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The records for Huntingdonshire so far examined show that members of the Dring family were living in the county from at least 1260 and many of their descendants still live in the county to this day. Thus, as can be seen from the references given above, it seems likely that my grandfather’s Dring ancestors had lived in the Ramsey-Chatteris-Warboys region of Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire for at least 700 years.
Dring Cott-site-2.jpg (28416 bytes)A home in the fens
 My 3G grandparents, Woolston and Annie (nee Beagle) Dring, moved to Somersham about 1830 and it is there that they subsequently lived and died. It was there too that my great grandfather Clark Dring was born in August 1844 to my 2G grandparents John Woolston and Sarah (nee Clark) Dring. The area they lived in is shown in the sketch.

Family of Jonas Clark.jpg (76638 bytes)Dring-Starv-Hall-2.jpg (65523 bytes)The cottage that some of the Dring's lived in was sometimes called (in the Clark family) "Starvation Hall" and was not far from the house in which the nephew of Sarah Dring nee Clark, Jonas Clark and his family lived.