Bednall Collection Part 2 (BC2) No.s 151 to 175   

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BC2/ 151
Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Letter from E. Nixon to Joseph Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire, dated 2nd July 1889. It states " We have another account against the School at Compton, than the one sent you on 13th May last for repairing the Bell Turret, school roofs, etc. amounting to £100-6s-6d."
Names: Nixon; Challinor;


BC2/ 152
Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Particulars, dated 10th December 1890, of the sale of  houses at Broads Bridge, Leek, Staffordshire, including list of persons to whom sent. The sale was to take place at the Town Hall, Leek on 12th December 1890.
Names: Challinor; Ross; Smith; Grace; Clowes; Balguy; Bermingham; Adams; Carter; Matthews; Bailey; Hammersley; Broster; Hill; Allen; Pimlott; Nicholson; Brough; Brealey; Overfield; Goostrey; Plant; Magnier; Morton; Godwin; Hudson; Walwyn; Nixon; Phillips; Sneyd; Fergyson; Percival; Dakeyne; Stevenson;


BC2/ 153
Leek, Bradnop, Staffordshire;
Description: Draft conveyance of four houses and land in West Street, Leek, Staffordshire by Samuel Howson of Leek, Staffordshire, joiner, to Mrs. Ann Fernyhough of Bradnop, widow. Challinor & Co, Leek, 13th November 1852. The land was formerly part of Fallowes Field and was bounded on the South by Westwood road, on the North and East by wheel barrow roads, and on the West by land belonging to Josiah Astles. The purchaser  was to have "right of free use, etc. of a wheel barrow road and footway  three feet and six inches in width through a certain entry leading out of the last mentioned wheel barrow road or footpath into Belle Vue Road over part of the said close called Fallowes Field and also of the like right of way over the same wheel barrow road or footpath from West Street up to…"
Names: Howson; Fernyhough; Hambleton; Hacker; Challinor; Badnall; Heaton;  Astles;


BC2/ 154
Hampton, Middlesex; Broadstairs, Kent;
Description: Abstract of securities re Miss Charlotte E. Garnerr, December 1888. Extracts from will of Francis Garner, written 29th June 1860, proved 19th December 1860 ( testator died 12 August 1860).
Names: Garner; Wadbrook; Sankey; Harrison; Pickering; Cobb; Steddy; Springett; Hodgson; Pugin; Lewis; Easter; Anderson; Langridge; Henson; Snell; Barber; Blackbun; James;


BC2/ 155
Places: Leek, Staffordshire; Liverpool;
Description: Documents relating to the Wooley family of Leek, Staffordshire;

(1) Inland Revenue estate duty account  for John William Wooley of Leek, Staffordshire, land agent, deceased 15th April 1910 (aged 37). The account is dated 24th September 1910. Gross value of his estate was £5847-15s-7d. It also contains a listing of debts due and owing from the deceased. John Wooley left neither widow nor children and his executor was Eveline Wooley of 29 Byron Street, Liverpool, spinster.
Names: Wooley; Salt; Leyfield; Thomas; Rider; Sleigh; Campbell; Argyles; Heath; Cowlishaw; Robinson; Challinor; Shaw; Davenport; Barnfather; Dupre; Webberley; Arnold; Grace; Phillips; Carding; Walwyn; Copeland; Hill; Wilkinson; Fallon; Hall; Baskerville; Brindley;


BC2/ 156
Leek, Longton, Lichfield, Staffordshire;
Description: (1) Printed probate account re the goods of Ellen Walker of Wood Street, Leek, Staffordshire, spinster, deceased 6th February 1890. The application for probate was made by William Howard and William Newall both solicitors clerks of Leek, on 25th March 1890. Ellen had no real estate in the UK and was never married. Her estate was valued at £1138-19s-8d. Funeral expenses and a few creditors' names are given. Executors' oaths and a list of mortgages is attached.

(2) Draft request by Miss Ellen Walker to her executors as to the disposition of her furniture and effects. 16th April 1888. This mentions her Rochell nephews and nieces, her niece Louisa wife of Jabez Matthews and Ellen's sister Elizabeth.

(3) List of articles not specifically bequeathed by Miss Ellen Walker, deceased. This is a partial inventory of her home covering the back bedroom and attic

(4) Listing and valuation of Miss Ellen Walker's silver

(5) Executors of Miss Ellen Walker of Leek, Staffordshire, deceased in account with her residuary legatees-examined, approved and signed by the legatees on 8th September 1890. This gives detailed funeral costs including costs of laying out, funeral cards, etc.

(6) Printed enquiry from the Legacy and Succession Duty Office as to the date of death and probate of Mrs. Catherine Shilrock who died on 15th October 1883 and whose will was proved at Lichfield on 28th January 1884.

(7) Handwritten, pencil, list of articles mentioned with reference to Miss Ellen Walker's will.

(8) Two letters from W. Rochell, Tailor & Outfitter of Longton, Staffordshire to Mr. Newall at Leek, dated (1) 19th February 1890; (2) undated. W. Rochell was writing on his mother's behalf. One letter mentions the unkind things being said concerning his branch of the family. Expresses strong desire to keep certain goods in the family.

(9)Executor's (John Aynsley) in account with the beneficiaries under the will of Catherine Shilrock deceased 29th July 1890. That is with Mary Rochell, Names: William Rochell,  Samuel Wright; Louisa Stevenson, Ann Aynsley, Martha Wright, Mrs. Emma Stubbs, Mrs. Ellen Walker, Mrs. Elizabeth Wright.
Walker; Howard; Newall; Matthews; Challinor; Gailey; Somerville; Trafford; Nixon; Fernyhough; Shilrock; Wardle; Clowes; Rochell; Mitchell; Dutton; Wright; Barrlow; Shallcross; Prince; Tinnersley; Kirkham; Knight; Marsden; Stubbs; Aynsley; Hammersley;


BC2/ 157
Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire;
Description: Stated account of the estate of Isaac Bailey, deceased of Novi Lane, Leek, Staffordshire, timber merchant who died on 7th February 1898 and whose will was proved in the Principal Registry on 14th July 1898. Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire;
Names: Bailey; Hine; Goodwin; Wardle; Hand; Critchlow; Steele; Sigley; Ash; Holland; Nicholson; Hill; Shaw; Bennison; Hudson; Edge; Lawton; Bullock; Swindells; Fowler; Tipper; Arkoll; Earlam; Bowcock; Brooks;  Burnett; Mycock; Darlington; Procter; Riley; Brindley; Mackrell; Brealey; Sillito; Sneyd; Smith; Shirley; Thorley; Wright; Johnson; Chappells; Sanders; Shingler; Conway; Matthews; Wint; Birch; Tatton;


BC2/ 158
Leek, Leekfrith, Staffordshire; Manchester;
Description: Draft conveyance of the Bulls Head public house and premises situate in St. Edward Street, Leek, Staffordshire from Thomas Carter of Gunside, Leekfrith, farmer, to George Hulme of St. Edward Street, Leek, butcher.  Challinor & Shaw, Leek,  4th October 1870. It cites the will of Thomas Hine of Leek, deceased, dated 19th May 1853.  The Bulls Head stood in St. Edward Street, Leek and had been occupied for many years by Thomas Bray, then by Thomas Machin and since of Fynney and of Vernon Hulme and now or late of John Wood.
Names: Hulme; Carter; Burnett; White; Hine; Bay; Machin; Wood; Fynney;


BC2/ 159
Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Draft tenancy agreement between  Sampson Harrison of the Ford, Leek, Staffordshire, farmer, and Joseph Mycock of The Trees, Leek, Staffordshire, farmer dated 10th March 1865. Agreement, which related to The Trees farm at Ford, Leek, Staffordshire, was  signed by Harrison and Mycock and  witnessed by Joseph Challinor.
Names: Harrison; Mycock; Challinor; Shaw;


BC2/ 160
Longton, Stoke on Trent, Fenton, Shelton, Normacot, Hanley, Leek, Caverswell, Staffordshire; Mexborough, Yorkshire; Vermont, USA
Description: Statutory declaration by George Ball of Longton, Staffordshire, manufacturer, concerning the family of  James Gee deceased, formerly of Joiners Square, Hanley, Staffordshire, who died on 28th April 1874.
Names: Gee; Ball; Clewett;  Evans; Lownds; Mitten; Baker; Scarratt; Beech; Goodwin; Knight; Preston; Donkin;


BC2/ 161
Leek, Winkhill, Staffordshire;
Description: Notice, dated 14 July 1880,  by Elizabeth Hodkinson of Winkhill, Staffordshire to Thomas Bowers, silk manufacter, Leek, Staffordshire, his wife Eliza Bowers and Miss Clara Bowers their daughter, to rrepay £150 which she had lent them on 11th March 1875, with interest, on 14th January 1881.
Names: Hodkinson; Bowers;


BC2/ 162
Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Printed but not completely completed, dissolution of partneship notice for the London Gazette dated 1st June 1906. The partners were Samuel Benjamin Whittles and Cornelius Conway who were carrying on business as "Livery stable proprietors" as "Conway & Co." at Cruso Street, Leek, Staffordshire.
Names: Whittles; Conway;


BC2/ 163
Leek, Staffordshire; Langley, Macclesfield, Lawton, Cheshire; Manchester; Stourbridge, Worcestershire; Liverpool;
Description: (1) Abstract of the title of Messrs Ernest Prince and Robert Goodwin surviving trustees of the will of John Prince to "Highup" on Foker Moor, Leek, Staffordshire, dated 1923. Challinor & Shaw, Leek. The title runs from 1874. Genealogical content,i.e. deaths, wills and some relationships. Amongst the property mentioned is Compton House sold to Joseph Challinor. Highup appears to have consisted of two closes of land totalling 3 acres 0 rood 30 perch on which there was a house, cowhouse, piggery and other outbuildings occupied by Thomas Walters.

(2)  Draft statutory declaration in connection with Mrs. Alice Fynney late of "Wavertree" Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, deceased, by Marcus Prince of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer, identifying Mrs. Ella Isabel Morrison nee Doyle, of 35 Union Street, Hagley Road, Stourbridge, Worcestershire, dated 6th June 1893 . Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire.

(3) Draft statutory declaration in connection with Mrs. Alice Fynney late of "Wavertree" Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, deceased, by Thomas Shaw of Leek, Staffordshire, solicitor, identifying Mrs. Ella Roodhouse nee Doyle, of 27 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, dated  1893 . Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire.
Names: Prince; Goodwin; Challinor; Shaw; Johnson; Bowers; Brocklehurst; Fynney; Cooper; Walters; Holt; Sleigh; Flanagan; Trafford; Eaton; Unwin; Pickford; Peach; Cotton; Cumerbatch; Plant; Doyle; Roodhouse; Morrison;


BC2/ 164
Leek, Staffordshire; Birmingham; Leamington Priors, Warrwickshire;
Description: Abstract of deed assignments dated 10th October 1840 from Mr Henry Rotton (Assignee of the estate of Henry Byrom the younger a bankrupt) to Richard Gaunt of Leek, Staffordshire of the bankrupt's life interest in a sum of £8000.  Deacon & Pearce, Southampton 1864
Names: Gaunt; Byrom; Rotton; Royle; Leigh;


BC2/ 165
Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Silk manufacturer's Annual Stock Book "S" Dept. 31st March 1962 to 31st March1984. Annual record signed by J. Hughes. Although the firm's name is not mentioned, the names of several Leek (Staffordshire) firms are i.e. Joshua Wardle & Co; A.J.Worthington & Co.; J. Clowes & Son; Wm. Hill & Co; F. Walmsley Ltd, T. Whittles.  The lists show that the firm was involved in all stages of silk manufacture from raw silk and silk in the gum to finished products. They were also using spun silk.  Various silk departments are mentioned including "S" Department, their own dyehouse, P. Department, Copping & Spooling Departments, the Making-Up Room,
Names: Whittles; Worthington; Clowes; Wardle; Hill; Walmsley;


BC2/ 166
Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Silk dyer's recipe book Joshua Wardle & Sons, Leek, Staffordshire 1922 to February 1928.  Two thirds of ledger unused.
Names: Wardle; Morris; Courtauld; Horne; Reade; Bent; Lay;  Kilburne;


BC2/ 167
Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Leek Improvements Commissioners.  Reports of the various committees for the year ending 31 March 1860. William Beaumont Badnall reported as Chairman of the Committee of Health. Mentions the appointment of Mr Ritchie, surgeon, as medical officer and Mr Slagg, the Town surveyor as inspector of nuisances.
Names: Badnall; Brunt; Slagg; Phillips; Morris; Matthews; Royle;Barlow; Sleigh; Taylor; Bloor; Cruso; Grosvenor; Challinor; Fynney; Burton; Clowes; Ash; Putnam; Hudson; Merritt; Whiston; Dakin; Bermingham; Astle;Carr;   Brealery; Leech;  Brough;  Ritchie;


BC2/ 168
Places: Leek, Staffordhire;
Description: Copy of agreement for the sale and purchase of the business of Stephen Goodwin and Tatton Limited between John Wardle of Leek, Staffordshire and Arthur Tatton of Leek, silk manufacturer, on behalf of the purchaser Company Stephen Goodwin & Tatton (1904) Ltd, dated 8th October 1904. Includes schedules of property, debts and machinery etc.
Names: Wardle; Tatton; Goodwin; Johnstone; Povey; Gwynne;


BC2/ 169
Leek, Staffordshire; London;
Description: Brief for the respondents in petition of Harold Goodwin of Sunnyside, Leek, Staffordshire, dated 28 February 1905, to wind up the company of Stephen Goodwin and Tatton of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers. Case  to appear before Mr Justice Buckley in the High Court  1905 Feb 28 Buckley.  Mr R. Younger KC and The Hon. Frank Russell.
Names: Tatton; Goodwin; Johnstone; Buckley; Wilkins; Wardle;


BC2/ 170
Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: (1) Printed reply from the Registrar General to Messrs Challinor & Co, of Leek, Staffordshire, solicitors, dated 9 March 1885, concerning a search of the registers from 1856 to 1859 for the birth certificate for several members of the Broughton family. This document states that no entry could be found for Bryan W. P. Broughton.

(2) Letter from Lucy C. Broughton , Clifton, to Frank [Hand] . Dated 28th August ?. She asks Frank to write to a man at Crewe who had not paid the interest on "her mortgage" for more than two months. The mortgage had been signed the previous December and should have paid interest at 5%.  In her letter Lucy Broughton also mentions visiting a Miss Calvert and going with her to the Birmingham Festival..
Names: Broughton; Challinor;


BC2/ 171
Thorpe, Ashbourne, Derbyshire; Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Three letters from William Beaumont Badnall of Thorpe near Ashbourne in Derbyshire to Joseph Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire about Cruso's Trust.(1) dated 3 November 1893 and (2) and (3) dated 4 November 1893. They all concern stocks and or the appointment of Robinson and Brealey as trustees under the will of John Cruso of Leek.
Names: Badnall; Challinor; Cruso; Searight; Boswell; Hudson; Coupland; Okeover; Galt; Robinson; Brealey; Buck;


BC2/ 172
Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: Letter dated November 1840 from J. Hilliard of Leek, to Redfern, solicitor, of Leek, Staffordshire.  The letter concerns silk machinery in Taylor's stable that Hilliard said belonged to him and asked whether the "distress" [on Taylor] would be withdrawn if he paid the years rent and expenses.
Names: Hilliard; Taylor; Redfern;


BC2/ 173
Leek, Staffordshire;
Description: List of presumably rents due on Lady Day and Michelmas every year starting with 6th July 1749 and ending on 18th June 1784. The amount paid was £31-15s until 1781 when it increased to £32-7s-6d.  Only two names occur in 1781 the payments are bracketed together and "Rogers" written next to the entry. At the side of the 4th July 1782 entry is written " Mr Cruso on Auty: half year"  The lists seem likely to have been prepared by or for a member of the Mills family of Leek.
Names: Cruso; Rogers;


BC2/ 174
Manchester;  Leek, Staffordshire; Leamington, Straford -on-Avon, Warwickshire; London;
Description: Copy power of attorney for transfer of £2200 redeemable stock by Herbert Carr Smith & Misses Agnes Margaret Carr Smith, spinster, Rose Edith Carr Smith spinster to Messrs William Bennett & others dated 26th June 1909.

Herbert Carr Smith & Misses Agnes Margaret Carr Smith, spinster, Rose Edith Carr Smith spinster, were rexecutors of the will of William Carr late of the Hollies, Newton Heath, Manchestr  who was the survivor in a joint account with Henry Carr of Moorland House, Leek, Staffordshire, deceased.  The purpose was to transfer the stock to William Allen of Leek, solicitor, Anthony Ward of Leek, silk manufacturer, Herbert Carr smith of Harlow, Leamington Spa, and Thomas Smith Mayatt of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer.
Names: Carr; Smith; Mayatt; Bennett; Allen; Ward;


BC2/ 175
Snelston, Derbyshire; Uttoxeter, Staffordshire;
Description: (1) Draft agreement for the sale and purchase of the advowson of the perpetual curacy of Snelston, Derbyshire, between the Revd. Clement Francis Broughton and [unnamed]. Hand, Uttoxeter, 1879.

(2) Letter dated 19 September 1879 fromMr Holyoak to F. Hand, solicitor, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire re the sale of Snelston Rectory, Snelson, Derbyshire. This concerns the posting of posters advertising the sale to various hotels.

(3) Letter dated 4 October 1879 from H. D. Holyoak to F. Hand, solicitor, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire re the sale of Snelston Rectory. The letter accompanied a bank receipt for £150 cash paid in on the day of the sale.

(4) Letter dated 15 November 1879 from H. D. Holyoak to F. Hand, solicitor, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire re the sale of Snelston Rectory.

(5) Letter dated 11 March 1880 from H. D. Holyoak to F. Hand, solicitor, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire re the sale of Snelston Rectory. Gives details of the sale of hay, etc.
Names: Broughton; Hand; Holyoak;