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Last updated:  01/06/2007

Miss Harriet Martha Badnall 1840-1881.

 Daughter of Rev. William Badnall M.A.
 Vicar of Wavertree and wife of  Thomas
Hornby of Cattleholmes, Yorkshire.

The  Rev. James Badnall M.A., 1839-1897.

Vicar of Endon, Staffordshire 1864-1897.
Son of Rev. William Badnall M.A
Vicar of Wavertree.

Mrs Jane Elizabeth Badnall 1835-1919.

Daughter of Frank Cruso of Leek and
wife of William Beaumont Badnall of
Thorpe, Derbyshire

William Wykeham Badnall of Liverpool 1836-1911 .

Son of Rev. William Badnall M.A.
Vicar of Wavertree.






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