William Oliver Dring of Radford, Nottingham with "Scout" 1922My grandfather William Oliver Dring was born in 1876, in Nottingham -the town to which his father and mother, Clark and Emily Dring nee Hill, had come in the early 1870s. Clark Dring was a Huntingdonshire man and it seems that it was in this county (and its neighbours, particularly Cambridgeshire) that his ancestors had lived for many centuries.  "Family Tree" lists them and  additional information is provided under the buttons marked

*This is a first outline family tree for my maternal Dring ancestors and is far from complete.  It lacks full source referencing and no doubt contains some errors-  these defects will eventually be corrected. Other information is  available which will be incorporated as soon as possible.  

Do you know anything about or are you related to any of the people mentioned?   Have you any suggestions for additions or improvements?  Did you find any errors? Please tell us! 

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