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BC2/ 26
: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Bundle of letters and deeds relating to the Bermingham family of Leek, Staffordshire 1870 To 1927. Includes (1) Residuary account for the Inland Revenue dated 7th January 1870 re the personal estate of James Bermingham of Leek, silk manufacturer, who died on 17th August 1869. Lists debts with names and trades. (2) Statement of account re Messrs James and Henry Bermingham of Leek to the Leek Building Society 1865 to 1870. (3) Copy of Messrs J. and H. Bermingham's account to the Leek Building Society 1870. (4) Mr. James Bermingham's Executors -Account of Partnership 1870. (5) Press copy of a portion of an abstract of title to property of James Bermingham deceased, Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire 1887. This contains a schedule detailing a silk mill near Duke Street and Compton, Leek, Staffordshire and other property in Duke Street, South Street, Cornhill Street, Joliffe Street and King Street, Leek. (6) Rough draft capital account re James Bermingham deceased 1870 - 1888. (7) Income account re James Bermingham deceased 1870 - 1888 (from executor's bankbook). (8) Capital account re James Bermingham deceased 1870 - 1888. (9) Capital account re James Bermingham deceased 1870 - 1890 (1897). (10) James Bermingham deceased- Account of advances to beneficiaries 1889. (11) Trustees of James Bermingham deceased in account with the Beneficiaries. Advances to beneficiaries 1889. (12) Draft will of Mrs. Elizabeth Bermingham of Leek, Staffordshire, widow, 1 May 1891. (13) Minutes of interview with J. H. Bermingham 13 August 1891. (14) Messrs James & Henry Bermingham to the Leek & Moorlands Building Society -List of mortgages and dates of repayment 1862 to 1883 (dated 5 May 1897). (15) Re the estate of James Bermingham deceased and the distribution of James Josiah Bermingham's share 1887. (16) Messrs James & Henry Bermingham to the Leek & Moorlands Building Society- mortgages and information from Mr. Thomas Brealey 12 May 1897. (17) Bond from Messrs Geo. H. and Geo.G. Bermingham to William Henry Middleton and Thomas Robinson of Leek re a loan of £250. 27 July 1904. (18) George Henry Bermingham - Approval of loan 26 July 1904. (19) Notice dated 12 August 1904. from Thomas Robinson to Thomas Gould as trustee of the estate of Josiah Astles deceased re a charge on G.H and G.G. Bermingham's interests under the will of Astles. (2) Estate duty re James Bermingham deceased 26 March 1910. (21) Draft conveyance of a silk mill, dwellings and premises in Wellington Street. Leek from Joseph Frances Bermingham of Leek, formerly a silk manufacturer trading as H. Bermingham & Sons, to H. Bermingham & Sons (Leek) Ltd 16 September 1927. The silk mill stood on what was formerly Nixhill and was formerly known as the "Nixhill Mill" and later as Euston Mills". The houses 48 to 64 Wellington Street stand on part of the plot with no.s 54, 56 and 58 being used as offices and the upper floors as a warehouse. (22) Bundle of 18 letters and notes dated 1888 to 1912. [23]Messrs. J & H. Bermingham with Mr. J. Bermingham's executors draft stated account 1870. [24] Printed writ of summons in the High Court -Kings Bench Division- 1904 B. No. 463 between Henry Bermingham & Sons and William Andrew of Guildhall Street, Lincoln, tailor, re a claim for £88-10s-0d for goods sold and delivered. 19th November 1904.
[25] Draft clauses for an agreement concerning Elizabeth Bermingham widow of James Bermingham and the family silk business. May 1897.
(26) Acknowledgment by Mrs. E. Bermingham of an advance of £2580-18s-0d dated 25th June 1870.
Names: Bermingham; Gould; Goodwin; Clemsha; Hulme; Ellerton; Morris; Beech; Jackson; Hudson; Rider; Sherratt; Woolliscroft; Maskery; Carr; Bowes; Knight; Potts; Halton; Earls; Fogg; Harding; Baskerville; Agnew; Hyam; Lynch; Turner; Astles; Hutton; Aston; Johnson; Allen; Andrew; Gwynne; Platt; Stephenson; Nalls; Tatton; Bradford; Alaker; Blades; Cheetham; Magnier; Cassera; Heaton; Haslam; Wardle; Lightfoot; Swindells; Graham; Naden; Woodworth; Hassalls; Sneyd;

BC2/ 27
Places: Leek, Gunside, Leekfrith, Staffordshire;

Description: Daft conveyance of the Dun Cow Public House and other property in London or Ashbourne Road, Leek, Staffordshire from Thomas Carter of Gunside, Leekfrith, farmer to Misses Sarah Ann, Ellen and Susan White, spinsters, all of Leek, Staffordshire, dated 4th October 1870. Hine genealogy shows that the White sisters were the daughters of Thomas Hine's sister Susannah White. They bought the property from Carter for £400. The Dun Cow was said to have been formerly in the occupation of Josiah Tomlinson, then of Charles Cartledge and know or late of Ralph Tatton. The public house and the houses were said to have been formerly better known by the name "Shade Yard" or "Shade Garden"? -it was 30 yards in length and 12 yards in breadth and formerly in the occupation of Joshua Peacock -and "whereupon formerly stood a shed or building for twisting silk and other materials for making buttons". It also mentions " also all those three messuages (etc) erected (etc) " on the piece of land by said Joshua Peacock deceased with garden outbuildings and other appurtenances thereto belonging formerly occupied by Charles Pluff and Thomas Pilsbury afterwards of Thomas Docksey and Mary Pilsbury and now of William Thompson and George Presbury and Thomas Docksey.
Names: Carter; White; Burnett; Hine; Hulme; Tomlinson; Cartledge; Tatton; Milner; Mathers; Peacock; Presbury; Thompson; Pilsbury;

BC2/ 28
Places: Tittesworth, Staffordshire;

Description: Lease for 999 years dated 31 October 1853 by Tobias Atkinson of Kendal, Westmoreland and his wife Elizabeth to the Staffordshire Potteries Waterworks Company of 2 aces of land at Tittesworth, Leek, Staffordshire formerly part of Over Tittesworth Farm in the occupation of Thomas Wardle. The lease reserves the right of fishing and fowling in the said intended reservoir to the extent of the land demised and also " full and free liberty to use a pleasure boat upon the said reservoir." The rent was £10 per annum, clear of all taxes, payable on the 29th of September each year.
Names: Atkinson; Davenport;

BC2/ 29
Places: Horton, Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Schedule of documents relating to estates in Leek and Horton, Staffordshire belonging to Mrs. Watt and deposited with Charles Flint for safe custody. Challinor, Badnall & Challinor 1850. The properties include the "Leigh Estate"; the Horton Estate including the New House and Town End Farms, Steel House farm; the Alley and Well Fields pat of the Heath House Estate; a house and land on Gridlestone Edge; Bond? House Farm.
Names: Flint; Watt; Leigh; Burnett; Shirley; Brindley; Walker; Harrison; Mellor; Jollife; Naden; Fallowfield; Clowes; Houghton; Watts; Hawkins; Mills; Pyott; Fowler; Molineux; Hall; Yardley; Smith; Robinson; Read; Townsend; Boothby; Beresford; Wedgwood; Garrick; Fitzherbert; Young; Salt; Sneyd; Badnall; Killmister; Challenor; Heath; Mattingley; Tomkinson; Bulkeley; Bossen; Haworth; Gaunt; Alsop; Parker; Hollins; Hatton; Hatchell; Edge; Crompton; Toft; Dovey; Baxter; Martin

BC2/ 30
Places: Leek, Horton, Staffordshire;

Description: Abstract of the will and codicils of John Fowler deceased and of the Deed of appointment of a new Trustee. Challinor, Leek. Fowler's will was dated 29th April 1818 and he died on 19th May 1827 and was buried at Horton, Staffordshire. Richard Badnall the Elder of Highfield House, Leek died on 28th February 1838 and was buried in Leek. Mrs Sarah Fowler (John Fowler's widow) died on 23rd August 1846 and was buried at Horton.
Names: Fowler; Badnall; Gould; Molineux; Flint; Towgood;

BC2/ 31
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Draft conveyance by James Bloore, attorney, Mountford Fynney & James Ridout, silk manufacturers, to Charles Ridgway of Leek, Brazier, of a silk shade and land on the west side of Silk Street, Leek, Staffordshire. The property is described as " all that building called a twisting shade and the site thereof, standing and being on the west side of a certain new street in the Town of Leek aforesaid intended to be called Silk Street having a frontage to the said street of 79 feet or thereabouts formerly in the holding of John Gaunt but now in the possession of the said C. Ridgway and all that plot situated behind the said building and containing…(including the site of the said building) 494 square yards or thereabouts,…, all which said piece of land and other hereditaments formerly belonged to John Lockett deceased."
Names: Fynney; Brunt; Bloore; Ridout; Ridgway; Badnall; Lockett; Challinor; Needham; Gaunt; Dean; Brealey.

BC2/ 32
Places: Leek, Longsdon, Staffordshire; Liverpool;
Toll Gate Field; Farr Lower Field; Near Lower Field; Furlongs;
Description: Mrs Ella Isabel Roodhouse of Brynaston Road, Liverpool, widow, to Messrs Challinors & Shaw 28th October 1890 -Draft mortgage of reversionary interest in messuage and lands in or near Leek. Ella Roodhouse was the only daughter of Mrs. Isabel Millward Doyle nee Fynney and inherited a share in property that had once been owned by Samuel Millward of Leek, silk manufacturer. The property in question consisted of several houses on the south side and fronting Buxton Road, Leek previously occupied by Richard Tomlinson, John Griffin, Joseph Goldstraw and John Brunt and later of James Goostrey, Joseph Rodgers, John Weston and John Worthington, then of William Stafford, John Newall, Thomas Oakden and Phillip Hammersley but now of James Dale, Samuel Walwyn, Robert Brindley, and William Harvey but recently of William Harvey, Thomas Mellor, Samuel Walwyn and Lillie Trafford. The site covered 616 square yards. The property also included Roche Cottage and several fields on Leek Moor covering about 20acres 2 roods 4 perches, formerly in the holding of John Millward and after of Joseph Torr, subsequently of Ralph Bassett and Samuel Millward Fynney. Land now in the occupation of Isaac Bailey. Other property included: "that silk shade and thirteen houses (two of which were formerly used as a beer house called the Hare & Hounds) in London Row otherwise London Street, Leek, erected by Samuel Millward deceased on two plots of land part of a close called the furlongs purchased by him from the Trustees of William Challinor. The silk shade and houses were formerly in the occupations of John Wreford, John Newall, Joseph Hambleton, James Heath, Samuel Bowcock, William Nichols, Thomas Bullock; Matthew Cope, David Grant, Nancy Plant, Ralph Woolfe, Richard Thompson and Mary Harrison afterwards of John Darcy, Thomas Higden and others but the shade was more recently in the occupation of Messrs Alcock & Pilkington and others but is now in the occupation of Messrs Harris Saunders & Pilkington.
Ella Roodhouse also had a share in two buildings in St. Edward Street, Leek which were formerly stables of the George Inn. One was subsequently occupied by Mrs Rider (formerly Beardmore) and then by Samuel Fynney "but is now" in the occupation of Joseph Brunt. The other stable was used as a blacksmith's shop and was formerly in the occupation of Samuel Fynney but now of Joseph Brunt. There were also two houses on Church Street, Leek, formerly occupied by Henry Alcock and Mrs Brindley then by Richard Morley and David Dunwell but now of Henry Cosgrove and David Dunwell. The latter houses had formerly been part of the lobby or passage into the kitchen with the rooms above which for many years were part of the George Inn. There was another house on St. Edwards Street, Leek formerly occupied by Jane Washington and afterwards by Joseph Thurby but lately of Samuel Godwin with a house behind and adjoining the same in a yard the entry to which lead out of the Sheep Market. This house was occupied by Anne Tatton then by Samuel Fynney and afterwards by Joseph Brunt. There was also a house on Ball Haye Green and a close near the pool in Longsdon.
Names: Roodhouse; Challinor; Shaw; Fynney; Doyle; Tomlinson; Griffin; Goldstraw; Brunt; Goostrey; Rodgers; Weston; Worthington; Stafford; Newall; Oakden; Hammersley ; Dale; Walwyn; Brindley; Harvey; Mellor; Bailey; Bassett; Torr; Bullock; Nicols; Bowcock; Wreford; Hambleton; Heath; Cope; Grant; Plant; Harrison; Pilkington; Darcy; Higden; Alcock; Saunders; Perkin; Harris; Dunwell; Morley; Cosgrove; Rider; Washington; Thurby; Godwin; Tatton; Hardcastle; Brown;

BC2/ 33
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester; Liverpool; The West Indies;

Description: Affidavit, dated 2 July 1846, identifying the first marriage of the testator and his issue thereby and the death of Allan Key Lucas in the case between John Harrop and Richard Ward and others in Chancery. It contains extracts (dated 12 June 1846) from the register of marriages in Manchester Parish Church re the marriage of Samuel Lucas and Mary Gaunt, widow (half sister of John Harrop) on 15th November 1801. A copy certificate of the death from epilepsy of Allan Key Lucas of St. Edward Street, Leek on 29 September 1843; a deposition by John Harrop of Manchester concerning the family of Samuel Lucas
Names: Lucas; Gaunt; Harrop; Pettigrew; Longworth; Hammond; Ward; Rider; White;

BC2/ 34

Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: [1] Draft Articles of Partnership dated 1881 between William Saddington Watson and Charles Watson both of Leek, Staffordshire who "now carry on the business of silk throwing and manufacturing in Leek under the name or firm of Watson & Company." They intended to continue the same and also to carry on a distinct and separate business of spun silk under the name of the Leek Spun Silk Manufacturing Company.
[2] Epitome of the articles of partnership dated 3d May 1881.
(3) A memo from Watson & Co, Leek to Challinor & Shaw, Leek, dated 4th December 1876. Asks the firm to draw up a deed of partnership for the author and his brother on basis of an enclosure.
(4) A memo from Charles Watson of Watson & Co, Leek to Challinor & Shaw, Leek, dated 16th October 1881. Asking Challinor to complete the deeds of partnership in accordance with the draft which he returned to them. Pencilled notes attached.
Names: Watson; Challinor; Shaw;

BC2/ 35
Places: Leek, Fenton, Tunstall, Staffordshire;

Description: Copy of the will of John Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire, Coal Master dated 20 November 1871. His businesses were John Challinor & Company and The Tunstall Colliery Company. He was a brother of William Edward, Joseph Charles and Mary Challinor and Mary Lewthwaite was his niece.
Names: Challinor; Lewthwaite; Wilson; Walker; Howard; Arkcoll.

BC2/ 36
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Signed valuation with plan by William Sugden & Son for a Mrs. Pownall Stubbs of Leek, Staffordshire dated 25th November 1886. The survey concerned property adjacent to "The Field" in Leek. The house which Mrs Stubbs occupied had formerly been three cottages and stood on a 333 square yard site approximately on the site of what is now (2001)the High Street, car park.
Names: Sugden; Pownall Stubbs; Phillips; Bowcock;

BC2/ 37
Places: Kirklington, Northumberland;

Description: Signed and stamped receipt for payments on account of sums to one of the children of The Reverend Richard Smith, late of Kirklington, Northumberland, by the Trustees under his will -dated 19th August 1891.
Names: Smith; Riddell; Shaw;

BC2/ 38
Places: Leek, Cheadle, Staffordshire; Ashbourne, Bentley, Hartington, Derbyshire; Kendal, Westmoreland; Leamington, Warwickshire;

Description: (1) Thirteen letters, all dated between March and August 1867, re the placing Miss Elizabeth Flint in the private care of a medial man known to the Rev. Jeremiah Barnes of Bentley, Derbyshire. She was removed from Cheadle Asylum on 20 June 1867. One letter from her sister states that Elizabeth had, on one occasion, put a knife to her throat saying " One day I will do this".
(2) Forty more items (mainly letters) re Miss Elizabeth Flint and her problems. It includes several letters from Elizabeth herself and also minutes re the lunacy acts, mintes re C. Flint's will, notes of Challinor's interview with Miss E. Flint at Bentley, Derbyshire; the boarding of Miss Flint with a Mr Percival; a copy of a letter from the Office of the commissioners in Lunacy;. A letter dated 26 December 1865 has a poem by Miss E. Flint attached.
Names: Flint; Mould; Lee; Van Tuyl; Barnes; Challinor; Mould; Kean; Poole; Percival; Lee;

BC2/ 39
Places: Lichfield, Leek, Staffordshire; Leicester;

Description: Ten receipts re money paid to Arthur Robert Badnall and to his daughter Mrs. F. M. Sault 1886 to 1897. A. R. Badnall was living in Lichfield, Staffordshire in December 1886 and at 30 Eastbourne Road, Leicester by July 1891. His rent in Leicester was 3 shillings a week.
Names: Badnall; Sault; Challinor; Shaw; Jones; Vigras; Robinson;

BC2/ 40
Places: Endon, Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: (1) Letter dated 21 October 1886 from (Mrs.) Ellen Badnall at Endon, Staffordshire to Challinor at Leek requesting payment of money due to them.
(2) Letter dated 23rd October 1886 from (Mrs.) Ellen Badnall at Endon, Staffordshire to Challinor at Leek, Staffordshire acknowledging the receipt of £14 : 19s : 6d "amount of interest on £1000 from Mrs Smith".
Names: Badnall; Challinor;

BC2/ 41
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; Thorpe, Bakewell, Derbyshire; Liverpool; Crewe, Cheshire; Leeds;

Description: Six letters dating between 1886 and 1894 from William Beaumont Badnall of Thorpe, Derbyshire to Challinor & Shaw, Leek. (1) 9th December 1886 re Gailey and simply noting the return of papers to C & S. (2) 25th December 1886 Thanks C & S. for "most kind and seasonable present to us of a Turkey". W.B.B asks them to forward it by train to Ashbourne. (3) 1st August 1889 Acknowledges his receipt of cheque for his fees. (4 11th August 1893 Re Cruso Trusts. States he wishes to see his Aunt Cruso when he visits Leek. Asks Challinor to consider whether the sale of land for a public slaughter house could damage other unsold parts of the lands. Also mentions the case of Mary Ann Buxton against James Renshaw and his issuing a warrant for the apprehension of Renshaw based on the girl's deposition. W.B.B said he didn't think Renshaw's conduct a charge of rape. (5) 9th October 1893 "Saturday last was my 70th birthday and this is my best answer to the kind wish that Minnie and I should succeed our dear Aunt at Leek. …but we are sensible also of our diminishing power of usefulness, and of how inadequately, from lack of means, more than from lack of will I hope, we should discharge those duties of hospitality which would deem to pertain to one who would succeed her whom we have lost". (6) 19th January 1894 re Cruso's Trusts. "unable to find a willing purchaser for the dear old house at the "top of the Town". Your arrangement to let it seems the best thing to do." "Sir W. is reluctant to purchase the Worksop Annuity". W. B. Badnall went on to say that he had been " a good deal pressed" to allow himself to be put in nomination for the appointment of Chairman of the Quarter Sessions for the County (Derbyshire). He thought he ought to decline and make way for "another and I believe, a very able man named Barker who resides at Bakewell and is Recorder of Leeds." W.B.B had hoped to see Harry Cruso but had been told by Mary Chambre that "he would probably sail on the 18th (yesterday)"
(7) Letter from Joseph Challinor, Leek to W. B. Badnall re Badnall's Marriage Settlement and purchase of shares. Asks for information about Mr. Bright- whether ill or dead.
Names: Badnall; Challinor; Buxton; Renshaw; Cruso; Brealey; Gailey; Barker; Chambre; Bright;

BC2/ 42
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Two lists of vouchers for (1) Mr J. Challinor -1896 and (2) for Mr Shaw -1897, partners in Messrs Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire. The first contains an entry " 9th September 1896 Remitted Caledonian Railway allotment of £42 stock -Badnalls Trust….£63. The second lists 17th May 1897 Paid Mr. Arthur Nicholson re Badnall deceased £264 -19s -9d.
Names: Challinor; Shaw; Badnall; Wilkins; Sugden; Nicholson; Roylance; Deavilles; Turnock; Winfield; Allen; Jacques; Smith; Reddie; Cope; Howard; Gadd; Clegg; Jones;Walker; Oliver;

BC2/ 43
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester; Newcastle on Tyne;

Description: Twelve items relating to debts owed to Messrs Brunt, Fynney & Co., sewing cotton manufacturers of Leek, Staffordshire -May 1886 and July 1904. Most relate to debts owed by the firm of John R. Fell on Manchester the others to William Bowman of Newcastle on Tyne.
Names: Fell; Fynney; Brunt; Challinor; Bowman;

BC2/ 44
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; Sheffield;

Description: Three items relating to the case of Gwynne & Co of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers, versus John Hastings of Sheffield, tailor. March 1895.
Names: Gwynne; Hastings; Challinor; Shaw;

BC2/ 45
Places: Leek, Oncote, Staffordshire; Le…, Lancashire;

Description: Indenture of a 99 year lease between Thomas Sutton of Damhouse, Le…., Lancashire, gentleman, and Henry Wardle of Oncote, Leek, Staffordshire, yeoman dated 25th March 1734. The deed is signed, witnessed and carries the seal of Thomas Sutton. [A small, central piece is missing but the words can be inferred from the remaining text]. The witnesses were Nathan Sutton and Samuel Challinor. The lease concerned half of "Bagnold's House" in Oncote and specifically the house place, buttery and one chamber in the west end of the house. It was divided from the east end of the house by a large entry. The east end was occupied by Thomas Wardle, husbandman, who had a right of free entry and also access to the " necessary house" at all times of the day " and necessary times". The annual rent was 5 shillings payable in two equal instalments.
Names: Wardle; Sutton; Challinor;

BC2/ 46
Places: Leek, Staffordshie; London;

Description: Articles of dissolution of partnership between Thomas Carr, George Thompson and William Carr of Leek, silk manufacturers -signed, witnessed and dated 26 December 1807. The warehouse was to cease business on the 7th December with the parties valuing the stock and dividing it into lots and chosen by ballot. An account of who took what was to be kept so that each could be debited accordingly. Fixtures and utensils were to be valued and put into lots by Thomas Wight and Robert Emerson and then divided as above. All bills and securities for money were to be sent to George Billinge of London and applied to pay the partners' debts. Any reside was to be divided equally between the partners. Final dissolution to take place on 30th December when William Carr was to have possession of "six twisters gates in the shade". The warehouse and other premises were to be given up to Thomas Carr and George Thompson until 18th of May 1808 when they were to be given up to William Carr and a rent of £6-10s was to be paid to him "for the occupation thereof". Any disputes between the partners wee to be resolved by the arbitration of Thomas Phillip, Richard Badnall and John Sleigh of Leek,
Names: Carr; Thompson; Billinge; Wright; Emerson; Badnall; Challinor; Phillips; Sleigh;

BC2/ 47
Description: Places: Leek, Butterton, Mayfield, Stafford, Staffordshire;

Declaration of ejectment dated 19th January 1795. It states that Richard Roe late of Stafford, gentleman, was attached to answer John Doe in a plea that with force and arms he entered upon 30 acres of land 30 acres of meadow land 30 acres of arable land and 30 acres of pasture land…in Butterton, Mayfield, Staffordshire which Michael Daintry, merchant, demised (in 22 December 1794 for seven years) to the said John Doe for a term which is not yet expired and ejected him from his said farm. John Cruso was attorney for John Doe. After stating all this, the document addresses Thomas Salt, John Buxton; Nathan Sutton, William Redfearne and John Ginders as those in possession (or who claimed) title to the premises and called upon them to appear in the Court of Kings Bench at the next Hilary Term as defendants in his stead.
Names: Roe; Doe; Daintry; Cruso; Salt; Buxton; Ginders; Sutton; Redfearne;

BC2/ 48
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Brief for the prosecution. Staffordshire Michaelmas Sessions 1827: Rex on the prosecution by Richard Gaunt of Leek, silk merchant, against Richard Gould of Leek, surgeon, for assault. Gould was said to have been apprenticed to a surgeon and was practising as such although he had not been admitted at the College of Surgeons. On Tuesday 25th September 1827 at about half past ten at night, Gaunt left the house of Mrs. Morley in Spout Street, Leek where he had been passing the evening with Mr West, gas engineer, (who had lodgings there) and a party of gentlemen. Mr Young, gentleman, came to with him, they shook hands at the door and parted with Mr. Young at the same time saying " Good night Mr. Gaunt". In a moment afterward some person struck Mr.. Gaunt and knocked him down bruising his hands and hip in the fall. He jumped up and saw the person running away. The person was wearing white trousers and a white hat, he thought at first that it was Mr. John Coupland, called his name and perused him but lost site of him. He, however, met Mrs. Barnes who was carrying a lanthorn and informed him that the person he was pursuing had tried into the Swan Inn on seeing her. Gaunt went into the Inn and was informed by Mrs. Tatler, the landlady that the person had just run through the house and out of the front door. Mrs. Barnes, who had waited at the bottom of the steps, had seen the person come running round the corner again and into his own house. She then saw him come back again and go in at the front door of the Swan. When Gaunt accused him, Gould apologised in front of the William Alcock, the Constable. Gould was described as " a very wild and disorderly person, very fond of fighting and low company and has repeatedly been brought before the magistrates on similar charges. A possible reason for the attack was that Gaunt had laid information against two of Gould's nephews for trespassing and sporting in their estates without qualification or permission. A sketch is attached that shows what took place.
(2) Two copies of summons to unnamed persons to attend the General Quarter Sessions at Stafford on17th January 1828, to testify in the case that Richard Gaunt had brought against Richard Gould for assault.
Names: Gaunt; Gould; Barnes; Morley; Young; Nadin; Alcock; Tatler; Cruso; Leveson; Hinckley;

BC2/ 49
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Envelope on which is written "Licence to G.H.Gould to lay a pipe to carry dyewater through land at Hencroft at a charge of £2-0s-0d per year -payable 1/2 yearly." Unsigned and undated.
Names: Gould;

BC2/ 50
: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Cognovit in the Exchequer of Pleas between Honaria and Mary Robertson and Charles Coupland of Leek, solicitor re the payment of a debt of £51. Signed 18th December 1835
Names: Robertson; Coupland; Redfern;