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BC2/ 201
Places: Leek, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire; Manchester; St. Clement's Deanes, Middlesex;
Description: Deed of appointment and a release of a garden near the church in Leek,, Staffordhire to the uses limited by the will of George Pratt with covenants for the production of deeds. William Hulme to Mr Pratt, Mr Mellor and Mr Sleigh, executors of the late George Pratt, 29th September 1813.

It is an indenture in three parts between (1) William Hulme late of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, fellmonger, but now of Harpurs Gate, Staffordshire, gentleman, (Hulme was the eldest and was then the only surviving son and heir of Charles Hulme, mariner, deceased who was himself the eldest surviving son and heir of William Hulme formerly of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, grocer, deceased. The last named William Hulme was the younger son and devisee in fee of the remainder under the will of William Hulme heretofor of Leek, grocer, deceased) and (2) Ann Lees,  (3) Ann Pratt of Leek, widow, Edward Mellor Sikes of Manchester, manufacturer of fustians and calico and John Sleigh of Leek, manufacturer of silk goods (Trustees and executors of the will of George Pratt of Leek, silk manufacturer, deceased.   The property concerned was land at one time used as a garden, that lay  at the back of Clerks Bank, Leek and contained about  508 square yards. The land was bounded on the south by a barn and garden belonging to Thomas Phillips the younger, on the west  by a yard or garden belonging to Richard Badnall, on the north by a lane leading towards the church and on the east by another lane leading into the first named lane. It had formerly been occupied by Thomas Washington and afterwards by Mrs Mary Washington his widow,  late of George Pratt and now of his widow Mrs Ann Pratt. The rent was apeppercorn. The document is signed and sealed  by William Hulme, Ann Lees, Ann Pratt, Edward Sikes Mellor and John Sleigh and witnessed by Henry Jones and William Challinor and stamped.  A schedule of deeds incorporated in the document commences on 24th and 25th May 1696 with a deed of lease and release between (1)George and John Titterton of St. Clement's Deane, Middlesex, silversmiths, and John Ford of Leek, ironmonger, and (2) Job Hulme of Leek, silk weaver. This is followed by an indenture of feoffment dated 9th November 1698 between  Hugh Sherratt of Biddulph, Staffordshire, miller and Job Hulme of Leek; a further indenture of feoffment dated 4th December 1700  between Hugh Sherratt and Job Hulme;  and a third indenture of feoffment dated 17th December 1713  between (1) Job Hulme and Mary his wife and (2) William Hulme of Leek, grocer, son and heir apparent of Job Hulme and Mary his wife.
Names: Pratt; Mellor; Sleigh; Hulme; Jones; Challinor; Lees; Perks; Etches; Phillips; Badnall; Washington; Titterton; Sherratt; Ford;


BC2/ 202
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; Sheffield, Yorkshire; London; Manchester; Congleton, Cheshire; Norton;
Description: Conveyance of his  real and personal estate and effects for the benefit of his creditors by Richard Myott of Leek, Staffordshire,   to Joseph Badnall and Thomas Sutton of Leek. Dated 5th December 1788 and marked No.3.  The deed was a tripartite indenture between (1)Richard Myott of Leek, grocer, executor of the will of Joseph Myott of Leek, silk throwster and (2) Joseph Badnall of Leek, silk dyer and Thomas Sutton of Leek, grocer, and the creditors of Richard and Joseph Myott. It states that Richard Myott held the "equity of redemption in two messuages or buildings, houses, shade, workshop, buildings etc. [An edifice or building for twisting silk and several houses on Clerks Bank, Leek] that were subject to a mortgage to Thomas Walthall late of Leek, deceased. Richard Myott was in debt to 18 people all of whom are listed on a schedule incorporated in the deed.  Six of these are listed under the heading: On account of Joseph Myott deceased" i.e. Mr Joseph Badnall £140

Stretton,  Broughton & Bridges of London, £49;

Mr David Hall £8;

Mr Joseph Mellor £6;

Mr Michael Daintry £5;

Mr Pickford  £6;

Then follows  a list "On Mr [Blank} Account

Mr Thomas Sutton £12;

Mr William Stamford & Son £10;

Messrs Dickinson & Barker of Sheffield £8;

Messrs Wheelton and Derby £8;

Mr John Brough £7;

Mr Kershaw of Manchester £3-4s;

Mr Thomas Cotton £3;

Mr Topp of Congleton £7;

Mr John Challinor of Leek, miller £4

Messrs Cardwell & Duckworth £4;

Mr Snape of Norton £1-3s;

Mr Ball, dyer, £0-16s.

The document is signed and sealed by Richard Myott, Joseph Badnall and Thomas Sutton and witnessed by Henry Jones and by Matthew Wadsworth for Mr Buckley.
Names: Badnall; Myott; Walthall; Ball; Brough;  Sutton; Streeton; Broughton; Bridges; Snape; Hall; Daintry; Pickford; Stamford; Dickinson; Barker; Kershaw; Wheelton; Topp; Challinor; Cardwell; Derby; Wadsworth; Buckley; Jones; Smith; Sheldon; Large; Davenport; Bowers; Brassington;


BC2/ 203
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire;
Description: Assignment of the respective residues of two several terms of 1000 years and 1000 years affecting premises at and near Clerk's Bank in Leek, Staffordshire, in trust "to attend the inheritance…Peter Walthall Davenport (by the direction of Mr Fynney and   others to  Mr John Cruso of Leek. Dated 1st November 1808. It is an indenture in five parts between (1) Peter Walthall Davenport of Leek, surgeon, (2) John Fynney of Leek, button merchant, (3) Francis Beswick of Macclesfield, esquire, (4) Richard Badnall of Leek, button merchant and (5) John Cruso of Leek, gent .  It cites an  indenture dated 31st January 1761 between Sarah Myott then of Leek, widow but since deceased and Joseph Myott of Leek, deceased, devising to Thomas Walthall and his executors etc, all that messuage or  dwelling house newly erected (then in two dwellings) in Leek then in the holding of Sarah Myott and William Manifold. And also a new erected building used as a shade or workshop standing and being on the north side of the messuage and then used and occupied by Joseph Myott.  A second indenture dated 19th June 1787, and made between (1) Richard Myott of Leek, baker, son  and heir of Joseph, Myott and  Dorothy Myott and Thomas Walthall, concerns five houses then lately erected and built by the said Joseph Myott, behind the house.  This is the deed by which Richard Badnall and his heirs acquired the Clerk's Bank property.  It is signed and sealed by Beswick, Devenport and Badnall and witnessed.
Names: Myott; Walthall; Davenport; Beswick; Badnall; Fynney; Cruso; Manifold; Sutton; Harrison; Bowers; Smith; Large; Sheldon; Lucas; Malkin; Pilsbury; Lees; Davenport; Trafford; Haywood; Challinor; Prince; Hodkinson; Porter;


BC2/ 204
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Appointment and conveyance of part of Schoolhouse Croft on Clark's Bank, Leek, Staffordshire with covenant to produce deeds,  Barnett Young to Mr Thomas Lea of Leek, breeches maker, and his Trustee George Ridgway Killmister. Dated 14th September 1810. Vellum deed with a plan. Signed, sealed and stamped. The land is described as two plots laid out side by side, one 26 yards long by  20 yards wide and the other 12 yards long and 7 yards wide. They are described as being at the back of the school and it was planned to erect a chapel or place or worship "the building of which has already begun".  It cites indentures of lease and release dated 28th & 29th May 1794 made between (1) Barnett Young and Hannah Young, spinster his only child, (2)Thos [M]owbery, gentleman, and (3) William Challinor.  There is a schedule of deeds starting with Indentures of lease and release dated 13th & 14th August 1744 between (1) John Wardle, (2) Daniel Wardle and James Clowes, (3) John Wardle and William Smith. This is follwed by  a deed of release dated 24th November 1768 from Barnett Young and Sarah his wife, John Plant and Maria his wife of £100 directed to be raised by the previous indenture of lease and release. An indenture dated 31st August 1772 between (1) John Wardle and (2) William Smith and (3) Barnett Young and Sarah his wife.  Indentures of lease and release dated 24th & 25th June 1781 between (1)John Plant and Maria his wife, (2) Edward Drakeford, and (3) Stephen Plant.  Indentures of lease and release dated 22nd & 23rd July 1781 between (1) Edward Drakeford and (2) John Plant and (3) John Bagnall.  Indentures of lease and release dated 24th & 25th March 1783 between (1) John Bagnall, (2) John Plant and (3) Richard Washington. Indentures of lease and release dated 7th & 8th May 1784 between (1) Richard Washington,  John Plant and (3) John Hughes.  Indentures of lease and release dated 16th & 17th February 1785 between (1) John Plant and (2) Hugh Wheatley. Indentures of lease and release dated 24th & 25th March 1786 between (1) John Hughes, (2) John Wheatley and (3) John Plant.
Names: Young; Lea; Badnall; Washington; Ravensdale; Stonehewer; Killmister; Plant; Wheatley; Hughes; Drakeford; Bagnall; Smith; Wardle; Clowes;


BC2/ 205
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Myott's mortgage to Thomas Walthall of two houses and a workhouse on Clark's Bank, Leek, Staffordshire for securing a debt of £150 and interest, dated 31st January 1761. Marked "6". The indenture was made between (1) Sarah Myott of Leek, widow of Richard Myott of Leek, twister, and Joseph Myott of Leek, twister, and eldest son and heir of Richard Myott by the said Sarah, and Dorothy his wife, and (2) Thomas Walthall of Leek, gentleman. The property was a messuage or dwelling lately new erected and converted into two dwellings, together with that new erected shade or workshop standing on the north side of the messuage.
Names: Myott; Walthall; Mayfield;


BC2/ 206
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; Westminster, London;
Description: Fine or final agreement between Peter Walthall, plaintiff and Sarah Myott, widow, and Joseph Myott and Dorothy his wife deforciants, in the King's Court at Westminster in the 8th day of St. Hilary in the first year of the reign of George the Third (1761).  "A Plea of Covenant was summoned between them". .Sarah, Joseph & Dorothy acknowledged that two messuages  one workhouse, one garden and pasture for all cattle & common of turbary with all appurtenances in Leek, to be the right of Peter Walthall which Peter hath of the gift of Sarah, Joseph and Dorothy. The deforciants remised and quitclaimed from themselves and their heirs to Peter and his heirs and each gave warrantees against claims from their heirs. Peter Walthall gave them £120.

The document is marked "7".
Names: Walthall; Myott; Bathhurst; Willes; Clive; Noel;


BC2/ 207
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Appointment of a plot of land in Leek, Staffordshire in exchange for another piece of land in the same place by Nathan Davenport of Leek, Staffordshire, silk throwster to Daniel Colquhoun of Leek, silk manufacturer, dated 22nd April 1844. Coloured and scale plane of lands in question. One piece of land is described as being the north westerly end of a garden at the back of Davenport's house near the bottom of Church Lane, Leek, "at a place called Clerk's Bank which said house" and garden were recently purchased from Richard Cutting surviving executor under the will of Thomas Griffin late of Leek. This plot covered 104 square yards and was said to be fenced or walled of from the remaining garden by a wall which Daniel Colquhoun was erecting. (coloured Green on the plan). The plot which was exchanged for this is coloured yellow on the plan.
Names: Davenport; Colquhoun; Keates; Bloore; Hacker; Griffin; Cutting;


BC2/ 208
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire;
Description: Deeds of partition of premises in Leek, Staffordshire between  John Fynney of Leek, button merchant, and Richard Badnall of Leek, button merchant, dated 1st November 1808. This is an indenture of six parts between (1) John Fynney of Leek, Staffordshire, button merchant, (2) Francis Beswick of Macclesfield, gent and trustee on behalf of John Fynney, (3) Richard Badnall of Leek, button merchant, (4) George Ridgway Killmister, (5) John Cruso of Leek, trustee on behalf of Richard Badnall, (6) William Challinor of Leek, trustee on behalf of John Fynney,. The indenture is dated 1st November 1808 and concerns "all that shade, edifice or building for the twisting of silk situate, standing and being on Clarks Bank in Leek" and several houses on Clarks Bank, Leek which were purchased by the said John Fynney and Richard Badnall from Richard Myott formerly of Leek but afterwards of Macclesfield, mohair twister, deceased, and Barnet Young and occupied  by Dorothy Myott, Samuel Lucas, Charles Bowers, Joseph Sheldon, Joseph Malkin and Daniel Lees but then lately of Ann Lees, Joseph Heywood, John Davenport, William Trafford, Hannah Large, Samuel Pilsbury, Margaret Brassington and Barnett Young but now of George Pilsbury, James Cope, Hannah Large, Joseph Pilsbury, James Walmsley, Ann Lees, William Sleigh, Badnall & Laugharn. Other property included a former public house in Derby Street, Leek, called the Buffalo's or Bull's Head, which had once belonged to James Davenport, baker, and "is now used as a baker's shop" will stables and other adjoining buildings  late occupied by George Taylor, baker, deceased, but now  of John Phillips and John Wright, and also all that building or edifice or building in the yard at the back of the said messuage the upper part of which is used as a shade or workshop and the lower part as stables and a butcher's shop late property of James Davenport  formerly in the possession of John Sutton, Richard Etches and William Lowndes but now in the several possessions of Messrs Sutton and Pratt, James Charouir, Charles Daintry and George Massey.  Also a plot of land  formerly belonged to James Davenport, adjoining on the north end to the latter building and at the south end to a small rill called the Spout and on the west side to the Blackamoor's Head Lane and on the east side to lands formerly belonging to William Stonehewer Hall, esquire, and now in the possession of   John Fynney together with the shade of building on the said piece of land. The latter shade was also in the holding of John Fynney.  These properties included pews on the south side of the church
Names: Fynney; Badnall; Porter; Cruso; Perkin; Cantrell; Killmister; Hodkinson; Beswick; Challinor; Thorneycroft; Mellor; Sleigh; Sparrow; Taylor; Bennett; Daintry; Sutton; Myott; Walthall; Pilsbury; Beswick; Myott; Lees; Large; Brassington; Hodkinson; Porter; Malkin; Cope; Bowers; Lucas; Trafford; Sleigh;  Shelton; Davenport; Phillips; Massey;


BC2/ 209
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: [4 items]  (1) Copy draft conveyance of five cottages, a public house and garden at the bottom of Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire by (1)Thomas Mycock of Leek, butcher, (heir of Ellen Bramwell late of Leek, widow of Richard Bramwell of Leek, twister, deceased) and his mortgagees (2) Matthew Gaunt of Rudyard Vale near Horton, Staffordshire, (3) Edwin Pickford of Leek, gent, (4) William Challinor of Leek, gent. to (5) William Belcher of Mill Street, Leek, publican. Redfern, Leek. Challinor & Co. Leek, 25th January 1865. The property is described as "All those 5 messuages or dwellings and also the Public House known as the Dyer's Arms together with the garden at present enjoyed therewith all situate or standing and being at the bottom of Mill Street, Leek. The property was said to have been "formerly in the occupation of Martha Heapy, Thomas Sheldon, Samuel Brooks and others but now of Thomas Pickford, William Kidd, Samuel Goodison, Mrs Mary Perkin and one unoccupied" and previously the property of Mrs Ellen Bramwell.

(2) Copy undertaking to Thomas Pickford on paying rent 2nd May 1864.

(3) Copy memorandum annexed to assignment of 18th June 1857 from Mrs. David Gee & others to Mr Edwin Pickford.

(4) Gell to Challinor re Hunt McCormack in connection with the Dyer's Arms January 1859.
Names: Mycock; Bramwell; Gaunt; Pickford; Challinor; Belcher; Kidd; Goodison; Brooks; Sheldon; Heapy; Perkin; Gell; McCormack;


BC2/ 210
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; Wetherby, Wentbridge, Yorkshire; Newark, Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire;
Field Names: The Hays Meadow;
Description: Draft conveyance of three houses and several pieces of land near London Road, Leek, Staffordshire by Preston Seaton, esq., of Wentbridge, York, (as committee of the estate of Sarah Perfect of York, spinster, deceased -a person of unsound mind), the Reverend Thomas Beevor of Newark, Nottinghamshire and Grosvenor Hodgkinsonof Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire, and William Challinor of Leek, to Thomas Carr of Leek. Redfern & Son, Leek. Dated 7th May 1864.

Sarah Perfect and Marianne Perfect were the only children of Grosvenor Perfect of Thorpearch near Wetherby, Yorkshire.  Ann Beevor was the sister of Grosvenor Perfect.

The property is described as " All those three dwellings and gardens situate, standing and being at the bottom of Derby Street, Leek adjoining to the Bowling Green belonging to the Talbot Inn on the north eastwardly corner thereof formerly in the occupation of John Mellor, Jane Ash & Betty Toplis and afterwards of Henry Beard, Mrs Mary Washington and John Mellor and now of William Beard, Miss Mellor and Joseph Hambleton."

The schedule of deeds commences in 1783.
Names: Seaton; Perfect; Carr; Hodgkinson; Beevor; Challinor; Redfern; Bigsby; Tew;  Thompson; Best; Weston; Prince; Naden; Badnall; Hulme; Johnson; Hall; Grosvenor; Ash; Topliss; Washington; Beard; Bentley; Barrow; Fernyhough; Condlyffe; Paynter; Berdmore;


BC2/ 211
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Draft conveyance of land in Alsop Street, Leek, Staffordshire from Simon Gettliffe of Leek, corn dealer, to Thomas Edge of Leek, labourer. Challinor, Badnall & Challinor, Leek. Dated 17th November 1857. Some of the property fronted Spooner's Lane and Canal Street and (to the extent of 4 yards and 2 inches) Alsop Street, Leek.
Names: Gettliffe; Edge; Challinor; Badnall; Alsop; Ford; Critchlow;


BC2/ 212
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Myott to Walthall -a second security on houses in Leek for securing £150 and interest, dated 11th September 1782.  A note states "All interest on this security is discharged to the 11th September 1785." The indenture was made between (1) Sarah Myott of Leek, widow of Richard Myott of Leek, twister, and Joseph Myott of Leek, twister, and eldest son and heir of Richard Myott by the said Sarah, and Dorothy his wife, and (2) Thomas Walthall of Leek, gentleman.  It cites the mortgage dated 31st October 1761.  Joseph Myott had become bound to Walthall to secure a further £150.  As an additional security for this and the interest due, five houses erected  by Joseph Myott since 1761 upon part of the premises mentioned in the 1761 mortgage,  were added to the mortgage. The five houses were said to  be now in the possession of Joseph Myott; Margaret Wright, John Dolton, Bagot Dale and Samuel Billingham. Document is signed, witnessed, sealed and stamped.
Names: Myott; Walthall; Mayfield; Dale; Dalton; Billingham; Wright; Pimlott;


BC2/ 213
Places: Leek, Staffordshire
Description: Bond for £160 and interests  by Richard Myott of Leek, Staffordshire, baker, son, heir and devisee of the will of Joseph Myott of Leek, mohair twister, deceased to Thomas Walthall of Leek, gent. Dated 19th June1788. Document is signed, sealed and stamped and carries the number 13. Richard Myott's bond was witnessed by Samuel Gent.
Names: Myott; Walthall; Gent;


BC2/ 214
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Office copy of the will, dated 4th October 1785, of Joseph Myott of Leek, Staffordshire, mohair twister,  proved at Lichfield 2nd November 1786. To his wife Dorothy he gave his house and garden and all his household implements, for life.  After his wife's death they were to pass to his son Richard, together with all "my messuages or dwelling houses with the shade buildings and all appurtenances….in Leek.."  Richard, his son, and the testator's father-in-law, John Lowndes, were appointed executors. Witnesses were: Joseph Sheldon, William Mottershall, and T. Walthall.

The document carries the number 10 and also a note "Examined 15th May 1789 by me Wm Mott  N:P:D:Reg.
Names: Myott; Lowndes; Sheldon; Mottershall; Walthall; Mott;


BC2/ 215
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Copy certificate signed by the Vicar of Leek, the Reverend Thomas H. Heathcote, of the burial of Mrs. Ann Pratt of Leek, Staffordshire. This states that Mrs. Pratt, who lived "behind the church" was buried on the 8th December 1834. She was 70 years of age. The document carries a note "For Mr Colquhoun.
Names: Pratt; Heathcote;


BC2/ 216
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Copy appointment of two plots of land in Leek, Staffordshire, in exchange for another plot of land in the same place. Daniel Colquhoun of Leek, silk manufacturer, to Nathan Davenport of Leek, silk throwster.  Heathcote & Hacker, Leek, 22nd April 1844. It cites a document of release made on 9th January 1828 between (1)The Governor & Company of the Bank of England, (2) John Colquhoun, (3) Matthew Gaunt, (4) John Cruso the elder, (5) Daniel Colquhoun, (6) Sampson Morley, and (7) John Heathcote Hacker then called John Heathcote. The plots of land were "a piece on the southerly end of and part of a garden or pleasure ground near Daniel Colquhoun's house on Clerk's Bank, Leek. The plot also lay at the back of a house belonging to Nathan Davenport which was occupied by Samuel Tatton and in front of 4 houses belonging to Mr. Pickford.  The house and garden had been purchased by Daniel Colquhoun from the mortgagees of Richard Badnall and were conveyed by the Indenture of Release dated 9th January 1828 and a corresponding lease for a year and a day. The plot measured 149 square yards and was (in 1844) walled of from the rest of the garden.  The second plot of land was at the south easterly corner  of a garden lying near Daniel Colquhoun's house and adjoined a garden and stable  belonging to and at the back of Nathan Davenport's house.  This last named plot had been bought by Daniel Colquhoun from George Nathaniel Best on 29th September 1843.
Names: Colquhoun; Hacker; Cruso; Davenport; Best; Tatton; Badnall; Gaunt; Morley; Heathcote;


BC2/ 217
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; London;
Description: Imperial Insurance Company Limited fire insurance policy no. 2354115, dated 28th July 1892.  George Wardle of Leek Brook near Leek, Staffordshire is the person whose property is insured for £2250 for a premium of £2:0s:3d. The policy covers his house at Leek Brook, which was valued at £650, and house contents. Specific items were separately listed and these included "an oil painting by Rembrandt" values at £50
Names: Wardle; Lowe;


BC2/ 218
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Field Names: Pedley's Closes; Pilsbury's Crofts;
Description: Conveyance of a messuage, gardens and premises number 55, Fountain Street, Leek, Staffordshire. William Barlow Nixon of Leek, builder and others to Joseph Carding of Leek, grocer and provision dealer, 10th January 1870. Smith, Leek, Challinor & Co, Leek.    The Indenture was between (1) William Barlow Nixon, (2) Edward Stafford of Leek,, (3) Joseph Carding of Leek "who was married on [  ] October 1839 at Leek Parish Church".  An interpolation has been made which adds (4) William Davenport of Leek, plumber & painter.  The date and place of the marriage has also been changed to 21st November 1847 at Tissington, Derbyshire and this seems to relate to Davenport rather than Carding. 

The property is described as " All that plot, piece or parcel  of land or ground situate in or near a certain street in Leek called Fountain Street containing by measurement 167 square yards or thereabouts & which said plot of land was formerly part & parcel of two closes of land situate on Leek Moor within the parish of Leek called Pedley' Closes at Pilsbury's Crofts". On the east it was bounded by premises that formerly belonged to Benjamin Barlow Nixon, on the west by premises that "now or lately" belonged  to William Barlow Nixon,  on the north by land belonging to the representatives of James Johnson (silk manufacturer) and on the south by Fountain Street.  It also included a house, number 55, erected some years before on the land and formerly occupied by Mrs. Sutton but now of John Redfern, solicitor.
Names: Nixon; Carding; Stafford; Davenport; Hammersley; Heaton; Ward; Shaw; Redfern; Sutton; Johnson; Gaunt; Cruso, Challinor; Smith;


BC2/ 219
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Field Names: Two items re water rights.

Description: (1) Letter from H.H.Rider of Messrs Wardle & Davenport to G.H.Renny of The Abbey, Leek, dated 17th December 1907 and confirming that they had sold the Bridge End Dyeworks to Messrs Brough, Nicholson & Hall, with rights as previously existing under a grant made by the former owner of the Abbey Estate, Mr Searight.

(2) Draft agreement dated 1907 between G.H.Renny of the Abbey, Leek, Staffordshire and Arthur Nicholson & John Hall of Leek, silk manufacturers trading as Brough, Nicholson & Hall.  It concerns water pipes laid through Renny's land that conveyed water from the Cartledge Brook to the dyeworks of Messrs Hammersley & Co near Mill Street and Bridge End, Leek. Nicholson and Hall were "about purchasing the Bridge End Dyeworks" and wanted the supply of water to those works to be continued. Renny agreed to this.
Names: Rider; Renny; Wardle; Davenport; Searight;  Nicholson; Hall; Brough;


BC2/ 220
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; London;
Field Names: Cartledge Brook;
Description: Counterpart lease for 999 years of a right and easement of laying water pipes, by James Searight of 7 East India Avenue, Leadenhall Street, London  to The Staffordshire Potteries Warerworks Company. Dated 22nd March 1881. Signed, sealed and stamped, with a plan. The agreement was for pipes of upto six inches diameter to convey water from the Cartledge or Wardle Brook through Searight's Abbey Estate to dyehouse belonging to Miss Ann Clowes and others, situated on the East side of the Earl of Macclesfield's corn mill
Names: Searight; Clowes; Wardle;


BC2/ 221
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Printed auction catalogue for the bankruptcy sale of machinery, office equipment etc. of the the Wardle & Davenport Ltd and Job White & Sons Ltd, Belle Vue Mills, Leek, Staffordshire on 26th, 27th, 28th & 29th October 1970. Includes making-up and finishing machines, braiding and S & G Trimming machines, Raschel & Circular knitting machines; winding, quill filling and warping machines, box making engineering and woodworking machines, etc.
Names: Wardle; Davenport; Collin;


BC2/ 222
Places: Norbury, Derbyshire;
Description: Birth certificates of Eleanor Frances Broughton (12th October 1858) , Reginald Edmund Broughton (2nd December 1860) and an unknown boy ?Broughton ( 18 March 1862) the children of The Revd. Clement Francis Broughton of Norbury by his wife Mary Jane Pennell.
Names: Broughton; Pennell;


BC2/ 223
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Letter from Sir Thomas Wardle of Leek, Staffordshire to Arthur Shaw, solicitor, re his son Frederick's arrangement with Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek: dated 16th May 1907. Wardle expresses regret that the arrangement with regard to Fred's being articled to the firm was "unsatisfactory" and expresses his view that it represented a very low return for Fred's efforts on the firm's behalf. He also states that he would be prepared to pay Fred if any member of "your Firm" is dissatisfied with the arrangement.
Names: Wardle; Shaw; Challinor;


BC2/ 224
Places: Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: List of debts owing by John Sarson Winfield of Leek, Staffordshire, dated 17th January 1901.
Names: Winfield; Robinson; Samuels; Miller; Phillips; Brindley; Adams; eddowes; Bradbury;


BC2/ 225
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; Foxley, Herefordshire; London; North Rode, Cheshire;
Description: Conveyance of the Dieulacresse Abbey Farm Estate situated in Leek, Staffordshire from the Revd. George Horatio Davenport of Foxley, Herefordshire, and Henry Tichborne Davenport of North Rode, Cheshire to James Searight of 7 East India Avenue, Leadenhall Street, London, merchant,  dated 16th August 1871. Includes coloured plan of the estate and details of fields, tenants, owners of neighbouring property.
Names: Davenport; Hanbury; Lennox; Searight; Longley; West; Salt; Bull; Johnson; Bayley; Brunt; Critchley; Cope; Mason; Hammersley; Brough;