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Llanrist, Denbighshire, Wales; Leek, Staffordshire; Hull, Yorkshire;

[1] Draft of George Gould of Leek, yeoman's affidavit under a Commission of Bankruptcy awarded against William Key of Leek, Staffordshire, button merchant. Mills, Leek, Staffordshire 2nd October 1782. Key owed £60 :13s : 6d for principal and interest due on a bond signed by William Key, the late Samuel Lucas of Leek, button merchant, James Lucas of Leek, button merchant on 19 May 1762.

[2] Affidavit to prove debt made by Benjamin Turner of Leek, Staffordshire, chair maker against William Key and James Lucas both late of Leek, button merchants, dealers and chapmen against whom a Commission of Bankruptcy had lately been issued. The sum owed was £ £40 : 11s : 3d for principal and interest due on a note of hand signed by William Key and James Lucas dated 10 May 1779. Sworn in Leek before Mills on 1 November 1782.

[3] Affidavit to prove debt made by John Sutton of Leek, Staffordshire, ribband merchant, against William Roberts of Llanroost, Denbighshire, dealer and chapman against whom a Commission of Bankruptcy had been awarded, for a debt due to John Sutton and his partner Benjamin Sutton of Leek, ribband merchant, for the sum of £13 : 11s : 2d for goods sold and delivered. Sworn at Leek in 1789. An interlining in ink changes the name of the debtor to John Harrison of Hull and the amount owed to £14 : 3s : 10d.

Key; Lucas; Sutton; Mills; Turner; Roberts; Harrison; Gould;


Eyam, Derbyshire; Sutton, Cheshire; Manchester, Warrington, Lancashire; Baddeley Green, Biddulph, Leek, Staffordshire;

[1] Draft covenant to surrender and release of freehold and copyhold messuages, brewhouse, factories, land etc, in Sutton, Cheshire between (1) John Smith Daintry of Foden Bank, Sutton, Prestbury, Cheshire and Charles, Richard and Samuel Wood of Manchester, cotton merchants and manufacturers and (2) Michael Daintry of Byrons in Sutton, and John Ryle of Macclesfield, dated 5 October 1804. John Smith Daintry and the Wood family were indebted to Michael Daintry and John Ryle in the sum of £18200 became jointly bound by bond to Daintry & Ryle in the "penal sum of £96,400" with a condition making the payment void on J. S. Daintry and the Woods paying Daintry & Ryle £48,200 with interest at certain stated dates. Half a year's interest was £1084 : 10s : 0d. The interest rate was 4.5%. Payments were to continue until 1st July 1809 when the principal was to be repaid or the interest rate raised to 5%. As security J. S. Daintry, Charles wood, Richard Wood and Samuel Wood agreed not only to surrender copyhold messuages, mills, factories, brewhouse, close etc, but also to grant and sell freehold property mentioned and assign engines, machinery, gearing and utensils in the factories and mills. The land in Sutton had once been the place where an "ancient messuage" called Brundeths once stood formerly in the possession of Ellen Brundreth, afterwards of Richard Barton, Mary Barton and Richard Ford and afterwards of George Robinson. Robinson and his partners Peter Wright and George Voce had built a brewhouse and other buildings on the site. This property was later in the possession of George Voce, and since of William Chatterton but now of Thomas Phillips. Another piece of land near Gunker Lane where Elizabeth Jackson's cottage had once stood had formerly been occupied by John Buckley. All this land had been bought by Michael Daintry, John Ryle, and John Smith Daintry from Thomas Allen of Macclesfield, dyer. Since then Daintry & Co. had built erections, buildings, fire engines and other conveniences now used as mills and factories for the purpose of carrying on the cotton business and the same were lately in the occupation of Michael Daintry, John Ryle, John Smith Daintry and Thomas Phillips but are now in the occupation of by John Smith Daintry, Charles Wood, Richard Wood and Samuel Wood and Thomas Phillips. More details are give on Snow Hill in Sutton on which Joseph Knight of Sutton, miller, had erected 3 houses occupied by John Rotherham, Ellen Shelton and Rebecca Collier. There were other houses close to Sutton Mills formerly in the possession of Hugh Latham, then Charles Latham and then William Hyde "but know" occupied by Robert Shelton. Another piece of land called Lower Garden was bounded on the East by the River Bollin and on the West by the road from Leek, to Macclesfield. On the North by a bridge called the New Bridge and on the South by land known as Higginbotham Green. This latter piece of land had formerly been occupied by Matthew Gosling but since of John Clayton and afterwards David Gosling then Nicolas Clulow of Macclesfield.

[2] Abstract of deeds and writings (1728 to 1796) relating to the title of Messrs Daintry & Ryle to a messuage and lands at Sutton in Cheshire, Mills, Cruso & Jones, Leek, Staffordshire; This mentions a moss room on a place in Macclesfield called "Dins Moss". This tells us that Robinson, Wright and Voce were in partnership as brewers in Sutton, in the 1770s.

[3] Draft schedule of deeds and writings (1728 to 1804) relating to free and copyhold lands etc, mortgaged by Messrs Daintry & wood to Messrs Daintry & Ryle, Mills, Cruso & Jones, Leek, Staffordshire.

[4] Description of freehold premises from deeds,

Daintry; Ryle; Wood; Phillips; Jackson; Robinson; Voce; Barton; Ford; Wright; Brundreth; Buckingham; Whiston; Fern; Mower; Clulow; Badkin; Mountford; Chatterton; Buckley; Allen; Shelton; Collier; Knight; Rotherham; Latham; Clayton; Gosling; Johnson; Wyld; Smallwood; Wrburton; Hurst; Hadfield; Evenson; Harvey; Salt;Gould; Pemberton; Astley; Leigh; Bate; Nixon; Whielden; Drakeford; Buckingham;


Leek, Staffordshire; Leicester; London

Miscellaneous documents relating to Watson & Co, silk manufacturers, Leek, Staffordshire.

[1] List re costs of converting business of W. S. Watson & Co into a company. March 1905.

[2] Notes re shares in Company 27 May 1905. In addition to Edward Watson the shareholders included Mrs & Miss Stain and Mrs Badnall.

[3] Minutes of meeting with W. S. Watson 23 June 1905.

[4] Draft agreement by Messrs Watson & Co. (Leek) Ltd with unnamed spooling employee(s).

[5] Draft memorandum of association of Watson & Co. Ltd. Dated 5 June 1905.

[6] Copy of the register of directors of Watson & Co., Leek, Staffordshire. Certificate No. 85935.

[7] Copy certificate of incorporation of Watson & Co (Leek) Ltd 25 September 1905.

[8] Notice of registered office of Watson & Co. (Leek) Ltd 12 September 1905.

[9] Declaration of Compliance with the Companies Acts by Watson & Co. (Leek) Ltd 16 September 1905.

[10] Letter from Hooper & Son, London requesting trade marks re Watson & Co. (Leek) Ltd 14 November 1905. Four class 30 trade marks are listed in pencil 2078, 2079, 12338, 12339.

[11] Letter from the Patent Office to Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire concerning Watson & Co., registering certain trade marks. Dated 28 November 1905.

[12] Notes by W. S. Watson about an "agreement" dated 4 September 1906.

[13] Letter from Bland, Carrier & Co, valuers, Leicester to Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire dated 8 September 1905 concerning Watson & Co and listing the values of stock in trade, utensils, working plant, goodwill, trade markes etc. (plus a copy).

[14] Pencil notes of a resolution taken at a meeting of the directors on 23 October 1905 at the registered office of the company.

[15] Letter from Bland, Carrier & Co, valuers, Leicester to Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire dated 11 September 1906 re Watson & Co (Leek) Ltd. Concerns financial arrangements.

[16] Letter from C. F. Gwynne of Leek to Mr Wardle re Watson & Co, (Leek) Ltd , dated 25 September 1906, concerning the Annual Meeting of the Company fixed for 8th October and a supplemental agreement he was preparing.

[17] Copy notice of the Annual General Meeting of Watson & Co. (Leek) Ltd on 8th October 1906 and the supplemental agreement to be voted on and approved. Signed W. S. Watson -secretary.

[18] Draft resolution to be presented at the AGM of Watson & Co on 8 October 1906.

[19] Letter from Bland, Carrier & Co, valuers, Leicester to Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire dated 3 October 1906 re Watson & Co (Leek) Ltd. Lists shareholders and amounts held.

[20] Letter from Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire to Messrs Watson & Co. (Leek) Ltd re their account and bill for trade debts 9 November 1906.

Watson; Challinor; Stein; Badnall; Russell; Stain; Bagnall; Somerville; Platt; Wardle; Gwynne;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Copy of request to his executors and trustees made by Edward Challinor on 24 May 1876. One of the beneficiaries is Mary Elizabeth widow of his "late nephew" Edward Challinor.

Challinor; Badnall; Lewthwaite; Purchas; Baddeley; Shallcross; Butterfield; Marsden; Walker; Emma; Carter; Smith; Cook; Lewis;


Leek, Staffordshire; London;

Case for the opinion of Mr Tidd Pratt. Jennings & Bolton of Elm Court, Temple for Redfern, Leek, Staffordshire 1833. This Thomas Sutton, George Wakeman and John Hand who had entered partnership in January 1815 as silk manufacturers trading at Leek, Staffordshire. On 1 January 1818 they borrowed £40 from Joshua Ball on a promissory note. They paid interest on this regularly until the dissolution of the firm in April 1818 when Mr Wakeman withdrew (Mr Hand being dead). On dissolution Thomas Sutton was supposed to receive and pay all debts owed and owing. Sutton continued the business taking in Mr Tessimond and Mr Place as partners with Mr. Sutton providing the whole capital of £10000. Ball's money became part of the firm's capital. Mr Place withdrew from the partnership after about two years and the business was carried on by Mr Sutton and Mr Tessimond until Thomas Sutton's death in October 1827. Tessimond then carried on the business on his own until he became bankrupt in September 1828. Ball's executors wished to take action to recover the £40 with interest from Mr Wakeman. Tidd Pratt advised them not to.

Sutton; Wakeman; Pratt; Redfern; Tessimond; Place; Hilliard; Hand; Ball;


Cromford, Derbyshire; Horwich, Salford, Manchester, Oldham, Lancashire; Leek, Staffordshire; Nuneaton, Warwickshire;

[1] The Standard Sewage Company. Copy of a minute of a resolution passed at a meeting of the Director as held on 18 July 1893 concerning Mr Wardle's retirement from the Company with his patents.

[1] Standard Sewage Company - Particulars of shareholders and present state of affairs, 11 July 1893.

Wardle; Harris; Heys; Palmer; Howe; Dreyfus; Grimshaw; Jackson; Burgess; Foster; Thompson; Frankenbury; Sacre; Baron; Kidd; Marx;


Macclesfield, Cheshire; Leek, Rushton Spencer, Staffordshire

[1] Papers relating to Israel Rowson of Macclesfield, silk manufacturer and his tax return for 1909-10. Details sources of income.

[2] 2 letters re claim by H. D. Bayley of Wallgrange, Staffordshire for rent and damages relating to a mill in Haywood Street, Leek, Staffordshire dated 17 July 1905 and 8 September 1905 respectively.

[3]Leek County Court papers relating to the case of H. D. Bailey v Rowson & Son of Leek, silk merchant. September to November 1905.

[4] Draft notice by Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire to Hugh Daniel Bayley of Wall Grange, Staffordshire, of the intention of Messrs Rowson & Son of Macclesfield, silk manufacturer, to quit rooms in a mill in Haywood Street, Leek which they had previously rented from him Dated 22 March 1905.

Rowson; Bailey; Bishton;


Macclesfield, Cheshire;

Minutes of the first meeting of the Directors of Mellor Brothers (Macclesfield Ltd, at the registered office Pitt Street Mill, Pitt Street, Macclesfield on 15 January 1930. The company was registereD on 8th January 1930 registration number 244950.

Mellor; Fletcher; Wain; Wood; Welch; Poole; Simister; Wilshaw; Haigh;


Macclesfield, Cheshire; Manchester;

Documents relating to the estate of Thomas Herbert Hambleton of Oxford Road, Macclesfield, silk manufacturer who died 20 July 1918.

[1] Draft appointment of new trustees of the will of Thomas Herbert Hambleton deceased. H. O. Hambleton and J. B. Prentice and William Hammond 1937.

[2] Statement of Affairs of T. H. Hambleton Limited as on 18 May 1938.To this is attached a list of unsecured, partly secured and secured creditors. The company operated the Hope Mills, Macclesfield.

[3] Minutes of a meeting of directors of T. H. Hambleton & Co, Macclesfield, 26 May 1938.

[4] Typed details of the voluntary liquidation including summaries of meetings, summary of cash accounts, estimated proceeds of realisation of stock. Dated 1938.

[5] Typed minutes of a meeting of the full committee of T. H. Hambleton Limited (in voluntary liquidation) held at Hope Mills, Macclesfield on 18 August 1938. Contains similar material to [4] above.

[6] Opinion of A. Walmsley of Manchester re machines and appliances in the premises of T. H. Hambleton Limited of Manchester dated 4 April 1939.

Hammond; Prentice; Hambleton; Wislon;Wadsworth; Eckersley; Frost; Walmsley;


Leek, Staffordshire; London;

[1]Summons to G. H. Sales & Sons of the Prospect Dyeworks, Ashbourne Road, Leek, Stafford to attend the High Court to answer the claim of J & J Matthews for £114 : 16s : 11d balance due on price of work and labour and materials supplied in connection with the building of the new Prospect Dyeworks in Ashbourne Road, Leek. Dated 3 September 1925. Kings Bench Division 1925 M, -NO. 2737.

[2] Letter from George H. Sales of Prospect Dyeworks, Ashbourne Road, Leek, Staffordshire to solicitor(?) dated 17 August 1925. He expresses his surprise concerning a note about J & J. Matthews. They had, he said, been paid despite not completing the work . The contract commenced early in May 1925 and amounted to £328 of which Matthews received £225 from 1st May to 19th June. Sales thought " the whole of the work is most unsatisfactory". He also stated that "our business has only been commenced about a month.

Sales; Matthews; Cave; Challinor; Shaw;


Leek, Staffordshire;

[1] Draft agreement between William Geston and William Hall both of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers and partners, to dissolve the business of silk manufacturers carried on by them under the title William Geston & Co. Challinor & Shaw, Leek, 17 September 1897.

[2] Copy notice of the dissolution of the partnership of Messrs Geston & Hall of Leek 17 September 1897. Includes affidavit by solicitor C. T. Gwynne as to the signing of the notice.

[3] Draft receipt for payments made by Geston to Hall under the agreement of dissolution 17 September 1897. Also letter dated 23 September 1897 from Hooper & Co, London stating that they had inserted the notice of dissolution in the London Gazette.

[4] Draft articles of agreement drawn up between William Geston of Leek, silk manufacturer and Herbert Gould of Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire, silk warehouseman concerning Gould's employment as warehouseman and traveller. 14 October 1897

Geston; Hall; Gwynne; Gould;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Proposed terms of partnership between William Young and Frank Pemberton Adams of Leek, Staffordshire 20 April 1904. The proposed agreement was to last for 5 years as from 1 July 1904 with Mr Young providing £3000 and Mr Adams £1500 capital represented by stocks and machinery. The cost of moving and fixing Adams' machinery was to be borne by the firm. Mr Adams was entitled to draw a salary of £75 plus a further £75 on account of profits. The latter was to increase to £100 or £150 if the net profits were £750 and £1000 a year respectively. 5% interest was to be paid on capital. The firm was to trade under the name of Davenport, Adams & Co and their bankers were to be the Manchester & Liverpool District Bank. F. P. Adams owed Parrs Bank £400 and this was to be deducted from his capital. Mr Young was to lease his fixed machinery for turning "as now used by him" to the firm for £200 net a year. The rents of £200 and £100 a year that Young received from Messrs F. Hammersley & Co and from Sir Thomas & Arthur Wardle respectively for other parts of his works were to be received by the firm as part of their profits. The firm were to provide "driving power steam for heating and other purposes to F. Hammersley & Co and Sir Thomas & Arthur Wardle, pay all rates, taxes and insurances on the whole of the mills and keep boilers, engines, shafting and steam pipes for heating in repair and keeping floors and windows in repair, painting and washing inside the building. Mr Young was responsible for paying the property tax and had to paint the exterior of the mills and keep the spouts and roof in repair. A pencil note states that the leases to Sir Thomas & Arthur Wardle and to F. Hammersley & Co, would expire on 31 December 1906 and 1 November 1908 respectively.

Adams; Young; Wardle; Hammersley;


Macclesfield, Cheshire; Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester;

Copy affidavit filed on 13 November 1858 by Robert Hammersley of Leek, Staffordshire, silk dyer, in support of a summons for liberty to sell a mortgaged property in the case in Chancery of Haley v Hammersley. On 29 September 1853 John Lovatt and Joseph Gould of Leek, silk manufacturers trading as Lovatt & Gould, mortgaged property to Robert Hammersley, Charles Ball, William Henry Hammersley and Eli Atkin as security for the sum of £4500 plus further sums as needed up to a total of £6000. The interest rate was to be 5%. The property mortgaged included several adjacent pieces of land in Leek plus "the silk mill then erected on or in the course of erection on the land". Also "those the steam engine or steam engines steam boilers steam pipes or main shafting mill gearing, millwrights work and other machinery and fixtures whatsoever then erected on or set up..". Lovatt & Gould asked for a further loan and this was provided on 24 December 1856 by another mortgage indenture that increased the sum borrowed to £9800. Lovatt & Gould defaulted on the payment of the interest etc. and by November 1858 a total on £10220 was outstanding. In November 1857, Lovatt & Gould suspended payment and ceased to carry on business in the mill and by November 1858 the mill had been unoccupied and unproductive for several months. On 23 January 1858, the Hammersley trustees served notice on Joseph Gould and John Lovatt stating they would exercise the power of sale given to them by the second security.

Robert Hammersley also stated that he was a silk dyer carrying on an extensive business in Leek and was well acquainted with the silk trade generally and with the nature of the property constituting the security. He said that, in his opinion, it was a proper time to sell and that it would be advantageous to the estate of the testator one of whose trustees he was to do so. Schedules detail all the machinery in all the rooms of the mill.

Pencilled notes provide additional information. On the rear page All shafting & bearings… from Men & Co in Manchester £456. Customer and Galloways steam pipes put up by Mr Beardmore. Cost £40.

In the B Room the floor sunk in for want of pillars and … the bearings & of machinery… and swaged down They are partially spoiled for active work - This applies …. Mills. Ro. 3. No. 2 was affected a little. Since this time last year, machinery has …

Improvement Rate £120 & .. Rate £10000.

A note against the " portable condensing steam engine" states " Too small would work one half.. Cost about £1000.

The following are some of the costs were give for other plant:

All mill gearing, shafting, pulleys, guards etc. £1500

Gas meter, pipes, taps and burners £400. Steam and water pipes £500.

A further note states " Mr Beardmore thinks the machinery cost altogether £14000 and the mill land etc £10000. Thinks would be worth £8 to 10000.

A footnote on the same page states: Engine & Boiler made by Galloways, Manchester. Stretching machines from Brocklehurst, Macclesfield. Spindles and … bottom room from Brocklehurst, Macclesfield. Second Room from Men, Men & Hipkins, Manchester. No. 3 Room Throwing & strap mills from Brocklehurst, Macclesfield. Spinning & … mills from Men, Men & Hipkins.

Lovatt; Gould; Hammersley; Ball; Atkin; Haley;


Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire;

[1] Printed letter (dated 13 May 1881) from Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek, to the creditors of William Young trading as George Davenport & Co, of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers, that a majority of creditors had appointed a receiver to manage the business until a first meeting on 26 May 1881.

[2] Printed notice dated 9 May 1881 of a general meeting of the creditors of William Young of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer to be held in the Union Buildings, Market Street, Leek on 26 May 1869.

[3] Printed notice dated 27 May 1881 to creditors of William Young of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer trading as Geo. Davenport & Co who had gone into voluntary liquidation by arrangement with his creditors.

Young; Davenport; Challinor;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Draft declaration by Mrs Elizabeth Hammond of Leek, Staffordshire, widow of the late Isaac Hammond of Leek 1853. Mrs Hammond stated that she married her first husband … Walmsley of Leek, Innkeeper, and that he had rented two fields in Barn Yates in Leek from …… Hulme which he held until he died. After remarrying she and her new husband continued to occupy them until he died. On Lady Day 1840 her husband let thee land to Thomas Gascoyne of Leek, innkeeper for 6 years. He had also let the closes at one time to … Hawkins of Leek, innkeeper. Afterwards he 2nd husband retained possession until he died. On 21 February last

Walmsley; Hammond; Hulme; Hawkins; Gascoyne;


Leek, Staffordshire; Birkenhead, Congleton, Macclesfield, Cheshire; London; Manchester; Coventry, Warwickshire;

[1] Copy of the appointment of assignees in the bankruptcy of Phillip Walmsley, Thomas Hammersley and Frederick Hammersley all of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers trading as Walmsley, Hammersley & Co dated 26 July 1860. Thomas Carr of Leek, silk manufacturer and William Pownall of Macclesfield, silk manufacturer were chosen as assignees by creditors. George Kinnear was appointed official assignee of the same estate and effects.

[2] Dividend list for Walmsley Hammersley & Co of Leek, Staffordshire -undated.

[3]Official assignees account re Walmsley, Hammersley & Co of Leek. 1860.

[4] Walmsley's Assignees and Ellis's Trustees -Statement of principal and interest claimed, 27 February 1871. Copy sent to Mr Pownall, Macclesfield.

[5] Birmingham Court of Bankruptcy May 1871 re Walmsley Hammersley & Co, Bankrupts 1860. Separate estate of Phillip Walmsley. Notice of demand relating to the reversionary interest of Phillip Walmsley on death of Mrs Sarah Walmsley, deceased, his mother, under the will of his father the late Phillip Walmsley deceased. The property included Bridge meadow, The Eyes, part of Nab Hill meadow and the Water Lag and Diglake.

[6] Copy of Brealey & Son valuation of Phillip Walmsley's land at Bridge End, Leek, Staffordshire 8 June 1871.

[7] Ellis's Trustees and Walmsley's assignees. Stated account 1872 Received 31 May 1872 and copied to William Pownall 1 June 1872.

[8] Birmingham Court of Bankruptcy May 1871 re Walmsley Hammersley & Co, Bankrupts 1860. Separate estate of Phillip Walmsley. Draft statement of account of Mr William Pownall as surviving assignee.

[9] Messrs Redfern & Son, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire in account with the assignee of Thomas & Frederick Hammersley 1877.

[10] In the bankruptcy of Walmsley & Hammersley & Co of Leek, Staffordshire -Draft Authority for Mr William Pownall.

Walmsley; Hammersley; Carr; Burnall; Kinnear; Saunders; Wilson; Ellis; Shallcross; Wagstaff; Redfern; Corbishley; Grosvenor; Bowers; Low;


Macclesfield, Cheshire; Leek, Staffordshire; Birmingham;

In the bankruptcy of Walmsley Hammersley & Co, of Leek, Staffordshire. This concerns the approval of extra costs incurred by Messrs redfern & Son, solicitors of Leek. 1877.

[2] Walmsley Hammersley & Co, of Leek, Staffordshire -Notice of Audit, Redfern & Co, Leek. Undated but probably February 1878.

[3] Bankruptcy of Walmsley Hammersley & Co of Leek, - Affidavit of Mr William Pownall 1878.

[4] In the court of Bankruptcy Birmingham in re Walmsley Hammersley & Co, of Leek, Staffordshire. Affidavit of William Heath of 186 Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire. Sworn 21 March 1878. Heath was engaged by Pownall and Carr to examine the books of the bankrupts between the years 1860 and 1861. To do this he had to make 15 journeys to Birmingham to examine the books and spent over 200 hours in the work without receiving any recompense although he had been promised £20 by the assignees. Heath claimed he had been instrumental in recovering over £1700 for the creditors of the bankrupts. He submitted his account.

[5] Walmsley Hammersley & Co, of Leek, bankrupts. Notice of final dividend 1 April 1878.

[6] Walmsley Hammersley & Co, of Leek, bankrupts. Draft affidavit of Mr William Pownall of Macclesfield, silk manufacturer, the surviving assignee in the bankruptcy. Account for railway fares. 21 august 1878.

Walmsley; Hammersley; Redfern; Pownall; Heath; Collis;


Leek, Staffordshire;

[1] Outline details of the will of Philip Walmsley dated 12 April 1837. This mentions, amongst other things, his wife Sarah and lists many of the lands he held. He left property to his son Philip and also to his son Uriah. Uriah was to have "silk factory, shade and cottages at Pickwood Road. A note states the testator died on 26 April 1839 and Philip Walmsley his son married Mary Ann Clowes on 31 January 1850 -marriage settlement dated 30 October 1850. Other children included Sarah, Elizabeth and Margaret.

[2] Statutory Notice to creditors of Mrs Sarah Walmsley late of King Street, Leek, widow, who died on 25 March 1871. Notice was printed in the Leek Times on 30 April 1871.

Walmsley; Clowes; Downes; Bowers; Dewsbury;


Birmingham; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Derby; Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester; USA

Miscellaneous memos and letters re Walmsley, Hammersley & Co, of Leek, Staffordshire.

[1] Memo dated 1860 concerning the bankruptcy of Walmsley, Hammersley & Co. which states (amongst other things) the Philip Walmsley was entitled to the reversion in fee of property in Leek under his father's will and to the absolute right to household furniture when his mother died which occurred on 25 March . Walmsley was said to be in America.

[2] Draft notice of sale of land 4 May 1871.

[3] List of Walmsley's land for sale 5 May 1871.

[4] Letter from W. G. Enscoe of London to Mrs Walmsley of Leek, Staffordshire ,re Walmsley & Hammersley, dated 11 July 1871.

[5] Letter from W. G. Enscoe of London to Messrs Redfern & Son, solicitors, of Leek, Staffordshire ,re Walmsley & Hammersley, dated 9 August 1871. In this the sum of £25 is mentioned which "has been standing unclaimed some years to the credit of the late firm of Walmsley & Hammersley".

[6] Letter from E. N. Carr of Manchester to Redfern, Leek, Staffordshire re Walmsley, Hammersley & Co, in Bankruptcy. Dated 23 January 1877. He asked for the gross amount of debts proved on the estate and clarification of the statements he and his father had made at different times about how much would be paid off.

[7] Letter from E. N. Carr of Manchester to Redfern, Leek, Staffordshire re Walmsley, Hammersley & Co, in Bankruptcy. Dated 27 January 1877. He said that the money (mentioned in his previous letter as being used to pay off the bankrupts' debts) was to come from Tom and Fred Hammersley's fortunes. Court had found that Hammersley trustees mortgage of Mill Street mill was the first to be paid off at the rate of £1000 a year and then the creditors of Walmsley Hammersley & Co were to be paid off.

[8] Messrs Redfern & Son, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire in account with William Pownall, assignee in the bankruptcy of Thomas & Frederick Hammersley, 1872 to 1877.

[9] Letter from E. N. Carr of Manchester to William Pownall, Macclesfield re Walmsley, Hammersley & Co, in Bankruptcy. Dated 19 November 1877.

[10] Letter on headed paper from Ermen & Roby (late Ermen & Engels) South Gate, Manchester to Redfern & Son of Leek, Staffordshire dated 11 February 1878. They were creditors of Walmsley & Co concerning funds at Redfern's disposal.

[11] Four letters from creditors seeking information about payment of a dividend. February to March 1878.

[12] Letter from Margaret Jewsbury to Redfern & Son, leek, Staffordshire re Walmsley & Co. 13 June 1878. She states that her mother had now been dead for 6 years and she thought her estate should have been settled long before. In her view her mother was the only claimant on her brother's private estate and the property had been sold long ago. She and her sister were their mother's executors and wanted the money due without further delay.

[13] Letter from a Mr Fisher of Edmonton to Redfern & Son, leek, Staffordshire re Walmsley & Co. 21 June 1878. He had heard that a dividend was to be paid and wanted particulars.

[14] Letter from E. N. Carr of Manchester to Redfern & Son, leek, Staffordshire re Walmsley & Co. 19 June 1878. He stated thathe had waited 18 years for a dividend.

[15] Letter from John Brown of Macclesfield, Cheshire re Walmsley & Hammersley dated 21 July 1878. He states that he sold the bankrupts a large quantity of silk in June 1860 and received bill of exchange in payment, In a later trade transaction, he paid the bills over to the late Benjamin Ridgway of Macclesfield, silk manufacturer, at the Royal Depot Mills in Park Green. Ridgway had proved the two bills on Walmsley & Co's estate including bank charges for £465 :14s : 5d on which Ridgway received £115 : 11s ; 4d and £44 : 6s : 4d in dividends which he placed to his (Brown's) credit. Brown continued "after paying him my balance due to him on the said bills he handed them over to me on 21 January 1863. The letter continues dealing how the bills were handed over to Redfern & Co .(includes dates and names endorsed on the bills.

[16] Letter from John Brown of Macclesfield, Cheshire re Walmsley & Hammersley dated 13 July 1878.

[19] to [22] further letters.

Walmsley; Hammersley; Redfern; Carr; Heapy; Winfield; Collis; Brown; Ridgway; Hunt; Pearson;


Adlington near Chorley, Lancashire; Leek, Staffordshire; Collyhurst,

[1] Copy of a joint valuation of John Leech of Leek, land valuer and surveyor on behalf of William Henry Hammersley and Thomas Hammersley two of the children of William Hammersley of Leek, silk dyer, deceased, who have attained the age of 21 years and Messrs Heaton & Dean of Leek, land valuers and surveyors of behalf of Robert Hammersley and William Henry Hammersley of properties in Mill Street, at Bridge End and at Broad Bridge, Leek, Staffordshire, occupied by Messrs Robert Hammersley, William Henry Hammersley and Charles Ball. Copy 18 October 1856.

[2] Copy of the estate account of the late William Hammersley 18 January 1853. It includes a list of debts owing by the late William Hammersley.

Hammersley; Ball; Leech; Heaton; Dean; Wooliscroft; Cruso; Nall; Tredwell; Clea; Flint; Johnsson; Frost; Coles; Carr; Alcock; Walwyn; Cooper; Lighfoot; Bewley; Lea; Young; Morrow; Rigby; West; Wright; Masbrach; Chaloner; Atkin; Lowndes; Winfield; Ball; Smith; Tipper; Holroyd; Nixon; Hunt; Hilliard; Mycock; Nield.


Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester;

Documents relating to the case of Haley v Hammersley.

[1] Cash account of William Hammersley & Co, of Leek, Staffordshire, 1 July 1839 to 7 December 1852.

[2] General statement re Haley and Hammersley. The executors of William Hammersley in account with the legatees 1860.

[3] Haley and Hammersley. Account re Eli Atkin and the "Manchester Concern" 1853 to 1860.

[4] Frederick Hammersley and Mr Thomas Hammersley in account with Eli Atkin & Co 1859 to June 1861.

Haley; Hammersley; Atkin;


Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester; London;

[1] Haley v Hammersley. Lovatt & Gould's mortgage -£9841 -16s-0. 1853 to 1859.

[2] Haley v Hammersley. Lovatt & Gould's real estate. This gives the date received, the name of the persons from whom received, on what account received, "Days", Interest, Amount. And on the opposite page Date when paid or allowed; Names of persons to whom paid etc; For what purpose paid or allowed; Days; Interest and Amount.

[3] Haley V Hammersley. In Chancery 1857 No.84 Summons of the parties to the Master of the Rolls chambers on 9 February 1863 to hear an application by Robert Hammersley, Charles Ball and W. H. Hammersley for permission to sell the machinery and effects forming part of the securities taken from Messrs Lovatt & Gould.

Haley; Hammersley; Holroyd; Lovatt; Gould; Furlong; Heaton; Redfern; Muir; Burton; Phillips; Richardson; Nixon; Challinor; Ball; Grundy;


Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester;

[1] Document concerning part of the machinery in the [Big] mill, Leek, Staffordshire claimed by Messrs Durant & Co., mortgaged to them by Messrs Lovatt & Gould. The land, buildings and machinery were valued on 11 March 1859 at £12424 - 0s - 11d of which the machinery claimed was valued at £4530 -7s - 6d. This contains information about the mill, its cost, the letting of some rooms, other mortgages, the partnership between the Hammersleys and Charles Ball and the joint business with Eli Atkin in Manchester.

Hammersley; Ball; Atkin; Durant; Lovatt; Gould; Chattens; Phillips; Blackburn;


Horton, Leek, Staffordshire;

Draft mortgage by Frederick Gaunt of Horton Hall, Leek, Staffordshire and William Challinor of Leek,on a moiety of the Highfield Estate, silk mill, shade and eleven houses to secure the sum of £120 and interest at 5%. Challinor, Leek, 22 June 1870. Highfield was then occupied by Messrs Goostrey, Pilkington and Gibson. The silk mill in Horton Street, Leek was occupied by Josh. Gould & Son and the 11 houses were in Horton Street and were also held by Gould & Son.

Gaunt; Goostrey; Gould; Pilkington; Challinor;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Draft articles of partnership, dated 13 June 1878, between Lawrence Bailey of Leek, Staffordshire, warehouseman, and James Hammersley of Leek, silk manufacturer to trade as silk manufacturers from premises in Mill Street, Leek for 7 years as from 25 March 1878. The firm was to trade as Bailey Hammersley & Co.

Bailey; Hammersley; Challinor; Howard;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Draft mortgage of 4 messuages in or near Queen's Head Yard in Leek, Staffordshire by Joshua Andrew of Leek, Staffordshire, draper, to George Hammersley of Leek, to secure £560 and interest at 4.5%. Challinor & Co. Leek 9 July 1869. It cites an indenture of the same date between Sarah Elizabeth Sutton and Joshua Andrew by which she sold and conveyed the premises to Joshua Andrew for £625. The premises in the Queen's Head Yard were formerly occupied by John Gaunt, Thomas Warren, John Millward and Josh. White but late by Robert Gaunt, William Lea, John Millward and Josh White.

Andrew; Hammersley; Gaunt; White; Millward; Sutton; Warren;Mollatt;


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