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Our Family Tree traces our Bednall ancestors and provides links to related families where these have been sufficiently verified. Our direct paternal line is supported by documentary evidence back to Joseph Bednall who married Elizabeth Grundy at Dale Abbey in Derbyshire in 1773.  We have tried to ensure that the information provided is accurate and that sources are quoted but errors may have been made and if you find any please tell us!  Any  information that would enable us to add to "Our Family Tree" would also be welcome. 

 Prior to 1773 our data still requires further, documentary, evidence to confirm that two individuals are who we think  they are.  Joseph's place of birth and parentage is based on circumstantial evidence only and there is a similar problem with Joseph's great grand -father William Badnall of Hanbury and Uttoxeter in Staffordshire.  William has been tentatively linked to the Badnalls of Walford, Standon in Staffordshire on the basis of circumstantial evidence, e.g. close family ties between the Villiers family who were Lords of the Rectory Manor of Hanbury and the Vyse family of Standon who were the Badnalls' close neighbours and probably related to them through the Broughton family. 

All the family tree prior to about 1520 should be treated as speculative. The Broughton tree in particular is questionable even though based on one accepted by the College of Arms in the 18th century.
On the maternal side, the Dring line is fairly well documented until about 1730 when problems arise, due to multiple marriages by one man, which have yet to be resolved. The Brewster connection is an interesting one that we hope to explore more fully in future. Our line clearly goes back to the Radcliffe on Trent and Bingham area of Nottinghamshire but whether or not they were related to John Brewster of Radcliffe on Trent who rented Old Manor Farm from the Dukes of Kingston in the late 17th century, or to the better known Brewsters of North Nottinghamshire, is not yet known.

Please note too, that we may have more information on particular individuals than is given  on this site 
and will provide what we can in answer to a request.

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