Bednall Collection Part 2 (BC2) No.s 76 to 100   

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BC2/ 76
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire; London; Liverpool;
Description: Six documents relating to the partnership between Bernard and Tom Wardle of Leek, Staffordshire silk printers and dyers, 1899-1900. It includes a memorandum of the terms of the proposed partnership.
Names: Wardle; Haywood; Bennet;



BC2/ 77
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire; London;
Description: Press copy of agreement between Sir Thomas Wardle of Leek, Staffordshire and his sons Bernard and Tom re the Hencroft Works and croft dated 22 August 1899. Amongst other things it states that the clause re non-competition by the piece and skein dyeing  department with the Leekbrook and Churnet Works  not to be insisted upon.
Names: Wardle;


BC2/ 78
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire; London;
Description: Thirty two letters, press copy letters, memos, notes and other items relating to the  partnership between Sir Thomas Wardle of Leek, Staffordshire and his sons Bernard and Tom, dated 1899 to 1902.  Includes valuations of Hencroft Works and equipment and information about capital employed, proposed terms of leasing the Hencroft Works, a memorandum of "supplemental partnership" agreement dated 29th September  1902 and a letter from Bernard Wardle to J. Challinor to referring to a silk printing works with 40 printing tables and an unlimited water supply, sited 5 miles from London, which was rented out for £247 a year. Full details of the London plant given.
Names: Wardle; Sutcliffe; Challinor; Heywood; Bennet; Stuart;


BC2/ 79
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire; Liverpool;
Description: Nine letters, press copy letters and other documents relating to the partnership between Sir Thomas and Arthur H. Wardle, silk dyers, of The Churnet Works, Leek, Staffordshire dated 1900 to 1902.  These include "an epitome of the partnership agreement" which ran from 1 July 1897 and also a memorandum of the terms for the proposed partnership dated May 1900. There are also copies of the agreement between Sir Thomas Wardle, Gilbert Charles Wardle, Horace Townley Wardle (trading as Joshua Wardle & Sons at Leekbrook) and Sir Thomas Wardle and Arthur Wardle trading as "Sir Thomas & Arthur Wardle" at Mill Street, Leek,  and Bernard Wardle & Thomas Wardle trading as "Wardle & Co" at premises on the Hencroft, Leek re not to indulge in unhealthy or unfair competition.
Names: Wardle; Challinor;  Whinnerah,


BC2/ 80
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: (1) Draft bill from Challinor & Co., Leek, solicitors, to the Executors of the late Mrs. Worthington "the grandmother" re interest payable on a £6000 surplus. Dated 3 September 1877.

(2) Schedule of personal estate (values given) re the late Sarah Halcombe deceased 1884. It also mentions the estate of John Halcombe deceased and refers to Anne Halcombe deceased and Eliza Halcombe.
Names: Worthington; Halcombe; Adams; Wirgman;


BC2/ 81
Places:  Leek, Bradnop, Cheddleton, Staffordshire; Leamington, Warwickshire;
Description: Schedule of deeds and undertaking as to the same by Miss Maria Jane Van Tuyl of Leek, Staffordshire to William Sherratt Mollatt of Leek, actuary, and Ralph Brassington of Cheddleton, farmer as trustees of George Allen late of Cheddleton dated 7th June 1876 and signed by Miss Van Tuyl. The property was the Revedge Farm at Bradnop, Leek, and the Spicer's Stone and Felthouse farms at Cheddleton, Staffordshire. The recital starts in April 1776 (1722 for the Felthouse Farm) and runs to 1883.
Names: Tuyl; Brassington; Allen; Mollatt; Leigh; Beech; Dagley; Whitehall; Bagnall; Daintry; Wardle; Adams; Smith; Peake; Ford; Kynnersley; Mellor; Pitt; Robinson; Wood; Martin; Barnes; Ridgway; Killmister; Flint;


BC2/ 82
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Printed notice to quit from William Knowles to William Trafford of Leek, silk manufacturer dated 30th January 1879.  The property consisted of two houses and gardens in Hawthorne Terrace, Park Road, Leek, Staffordshire.

Names: Knowles; Trafford; Quinn;


BC2/ 83
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Abstract of surrender and release of Mr. Redfern's mortgages affecting paths and property in Leek, Staffordshire, dated 1838. A note states "To the Misses Van Tuyl purchasers of Lots 1 and 4". Challinor & Co. Leek.
Names: Redfern; Tuyl; Challinor; Lucas; Morse; Jennings;



BC2/ 84
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Draft conveyance of No. 45 Broad Bridge, Leek, Staffordshire, from the Leek & Moorlands Building Society to Mrs. Marianne Nicholson of Highfield Hall, Leek. Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire, 16th April 1891.
Names: Nicholson; Maskery; Challinor; Shaw; Brough; Hammersley; Heaton; Ward; Hulme; Cumberbatch; Hassall; Cummings;



BC2/ 85
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: (1) Schedule of deeds and documents relating to freehold property in Market Street, Leek, Staffordshire belonging to the Leek Liberal Club Company Limited dated 14th June 1921. The schedule runs from 1819 to 1921 and starts with a copy will of Josiah Booth.

(2) Schedule of deeds and documents relating to freehold property in Market Street, Leek, Staffordshire belonging to the Leek Liberal Club Company Limited in mortgage to Hugh and John Sleigh, dated 1898. The schedule runs from 1819 to 1898 and starts with a copy will of Josiah Booth. This mentions "a parcel of old deeds" dating from 1729 to 1856.

(3) Abstract of the title to freehold property in Market Street, Leek, Staffordshire now used as Club premises. Challinors & Shaw, Leek 1921. The title starts in 1897. The property was described as " All that mill or factory known as "Finney's Mill" site on the westerly side of Market Street, Leek having a frontage to the said street of 62' 10" which said mill or factory contained an archway opening onto Market Street aforesaid, an engine and Boiler House and two large warehouses one of which was then used as a printing office by Mr. Matthew Henry Miller the publisher of the Leek Times Newspaper  and other parts of the mill were then(1897))unoccupied. And also all that mill used as a printing house and warehouse at the back of Fynney's mill then in the occupation of Mr. Charles Kirkham…" Contains a list of the Liberal Club's trustees.
Names: Booth; Rayner; Hacker; Clee; Godwin; Brunt; Fynney; Ridout; Goldstraw; Bloore; Allen; Heaton; Nicholson; Hall; Milner; Morton; Sleigh; Stokes; Robinson; Keates; Stretch; Birch; Vaudrey; Brocklehurst; Jackson; Reade; Goode; Needham; Lockett; Rogers; Badnall; Challinor; Turner; Dearn; Miller; Kirkham; Cowell;



BC2/ 86
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Particulars of paths on The Waste, Leek, Staffordshire 14th June 1910. Gives dimensions of paths, superficial areas and costs of covering with asphalt -includes cost of labour, chippings, carting, etc.
Names: Tatton;


BC2/ 87
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire; Canada;
Description: Undated single sheet of paper containing notes made by a Leek solicitor probably Messrs Challinor & Co.- about the children of Charles Sheldon deceased of King Street, Leek, Staffordshire,
Names: Hunt; Sheldon; McCormach; De Lisle; Mycock; Sharpe; Hine;


BC2/ 88
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire; Australia;
Description: Documents relating to property in Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire (including the Dyers Arms) formerly belonging to the late Mrs. Ellen Bramwell 1857-1865.

(1)) Draft account of rents and payments by M. Gaunt re Bramwell 1865.

(2) Notice to Mary Perkin to pay rents to M. Gaunt 14th April 1864.

(3) Account of rents and payments in respect of the Dyers Arms Inn, Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire and cottage adjoining.

(4) Schedule of title deeds and writings relating to two dwellings and half a garden at the bottom of Mill Street, Leek. 1820-1841.

(5) Memo re Bramwell's premises.

(6) Notice to Peter Brookes to give up possession14 April 1864. This mentions messuages lately occupied by Ann Bramwell but now occupied by Mary Perkin together with certain other messuages all situate at the bottom of Mill Street and Kiln Lane in Leek and formerly belonging to the said Ann Bramwell and Elizabeth Bramwell.

(7) Solicitor's expenses re Bramwell 1835 to 1837 -undated. With it is a summary of the costs.

(8) Three letters from Redfern, solicitor, Leek to Matthew Gaunt dealing with a loan from a Mr. Henshaw January to June 1837. On one of them Gaunt has drafted a letter to someone else in which he mentions a "Commissionership of Bankruptcy vacant at Macclesfield for which his "neighbour the Earl of Shrewsbury as been  so kind as to write to the Chancellor with respect to it but I find that the choice mostly  ..with Mr. Justice…. the Judge of Assize for the North Wales Circuit to whom I have written & am to see tomorrow. I am a stranger to the office.  It occurs to me that if you would be good enough to write a line to Mr. Justice ……… stating that I am a member of the Oxford Circuit & a person of respectability, I shall consider it a favour…"

(9) Letter from W. Barker of Leek to Challinor & Co dated 29th April 1864 stating that he had called on Mary Perkin for her rent who was willing to pay but  wanted some repairs done first.

(10) Bill from John Lees to M Challinor dated 8th March 1860 for work done at the Dyers Arms Inn, Mill Street, Leek. The work involved taking the roof off the old kitchen and putting on a substantial new one and installing a new lathe and plaster ceiling.

(11) Letter from Sam Coleman at Ashbourne, Derbyshire re Thomas Mycock who was "over from Australia"

(12) Two letters from Redfern solicitor of Leek, to Challinor & Co., solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire dated 1864  re Bramwell deceased and Mycock.-the latter was said to be "the only personal representative of the 3 children of Ellen Bramwell".

(13) Statement signed by Mrs. Thorpe re her mortgages June 1844.

(14) Residuary account (on the standard printed form) re the estate of Charles Sheldon of Leek, Staffordshire, silk twister who died on 18th September 1844. Monies raised by executor were to be used for the use of Harriet the wife of Captain Delisle, Matilda the wife of James McCormack and Catherine the wife of John Hunt "being descendants of the deceased". Dated 6th February 1845.

(15) Letter dated 4th August 1864 from Thomas Redfern of Leek to Challinor of Leek with a family tree of Thomas Mycock. Also three further letters from Redfern to Challinor about Mycock August -September 1864.

(16) Quotation by John Lees of Leek to Mr. Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire re repairs to houses in Mill Street, Leek, including one occupied by Mrs. Bowcock. Undated .

(17) Gaunt & Bramwell. Mr. Barke's account of rent receipts and payments relating to a house in Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire occupied by Mr. W. Kidd. April 1862 to June 1864.
Names: Bramwell; Gaunt; Perkin; Challinor; Barker; Mycock; Redfern; Tatton; Fowler; Henshall; Thorpe; Tomlinson; Lees; Johnson; Sheldon; Bowcock; Harrison; Gell; Grace; Mathews; Bennett; Pickford; Alcock; Brookes; Abbott; Cutts; Davenport; Griffin; Colbatch; Brealey; Hilliard; Holley; Pitt; Nall; Hine; Kidd; Barker;


BC2/ 89
Places:  Leek, Horton, Staffordshire; Birmingham;
Description: Re Lowndes v Mattingly- Particulars of Mr. Nathan Sutton's interest under his mother's (Mrs. Mary Sutton) will, Dated September 1868. The  property listed includes: the Bird in Hand Inn, Leek, Staffordshire; a house and shop in the Sheep Market, Leek; a share of 10 houses in Mill Street, Leek; Lady well Dale; a leasehold house at Birmingham.
Names: Sutton; Lowndes; Mattingly;


BC2/ 90
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester;
Description: (1) Draft notice from John Cruso esquire of Leek Staffordshire, to Messrs Mary, Thomas, Charles and Henry Carr of Leek to pay in £2000 secured on mortgage. Dated 1857. May relate to the Gasworks.

(2) List of shareholders in the Leek Gas Works Company and their holdings.

(3) Deed of Indemnity from Leek Gas Works Company to the devisees of the will of the late Thomas Carr and covenant from John Cruso, esq., to call on them for payment of mortgage debt of £2000. Redfern, Leek, Staffordshire 12 May 1846. (in two parts.

(4) Copy mortgage in fee of the Leek Gas Works and buildings from Mary, widow of Thomas, Carr of Leek, silk manufacturer, Charles Carr of Newton Heath, Manchester, Cotton Manufacturer and Henry Carr, silk manufacturer, of Manchester to John Cruso   Redfern, Leek 9th May 1846.
Names: Carr; Cruso; Flint;  Cutting; Gaunt; Walker; Fynney; Thornley; Sleigh; Wardle; Clowes; Barnes; Nall; Chell; Young; Etches; Challinor; Woolfe; Thompson; Dawson; Heathcote; Newby; Wardell;  Fowler; Hammersley; Ashton; Critchlow; Brunt; Lowndes; Suttons; Kinnersley; Lucas; White;


BC2/ 91
Places:  Doveridge; Sedsall, Marston Montgomery, Rocester;  Osmaston, Derbyshire; Gnossall, Stramshall, Uttoxeter, Tutbury, Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire; Manchester, Birmingham; Snelston;
Description: Documents relating to the case of Ormonde versus Reddie. Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire dated about 1896: The case relates to a right of way along a path past Abbottsholme, Marston, Montgomery, Derbyshire.

(1) Minutes of favourable evidence. Contains brief details of individuals and their lives e.g. age, occupations, sometimes where born.

(2) Minutes of adverse evidence.

(3) Writ of summons to Cecil Reddie of Abbotsholme, Derbyshire to appear to answer a suit brought by James Edward William Theobald Butler, Marquis of Ormonde and dated 23rd May 1896. Court of Queen's Bench 1896-O-No.797.

(4)  Ormonde versus Reddie. Opinion of Mr. Montague Shearman (a) 14th July 1896 (b)5th August 1896.

(5) Ormonde versus Reddie in the High Court. Draft defence, Rowcliffes Rawle & Co. 1 Bedford Row, London. 22nd July 1896.

(6) Case for the opinion of Counsel (Mr. Shearman) and Instructions for defence in the case of Ormonde versus Reddie in the High Court. Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire 1896.

(7) Particulars delivered by the defendant pursuant to Order of 31st July 1896.

(8) Notes of interview with Dr. Reddie and material for defendant's affidavit of documents 23 June 1896, re Dr. Reddie's action against  Godwin in connection with work carried out for him. Also list of enclosures sent to Messrs Challinors & Shaw to accompany a letter dated 18-03-1902.

(9) The Marquis of Ormonde versus Reddie in the High Court, Queen's Bench Division 1896-O-No.797. Statement of Claim delivered 3rd July 1896. Arris Tickner of Gray's Inn Square, London and T.S Wilkins, Uttoxeter.

(10) Press copy instructions to Counsel to advise and settle statement of defence 7th July 1896. Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire.

(11) Queries sent to Dr Reddie concerning the dates and times that the gates across the disputed road at Abbotsholme 1894-1896.

(12) Copy draft particulars of the Marquess of Ormande v Cecil Reddie case concerning the gate of Abbotsholme Lodge, delivered by the defendant under an order dated 31st July 1896.

(13) Legal opinion by M.S. Sharman on the case of Ormande v Reddie and dated 14th July 1896. Sharman thought the plaintiff would be unable to establish his right of way.

(14) Newspaper cutting re Sudbury, Derbyshire Rural District Council meeting dated 15th January 1896. It mentions a letter from a Mr. Jervase Wood of Eaton complaining of the stoppage of a road from Three eaton Farms by Abbots Holme, the gate of which had been locked by Dr. Reddie. The road has been is use (it was stated) for many years as a bridle path.  It was stated that the Council had no jurisdiction in the matter, as the road in question was evidently an occupation road  to the farms only, and it would be for the owners of the property to take action.

(15)Letter dated 12th September 1896 from Lydia A. Webb of Clownholme to Mr. Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire together with a plan on linen of Abbots Holme Lodge showing  the posts near the Lodge. The letter states that one field belonged to F. Harrison of Snelston Hall near Ashbourne,  whose tenant was a Mr. Smith. The other field was owned by Poole's Charity and the tenant's name was Skidmore.  She also states that the District Council were claiming  the Bridle path from the plan of Abbotsholme which was made after Mr. Lyons death.
Names: Butler; Ormonde; Reddie; Appleby; Challinor; Webb; Lyon; Taylor; Silcock; Brandon; Smith; Dawson; Mynors; Wood; Titley; Adkins; Clarke; Carrington; Kemp; Evans; Ward;  Heywood; Woodward; Chadwick; Campion; Upton; Stonier; Oakden; Swinston; Barker; Prince; Tortoiseshell; Lawson; Harris; Holland; Ash; Godwin; Sugden; Haywood; Gwynne; Smith; Harrison; Skidmore;


BC2/ 92
Leek, Cheadle, Staffordshire;
Description: Draft transfer of mortgage of houses and a silk shade and premises in Leek, Staffordshire from Mr. William Sillito to James Bloore. Redfern, Leek, Dated 1858. Red ink over writing to change names to George Sillito of Kingsley, Cheadle, Staffordshire and others including Thomas Redfern  to Mr Redfern and redated 1860.Engrossed 14th July 1860. Cites the will of Samuel Milward.
Names: Sillito; Redfern; Doyle; Bloore; Fynney; Whittles; Milward; Davenport; Hammond; Nicholson; Newall; Pickford; Mycock; Alcock; Ind; Beardmore; Mellor;


BC2/ 93
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire; Australia
Description: (1) & (2) Two bills from Mr. A. Pyne to Challinor & Co. Leek, Staffordshire for the costs of "taking Miss Gaunt out" 1896 to 1897.

(3) Minute re Miss Ellen Gaunt's will 7th May 1899. Concerns the inheritance of Gaunt  property. It mentions Judge William Henry Gaunt in Australia.

(4) Minutes of Miss Bower's evidence re Miss C. Gaunt.
Names: Gaunt; Pyne; Byrom; Bealey; Robinson;  Bocketts; Bower;


BC2/ 94
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Draft release between Mr. George Wilson of the Golden Lion Hotel, Leek and his creditors, Redfern & Son, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire 1878. The creditors included the Burton Brewery Co. Ltd.
Names: Wilson; Redfern; Lightfoot; Illsley; Orpe; Beard; Allsopp; Townsend; Rooke; Barker; Warrington; Bishton; Hillam;


BC2/ 95
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Potteries Waterworks Company and Nixon 1861. Not charged.
Names: Challinor; Nixon; Shaw;


BC2/ 96
Places:  Cheddleton, Leek, Stoke on Trent, West Bromwich, Staffordshire; Oldbury;
Description: Ten letters written between (mainly) John Beach of Pope's Lane, Oldbury near Birmingham to the Revd A. F. Boucher  of Heath House, Cheddleton, Stoke on Tent between July and October 1879. They relate to Beach's application for the post of  master at Boucher's Cheddleton School and  subsequent events. It details the negotiations and tells of the short period of Beach's "mastership" (3 weeks) and gives -in pencil notes- Boucher's opinion of Beach's mastership. The final letters relate to possible legal action by Beach for unpaid salary.
Names: Beach; Boucher;  Burbidge; Hanson; Hall; Walton; Tatton;


BC2/ 97
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Draft conveyance by James Goodwin of Leek, silk manufacturer, to ?, of house and a silk warehouse in Union Street, Leek, Staffordshire, Redfern & Sons, Leek May 1852.
Names: Goodwin; Redfern;


BC2/ 98
Places:  Leek, Cheddleton, Staffordshire;
Description: Draft transfer by Miss Mary Smith of Prospect Cottage near Leek to William Hughes of Cheddleton, farmer, of a silk mill and house at the bottom of Stockwell Street, Leek, Staffordshire belonging to the representatives of the late John Newell. Redfern & Son, Leek, Staffordshire 16 July 1862. It mentions all that "newly erected silk mill or shade and houses".
Names: Smith; Hughes; Dix; Brookhouse; Thurce; French Prisoners; France; Brough; Parkin; Mellor; Shingler; Davenport; Ball; Howe; Heath; Taylor; Meakin; Fisher; Robinson; Barlow; Shenton; Ridgway;


BC2/ 99
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Two sets of accounts, one for "Mr. Gaunt's Cottage Rents,  for the year ending 6th February 1861", the other  a more general set of accounts presented by W. Barker in account with Mr. Gaunt and covering the period 1863 to 1864.
Names: Barker; Gaunt; Fogg; Bailey; Doxey; Heath; Kidd; Brookes; Carter; Johnson; Armett; Maydew; Salt; Fletcher; Clees; Stevenson;


BC2/ 100
Places:  Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire; London;
Description: Documents relating to the bankruptcy of  Samuel Tatton of Leek, Staffordshire, silk dyer.

(1) Summons for debt issued by Edward Eaton 12 May 1858.

(2) Summons for debt issued by William Okleston and James Greaves Ockleston 6th March 1858.

(3) Notice on bankruptcy by issued by  Edward Eaton of Fountain Street East, Macclesfield, drysalter,  to Samuel Tatton of Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire, silk dyer dated 8th May 1858. This contains a list of the account between them.

(4) Note from P. Taylor of 25 South Conduit Street, Bethnal Green Road, London to Mr. Tatton dated 19 May 1858 which states "The only answer I can give to you letter of yesterdays date, is that it passes the Bill of Exchange and that no further proceedings can be taken upon it". Enclosed with this note is a stained piece of paper on which is written  ten day from the 18th of May

discounting £3-0-0…


       4-  8

3-   0-   0

1 -  0 -  0

44-15 -10

30 -0 -  0

14 15- 10

10-15- 00


(5) Letter from William Pickford of Macclesfield to Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire re Eaton v Tatton and dated 25th May 1858. Pickford explains how Eaton had already given Tatton an extension on the original bill of account. Tatton eventually paid some money but only after another notice in bankruptcy had been served and two writs  issued.

(6) Letter from William Pickford of Macclesfield to Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire re Eaton v Tatton and dated 27th May 1858.
Names: Tatton; Challinor; Eaton; Pickford; Taylor; Ockleston