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Last updated: 15/04/2010


Since we started  researching our family history, my brother and I have searched for artefacts and memorabilia connected either with our direct ancestors or Badnalls, Bednal, etc., generally.  Unfortunately, few family items have been found. Most are things that various relatives owned but didn't make, for example, pot candlesticks, a pair of salts, a teapot a brass cooking pot, a wallet or notebook, a few tools and so on. Amongst these, however, is one, a cup bought at a fair, that is of an unusual shape that has been passed down in a cousin's family. Some family items that should have remained in the family, our grandfather's gold watch for example, were sold against his wishes.

We have acquired a few items made or manufactured by Badnall or Bednalls and we know of several others that we haven't been able to purchase and therefore have not yet been able to photograph. If you know of other Bednall/Badnall etc., items please let us know.


Bednall & Dring Memorabilia

The Thurso Cup

Sam Bednall's Badge

The Dring Wallet



Badnall/Bednall/Bednal Products

The Badnall Pincushion

Bednall Leather Punch

Bednal Bros. Postcards

Bednall Shoe Measure

Bidnell's Plane


Views of Southport


AWBednall Macclesfield 2007