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Chronicles Spring 1988


Out of Print

The Diaries Of Mary Elizabeth Cruso: Leek in the 1830s.
The Lost Cock Inn; a Market Place mystery solved.
On The Origins Of The Name Of Leek

Cathryn Walton


Chronicles : Winter 1989


Out of Print

The will of James Rudyard 
The Great Wood of Leek 
1855: The Improvement Act Commissioners 
Brindley's House 

Cathryn Walton


Joan Bennett



Chronicles December 1989


Out of Print

Leek At War.
"The Portly Reminder"
Leek: recollections and reflections of a town at war

Mr Ernest Bowyer
Mrs Kathleen Mason
Mr Albert Cross
Mrs Gladys Bowyer
Mr Mac Skinner
A Light in the Darkness
Mrs Nora Clarke
Map: Leek at War
War Memorials
Bayeux to Bergedorf: 27 August 1944 to VE Day 1945 Extracts from the War Diaries of Ronald Mason
Mrs Barbara Dziwulski
Mr Ben Dziwulski
Gas-masks, Yanks and Things: some memories of a wartime childhood.
Mr Jim Chadwick
Mrs Maisie Hamilton
Mr Bill Hanlon
Mrs Joan Whieldon

Ann Sharratt
Cathryn Walton & Paul Anderton


John Whinray

Margaret Pearson

Ray Poole


Chronicles : Autumn 1992


Out of Print

A Broken Clue : George Heath, the Moorlands Poet
Plan of the Parish of Leek 1832
Hall Gate Farm
Wartime evacuees in Leek
1855: The Improvement Act controversy. Part II
The George Inn
History in the news: Leek through newspapers

Ray Poole

Faith Cleverdon
Robert Moffat
Joan Bennett

Alan W Bednall


Chronicles : Autumn 1994


Out of Print

Leek and Seventeenth Century Newspapers
Who Killed Thomas Chadwick? A Moorlands Murder Mystery 
The Early History of the Quakers in Leek And the Moorlands, 1651- 1697
The First Parker House
The Ellis / Beresford Collection

John Band
Rose Wheat
Denis Stuart
Faith Cleverdon


Chronicles : Spring 1996


Out of Print

Memories of Leek Market Place and the Red Lion
Alsop Street in the 1920s
Recollecting Leek Gas Works
Memories of Leek's West End
Recollections of a St John's Ambulance Association (Leek)
Origins of the extinct Lime Kiln at Wallbridge
Mill Street Methodist Chapel 34 and Ragged School

Gerald Mee
Wilfred Hilton

Kathleen Turner
Hilda Chadwick
Anonymous member
Basil Turner


Chronicles : Summer 1998


Copies still obtainable

William Morris
William Morris : the Leek connection
George Young Wardle
Sir Thomas Wardle
The Wardle household
William Morris : a tribute
The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
William Morris - the Socialist
The William Morris Labour Church
Elizabeth, Lady Wardle
Embroidery: William Morris and Elizabeth Wardle
William Morris stained glass in the Leek area
G F Bodley
Influence of Edward Burne-Jones
Sir Thomas Wardle's reflections on William Morris and his influence in the field of art and design
Visiting a dyehouse
Leek and the Letters of William Morris
William Morris and weaving
The Hencroft Story
Leek: the town that Morris visited



Chronicles : Summer 2000


Out of Print

Markets in England
Leek Markets
The Improvement Act 1825
Leek and the Cholera 1831-33
The Red Lion and Improvement Commission plans for new markets
The Urban District Council and the Butter Market 1897
Architect of the Butter Market : John Thomas Brealey
"If wet, in the Butter Market..."
A Market Trader remembers

Douglas Johnson

Josie Heath


Chronicles : Autumn :2006


Working For Leek: 

Recollections of life working in Leek's textile trade
Leek folk tell the own stories in 16 working life histories from the  1920s to the 1990s,  This Chronicles is based on recorded interviews and in their rich detail, vividly illustrate a unique era in Leek's history, when its workers supplied the world with gloriously patterned and coloured ribbons, children's and women's clothing, blazer badges and sewing thread. 

Working For Leek: The latest edition of the Leek & Moorlands Historical Society's "Chronicles"

Shorter Chronicles



The  Mill Street Methodist School, Leek

Basil Turner

In Print

 A Petition To The Justices Of The Peace


In Print

The Leek Petition Against Rural Police 1844

A. W. Bednall

In Print 

The Leek Easter Book 1799 To 1806

A. W. Bednall

In Print 

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