A postcard from from George   

Early in 1915, A soldier in training 
writes  to his girl friend.

The Bednall Archive


Card sent By an unknown soldier, George, from a training camp  in Gallashiels, Scotland to  and unknown [girl friend?]  "N" in Hawick, April 1915.


Harriers Hall, Gallashiels*
31st March 1915

Dear N,
I have been amongst the P.cards again so I'm sending you one of them.   I'm sure you will be pleased with it.  The long talked of sham fight came off to-day. We easily came out on top.     I think Capt. Cochrane would be pleased with the result.  The adjutant will be sending round a printed report  likely so we will hear what he thinks of the thing.  We are having another inspection tomorrow. we have all be served with equipment so we will be more soldier like.  I hear we have to join the Scots Guards at Selkirk next Thursday and oppose the Black Watch men at Astikirke.  It will be a big affair for us.  I hear we may be camped at Melrose all summer but we hear lots of things.  It was warm work to-day, carrying the pack. You look more like horses than men when you get harnessed up. This is a 10.30 night but I won't bother the pictures. "Quo Vadis" is on and I have seen it before.  I will have to close now. I'm looking for a letter tomorrow.  Remember me to all at Hawick,
Love from George

*  Gallashiels is a busy Scottish town on the A7 from Carlisle to Edinburgh which in 1915 was still heavily dependent on the textile industry.

** Possible Captain Walter Francis Cochrane of the 1st/4th Battalion, the King's Own Scottish Borders who was killed in action in 1917.


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