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Last updated: 23/12/2007

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This is an antique wooden (possibly beech) rebating or grooving plane with overall dimensions (Fig 1 -excluding the blade and the wedge) of  4"x 2.25" high x 6" wide.  Height to tip of wedge approximately 7.5 inches. The "T. Sorby No.2" steel blade is approximately 8.25" long and its by 9/16" wide upper section tapers in thickness from 1/16"  at the upper end to 1/4" at the transition to the cutting section and the 3/16" wide tip.  and the wooden wedge fit into a rectangular hole in the cylindrical part of the body such that the blade tip projects into the circular hole in the base of the plane.  The position of the blade can be adjusted to increase or decrease the extent to which it projects below the base of the plane. The name "W. Bidnell" (possibly the owner) is impressed into both ends of the circular body of the plane and is also engraved on the steel blade. The tool maker is a well known Sheffield (UK) firm which has been established for more than 200 years and specialises in woodworking tools. 

Nothing is currently known about "W. Bidnell" though he may be the William Bidnall, carpenter, who was living in Rose Lane, Ipswich in 1851 or another carpenter of the same name  living in Clothall, Hertfordshire in 1881. Any information would be welcome.

NB Bought in auction in 2007 and now forms part of the Bednall Collection.

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