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Bednal Bros postcards now in the Bednall Collection, Macclesfield 2007

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Manchester Whit Week Sunday Schools Procession 1904


Three examples of cards marketed by Bednal Brothers Ltd, Printers & Stationers, Market Street and Tib Street, Manchester.

The Firm
At 1821-24, Thomas Bednal moved from his birthplace, Hanbury, Staffordshire, to Manchester, married and set himself up in business, as a boot and shoemaker, there. He was successful and by 1851 was employing 2 men, one of who may have been his brother James.  Thomas’s sons Thomas and Samuel, were more even successful in business, however, establishing a printing and stationery business.  By1871, the firm occupied substantial shop premises at 128 Market Street, Manchester and a factory nearby at 54 Tib Street. The trade directories describe the brothers as “Printers, Stationers & Pattern Card Makers” . The firm was still occupying these premises in 1905 but by 1910 they had moved to 9D Piccadilly and subsequently to 2 Moseley Street, Manchester though the works remained in Tib Street. Sometime in the 1920s they moved to 30 Dale Street, Oldham Street, Miles Platting and appear to have remained in business there until at least 1945.  What finally became of the firm after this date is not known but one of its owners -Arthur Bednal died in 1945 and this event may have led to the company being wound up.

NB The cards now form part of the Bednall Collection.

AWBednall, Macclesfield 2004-2007