The Badnalls of Standon, Staffordshire 

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Last updated 04/05/2004



Standon in Staffordshire lies about  miles from Eccleshall,  miles from Stone, miles from Hanbury and miles from Uttoxeter. Today it is still the sparsely populated farming area it has been for many centuries and retains one or two, old, black and white timbered houses.  The first reference to the Badnall family occurs in the 1520s when John Badnall appeared in the Muster Role for Staffordshire.  John was a blacksmith and a farmer and lived in the hamlet of Walford, close to two of the leading Standon families -the Vyse and Broughton families- with who they shared a pew in the parish church.  His descendants prospered sufficiently for one of them to buy their copyhold farm in the 17th century. 

During the course of the 17th and 17th century some of the Badnalls of Walford established themselves in Mucclestone, Market Drayton, Wybunbury, Stafford, and elsewhere including (though this needs to be confirmed) Hanbury and later Uttoxeter.   At the turn of the 18th century, the senior of the Badnall families in Standon sold their Walford farm and moved to Forton on the Shropshire border. Others remained in Standon and their descendants can be traced in the parish until about 1750.

There is some circumstantial evidence to link the the Badnalls of Standon with the Badnalls who lived in Stone, Staffordshire, in the 15th and 16th centuries, and with the Badnalls/Badnells of Berkshire.