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Leek, Staffordshire;

Letter from J. H. Hilliard of Leek, Staffordshire to Mr Barlow of Leek (undated but late 1830s probably) States he had forgotten to mention a writ of summons for a debt which "Latham" owed Barlow had been sent to Woore to be served. On the other side is what appears to be a draft letter to Tharme re unpaid rent.

Hilliard; Barlow; Tharme;


Leek, Kingsley, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Foxley, Herefordshire; Heaton Chapel, Lancashire;

Abstract of the title of Miss Mary Anne Mair to land near Wellington Street, Leek, Staffordshire, contracted to be sold to Mr George Hammersley 1887. Mair & Blunt, Macclesfield, solicitors. Several plans. One piece of land was situated near Barn Gates in Leek and by 1861, had formerly been occupied by Eli Cope, afterwards by Ralph Bullock, John Wamsley, Mrs Wamsley, John Hawkins and Isaac Hammond. Somtime prior to 1861, this land had been converted into gardens which were then occupied by tenants of Thomas Brandon and William Lomas. The land was bounded on the North by West Street and the rod leading to Westwood on the South by Mrs Cruso's land, on the East by Westwood Terrace and on the West by land belonging to George Davenport. The document cites the will of Isaac Hammond dated 12th January 1853. Hammond died 23rd February 1853 and probate was granted at Lichfield on 9th April 1853 to his widow Elizabeth, Thomas Brandon of youngs Green, Kingsley, Staffordshire and William Lomas of Roach Grange, Leek.

Mair; Hammersley; Blunt; Brandon; Lomas; Hammond; Redfern; Hulme; Brunel; Holdship; Cope; Bullock; Wamsley; Cruso; Davenport; Hawkins; Goodwin; Barlow; Hall;White; Brocklehurst; Greaves; Mountford; Watt; Beardmore; Holt; Clulow; Brough; Taylor; Ibeson; Lightfoot; Beaumont; Sillito;


Cheadle, Horton, Ilam, Leek, Wetton,Staffordshire;

Bundle of approximately 50 items relating to the Loundes (Lowndes family of Leek and in particular the estate of Miss Mary Loundes.

Loundes; Mattingley; Brunt; Challinor; Scudamore; Gee; Bailey; Hall; Corbishley; Naylor; Potts; Heaton; Wright; Gaunt; Mellor; Sutton; Hammersley; Flint; White; Waring; McDonald;


Leek, Staffordshire; Congleton, Cheshire; Liverpool;

Details of the estate of the late Mr Thomas Hall, deceased, silk manufacturer, [probably of Congleton]. Undated but hallmark dated 1861. His property included the Rainow Farm, property in Dane-in-shaw including the mill, property in Rood Lane and High Street, property in Leek. He held several licenses "and powers" connected with the Mill property, a pew in Congleton Church, £1228 worth of machinery, £7113 worth of stock in hand and £2300 in cash. Onme page is devoted to his stocks of silk at Durants, at Tatlock & Bevis and at Eaton's as well as thrown silk in his warehouse. Much of the silk was Italian organzine and Tram though the raw silks were from Italian, Radnegore, China and Bengal.

Hall; Shakerley; Willis; Lowes; Beckett; Durant; Gandolfe; Bell; Dodgson; Fowler; Gaunt; Tatlock; Ginder; Eaton; Thomas; Vaudrey; Keen; Bindloss; Preston;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Leter from the Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty to the Rev. W. B. Wright of All Saints Church, Compton, Leek, Staffordshire informing him that they had granted £400 to augment the endowment of the Benefice. Dated Dean's Yard, westminster, 13th November 1890.



Leek, Staffordshire;

Draft conveyance of a house on Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire by William Hollinshead of Leek to Richard Plant of Pools End, Leek, tailor. Challinor, Badnall & Challinor, Leek, 6th June 1862. The property is described as late in the occupation of Robert Stephenson. The premises were devised to William Hollinshead under the will of Eli Plant late of the Kings Arm Inn, Leek, deceased, dated 26th August 1859.

Plant; Hollinshead;


Leek, Endon, Staffordshire;

[1] Schedule of the title deeds and writings relating to messuages, farms, lands, tithes, etc. devised by the wills of Samuel Phillips and William Phillips both of Leek, Staffordshire, deceased. Undated but about 1890.

[2] Draft mortgage of Holly Bush Farm, Bradnop, Leek, Staffordshire by Major General Phillips of Ashenhurst Hall, Leek, Staffordshire to Mrs Sarah Walker Balfour of 15 Hanover Terrace, Regents Park, London, widow. Dated 20 June 1898.

Phillips; Badnall; Hand; Hammersley; Jolliffe; Sneyd; Hammond; Johnson; Gipps; Sleigh; Lawrence; Hurd; Walker; Buxton; Gould; Redfern; Leivinge; Whittaker; Daintry; Powys; Sidebottom; Goodwin; Alsager; Antrobus; Stonier; Salt; Harrison; Read; Hancock; Lowton; Kent; Ensor; Barrett; Forde; Howitt; Martin; Coupland; Heaton; Cruso; Smith; Lounds; Jackson; Rowley; Biddulph; Bullock; Leigh; Pickering; Collins; Wise; Edwards; Fynney; Stanley; Hollinshead; Fernyhough; Fenton; Mills; Bourne; Davies; Welles; Mountford; Baker; Parker; Needler; Bucknall; Hollins; Short; Critchley; Wardle; Emerson; Hilditch; Clowes; Gaunt; Tharme; White; Heathcote; Birtles; Wood; Gent; Eaton; Clulow; Cutting; Chinn; Hordern; Cope; Aldcroft; Swinton; Shaw; Horsley; Collier; Sherwin; Greenhalgh; Plant; Page; Barrett; Porter; Doxat; Heath; Furse; Price; Challinor; Clewes; James; Gandolph; Glyn; Peploe; Durant; Stone; Buttermer; Dampier; Overton; Hyde; Wood;Cullen; Dale; Hope; Wooliscroft; Marsden; Jennings; Mobberley; Watts; Barnet; Bowers; Salt; Hill; Jones; Knightley; Cotton;[to p16bck]


Leek, Staffordshire;

Draft deed of gift of real estate by William Barker the elder, of Leek, Staffordshire, silk worker, to William Barker the younger of Leek, assistant overseer, dated 15th January 1878. The real estate consisted of tow houses [No.s 15 and 16] in Kiln Lane, Leek, Staffordshire occupied by Job White and Herbert Dale.

Barker; Bishton; Stevenson; Dale; White;


Leek, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire; London.

Draft bill of sale, dated July 1847, by John Shepley Mitchell of Leek, Staffordshire, commission agent to William Fisher of Old Broad Street, silk broker, all his household goods, furniture, beds, bedding, china, linen, glass, books, stock in trade, horses and carriages and all his other personal estate, effects, goods and chattels, to secure the payment of a debt of £120. Mitchell was to pay off the debt by monthly instalments of £10 until the sum outstanding plus interest at 5 percent was paid off.

The document has been used as a draft for another such document and is overwritten in pencil with the following:

Draft bill of sale, dated 23rd July 1847, by Samuel Bailey of Leek, Staffordshire, publican to Thomas Salt of Burton upon Trent, brewer, all his household goods, furniture, beds, bedding, china, linen, plate, glass, books, stock in trade, horses and carriages and all his other personal estate, effects, goods and chattels, to secure the payment of a debt of £86 and any further sum not exceeding £150. Bailey was to pay off the debt by a certain date plus interest at 5 percent.

Mitchell; Fisher; Bailey; Salt;


Youlgreave, Derbyshire;

Memorandum of agreement made on the 7th April 1847 between George Barlow and William Tomlinson, in which Barlow agrees to sell and Tomlinson agrees to buy, a plot of land near the Fountain in Youlgreave, Derbyshire for £53. A deposit of £5 was paid and the remainder was to be paid by 30th June next. Signed by both parties.

Barlow; Tomlinson;


Oban, Scotland;

Nine letters and other items from the Vulcon Boiler and General Insurance Company Limited of Renfield Street, Glasgow to D. McGregor, Clydesdale Bank Buildings, Oban dating between 13th January 1919 and 1st February 1919. Most relate to insurance and inspection of electrical plant of The Neptune Mills Limited. Also includes agency appointment.

Munro; McGregor;


Upper Hulme, Leek, Staffordshire;

Draft schedule of deeds relating to the silk mill, house and land at Upper Hulme near Leek, Staffordshire, belonging to Messrs Alsop, Cruso and Carr, -1760 to 1856. Document dated 1857.

Alsop; Cruso; Carr; Challinor; Plant; Bullock; Rogers; Crossley; Killmister; Sheldon; Brough; Bassett; Johnson; Lowndes; Ainsworth; Norbury; Darcy; Crowther; Badnall; Hopes;


Leek, Uttoxeter, Earl Sterndale, Onecott, Rushton, Farley, Upper Tean, Kingsley, Bradnop, Butterton, Upper Elkstones, Ipstones, Wetton, Grindon, Waterfall, Leekfrith, Calton, Foxt, Dunwood, Wildboarclough, Staffordshire; Longnor, Buxton,Derbyshire;

Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire account with Joshua Milward, auctioneer, of Longnor, Buxton, Derbyshire1873 to 1896. Items listed give more details than is usual in such accounts e.g. names and acreages of farms sold by Milward. Farms listed were in Earl Sterndale, Onecott, Rushton, Farley, Upper Tean, Kingsley, butterton, Upper Elkstones, Ipstones, Wetton, Grindon, Waterfall, Leekfrith, Calton, Foxt, Dunwood, Wildboarclough,

Mentions the sale by auction at the Swan Inn, Leek, Staffordshire of Mrs Badnalls house in Church Lane, Leek on 23rd March 1886.

The following public houses or inns were also sold: the Golden Lion Inn at Farley, the Royal Oak Inn, Rushton; the Plough Inn at Wildboarclough; the Union In and the Bird in Hand, Stockwell Street, Leek; the Blacksmith's Arms, Foxt and the Three Horse Shoes at Meerbrook,

Challinor; Shaw; Condlyffe; Milward; Badnall;


Thorpe, Tissington, Derbyshire; Leek, Staffordshire;

Miscellaneous bills for work carried out on William Beaumont Badnall's house at Thorpe, Derbyshire (Thorpe Manor) and fire insurance company receipt, 1883.

1. Matthew Mellor's bill dated 31st October 1883 for plants supplied for the gardens at Thorpe Manor between 1882 and 1883. It includes the wages of men who travelled from Leek to Thorpe and lodged in Ashbourne while working on the gardens. Men from Tissington were also employed there.

2. Lancashire Insurance Company fire insurance renewal receipt for policy number 525082, dated 29th September 1883 and covering the house at Thorpe for £1250.

3. Charles Turner's bill dated 11 October 1882 for two chesses (40lb and 33lb)

4. Anson Morris's bill dated11th May 1883 for work at Thorpe in connection with wire fencing.

5. Randle Pointon's bill dated 6th July 1883 for paving back road to houses let to Davenport & Birch (check this is Thorpe?).

6 James Harrison's bill dated 13th April 1863 for work on fixing iron fencing. The work took 4 days and cost 13s 4d exclusive of Harrison's lodgings cost 2/- and his railway fare to Ashbourne from Leek 3/6.

Badnall; Mellor; Wright; Yates; Phillips; Pointon; Harrison; Turner; Morris; Davenport; Birch;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Two Brealey accounts relating to William Beaumont Badnall.

1. John Brealey in account with William Beaumont Badnall for the year ending 25th March 1867. It includes rents received on the one hand and expenditure on repairs to property, property taxes, etc. Most of the properties are in or near Leek, Staffordshire.

2. Thomas Brealey & Son in account with W. B. Badnall 1895. Rents from property occupied by John Fallon, Miss Hawkesworth and G.J.Harrod, and costs incurred in repairing same.

Badnall; Brealey; Wardle; Gould; Jennings; Hilliard; Billinge; Hall; Challinor; Cumberbatch; Burton; Nixon; Barker; Fogg; Hammond; Berriford; Bradley; Toft; Naden; Buck; Jones; Beardmore; Stafford; Mellor; Harrison; Hawkesworth; Fallon; Harrod; Carwright;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Letter from John Cruso junior of Leek, Staffordshire to Richard Gaunt containing a letter from Gaunt modified by Cruso. Dated 12th May 1819.The letter states" at the recommendation of Mr J Badnall Mr Haworth again through Mr John Cruso will agree to Mr Gaunt having a carriage horse and foot road in the same direction through his land that the cart road now is ….; Upon Mr Gaunt giving up all supposed right that he may have to a drift road thro; Mr Haworth's lands. Mr Heaton to set out Mr Haworth's allotments according to the award as well as Mr Sneyd's allotment according to the award. Also Mr Heaton to sett out the road through the allotments according to the \ward after which all disputes now pending to cease between Mr Haworth and Mr Gaunt

Badnall; Gaunt; Cruso; Haworth;


Leek, Staffordshire; Sheffield, Yorkshire;

Darft conveyance of premises in Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire and assignment of a term to attend an inheritance between (1) the Reverend Thomas Sutton of Sheffield, Charles Coupland of Leek, (2) Mary Sutton of Leek, spinster, (3)Thomas Smith of Knivedon, Leek, farmer, and John Sleigh of Leek, and (4) William Challinor of Leek, (5) George Ridgway Killmister of Leek (6) Abraham Kershaw Killmister of Leek, 3rd September 1836. Killmister & Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire. The property was offered for sale on 28th December 1835 but was bought in when the bidding failed to reach the reserve. The property in question consisted of four houses in Mill Street, Leek, now or late occupied by John Shallcross, Thomas Perkin, Charles Ball and William Wheeldon together with the weavers' rooms over them -now unoccupied- and also a twisting shade and coach manufactory with a small, unoccupied house, late occupied by Messrs Ellis, Russell & Clowes, William Washington and Joseph Wooliscroft. There were also three more houses adjoining that had lately been occupied by Joseph Wooliscroft, William Shufflebottom and William Berrisford. There was a piece of land behind the shade, factory and houses which, including the site of the buildings, amounted to 1 acre 18 perches. The property had been previously described as "All those erections and buildings, etc. standing in Mill Street, Leek, consisting of a twisters shade containing 4 floors previously in the occupation of Messrs Mellor & Pratt, A messuage or dwelling in the occupation of Messrs Mellor & Pratt, A house in the occupation of Samuel Hunt, another occupied by Joseph Badnall and 4 houses occupied by William Pickerill, Thomas Earls, Thomas Pickerill, and Samuel Plant. One seven stalled stable theretofore occupied by Messrs Mellor & Pratt, one other stable occupied by John Hargeaves and the agrdens and croft behind all these premises. Which premises extend backwards from Mill Street to the foot road from Leek towards Abbey Green containing by estimation 1a 0r 18p the same were then in the several occupations of Thomas Sutton and his partners in trade Misses Sutton the said Samuel Hunt, and of Peter Crompton, John Plant, Elijah Pickford, Thomas Earls and Mary Bayley their or some of their tenants And were heretofore the estate and inheritance of Edward Sykes deceased and by him devised to Joseph Mellor and afterwards and afterwards purchased from the assignees of Joseph Mellor by John Smith Daintry who sold and conveyed the same to Thomas Sutton of Leek aforesaid.

The document carries the signatures of approval of Thomas Redfern, John Cruso junior, in April and May 1836.

Sutton; Killmister; Sleigh; Coupland; Ellis; Clowes; Russell; Perkins; Washington; Wooliscroft; Shallcross; Ball; Wheeldon; Berriford; Shufflebottom; Hargeaves; Plant; Pickerill; Earls; Hunt; Badnall; Mellor; Pratt; Daintry; Crompton; Pickford; Bayley; Sykes; Ward; Elliot; Stevenson; Ryle; Cruso; Smith; Steade; Wood;


Nottingham, UK;

Counterpart lease of a warehouse Number 30 Drury Hill in the City of Nottingham by Frederick Jackson of Drury Hill, Nottingham, smallware dealer, to Messrs Deverill and Gillespie Limited of Drury Hill, Nottingham for a term of 10 years starting 24th June 1920. There was an option to purchase. Dated 22nd July 1920. Includes large plan of site prepared by John Howitt & Son, architects and surveyors, Nottingham. The warehouse had been recently erected on the site of an Inn "The Marquis of Granby" and buildings associated with it. Document carries director's signatures and the company seal.

Jackson; Gillespie; Howitt;



An account of his Majesty's Deer then viewed and taken within all the whole walks of his Majesty's Forest of Sherwood in the County of Nottingham by us severall Keepers whose names are hereunto written:

Mansfield & Lindhurst and the other walks of all sorts are 599


Deer of Antler 133

The rest being Rascall Deer amounted to the above said number of 599

excluding Romwood and Awsland now imparked wherein is about 50 deer of antler and 300 Rascall Deer ……..350

Total 949

William Gosling

John Key

Charles Palmer

William Clark

Will Hodson

John Bagulie.

Document has (at some time past) been stuck to the page of a scrapbook. Newspaper clippings stuck to the other side are dated between 1820 and 1832.

Gosling; Key; Palmer; Clarke; Hodson; Bagulie;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Signed schedule of deeds relating to the title to four houses and a bakehouse on the east side of Pickwood Road, Leek, Staffordshire. The property belonged to Mr Joseph Burton and was motgaged to Mrs Sarah Clulow. Document dated 24th June 1858. The deeds start with an indenture dated November 1835.

Burton; Clulow; Brough; Hulme; Nixon; Badnall;


Leek, Cheadle, Staffordshire;

Three letters dated June 1887, from Thomas redfern of Leek, Staffordshire, solicitor, to C. Blagg of Cheadle, Staffordshire, solicitor, re Redfern's use of a net in the Tittesworth Reservoir and the Trent Fishery Board objections to this.

Redfern; Blagg; Eddowes; Bowers;


Bredwardine, Becknock, Ross, Herefordshire;

(1) Bundle of forty-three letters written by Mrs Margaret Jennette Bishop nee Williams of Crofter Webb, Bredwardine, Herefordshire to Gwynne James & Son, solicitors, Hereford, between April 1901 and August 1906. Gives details of her personal history and present living conditions. They provide a view of life in a small village at this period, malicious gossip, drink and debt, and the difficulties experienced by a woman whose had little money and although the wife of William Bishop, was living virtually on her own in a dilapidated cottage.

(2) Tracing and particulars (handwritten) of the property at Bredwardine.

Bishop; Williams Jones; Price; Bridgwater; Arrowsmith; Caversall;


Leek, Longsdon, Rushton, Cheddleton, Staffordshire;

Draft conveyance between James Goodwin of Ladderedge, Staffordshire, farmer and Thomas Knight of Cloudside, Rushton, Staffordshire, the Devisees in Trust under the will of James Goodwin of Ladderedge, Staffordshire, innkeeper, deceased and Richard Rushton of a house, buildings, garden and land in Ladderedge, Staffordshire. Challinors & Co., Leek, 13th July 1864. The document cites an earlier deed of lease and release dated 28th & 29th May 1841when the property was acquired by the deceased James Goodwin. After Goodwin's death the property was auctioned at the New Inn, Ladderedge, in March 1864 where it was bought by Rushton for £550. The property was described as a messuage with a cowhouse, barn, outbuildings, gardens and four contiguous pieces of land (3 acres 3 rood 32 perches) at Ladderedge in the township of Longsdon. It was formerly in the occupation of Samuel Mountford, then Hannah Mountford and subsequently of the Goodwins. Part of the land was bounded on the east by ladn formerly of Samuel Turner, on the south by land formerly John Lockett's, on the west by a road leading from the Leek to Newcastle turnpike towards Cheddleton and on the north by land that formerly belonged to Thomas Hargreaves. The second piece adjoined the turnpike and was the northwestardly part of an allotment under the Horton Inclosure Award to the devisees of Thomas Jackson, that was occupied successively by Samuel Mountford, Hannah Mountford and the Jacksons.

Goodwin; Knight; Rushton; Cruso; Killmister; Mountford; Turner; Lockett; Hargreaves; Jackson; Shaw; Challinor;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Draft conveyance by George Burton of Leek, Staffordshire, baker and the Trustees of Leek and Moorlands Permanent Benefit Building Society (Joshua Brough, silk manufacturer, George Hammersley, Charles Heaton and John Ward of Leek) toJoseph Burton of Leek, shopkeeper and Joseph Challinor of Leek of the equity of redemption of two houses on the east side of Russell Street, Leek, Staffordshire. Challinor & Co., Leek, 8th August 1865. The property is described as two messuages or houses with yards, entry, outoffices and land adjoining on the east side of and fronting Russell Street, Leek, Staffordshire, formerly in the respective occupations of Thomas Parkinson and Mr Jerome but now of Thomas Parkinson and William Redfern. The houses had been erected by George Burton on part of a plot of land that was formerly part of "Graham's Garden" occupied by Thomas Harrison and afterwards by James Clowes and others. It was bounded on the north by a warehouse yard, bakehouse and premises belonging to George Burton, to the east by a road leading out of Workhouse Street through the Row Buck yard into Derby Street and to the south by property formerly belonging to Sampson Gould deceased

Burton; Gould; Challinor; Hammersley; Brough; Heaton; Ward; Hacker;


Leek, Staffordshire;

Bill of Challinor, Badnall & Challinor, solicitors, of Leek, Staffordshire for work carried out in 1852, on Mr W. Hulme's behalf, in connection with the sale and purchase of the Duke of York public house. Also mentions the Sea Lion Inn in Russell Street, Leek. Receipted and stamped. Dated 1856.

Challinor; Badnall; Hulme; Simpson; Ward; Jackson; Walker; Mollatt; Clee;


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