli.


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