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2. Mary Gaskell

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The “Solicitors Waste Bin” has just given up another document whose contents members may be interested in.  The document is a simple but informative list of the legatees of “Mary Gaskell” who died on the 6th January 1839.  The form states the legatees’ names, address, occupation (trade) and the bequest. In some cases, further information is provided under the heading “Observations”.  The following is a straight transcript of the document.  

Legatees Names





Mary wife of William Dane

No. 17 John Street, Stockport

Cotton Spinner

Bed etc


Elizabeth Gaskell,

Same place




Elizabeth McCool wife of Robert McCool

Cotton Street, Macclesfield

Silk Weaver



William Gaskell

Alrewas near Lichfield




James Gaskell

Lancashire Hill, Stockport

Corn Dealer

Prayer Book


Hannah the wife of Benjamin Brooks



Pink handkerchief



Lydia wife of James Barlow



Cap and collar


William Barlow





Benjamin Barlow





James Ottiwell

Park Lane, Macclesfield



near Park Tavern

Nancy the wife of William Crowder

Exchange Street, Macclesfield



Now lives in Park Lane near James Ottiwell.

Fanny the wife of William Holland

Hurdsfield, Macclesfield

Silk Dyer



Mary Ottiwell

Stockport Factory of Macclesfield



Lives with Hollands and is very ill has not worked for 9 weeks.

James Heaps

Mill Lane

Silk Weaver

Burial Ground


1. Jane Lomas = married and living near Spitalfield, London her husband Jeremiah Broun silk weaver

9” of residue


2. Sarah Lomas = don’t know whether living or dead. Married to a L. Corporal in the artillery –Sherwood in Notts last heard of 8th January 1836



3. Catherine Lomas’ children viz William Wood


Silk weaver



4. Elizabeth McCool

See above




5. James Heaps

See above




6. Joseph Heaps’s children 2 viz Samuel Heaps 24 Private in the Royal Marines received a letter from him 2 years ago then on the  North Coast of Spain   -Woolich D……..


Margaret Heaps 19

Cotton Street, Macclesfield

Soft silk piecer at Brocklehurst’ factory.


Lives with her uncle McCool

James Heaps 17


Silk Weaver


Lives with his step mother Elizabeth Heaps 2nd wife of Joseph Heaps.

Ann Heaps 18




Lives with step mother as above

Mary Heaps 10




Daughter of Joseph Heaps and his second wife.

7. Samuel Gaskell

Redditch near Stockport

Corn Dealer

1/3 of 1/3 of residue


8. William Gaskell

See above




9. James Gaskell

See above




Mary Dane

See above









 Catherine wife of William Wood of Macclesfield, Cotton Spinner then a weaver.

 William Wood of Macclesfield silk weaver works for Mr. Lomas.      Q. the legitimacy of William Wood. 

 4 dead without issue [I don’t know to whom this refers]

 3rd Sept 1838 Saw the young man called William Wood - says his mother whose maiden name was Catherine Lomas was buried at the Old Church in Macclesfield about 15 years ago –15 years next winter –that he is about 22 – that his mother was married once only to William Wood of Macclesfield silk weaver – that he left Macclesfield about 12 years ago and has not been seen or heard of since – that William Wood and his mother were married at Prestbury – that his mother had 5 children viz. Sarah died about 3 years ago aged 16 –Peter died 13 years ago aged 5 –Samuel died when 18 months several years ago –John died many years ago –thinks John was older than him – that his father did not marry again to his knowledge –my uncle John Lomas has told me it is not possible to get a certificate of my baptism-  “I make no claim to any part of the property as a legitimate child of Catherine Lomas if any one is here that claims it they are very welcome to it”

 John Lomas of Macclesfield silk weaver No. 1 Paradise Street near Christ Church says that Catherine Lomas was his half sister – both by a father but he (Lomas)  had a 2nd wife  - that his siter died about 15 years ago – that all her children died under age except William called William Wood – that he was born before the marriage of William Wood and Catherine Lomas – that they were married at Prestbury  -  I know positively that William Wood was not born in Wedlock and my sister has no child  now living that was born in Wedlock  -the William Wood was born in Manchester.

The document almost certainly came from the files of a Leek firm of solicitors. Although undated, it carries a watermark date of 1838 and was probably drafted in late January or February 1839, following Mary Gaskell’s death.

Although it doesn’t spell out all the family links, some of the information may help solve the odd family history problem

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