The Bednall Archive 

Last updated 04/02/2014

Solicitor's Waste Bin 

Miscellaneous scraps of family genealogies, articles on local history and other things of interest are accessible through this page. Many of the genealogical and other scraps are from the Solicitor's Waste Bin variety of documents obtained from sales of solicitor's archives but which aren't indexed in the Bednall Collection.

Local History Articles 

The local history articles have already published by the author but are listed here to make their content more widely available. In this way it is hoped that others who are interested in the people and places dealt with (and perhaps can add to or correct what has been written) will find them useful.

Family History Articles  

Articles on Badnall or Bednall family history written and in some cases published by the author

Charity, Death, Wills & Other Lists  

Amongst the documents and other items in solicitor's archives there are often charity, death and other lists that contain details useful to family and local historians. When these have been transcribed by the author they will be included in Miscellany


Anything and everything else not included above will be listed here. Currently it includes extracts from the Lady's Magazine 1794; a chronology of silk; inventory of the sale of a Leek silkman's business in 1798; "A day out at the Derby silkmill" and a full transcript of a document signed by Henry Stoner Smith, Deputy Chief Usher of the Court of Exchequer and dated the 1st year of Victoria's reign. Documents relating to copper and  lead mining at Upper Elkstone, Staffordshire. 1745 to 1760 are also to be found here. The latter include John  Crewe of Crewe's lease for 21 years of Elkstone Mines, Staffordshire to Samuel Lankford of Leek and others, dated Sept 11th 1745 .


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