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Last updated 29/06/2007

The "Badnall" pincushion-Now in the Bednall Collection, Macclesfield 2007

The Badnall Pincushion -Now part of the Bednall Collection, Macclesfield

The Badnall Pincushion is a coiled headed pin decorated, rectangular (7" by 5" by 1") pincushion with the word "Badnall" picked out on the central panel A pattern of leaves and stylised vases decorate the reverse. The whole is worked on cream satin over an open weave backing and is  emery filled. It contains a large number (possibly more than a thousand) pins -mainly in the sides. The date is uncertain but it was probably made in the early 18th century.

Its origin is unknown. It was bought at auction this year (2004) and the previous owner could not provide any information.