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In the early 1960s, I commuted between Nottingham and Loughborough on a daily basis.  I travelled by bus using the South Notts bus service which was not only cheaper that any other means of transport I might have used but had the advantage, once the boundary of the City of Nottingham had been crossed, of a scenic route. This route passed through a number of attractive South Nottinghamshire villages, one of which was Gotham.  When, a few years later, I decided that I ought to get on the housing ladder, the advantages of Gotham came to mind. Situated approximately half way between Nottingham and Loughborough and with a frequent and cheap, village based, bus service between the two, it seemed and was ideal.  Fortunately a new, small, housing estate was then being built near the heart of the village and I was able to buy one of the houses.  During the years I lived there, I took many photos of the village and village events and since leaving the village almost 30 years ago, have occasionally returned to see and record how the place has changed.  These photographs will eventually form part of this small archive, and although I do not pretend to be a good photographer, I hope they will, nevertheless, be of interest to others.

Gotham  Photos

The Queen's Silver Jubilee1976

A Walk Around Gotham  2006 





Gotham History & Info

The following websites  provide information on Gotham and its history so I do no propose to add anything further here.

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