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Mrs Rose Mary Simpson (nee Axe) of Nottingham -about 1975.Rose Mary Axe was a descendant of John Axe of Mexborough in Yorkshire whose roots have been tentatively traced to a family living in Bourne,  Lincolnshire in the early 17th century.   The route followed by this particular branch of the Axe family leads from Mexborough, Yorkshire, in the 18th century, to Middleton by Wirksworth, Derbyshire in the middle of the 19th and  from there to Nottingham, in the early 20th century.  

The Family File opens with  Rose Mary Axe, one of the four daughters of Frank & Florence Axe of Radford, Nottingham, who married Alfred Charles Simpson of Radford, Nottingham on 11th April 1936.  As regards their Axe ancestors, one of the sisters knew they had moved from Yorkshire to Derbyshire and hoped that they might prove to have been of Norse origin but the others did not know anything about them.  Whatever their origins might prove to be, Rose Axe's eldest daughter set out to find out more about them and these web pages represent the results of the first findings. Hopefully these will be extended and improved in future to provide not only the bare framework of life events, such as dates of birth and death, but to give form and depth to the story of Rose Axe's ancestors.

As with all family history research, what we have so far been able to discover has been chiefly thanks to the contributions that relatives (near and distant) and others have generously made, and we are very grateful to them. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information is correct errors may have been made and in addition, there is a very great deal that we do not yet know.  Any additional information, corrections or suggestions as to improvements, would be welcomed. 

NB:  Dates of vital events are indicated by the following abbreviations: bd. = date of birth;  bpd. = date baptised;  dd. = date of death; and  brd. = date of burial.  occ. = occupation.

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