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Leek, Staffordshire; London;

[1] Letter from Thomas Wardle, The Constitutional Club, Northumberland Avenue, London to Brealey, Leek, Staffordshire, dated 12 July 1899.   Wardle states that Brealey need have no anxiety about the Leek Charities. " The Commissioners will not get the powers asked for by the L.U.C.  "They were very glad to see me and promised the present Manager of the Charities every consideration. They will send some one down to hold a court of enquiry should they deem it necessary."  In an extended footnote he states "Mr John Sleigh is very much upset about the difficulty of dealing with the tenant at the Charles Cotton Hotel and would be glad if a change of tenancy to Prince could be effected."

Wardle; Brealey; Prince; Sleigh;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Attested copy of a mortgage from Peter Robinson of Leek, Staffordshire, button merchant and  Lidia Smith of Knivedon, Staffordshire, widow of Thomas Smith of Knivedon, deceased, of  property in Spout Street and Stockwell Street, Leek, Staffordshire,  as security for £300 and interest, dated 26 October 1756.

The property included a messuage in Spout Street, Leek  where Benjamin Mould formerly lived but Thomas Osborne "now does inhabit" with the barn, stable, backside, garden and croft, formerly Hall Croft but then known as Mould's Croft, and also one new erected messuage or house in Spout Street, Leek, where Peter Robinson lived, and another house in Spout Street, where Adam Ridgway lived, another house in the same street where Samuel Toft , tailor, lived and other houses in Spout Street in which Thomas Hall, Phoebe Bowman, widow,  Samuel Lucas, Daniel Simpson, respectively  lived. This mentions a barn in the possession of Samuel Lucas which had been converted into a house and another barn that had been converted into a house.  It also mentions "that newly erected messuage or house the same as was and now is  divided into  two dwellings situate and standing in Spout Street, Leek, then in possession of William Key.  The houses in Stockwell Street included those occupied by Francis Oldfield, James Watts and  Thomas Watson, blacksmith.  Other property included a house in the Sheep Market in which Joseph Rose had formerly  lived and Timothy Lockett then did. The property included various fields around Leek,

Robinson, Smith; Oldfield; Toft; Watson; Mould; Hall; Osborne; Ridgway; Lucas; Bowman; Simpson; Watts; Rose; Lockett; Jackson; Wardle; Finney; Stonehewer; Grosvenor; Key; Watts; Davenport; Lucas; Jackson; Condliffe;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Inventory of the stock in trade,  machinery etc, in the Hammersley premises on Mill Street and at Bridge End, Leek, Staffordshire, drawn up by Alfred Leigh, auctioneer and appraiser in March 1853.

Hammersley; Leigh;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Abstract of articles of partnership between Thomas Phillips the Elder of Leek, Staffordshire, silk merchant, Hugh Ford of Leek, silk merchant, and Thomas Phillips the younger, of Leek, silk merchant, dated 19 May 1810.  The working capital of the partnership was £30000 with Thomas Phillips the Elder providing £15000 of this, Hugh Ford, £10000 and Thomas Phillips the younger, £5000.

Phillips; Ford;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Draft memorandum for the continuation of a partnership between John Fynney of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer and Anthony Ward of Leek, silk manufacturer as manufacturers of silk ribbons, buttons and twist, dated July 1823.  The firm was to trade as Fynney & Ward.

Fynney; Ward;


Whittington, Chesterfield, Derbyshire; Leek, Staffordshire;

Abstract of the settlement made on the marriage of Miss Jane Milnes Smith of Broomhouse, Whittington, Derbyshire to Francis Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire, dated  1834. Thomas, Chesterfield. The other parties to the marriage settlement were William Smith of Dunston Hall, Derbyshire and Arnold James Knight of Sheffield, Yorkshire, Doctor of Medicine.

Milnes-Smith; Cruso;


Astbury, Macclesfield, Cheshire; Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire; Coston, Worcestershire;

Schedule of the deeds and writings relating to Mr William Yates' title to two messuages in Leek, Staffordshire, delivered to Mr Joseph Knight as security for a mortgage of £100 and interest. The deeds date from 25 January 1669 to the 2 & 3rd June 1784 and related to property purchased by Yates from the assignees of the bankruptcy of William Lucas of Leek, button merchant. The purchase of the houses by Samuel Lankford from Thomas Joliffe in 1733 and the sale of the same property by Lankford's son and heir Harry Lankford in 1765, suggests that they were probably on St. Edward Street, Leek.

Yates; Knight; Jolley; Myott;  Joliffe; Lankford;  Robinson; Lucas; Cartwright; Daintry; Bagnall; Ford; Strangman; Sutton; Barlow; Cooke; Brough; Cantrell; Washington; Fox;


Macclesfield, Cheshire; Leek, Staffordshire;

Case for th opinion of Mr Pearson, barrister, concerning Messrs Hassall & Tuffley of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers who had sent silks  to Mr Samuel Tatton of Leek, a silk dyer, for dyeing. After sending silks to Tatton for dyeing the firm assigned their effects for the benefit of their creditors. This created a problem for Tatton who was already owed a significant sum for dyeing carried out in the past and was in the process of dyeing the new order.  The document states the facts of the case and carries Mr Pearsons considered opinion (dated 1 August 1849) on the matter and in particular Tatton's wish to take a "General Lien" on the Hassall & Tuffley's goods at present in his dyehouse.

Hassall; Tuffley; Tatton; Pearson; Adshead;


Leek, Staffordshire;

First report (printed) of the Twenty-Eighth Staffordshire Rifle Volunteers, dated  August 1860. The officers were Captain William Beaumont Badnall, Lieutenant Russell and Ensign Halcombe. At the time they had 56 members who each paid £1-1s a year and Honorary Subscribers provided other funds to support the force. Part of the preparation in setting up this force was the alteration and fitting-up of a room at the Town Hall for the armoury.

Cruso; Badnall; Hacker; Bloore; Phillips; Alsop; Barnes; Bradshaw; Carr; Davenport; Russell; Smith; Grosvenor; Atkinson; Flint; Halcombe; Hammersley; Heathcote; Van Tuyl; Ward; Wardle; Brough; Goodman; Andrew; Hilliard; Heath; Nall; Wood; McNaughton; Winfield; Walters; Howard; Nall; Shuffelbotham;


Congleton, Cheshire; Buxton, Derbyshire; Manchester; Abbots Bromley, Horton, Leek, Staffordshire;

Statement of facts on behalf of the Reverend John Bury Harrison of the matters in dispute between him and the Reverend W. H Dearsley. It concerns the Curacy of Horton, Staffordshire.  The statement states that the previous November, Mrs Henry Cruso [of Leek, Staffordshire] had spent a fortnight in Manchester visiting her friends the Misses Harrop and there she  met the Reverend Harrison, a relative of the Harrops, who was there on a visit at that time. Harrison mentioned his wish to obtain a curacy "in some salubrious country place where he might recruit his health".  Mrs Cruso then informed him of the Reverend Dearsley's intention of leaving Horton and that he was then in search for a curate and Mr Harrison decided to apply for the living.  Harrison's letter to Dearsley is dated November 1843.   When all was agreed, Harrison went to Horton to take up residence but he found it in such an unfurnished state that he had to return to Leek and reside at an inn.  He subsequently wrote to Dearsley and Dearsley responded by writing to the Bishop and then writing to Harrison demanding an apology and stating that he was evidently not a fit person to hold the curacy of Horton. One thing led to another and Harrison took legal advice from Mr Cruso of Leek, solicitor, with regard to a claim for defamation of character.

Cruso; Harrop; Harrison; Badnall; Keates; Heaton; Worthington; Sawkins; Compton; Turner;


Nantwich, Cheshire; Durham; Darlington; Retford, Nottinghamshire; Leek, Trentham, Staffordshire;

William Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire, solicitor, in account with Messrs Fynney & Badnall of Leek, silk twist and button merchants, dated 1787 to 1796. In addition to items relating to  debtors of the firm (in Durham; Darlington; Nantwich, Cheshire; Retford, Nottinghamshire]  there are bills for 10 gallons of Jamaica Rum, 6 gallons of Madeira,  a load of coals and "Lottery Tickets = £32-15s-6d".  R. Badnall was paying £43 rent in 1794 but what for is unknown.  The firm were renting Davenport's shade from 1794 to 1797 but in March 1797 they appear to have bought Davenport's shed and workshop.

Challinor; Badnall; Fynney; Davenport; Cowapp; Brunt; Walthall; Carr; Knight; wheeldon; Richmond; Dean;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Printed sheet containing two letters relating to a dispute between the Amalgamated Society of Silk Twisters and the Silk Section of the Leek Chamber of Commerce, dated 11 April 1902. A letter from W. Stubbs, General Secretary to the Amalgamated  Society of Silk Twisters   to T. Robinson, Hon. Sec. Silk section the Leek Chamber of Commerce and, dated 11 April 1902, stating that they had unanimously agreed to accept the Masters' offer of advance on condition that the Summons was withdrawn and the sewings question left for further consideration on 1 January 1903.  If the Masters agreed, then the twisters would resume work on Monday morning 14th instant. In his reply, dated the same day, Robinson said the terms were satisfactory and that the summons would be withdrawn on payment of £2-14s-0d in legal fees.

Robinson; Stubbs;


Leek, Staffordshire;

{1} Assignment of the goodwill, trade-marks etc by the Trustees of G. H. Bermingham & Co., silk manufacturers, to Messrs T. & V.. Myatt Ltd. Dated 1907.

[2] Circular containing the list of assets of G. H. Bermingham & Co., silk manufacturers, Fountain Mills, Leek, Staffordshire, dated April 1907.

[3] Printed invitation to tender for the stock-in-trade, books, trade-marks, labels, goodwill, etc, of G. H. Bermingham & Co., silk manufacturers, of Fountain Mill, Leek, Staffordshire, dated 17 April 1907. This states hat the firm's turnover in 1906 was between £5000 and £6000.

[4] Statement of the affairs of G. H. Bermingham & Co., silk manufacturers, of Fountain Mill, Leek, Staffordshire, dated 24 November 1908.

[5] Printed letter, dated 24 November 1908, from W. Birch, trustee,  re G. H. Bermingham & Co., silk manufacturers, of Fountain Mill, Leek, Staffordshire,, which accompanied the statement of affairs.

Bermingham; Astles; Birch; Robinson; Middleton; Hacker; Allen; Fergyson; Barclay;


Hams Hall, Birmingham; Etwall, Derbyshire; Barlaston, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Leek, Staffordshire;

Abstract of the title of John Robert Brown Cave and his wife Catherine Penelope and their trustee Thomas Sneyd Kynnersley to cottages and land  near Highfield, Leek, Staffordshire, 1795 to 1830. The property included a messuage called Foker or Lower Foker formerly occupied by George Sutton, then by John Wardle and afterwards by Samuel Harrison and William Wooliscroft.  It also includes the manor and lordship of Barlaston and the mansion house and other messuages lying in Barlaston, Horton, Longden, Leek and Leekfrith.

Cave; Kynnersley; Mills; Cotton; Townshend; Sutton; Harrison; Wooliscroft; Wardle; Johnson; Hunt; Cruso; Sneyd; Fletcher; Mainwaring; Rider; Heinzelman; adderley; Marston; Geast; Goodwin;  Austen; Coupland; Stubbs; Bould; Badnall; Fynney; Doxey; Ball; Nixon; Porter; Sigley; Daintry; West; Jennings; Moor; Emerson; Locket;


Chesterfield, Derbyshire; Leek, Staffordshire; Sheffield, Yorkshire;

Abstract of the sale and demise of a mortgage on Highfield House and Lands in Leek, Staffordshire and "the assignment thereof". Freshfield & Son. Undated but watermarked 1826. It cites an indenture of mortgage, dated 5 July 1820, between Richard Badnall of Highfield, Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer and Elizabeth Mary Smith wife of John Frederick Smith of Dunston Hall, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Benjamine Sale of Brightside, Sheffield and the Revd. Richard Smith of Aldercar Park, Derbyshire. Badnall needed £5000 and Sale and smith had agreed to advance this out of the monies of Mrs Elizabeth Mary Smith.

Badnall; Smith; Sale; Freshfield; Heaton; Cruso; Boultbee; Rowley; Gould;  Steade; Wood; Broughton;


Macclesfield, Cheshire; Ashborne, Eckington, Derbyshire; Ashurst, Lancashire; Kuideston,  Norfolk;  Bath, Somerset; Brockton, Burslem, Cheddleton, Hilderstone, Leigh, Rushton Spencer, Rugeley, Swithamley, Leek, Stafford, Staffordshire; Coston, Worcestershire; London; Bradford, Wiltshire;

Abstract of the title of Sinckler Porter and Thomas Griffin (devisees in trust under the will of the late Robert Emerson of leek, Staffordshire, coach proprietor, to certain closes, pieces etc, of land called Barn Meadow, Hollow Field, and Sprink Meadow, part of an estate in Leek called Bridge End which had been sold to Mrs Fowler, Barker & Porter, Chester. Undated but watermarked 1832. The deeds range in date from 1696 to 1827. The property was at Bridge End, Leek and included Coneygray House. All had formerly bee part of Humphrey White's estate.

Porter; Griffin; Emerson; Fowler; White; Sneyd;  Sharratt; Holland; Chetwynd; Allen; Whitehead; Gaunt; Jolliffe; Boswell; Welles; Ashhurst; Boocock; Jephson; Hesketh; Hollins; Perrott; Frogett; Brookes; Addison; Freeman; Vernon; Landor; Jones; Nicolls; West;  Cruso; Tunnicliffe; Phillips; Ford; Barker; Mainwaring; Daintry; Eglington; Bateman; Wood; Rogers;


Cape Town, South Africa; Leek, Staffordshire;

Mortgage, dated 15 July 1870, by the Venerable Hopkins Badnall D.D.  Archdeacon of the Diocese of Cape Town and William and Joseph Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire, attorneys at law and partners, of the Scarroway Croft at Nab Hill, Leek, and a piece of land called Brewhill, Leek, as security for £150 and interest. Paper, signed, sealed and stamped.  The Scarroway Croft comprised 1 acre  3 roods and 24 perches and had formerly been occupied by John Burroughs, then by Joseph Bowcock and afterwards by George Edwards. Brewhill was situated on the north side of Mill Street, Leek, and measured  2 acres 3 roods and 33 perches. Its former occupiers were Joseph Badnall, then William Badnall and afterwards Edward Tatton and lastly by Thomas Medcalf.


A note attached to the document mentions that Messrs Challinor & Co had instructions to "bring into the market at once for building purpose" the property in which Hopkins Badnall had a share i.e. the Scarroway and Brewhill crofts, and which he used as a basis for the mortgage.

Hopkins Badnall's signature was witnessed by his brother William Beaumont Badnall.

Badnall; Challinor; Tatton; Medcalf; Bowcock; Burroughs; Edwards;


Leicester; Leek, Staffordshire;

[1] Mortgage, dated 3 December 1898,  by Mrs Florence Mary Sault wife of Gutteridge Sault of Eastbourne Road, West Humberstone, Leicester, labourer, to Messrs Challinor & Shaw of Leek, Staffordshire, solicitors, of India Stock subject to a life estate under the will of Mrs Elizabeth Rose Badnall. Signed, sealed and stamped. Mrs Sault was described as " absolutely entitled expectant on the death of her father Arthur Robert Badnall under the will of her grandmother Elizabeth Rose Badnall to the sum of £317 and 8 pence".  She  owed Messrs Challinors & Shaw £30 and the mortgage allowed her to pay that of gradually at an interest rate of 5%.


[2] Acknowledgement by Mrs Florence Sault that she owed Messrs Challinor & Shaw, £6-3s-1d. And she charged the same on her "share estate and interest in the funds settled by my late grandmother Mrs Rose Badnall." The document is dated 19 November 1899 and signed and stamped.

Badnall; Sault; Challinor; Shaw;


Fenton, Leek,  Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire;

Two letters from Mrs Mary Elizabeth Challinor (nee Badnall), wife of Edward Challinor, coal proprietor, of Fenton Manor, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire  to Joseph Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire.

[1] Letter dated  3rd March 1874. In this Mary mentions that she will be at Pickwood, Leek and intended to visit his office with regard to her will. She asks whether she will need her husband's consent to her leaving her books as she intended.

[2]Undated but probably 4 March 1874. It also concerns the question of her father's books which she wished to leave  to her brother William's eldest son William. She also mentions bequests she wished to make to her niece Edith who, she said, was "very near and dear to me".

Challinor; Badnall;


Bullock Smithy, Cheshire; Draycott, Hilderstone, Leek, Sandon, Tean, Staffordshire;

Appointment, dated 17 May 1851, of Messrs William Challinor, William Beaumont Badnall and Joseph Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire, solicitors as clerks to the Trustees of the Leek District of the Turpike Roads from Sandon, Staffordshire to Bullock Smithy, Cheshire and Hilderstone to Draycott in the Moors and from Wetley Rocks to Tean, Staffordshire. The yearly salary for this was £30. The document was signed by the trustees -John Cruso, Thomas Sneyd, Andrew Worthington, John Gaunt, Thomas Carr and Charles Flint.

Challinor; Badnall; Cruso; Sneyd; Gaunt; Carr; Flint; Worthington;


Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire; Leek, Staffordshire;

Bond, dated 14 November 1861, between Anthony Bellot Jackson of Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire and Thomas Bullock Hardern and William Challinor, William Beaumont Badnall and Joseph Challinor,  all of Leek, Staffordshire, attorneys and partners, in the sum of £600. The bond was in connection with A. B. Jackson's son, Stephen B. Jackson, being articled as clerk to Messrs Challinor, Badnall & Challinor. The premium charged by Challinors for such "clerks" was £200.

An attached letter from S. B. Jackson to J. Challinor, dated 4 January 1867, mentions that  "my articles of clerkship and certificate of having passed the Intermediate have to be left with the secretary to the Examiners". Challinor forwarded the articles of clerkship the following day.

Jackson; Challinor; Badnall; Goodman;


Leek, Longton, Staffordshire;

Bond, dated 15 November 1853, between John Hawley of Longton, Staffordshire, earthenware manufacturer  and William Challinor, William Beaumont Badnall and Joseph Challinor,  all of Leek, Staffordshire, attorneys and partners, in the sum of £600. The bond was in connection with one of Hawley's sons, George Hulme Hawley, being articled as clerk to Messrs Challinor, Badnall & Challinor.

Hawley; Badnall; Challinor;


Coburg, Canada; Leek, Staffordshire;

Letter, dated 15 January 1874, from Roe Buck of Coburg, Canada to Joseph Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire, solicitor, concerning securities. She states that they were all well and the "Harry is going on nicely and is beginning to take to his …. a little better". She continued " I think I am improving my breathing is still bad, we have not had much Winter so far no sleighing so very much like an English Winter.."

Buck; Challinor; Cruso;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Two documents relating to the Leek Town Lands:

[1] Case for the opinion of Mr Richards, dated 27 May 1842. The document outlines the history of the uses of rents from the Leek Town Lands mentioning (amongst many other things, a "Suit for the defence of the Title of the Freeholders of Leek to the said Lands..", the effect of the Leek Inclosure Act of 1805, the building of a "market house and lock-up". The document states that the rents received had been principally used for paving and improving the streets within the town of Leek. They had also been used to repair the fire engine, paying the salaries of the engine keeper and the organist of Leek, build a town hall, buy clothes for the beadle and create a cattle market. Matthew Gaunt had suggested that the the Leek Town Lands might not be vested in the sole remaining Trustee of the Leek Town Lands but in the Churchwardens & Overseers of Leek & Lowe and that the Board of Guardians of Leek Union might have a power of sale and exchange. Counsel was asked for an opinion on this and his opinion is subscribed.

[2]Case for the opinion of Mr Chance of Lincoln's Inn Fields, dated 6 July 1842. Document is as above and contains Counsel's opinion.

Richards; Cruso; Steel; Hollinshead; Sutton; Mills; Jackson; Sykes; Birtles; Cruso; Chorley; Phillips; Ford; Sleigh; Smith; Lovat; Gaunt; Coulson;


Birkenhead, Cheshire; Leek, Staffordshire; Coburg, Canada;

[1] Agreement for indemnity between(1) John Housman of Birkenhead, Cheshire, his wife Hannah and their only child Margaret Housman of Birkenhead, spinster and (2) Michael Daintry Cruso of Coburg, Upper Canada and John Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire, dated 1861. Signed by the Housman family but not by the Crusos and stamped. Document states that Hannah Housman was entitled to the interest and annuity on £460 under the will of her late mother Mary Roe and had directed that after her death, the money should be paid to Michael Daintry Cruso in trust for Margaret Housman. They wanted the capital sum to be invested in Canada and had requested John Cruso (Margaret Roe's trustee) to pay the money to M.D.Cruso for investment. Cruso had agreed but required some indemnity for this action.

[2] Draft appointment by Hannah wife of John Housman of Birkenhead, Cheshire, of moneys bequeathed under the will of her mother Mrs Mary Roe, to Michael Daintry Cruso of Coburg, Canada, dated 1861.

Housman; Roe; Cruso;



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