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Ashbourne, Derbyshire; Leek, Staffordshire;

Letter, dated 11th January 1799, from J. Wood of Ashbourne, Derbyshire to Mr. Challinor in Leek, Staffordshire asking him to " remit the interest due on my money or put it into the hands of Mr. Hargraves who will send it to me".

Wood; Challinor; Hargraves;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Draft epitome of proposals with respect to an agreement between Sir Thomas Wardle and the trustees of Joshua Wardle's will 17th January 1903.The document concerns the sale of property to the Railway Company and the sale of the Sheephouse Farm. The supply of water to the dyeworks was a particular concern.

Wardle; Hacker; Allen; Challinor; Shaw; Heaton; Menzies; Young;


Cheadle, Leek, Staffordshire; Sheffield;

Copy of case for the opinion of a barrister, Mr. Robert Vaughan Richards of Sheffield, and the barrister's opinion dated 21st September 1836. The case concerns a case brought against Messrs Phillips & Company , tape manufacturers, of Tean and Cheadle by the County Inspector of Weights & Measures. The Inspector had visited both their premises and had found various weights in each some of which were both unstamped and inaccurate. Messrs Phillips & Co. stated that they sold no goods at the Cheadle Works and that the weights there were used as a check against their workpeople to "ascertain they bring in the same quantity of goods they take out" not to fix wages. They were also used to weigh goods sent to their own bleaching yard to check the quantity bleached. The goods weren't finished for sale when they left Cheadle for Tean. Tapes were sold wholesale at Tean but by pieces "containing a certain quantity of yards"not by weight. The weights were used for the same purposes as at Cheadle and also to check the charges of Carriers who carry goods for them which are weighed by the Carriers at Stoke wharf who are paid according to the carrier's bill if found correct. Goods sent out from Tean are weighed by Messrs Phillips & Co's own weights the carrier being at liberty to weigh them again elsewhere. If no objection is made he is paid according to Messrs Phillips own weights. The barrister was asked whether or not the Inspector was authorizes under the Act to enter Messrs Phillips' premises at Cheadle and tean to examine weights and whether messrs Phillips were liable to be convicted for using unstamped and imprecise wieghts on their premises. The barrister's opinion was that the Inspector was authorized to enter the works at Tean but not those at Cheadle. He was also of the opinion that Messrs Phillips were not liable for conviction on the charges laid.

Phillips; Richards;


Leek, Staffordshire; Leicester; Manchester;

Bundle of documents relating to a commercial dispute between Messrs Watson & Co, silk manufacturers of Leek, Staffordshire and Messrs Burgess & Co., elastic web, cord and braid manufacturers of Birstall Street Mills, Leicester and the Victoria Mills, Littlethorpe, for non-completion of a contract. 1880s.

1. Copy correspondence not included in Challinor & Co's notices to admit and produce. Undated but about 1886. These Letters date between July 1885 and July 1886.

2. Copies of letters from Watson & Co, Leek, Staffordshire to Messrs Burgess & Co., Leicester dated between November 1883 and October 1885. Includes Burgess and Co's invoice dated 15th April 1884.

3. Draft "plaint" in the case of Watson & Co. v J. Burgess & Co, in the County Court at Leicester, Plaint No. P1307. Listing the documents that the plaintiffs intended producing in evidence and offering the defendants the opportunity to view them at the offices of Challinor & Co, 10 Derby Street, Leek, Staffordshire on 17th March 1887.

4. Draft notice to admit in the case of Watson & Co. Leek, Staffordshire versus Burgess & Co., of Leicester dated 15th March 1855. [part missing?].

5. Draft brief for the plaintiff in the case of Watson & Co. Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers, versus Burgess & Co., of Leicester, elastic web, cord and braid manufacturers in the Leicester County Court, Challinor & Co, Leek, Staffordshire, 22nd March 1887. Contains prices of raw silks.

6. Messrs Challinor & Co, Leek, Staffordshire, solicitors, correspondence with Messrs Burgess & Co, Leicester. February -June 1886.

7. Messrs Watson & Co, Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers, statement of facts relative to their contract with Messrs J. Burgess & Co, of Leicester. Undated but about 1886. The original contract was handed to Watson & Co, of Leek, Staffordshire, in writing,, on 20th June 1883.

8. Particulars of contract for supply of silk and deliveries relating to the case ofWatson & Co. Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers, versus Burgess & Co., of Leicester, elastic web, cord and braid manufacturers in the Leicester County Court.

9. Statement of claim by Watson & Co. Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers, on Burgess & Co., of Leicester, elastic web, cord and braid manufacturers, [[undated].

10. List of correspondence relating to claim by Watson & Co. Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers, on Burgess & Co., of Leicester. March 1887.

11. "Particulars of Plaint" by Watson & Co. Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers, on Burgess & Co., of Leicester in the County Court at Leicester. February 1887. Three versions showing changes made after initial drafting.

12. Challinor & Co., solicitors of Leek, Staffordshire, memoranda re the case of Watson & Co. Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers, on Burgess & Co., of Leicester.

13. Six letters and one draft letter relating to the case of Watson & Co versus Burgess & Co. and dating between 22 June 1885 to 17th March 1887.

6. Three letters relating to the Walker accounts with Messrs Bentley & Whittles of Leek, Staffordshire. October 1863.

Watson; Burgess; Wardle; Challinor; Durant; Rigby; Wright; Williams; Fox; Bruce; Wykes; Heath; Barchard;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Miscellaneous papers relating to Mr Peter Walker's partnership account with Bently & Whittles, silk manufacturers, Leek, Staffordshire. The accounts were drawn up after Mr. Walker's death.

1.Separate accounts of Mrs Mary Walker and Mr. James Walker with Messrs Bently and Whittles, of Leek, Staffordshire, 1861. Their capital initially invested in the firm was £343 and £686 (approximately) respectively.

2. Statement by Bently & Whittles of Mr. Pater Walker's partnership account with Messrs Bently & Whittles of Leek, Staffordshire 7th November 1862. Peter Walker's capital in the fime amounted to £1030 approx.

3. Mrs. Walker in account with Messrs Bentley & Whittles of Leek, Staffordshire, 1863. This also shows balance due to Mrs. Walker in September 1865.

4. Statement of Mr. Peter Walker's account with Bentley & Whittles of Leek, Staffordshire 1861 - 1862.

5. Three notes of miscellaneous payments made with regard to the Walker accounts with Bentley & Whittles .

Walker; Bentley; Whittles; Fergyson; Barlow; Heath; Beardmore; Dean; Johnson; Faville; Deacon; Hallows; Ransom; Sutton; Andrews; Cohen; Jones; Glyn; Lefeve; Ballier;


Derby, Derbyshire; Leek, Staffordshire;

Three letters from Briggs, Clifford & Pinder, solicitors, of Full street, Derby to Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, of Leek, Staffordshire, concerning the case of Derby Smallwares Co, versus Sheldon & Fenton of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers. May to April 1895.

Sheldon; Fenton; Challinor; Shaw;


Leek, Kingsley, Staffordshire; Hartington, Derbyshire;

1. Agreement between Hugh Sleigh of Leek, Staffordshire and George Walker of Leek, brewer for the sale and purchase of property on Canal Street, Leek, Staffordshire for £550. Signed and stamped and dated 23rd April 1873. A plan is attached which shows that the property consisted of three houses and gardens immediately adjacent to Walker's brewery. The brewery stood at the corner of Alsop Street and Canal Street.

The document cites indentures of lease and release dated 26th and 27th September 1832 and 19th and 20th June 1833 "being conveyances to the late John sleigh esquire, the father of the vendor of estates at or near Whiston in the parish of Kingsley" Staffordshire. These were exchanged by the vendor for the Canal Street lands, in 1861.

2. Sleigh to Walker requisitions on the title dated 8th September 1873. The questions relate to the burial of John Sleigh and Richard Ward, the production of John sleigh's will and the conveyances of 1832 - 1833.

Sleigh; Walker; Ward;


Lymington, Hampshire; Affpuddle, Dorset; Uttoxter, Staffordshire; Middlesex; Snelston, Clifton, Derbyshire; King's Norton, Worcestershire;

(1) Draft release to the trustees of the settlement of 26 June 1843 made on the marriage of the Reverend Clement Francis Broughton formerly of Pylewell Park, Lymington, Hants but now of Affpuddle Vicarage in Dorset, and Anna Louisa Sandars his first wife. Hand, Uttoxeter, 1880.

(2) Inland Revenue: Succession duty for personal property "succeeded to by Eliza Broughton, Clement Lacon Granville, Broughton, Bryan William Percival Broughton, Eleanor Frances Rosamund Broughton, Reginald Edmund Broughton, Walter Basil Broughton, Amy Georgina Broughton and Jessie Broughton upon the death of the Reverend Clement Francis Broughton who died on 16th August 1879. Estate inherited derived from william Pennell under a settlement made on 10 February 1854.Hand, Solicitor, Uttoxter, dated 9 June 1880.

(3) Inland Revenue: Succession duty for personal property "succeeded to by Eliza Broughton, Clement Lacon Granville, Broughton, Bryan William Percival Broughton, Eleanor Frances Rosamund Broughton, Reginald Edmund Broughton, Walter Basil Broughton, Amy Georgina Broughton and Jessie Broughton upon the death of the Reverend Clement Francis Broughton who died on 16th August 1879. Estate inherited derived from William Pennell under a settlement made on 14 February 1854.Hand, Solicitor, Uttoxter, dated 9 June 1880.

Broughton; Sneyd-Kynnersley; Hand; Freeman; Sandars; Birch; Pennell;


London; Oxford; Bromsgrove, Worcestershire; Snelston, Norbury, Derbyshire; Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

(1) Broughton's Trustees under the settlement of 10th February 1854. Draft account of the proceeds arising from the sale of leasehold property No. 9 Cumberland Terrace, Regents Park, London, the investment of them and the dividends and interest upon them since the death of the Reverend Clement Francis Broughton, the tenant for life on 16th August 1879. Hand, Uttoxter, 7 June 1880.

(2) Pennell's executor -Account of monies received and paid by Mr. Francis Bryan Hand of Uttoxeter on account of income 1881 [incomplete] . It lists monies received from T. C. S. Kynnersley as income to be for the use of the 8 children of the deceased. Mr. Bryan Broughton's 1/8th share was paid for him to Miss Goodwin of the Earlswood Asylum, Reigate, Surrey. Mr Reginald Broughton's share was paid for him to Mr. H. O. Wakeman of Keble College, Oxford. Mr Walter Broughton's share was paid (in part) for him to Mr. Millington at the Bromsgrove School. Misses Amy and Jessie Broughton were attending the Girls Public Day School, Oxford.

(3)Draft bond, dated 1880, by Francis Bryan Hand of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, solicitor and Thomas Clement Sneyd Kynnersley and Clement John Edmund R(B?)roughton to the Rt. Hon. Sir James Hannen in £10000 to guarantee that F. B. Hand would produce a true inventory of the estate of Alicia Susanna Harriet Broughton of Norbury, Derbyshire, daughter of the Reverend Clement Francis Broughton late of Snelston, Derbyshire, deceased, who died on 2nd June 1862

Broughton; Hand; Kynnersley; Wakeman; Goodwin; Millington; Hannen;


Leek, Staffordshire; Coburg, Canada;

Application for an advance to the Leek & Moorlands Permanent Benefit Buiilding Society by A. R. Boswell acting for Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Canda and dated 5th July 1870 and (in pencil) 11th June 1878. The property consisted of the reversionary interests of Michael Daintry Cruso and his son Henry Beaumont Cruso under the wills of John Cruso late of Leek and his father John Cruso deceased upon the death of Mrs. Annie Cruso the present tenant for life who was born on the 5th August 1812. The yearly value of the property was said to be £726plus and annuity in fee under Mr Gally Knight's will and was acquired by the late Mr. Cruso through Henry Gally Knight under the will of Ralph Knight dated 9th August 1758. The original request was approved at an interest rate of 5% clear of tax compounded half yearly. A list detailing the various proerties, their tenants and rents is attached.

Cruso; Shaw; Knight; Chappells; Finney; Goodfellow; Lockett; Plant; Bowcock; Challinor; Eaton; Warrington; Milward; Lamb; Stafford; Billinge;


Leek, Staffordshire; Coburg, Canada;

Draft bill from Messrs Challinors & Co, of Leek, solicitors to Mrs Sarah Badnall and Mrs Marianne Hand, in Phillips v Hand, dated 1871 to 1873. The entries involved discussions with trustees William Beaumont Badnall and Archdeacon Hopkins Badnall and show that the Revd. Hopkins Badnall was in England from at least the middle of January 1871 until at least 24th June 1871.

Badnall; Bowen; Phillips; Challinor; Hammersley; Milne; Clowes; Doxey; Hand; Hacker; Buchan; Mellor; Allen; Edensor; Hallowes; Tyrell; Simcock;


Leek, Horton, Staffordshire;

Note dated Leek -19th May 1817 and (in pencil) 13th Nov. 1817. On the otherside it lists "Cash Received" from Thomas Bolton (£30), T. F. Grosvenor(£13), Joseph Goodwin (£21), John Fynney(£35-15-3) and William Challinor (£13). Total receipts were £112-15s-3d and from this was subtracted "Cash paid" £16-10s-6d to give and amount "Brot. Home" of £96-10s-6d.

A breakdown of the "Cash Paid" lists Poor of Horton 1-8-0; Pooor of Biggin 1-10-0; Balls Interest 1-16-0; Goulds Interest 3-0-0 (entered in rent book); Jas. Fynney's tax- stopt altho not his due 3-11-6; Johns cloths 2-8-0; Expences & Lamb 2-11-3.

Bolton; Challinor; Gould; Ball; Fynney; Goodwin; Grosvenor;


Ladderedge, Leek, Waterhouses, Staffordshire;

Draft conveyance of 3 cottages on Clerks Bank, Leek, Staffordshire from John Gibson Whittles of Leek, grocer, and William Whittles of Leek, grocer to James Mitchell of Waterhouses, Staffordshire, shopkeeper, dated 29th September 1855. The property consisted of three cottages and a nailers shop formerly occupied by Nancy Knight, Maria Pickford and Thomas Williams and afterwards of Thomas Nadin, Benjamin Malkin and Hannah Braddock "but now or late" of Mrs Birch, William Plant and Sarah Miles. A pencil note states that "Mrs Sarah Miles cottage is now vacant."

Whittles; Mitchell; Redfern; Lassetter; Woolfe; Knight; Pickford; Williams; Braddock; Nadin; Malkin; Birch; Plant; Miles;


Gravesend, Dover, Kent; Corofin, County Clare, Ireland; Banbury, Oxfordshire; Putney, Surrey; London;

Draft appointment of new trustees of the settlement dated 1st August 1884 made on the marriage of Mr Maurice Fitzgerald Wilson and Florence May Badnall.

The deed was between Maurice Fitzgerald Wilson (said to be "late of 7 Berkeley Crescent, Gravesend, Kent but now of Bagenholt, Castle Avenue, Dover, Kent) and his wife Florence May Wilson, and William Henry Wilson Fitzgerald late of Adelphi, Corofin, County Clare, Ireland but now of Chacombe, Banbury, Oxfordshire, Lancelot Wykeham Badnall of 49 Dryburgh Road, Putney, Surrey and Frank Latham Stephenson of 31 Lombard Street, London. It is dated 10th June 1904. One of the trustees of the original marriage settlement, Rowland Macdonald Stephenson had died on 17th November 1901 and Maurice and Florence Wilson had decided to appoint Lancelot Wykeham Badnall And Frank Latham Stephenson as additional trustees.

The citation of the property involved in the trust also states that in 1895 Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Badnall, mother of Florence Mary Wilson, had given Florence Mary Wilson £1200 that was paid to the trustees and invested by them as part of the trust. Florence was also entitled to a share in the residuary estate of her mother which it was intended should also be paid into the couple's marriage trust. Witnesses to this document included Ethel M. Badnall, spinster, and Gertrude Badnall, spinster, both of 26 Kensington Court Gardens, London.

Wilson; Badnall; Stephenson; Challinor; Shaw; Austen; Brinkman; Lawley;


Croxden, Endon, Lichfield, Staffordshire; Shirburn, Oxfordshire;

Draft nomination by the Right Honourable Thomas Augustus Wolstenholme Parker, Earl of Macclesfield of Shirburn Castle, Oxfordshire, Patron of the Perpetual Curacy of Croxden, Staffordshire to the Right Reverend Father in God John, Lord Bishop of Lichfield of the Reverend Edward Whieldon M.A. to the Perpetual Curacy of the Parish of Croxden, Staffordshire, Challinor & Co., Leek, 1863. The curacy had become vacant on the death of the Reverend William Higton(?). The draft had been modified in pencil to refer to the presentation of the reverend James Badnall, Bachelor of Arts to the Perpetual Curacy of Endon, Staffordhire on the death of the Reverend Daniel Turner and redated 1864.

Parker; Whieldon; Badnall; Higton; Turner;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Statutory declaration of Thomas Pointon of Leek, Staffordshire, wheelwright, as to the right of a channel for the "Town Wash" through property belonging to Miss Van Tuyl dated 12th February 1848. Pointon stated that he had occupied a wheelwright's shop and timber yard formerly belonging to the late Toft Chorley of Leek (but now used as a cottage and garden belonging to Miss Van Tuyl) situated near Canal street, Leek from the 16th February 1814 until August 1839. While he occupied the property there was, he said, always a a channel through the timber yard co9ntinuing under the wall separating Mr. Chorley's field from Canal Street, along which Mr. Chorley turned the Town Wash out of its ordinary channel by the late Mrs Sneyd's field, two or three times a year for the purpose of irrigating the field belonging to Mr Chorley. No one else ever claimed a right of diverting the Town Wash along Mr. Chorley's channel.

Pointon; Tuyl; Chorley; Sneyd;


Endon, Leek, Walsall, Staffordshire;

Four miscellaneous items relating to the Badnall family of Leek, Staffordshire.

(1) Copy oath of administration by Walter Edward May of West House, Corporation Street, Walsall, Staffordshire, civil engineer with regard to the goods of his mother Mrs Harriet Hopkins May late of Broad Street, Leek, Staffordshire, widow who died in Leek on 9th June 1891 -intestate. Her estate amounted to £4508-1s-5d.

(2) Receipt from the Receiver General of Inland Revenue re a cheque sent in connection with "Badnall deceased" and dated 26 February 1881.

(3) Letter from Mrs. Ellen Badnall to Messrs Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire dated Endon, 27th August 1889. She acknowledges receipt of a cheque for interest on money due to her up to previous 22nd July.

(4) Letter fromMrs. S. E. Badnall of 26 Kensington Court Gardens, London to Mr Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire dated 1898(?). The letter concerns Captain Northcott's "share in the settlements and certain objections by Challinor & Mr. Badnall ( William Beaumont Badnall probably). Detailed pencilled notes on the other pages of this letter seem to relate to the terms of the marriage settlement.

May; Lewis; Badnall; Northcott; Challinor;


Alrewas, Leek, Staffordshire; Cleator, Kirby Lonsdale, Cumberland; Whitstable, Kent;

Draft release by Horace Brunt of Bury, Lancashire, Clement Brunt of Whitstable, Kent, surgeon, Walter Brunt of Cleator, Cumberland, Charles Mellor Brunt late of Cleator, Cumberland, mariner and Charlotte Brunt late of Cleator, Cumberland but now of Kirby Lonsdale to Thomas Smith of Knivedon, Leek, Staffordshire and John sleigh of Leek, if a legacy of £300 bequeathed in the will of Miss Ann Davenport of Leek, Staffordshire, dated 16th May 1846. Ann Davenport died on 24th November 1820 and her will was proved at Lichfield on 10th May 1821. Mary wife of John Brunt of Alrewas, clerk, died in 1845. She and her husband had 7 children, two of whom -John Charles and Margaret Sarah Brunt died in their mother's lifetime, unmarried. The money was to be divided between the remaining Brunt children and a note states that one of them, Walter Brunt, though over 21 years of age, was a lunatic and could not sign a release. Smith & Sleigh were therefore to be authorised to administer his share and apply it towards his maintenance.

Brunt; Smith; Sleigh; Davenport; Lowndes; Sneyd;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Lease of premises in Russell Street, Leek, Staffordshire by Christopher Wilson of Leek, Staffordshire, innkeeper, and his mortgagees Thomas Carr of Leek, silk manufacturer, and James Bloore of Leek, to Thomas Carr, Joshua Brough of Leek, silk manufacturer, William Challinor of Leek, George Young of Leek, currier and William Beaumont Badnall, the trustees of the Leek Literary & Mechanic's Institution, Challinor. Badnall & Challinor 16th May 1855. The premises were occupied by the Leek Literary and Mechanics Institution.

Wilson; Badnall; Challinor; Carr; Brough; Young;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Henry Beaumont Cruso to the Leek Urban District Council: Statement of purchase money, etc. Challinor % Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire, 18th April 1896. This document relates to land in Strangman's Walks, Leek, purchased under a contract dated 13th December 1893.

Wardle; Cruso; Brealey; Challinor; Shaw;


Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester;

Draft notice the dissolution on the 1st July (?) of the partnership between Thomas Carr, Henry Carr and Edward Newton Carr carrying on business as silk manufacturers at Leek, Staffordshire and No. 22 Mosley Street, Manchester as Thomas Carr & Co. The business was to be carried on in future by Thomas Carr & Henry Carr trading as Thomas Carr & Co. Document is dated 9th August 1864.

Carr; Redfern;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Draft declaration of trust re money advanced by the Trustees of the Loyal Westwood Lodge of Odd Fellows (John Alsop of Leek, Andrew Jukes Worthington of Leek, silk manufacturer and William Beaumont Badnall) to John Matthews of Leek, Staffordshire, builder, dated 16th October 1863. The money was advanced from the Friendly Society funds on four houses on Ball Haye Green, Leek, Staffordshire.

Matthews; Alsop; Worthington; Badnall; Shaw;


Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Wales;

Fowlers Trustees Property in Leek, Staffordshire, Macclesfield, Cheshire and in Wales. Property sold listing purchasers and amount paid. The total amount raised was £12750. Stock receipts from investments in Consols, 1847 to 1849, are listed. Charles Flint and John Towgood were the trustees of Mrs. Fowler. John Cruso purchased the property on Stockwell Street.

Folwer; Wynn; Biddulph; Cruso; Clowes; Allen; wright; Lea;


Leek, Staffordshire; Glasgow, Scotland;

Instructions for a conveyance by Heaton, Gaunt and others to Gorman of property in Leek, Staffordshire. Amongst other things it states " Mrs Fowler and her two sons John and Matthew carried on business at Leek in partnership as bankers. Mrs. Fowler died in August last leaving two wills one dated 6th November 1838 and the other 28th July 1841. The second was proved by all her executors. Mrs. Fowler left four surviving children and her two sons John and Matthew still carry on the banking business in partnership. Lot 1 of the Gaunt property was offered for sale to Mr. Gorman for £565.


John Gaunt was also engaged in the silk trade in partnership with Mr Gray and carried on an extensive business not only at Leek but at Glasgow and a Scottish sequestration "has lately been issued against them on account of their partnership in Scotland, no Fiat in England having at present been issued against them."

The premises purchased by Mr Gorman are liable (int: al) to the payment of an annuity of £15 to a Mrs. Sarah Badnall for her life but are sold discharged from such annuity. Mr. Turner the mortgager of the premises cannot be made a party to the conveyance in as much as it is not known where he is to be found or indeed if living.

Heaton; Gaunt; Fowler; Gorman; Coulson;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Carr's Charity, Leek, Staffordshire. Thirty two ( 4 batches of 8) slips authorising the supply of coal to various people in Leek and Lowe, Staffordshire October to November 1917. The Trustees who signed the slips were H. Carr Smith; T. S. Myatt; A. Ward and R. S. Milner.

Clulow; Heath; Belfield; Tomlinson; Bowyer; Bibby; Prince; Bowcock; Sheldon; Rushton; Howes; Bates; Smith; Mellor; Goldstraw; Davenport; Pine; Parker; Jones; Goostrey; Edwards; Fitzgerald; McDonough; Gould; Sigley; Hudson; Mayer; Crinks; Goodwin; Gorton;


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