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The Former Wellington Pottery, Commercial Road, Hanley UK  shortly before demolitionThe Bednalls of Hanley, Staffordshire and district are (mainly) the descendants of Joseph Bednall (1811-1880), the son of Samuel and Ann Bednall of Roston, Derbyshire, who moved to Hanley sometime between 1841 and 1845.  Joseph was a tailor and a fairly successful one to judge by the number of houses he owned in Hanley, in the 1870s.  Several of his children worked in local potteries and one of his sons, Peter, entered into partnership with his brother-in-law Charles W. Heath, trading initially as Bednall & Heath and later as The Wellington Pottery.  One of Peter's sons (Cecil Norbury Peter Bednall) followed a military career eventually John Harrop Bednall brother of Peter Bednall, partner in the firm Bednall & Heath of Hanley. achieving the rank of Major General and Paymaster General in the Royal Army Pay Corps. In 1958 the Queen honoured him his appointment as a "Knights Commander of the Military Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire".  .Joseph Bednall's grandson John Harrop Bednall and his family emigrated to Narrogin in Western Australia but no contact has yet been established with any of John Harrop Bednall's descendants.

Joseph Bednall's brother Samuel (1804-1879) also moved to the Hanley area sometime before 1861 but little is yet known about his family.

At least one  Bednall from the Potteries seems to have emigrated to Canada and obtained a grant of land there When, in 1916, he volunteered to join the Canadian Expeditionary Force he gave his sister (living in England) as his next of kin and may therefore have died in the Great War without issue.

The lineage of the Hanley / Potteries branch (s) of the Bednall family can be traced back from Hanley to Roston in Derbyshire to Hanbury and then to Uttoxeter, Staffordshire  before returning, in the 1660s, to Hanbury once more. The name was originally (Uttoxeter) Badnall and they share a common ancestor with the Badnalls of Leek and the Bednalls of Nottingham, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lancashire, Yorkshire (some) and Australia.

Any information on the Bednalls of the Potteries and their lives would be welcome.

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