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Last modified 24/04/2011

Like most family people researching their family history, I wanted to know more than names and dates.  I wanted know how and where my ancestors and kinsman's ancestors lived and what life was like for them. 

Thus began a long study of the history of the places where they had lived and in particular the history of the various towns, villages and people of Staffordshire.  Perhaps, like me, you will be fortunate and find that  the wealth of original material county's record offices provide for historians of all kinds to use contains much information relevant to your interests. Of course, in the case of Staffordshire, there are also many record societies whose publications are useful to the keen researcher, whether amateur or professional, the Staffordshire Record Society and the Staffordshire Parish Register Society for example. To these can be added the publications of various universities but one journal deserves special attention, the Staffordshire History Journal. 


Staffordshire History Journal.

This twice yearly journal is published by the Staffordshire Community Council with the stated aim of "providing local researchers with an outlet for the product of their labours".  Articles on any aspect of the county's past are considered for publication, together with shorter communications, requests for information and news from local societies and all this for a very modest annual subscription. .

I recommend the Staffordshire History Journal to anyone interested in Staffordshire family /local history and encourage all  researchers to ensure that the results of their studies are made available to others with an interest in Staffordshire's history, by contributing articles to the Staffordshire History Journal.

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Alan W Bednall 


NB: See also the Index  given on the Staffordshire History site.