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Last updated: 21/01/2008

J. Bednal's Foot Measure, dated uncertain but likely to be first half of 19th century and to be of Staffordshire origin. J. Bednal's Foot Measure-extended. Undated but likely to be first half of 19th century and of Staffordshire origin. Close up of J. Bednal's Foot Measure (shoe size). Lkely to  first half of the 19th century in date and of Staffordshire origin.


Shoe measures, sometimes known as foot measures or gauges, are wooden tools used by shoe makers to measure customers' feet when determining a shoe size and were often made of box wood.  The measure illustrated is undated and the only form of identification on it is the name "J. Bednal"  cut into the wood.    As to its age. The numbers show certain irregularities of spacing which suggest that it was hand made and this, together with the form of numbers and the general patina might indicate a date in the 19th century.  Who "J. Bednal" was and whether he was the maker or owner (or perhaps both) of the tool is uncertain but he may have been the man who founded the Sheffield firm of J. Bednal & Co. [See the "Bednall Leather Punch"]

NB This measure was purchased in May 2007 .

Any information on these Bednal/Bednalls and their work would be welcome.


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