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1.  This outlines only the direct ancestors of William Tompson Bednall of Leicester and Australia. Information on the other children of his ancestors can be found under "Family Trees". 

2.  Additional documentary confirmation is needed to carry this family tree further back than Hanbury, Staffordshire in 1660.

William Tompson Bednall's  great great great great grandfather William Badnall who appeared at Hanbury in the 1660s and subsequently moved to Uttoxeter where he died in 1700.  However, documentary proof is needed that he was the man born in Standon Staffordshire in 1622.  There is circumstantial evidence e.g. the Badnalls of Standon lived very close to and were related by marriage to the Vyse family who were Lords of the Manor of Standon.  The Vyse property was sequestered by the Roundheads during the Civil War and subsequently leased to a man called Villiers.  Villiers also acquired the Manor of the Rectory of Hanbury, Staffordshire and married  into the Vyse family.  He would thus have been in a position to have helped a relative find a farm in the Hanbury /Marchington area and this is what I think happened but cannot confirm that it did.  If we can establish the name of Williamís wife Sarah we may be able to substantiate this hypothesis. The difficulty here is, that the marriage seems to have taken place during the Interregnum when England was governed by Cromwell and parish registers were no longer always kept. 

Even if the circumstantial evidence is accepted and William Tompson Bednall's family tree is extended (as here) back to Standon in Staffordshire, we cannot go further back than the 1520s when the first reference to a Badnall living in the parish occurs. Thus all relationships prior to 1520 should be treated as speculative.  Badnall references before this time are sparse and although the will of John Badnall who died in Standon, Staffordshire in 1547 ties in with an entry in the Court Rolls of the Bishopís Manor of Eccleshall, Staffordshire that year -suggesting a direct link between the Badnalls of Eccleshall and those at Standon earlier references are so infrequent as to make the identification of the line almost impossible. Only when the evidence for the period prior to 1348 is considered is it possible to identify (and prove) the  Badnall/Badenall family tree from which William Tompson Bednall's seems likely to stem.  The Broughton family tree was entered in the College of Arms in the 18th century and although I have used it I am not happy about some of the relationships and further work is also needed to confirm this.

Alan Bednall 29 November 2002

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