Chronicles is designed to allow members to publish accounts of their researches into the rich heritage of the Leek district, so that these can become part of the permanent record of the history of Leek and District. From time to time other local historians have contributions to make to the history of Leek, but for one reason or another cannot come to talk to the Society. Chronicles is the natural place for the publication of short articles on historical topics relevant to the history of Leek and the surrounding Moorlands. 

Local history abounds with legend, fable, anecdote and myth. It is easy, in fact, to write about the past because there are so few opportunities to check on accuracy and to confirm facts. Chronicles is not intended for the dissemination of more fables about Leek, nor for the recirculation of old, unsubstantiated narratives no matter how firmly they are rooted in local memory. The history of Leek as it appears in this journal should be fascinating because it is justified by reference to the evidence we can find still surviving. 

Shorter Chronicles Series is designed chiefly to publish documents not otherwise available, or difficult to consult, in public archives. Local and Family historians interested in Leek and the surrounding area of the Moorlands will find these transcripts, whether in an edited form or not, valuable additions to their stock of information about the area.
Anyone who would like to write for this journal should pass on all necessary details to the Secretary.

To obtain copies of Chronicles in print, please contact the Secretary

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