Bednall Collection Part 2 (BC2) No.s 1451 to 1500   

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PLACES: Sneyd, Tunstall, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Final Concord, dated "in Crastino" St. Martin 1649 between Richard Kelsall  gent, and John ?plaintiffs and Samuel Telright and his wife Hester deforciants of a messuage, 3 cottages, a little barn, 3 gardens, 30 acres of arable, 30 acres of pasture and 10 acres heath & furze with appurtenances, in Sneyd and Tunstall, Staffordshire. For the agreement Richard & John paid Samuel & Hester 100. 
NAMES :  Kelsall; Telright;

PLACES: Orford, Kent; Aldermanbury, Croydon, London; Leek, Staffordshire; 
Abstract of title (1848-1869) of Samuel Wreford & Thomas Winter Wood to a building called the "Ribbon Shed" part of London Mills, Leek, Staffordshire and 5 adjoining cottages. Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire 1874.  
:  Budd; Challinor; Dustan; Sole; Wood; Wreford;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Market Drayton, Shropshire; Surrey;  
DESCRIPTION: Abstract of the title (1877-1910) to shops, warehouses and premises in St. Edward Street, Leek, Staffordshire. Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire 1911. It cites the will, dated 10 March 1877) of George Young "then late of Clerks Bank, Leek but then residing with his daughter and son-in-law George Edwin Townsend of Berrington Woods Eaves near Market Drayton, Shropshire". In his will Young appointed his partner in the currying trade, Mr Thomas Lea, and his son-in-law executors of his will, the chief beneficiary of which was his daughter Mrs Thomasina Steventon. She subsequently set up a trrust for the benefit of her children appointing her brother William Young of Leek, Staffordshire silk manufacturer and Gilbert Charles Wardle of Leek, silk dyer, as trustees.
The property consisted of " 3 messuages or houses and shops (No.s 4, 6 & 8) situate in St. Edward Street, formerly Spout Street, Leek. Also a messuage or house No. 10 St. Edward Street with the curriers shop, warehouses, stable yard and premises behind  then lately occupied by Messrs Young & Lea and then by Thomas Henry Booth, together with another house No.12 St. Edward Street. 
:  Booth; Carding; Clark; Lea; Parkinson; Robinson; Roger; Steventon; Townsend; Walwyn; Wardle; Young;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
DESCRIPTION: Memorandum  of agreement between James Fernyhough of Leek, Staffordshire, timber merchant and William Weston joiner of Leek dated 13 July 1830. Fernyhough agreed to sell Weston " All those six tenements or dwelling houses situate on Leek Moor near the Buxton Road and fronting Portland Street together with the gardens behind the same as now walled but containing 666 square yards" for 365. Weston agreed to let Fernyhough build against the south gable end and to lay timber into the walls. In return Fernyhough agreed to provide an entry by the gable end and to sink a well at the back of the next building "that shall be built facing the entry", also to put down a pump and allow Weston rights of passage through the entry to the pump and a right for Weston's tenants to take water from the pump.
:  Fernyhough; Moseley; Ward; Weston;

PLACES: Heaton, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Detailed extract from the Heaton Inclosure Award dated 8th May 1820, relating to the allotments mate to Edward Trafford. Trafford Esq, then E. T. Nicolls. Total allotments = 121 acres  2 roods 24 perches.
The extract is undated but carries an 1830 watermark   
:  Nicolls; Pilsbury; Smith; Trafford;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Account book for the Employees Holiday Savings Fund, John Sales & Sons Ltd, Progress Dyeworks, Ashbourne Road, Leek, Staffordshire. Fund opened August 1953  closed 23 December 1959. Treasurers: Leek & Moorlands Building Society. Secretaries: Mr A. Torr, Mrs A. M. Harrison and Mr Donald Richardson.  From 1962 the book was used to record customer's accounts and gives details of each order placed i.e. Date in and Date out, order number, quantity, material, shade. The customers listed are Alberton Ltd; Brough Nicholson & Hall Ltd; C.W.S. Ltd; William Hill Ltd; Anthony Ward & Co. Ltd; Wardle & Davenport Ltd; Per Lustre Co. Ltd; Gwynne & Co.  Ltd; W. H. White & Son Ltd; Wm. Pickford & Co. Ltd; Standard Knitting Co. Ltd;  A.G.Rider; Watson & Co; 
:  Ball; Bowcock; Burnett; Byatt;  Condliffe; Hall;  Harrison;  Hurst; Lee; Lockett; Orme; Pitcher; Prime; Putnam; Richardson; Sales; Smith; Torr; Walthall;

PLACES: Leek, Lowe, Tittesworth, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Land Tax Assessments 1900 - 1912.
[1] Land tax assessment for the parish of Lowe in the Totmonslow division of Staffordshire 1900-1901.
[2] Land tax assessment for the parish of Lowe in the Totmonslow division of Staffordshire 1902-1903.
[3] Land tax assessment for the parish of Lowe in the Totmonslow division of Staffordshire 1910-1911.
[4] Land tax assessment for the parish of Tittesworth in the Totmonslow division of Staffordshire 1911-1912. 
:  Abbott; Adams; Alcock; Ansell; Ball; Bailey; Bennison; Bentley; Biddulph; Billing; Birch;  Birchenough; Bishop; Blore: Booth; Bowyer; Bradbury; Brittlebank; Broadhurst; Brooks; Broster; Brough; Brunt; Burnett; Burton; Buxton; Capper; Carding;  Challinor; Coates; Colyer; Cope; Clulow; Critchlow; Dale; Dalton; Day; Davenport; Edge;  Eyres; Fern; Fernyhough; Fogg; Forrester; Foster; Fynney; Goodwin; Goddard; Green; Hall; Hambleton; Hammersley; Hammond; Harrison; Haynes;  Heapy; Henshaw; Hill; Higginbottom; Hine; Hudson; Hulme; Ingham; Johnson; Kidd;  Kirland; Knight; Lockett; Lovatt; Lowe; Lowndes; Knowles; Magnier;  Malkin; Mason; Meakin; Mellor; Mitchell; Morley; Morton; Moss; Murfin; Nadin; Nicholls; Nixon; Oultram;  Owen; Parker; Peach; Pedley; Pickering; Plant;  Prime; Prince; Pyott; Redfern; Rider; Riley;  Robinson; Rogers; Russell; Rushton; Salt; Shaw; Shenton; Sherratt; Shuffelbotham; Sillito; Simms; Simpson; Slack; Sleigh; Smith; Steele; Stevenson; Stretch; Swindlehurst; Sykes; Taylor; Tatton; Titterton; Tomlinson; Travis; Trueman; Turbitt; Turner; Vigrass; Walmsley; Wardle; Wheeldon; Wood; Woodcock; Wright; And many others.

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Typed receipt for money received by the executors of John Brealey of Leek, Staffordshire from the Leek Urban District Council  for giving up a strip of land for the widening of Osborne Street, Leek, dated 2 December 1908. Includes a plan drawn by William Wooley to a scale of 41.66 ft to an inch. 
PERSONS :  Bishton; Brealey; Parker; Wooley;

PLACES: Onecote, Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Detailed valuation, dated August 1892, of Acre Farm, Onecote near Leek, Staffordshire occupied by Mr Elijah Kidd as a yearly tenant.  Area 116 acres; Rent 170. Valuation by John Scovell of Oulton Park Estate Office, Tarporley, Cheshire.  
:  Kidd; Scovell;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Two Phoenix Fire Office receipts for premiums paid covering the period from Lady-Day 1794 to Lady-Day 1795.
[1] Phoenix Fire Office receipt dated 25 March 1794 for a premium paid by J. Brough of Leek, Staffordshire for cover on 860. Signed by the Agent - Wm Challinor.
[2]Phoenix Fire Office receipt dated  1794 for a premium paid by G. Brough of Leek, Staffordshire for cover on 300. Not signed by the company's agent 
:  Brough; Challinor;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; 
Tenancy agreement, dated 7 July 1887, between William Challinor of Pickwood, Leek, Staffordshire and George Heapy the younger of Moorhouse Farm near Derby Street, Leek, farmer. Heapy took the tenancy of Moorhouse Farm (17a - 1r - 14p) at an annual rent of 47-18s. 
:  Challinor; Heapy; Eardle;

PLACES: London; Leek, Staffordshire;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter, undated, from Richard Gaunt silk manufacturer, Leek, Staffordshire to John Cruso attorney, Spout Street, Leek concerning a dispute between Richard Gaunt, Mr Davenport and Mr Badnall. Gaunt asks Cruso to send him "a copy of what was proposed between Mr Haworth and me" and continued "the one you gave me I handed to Mr Badnall. Mr Davenport is going to London and will not soon be back. I wish I'd submit it to him for approval before he left home.  Expect Mr Badnall named to you a title alteration we thought of when Mr Davenport was last here would be well have put in."
In a postscript he adds" Sunday Morning. I have an opportunity this morning send it over". On the back of the letter Cruso has listed "Mr Bull  24; Davenport 23; Warehouse Wolf 2; Mr Barker 10.  [Total] 59 : 10s : 0.  
:  Badnall; Barker; Bull; Cruso; Davenport; Gaunt; Haworth;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: St. Edward Parish Church, Leek, Staffordshire re the Curate's Fund and parish needs -"Notes for the Meeting of Ladies 20 November 1902.
The death of a benefactor Mr Robinson had deprived the parish of "provision for a 2nd curate" and the first part of the document considers how to find the 160 a year needed for a curate's stipend. The possibility of doing without a 2nd curate was rejected because" it is difficult to see how the parish with its population of between 7000 and 8000, with the Mill Street Mission Room to be worked, is to be worked properly with only 2 clergy".  Other "Parish Needs" concerned the Maude Institute which bore a considerable debt (572-3s-8d) and the Church Cottage.  It was hoped that these debts could be paid off by an annual sale of work.    
: Robinson; 

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Fire insurance policy issued by the Lancashire Insurance Company, Policy No. 2114814, to William Challinor and others (Gough's Trustees) with respect to the major parts (but not all) of the Britannia Silk Mill, Leek, Staffordshire on 13  March 1890. The sum assured was 2000 and the  in addition to descriptions of the buildings insured the document includes a small plan. Signed, sealed and stamped. 
:  Allen; Challinor; Fenton; Gough; Goodwin; Sheldon;

PLACES: Croxden, Leek, Staffordshire;    
DESCRIPTION: Schedule of deeds, dated 2 October 1893, relating to a silk manufactory, houses, buildings and land in West Street and Britannia  Street, Leek, Staffordshire belonging to Stephen Goodwin of Leek, silk manufacturer and in mortgage to Miss Dorothy Gent of Croxden, Staffordshire as security for 3000 and interest 1754 to 1893.  Document includes an acknowledgement by Dorothy Gent that she had received the deeds relating to the mortgage dated 2 October 1893. 
:  Allen; Ball; Baylis; Bloore; Bowers; Catlow; Challinor; Clowes;  Cracknell; Cruso; Davenport; Debank; Ellis; Ford; Fowler; Fynney; Gent; Goodwin; Hammersley; Johnson; Key; Lax; Lucas; Mills; Phillips; Potts; Russell; Shaw; Worthington;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Printed sales particulars relating to the sale of freehold shops, houses and cottages in Leek, Staffordshire, by auction at the Swan Hotel, Leek on 6th July 1911. The property included No.s 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 St. Edward Street, Leek; Bank House on Clerk Bank, Leek and cottages no.s 4, 6, 8, 10, 16, 18, and 20 Mill Street, Leek.  The biddings are given on the back of the document.
:  Beech; Booth; Burgess; Carr; Carter; Challinor; Clowes;  Cooper; Cotterall; Duggan; Fergyson; Green; Harrod; Heap; Hulme; Jenkins; Knowles; Robinson; Salt; Shaw; Wheatley; Yates;

PLACES: Burslem, Leek, Tunstall, Wolstanton, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous documents relating to the May family of Burslem and Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire 1877 to 1892.
[1]Draft agreement for the settlement of trust funds, dated 2nd March 1877, between (1) Mrs W & J. Challinor of Leek, solicitors, (2) Mrs Mary Ann Francis May wife of Mr Joshua Bulkeley May of Wolstanton, Staffordshire, brick & tile manufacturer, (3) the said J. B. May and (4) John Beaumont Piercy of Bucknall, Staffordshire and Edward Withinshaw Hollinshead of Tunstall, Staffordshire.
[2] Statement for proving the accounts of Mrs Harriet Hopkins May's (nee Badnall) estate before inserting Messrs Challinor & Shaw's bills, dated 2 February 1892.
[3]The estate of Mrs Harriet Hopkins May deceased-Mrs Constance Machell's account of shares under Mrs H. H. May's marriage settlement 6 February 1892.
[4] The estate of Mrs Harriet Hopkins May deceased-Mr Edward May's account of shares under Mrs H. H. May's marriage settlement, postnuptial settlement and her intestacy 31 August 1891 to 6 February 1892.
[5] The estate of Mrs Harriet Hopkins May deceased-Mrs Edith Robinson's account of shares under Mrs H. H. May's marriage settlement, postnuptial settlement and her intestacy 3 November 1891 to 6 February 1892. 
:  Adams; Badnall; Challinor; Hollinshead; Keates; Lockyer; Machell; May; Piercy; Robinson; Searight; Shaw;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
DESCRIPTION: In Chancery in Flint & Others versus Gaunt -Copy petition to the Lord Chancellor by Charles Flint of Leek, Staffordshire, Henry Towgood of London, stockbroker and John Towgood of Middle Temple, London plaintiffs in the above case. Undated but about July 1854. The heading states "Vice Chancellor Kindersley - unopposed - Monday".  The plaintiffs filed their original bill in the cause on 9th May 1849.
:  Bazalgette; Flint; Fowler; Gaunt; Kindersley;  Towgood;

PLACES: Bradnop, Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Inventory and valuation of the personal estate of the late Joseph Allen of Revidge, Bradnop, Staffordshire, who died on 31st March 1820, taken by William Allen and Ralph Smith his executors 27 April 1820. Very detailed and includes an account of probate, funeral and other expenses. The farmhouse had at least 8 rooms. 
:  Allen; Kirkham; Smith;

PLACES: Uttoxeter, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Note book containing Frank Bryan Hand's account with  S. Atkin of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, butcher for 1884. Mainly various cuts of beef, lamb, mutton or veal but occasionally includes suet and once "Bladders". 
:  Atkin; Hand;

PLACES: Ashbourne, Derbyshire; Oxford; Ashenhurst, Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Draft 3rd mortgage of an estate called Holy Bush Farm situated in the Township of Bradnop in the parish of Leek, Staffordshire, dated 22 June 1898, between Major General Thomas Phillips of Ashenhurst Hall, Leek, Staffordshire and Henry Balfour of Northern Gardens, Oxford. Draft approved on 27 April 1898 by Messrs Hacker & Allen of Leek, solicitors.
:  Allen; Balfour; Birch;  Cecil; Hacker; Holland; More; Phillips; Powell; Shufflebotham; Smith; Sneyd; Spencer; Tatton; Thompstone;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Schedule of deeds, 1821-1871, relating to the Fold Farm, Leekfrith, Leek, Staffordshire belonging to Edward Bailey of Fold Farm, farmer and in mortgage to William Beaumont Badnall, the Revd Hugh Ford Bacon and Thomas Brealey as security for 4300 and interest at 4.5 percent per annum under an indenture dated 2 June 1871.
:  Arkwright; Bacon; Badnall; Bailey; Brealey; Challinor; Cruso; Davenport; Longley;  Wigram;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft agreement between Messrs William Allen of Leek, Staffordshire and Thomas Bowers of Leek, silk manufacturer and the Staffordshire Potteries Waterworks Company, dated 1869. Hacker & Allen, Leek. Allen and Bowers agreed  sell 3a-2r-29p of  land at New Grange Farm, Leekfrith, for the purpose of a compensation reservoir to be made under the Staffs Potteries Waterworks Consolidation & Extension Act 1853, for 600. Fishing rights were to go to the directors of the company but Allen and Bowers (and anyone they authorised to do so) had the right to use a boat on the reservoir for the purpose of fishing and pleasure.
:  Allen; Bowers; Pimlott; Hacker; Redfern;

PLACES: Nantwich, Cheshire; Sugnall Magna, Staffordshire.
DESCRIPTION: Request from R. E. Speakman, Doddington, Nantwich, Cheshire  to Mr Masfield for Mr George Plant's rent charge payable on his property in Sugnall Magna being part of the Doddington Estate of Sir Henry Delves Broughton. Numbered 360 and dated March 1892. The apportionment of rent charge was 10-11s-6d and the amount due in 1891 was 8-1s-1d. Payment was made on 29 June 1892. 
:  Delves-Broughton; Masefield; Plant; Speakman;

PLACES: Hanley, Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: A bundle of letter relating, chiefly, to the purchase by Elijah Cotton from Messrs Overfield, Sykes & Goostrey of Leek, Staffordshire of land for a new pottery, in Hanley  and dated between 10 and 23 July 1884.
[1] Letter from Challinors, solicitors, Hanley, Staffordshire to Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek dated 10 July 1884 re Sykes etc to Cotton. This concerns conditions of purchase such as responsibility for paving and curbing of the frontage and the price of the land (5s a square yard).
[2] Letter from Challinors, solicitors, Hanley, Staffordshire to Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek dated 12 July 1884 re Sykes etc to Cotton. This confirms the receipt of the contract.
[3] A note, dated 14 July 1884, from Mr J. Sykes requesting "a release of 750 square yards of our Hanley land this evening. It will have to be conveyed shortly. -187-10s-od"  The note continues "Arrangement for half to be paid as released- 58? Owing. We can use the money if the Society does not require it. 15870 yards left cost 2380 with interest."
[4] Letter from Challinors, solicitors, Hanley, Staffordshire to Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek dated 16 July 1884 re Sykes etc to Cotton. This accompanied the draft contract approved "subject to agreeing upon the quantities".
[5] Letter from Challinors, solicitors, Hanley, Staffordshire to Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek dated 17 July 1884 re Sykes etc to Cotton. This accompanied a tracing of the land "showing the quantity of land to be 2236 square yards". Challinor (Hanley) reported that the client (Cotton) , on being informed of the general and special conditions, remarked that he understood that he has no sewering expenses to pay, and asked that the contract be amended with respect to this.
[6] Letter from Challinors, solicitors, Hanley, Staffordshire to Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek dated 18 July 1884 re Sykes etc to Cotton. Concerns Mr Cotton taking possession of "such part of land as is already in hand for the purpose of arranging for the buildings he proposes to erect". It also concerns right of road over the site and their understanding that "Commercial Road is common to the occupiers of land abutting upon it and is not a private road".
[7] Letter from Challinors, solicitors, Hanley, Staffordshire to Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek dated 19 July 1884 re Sykes etc to Cotton, on the understanding that Cotton would not have to pay for sewering and would be able to take possession as mentioned previously, Challinors (Hanley) were engrossing the contract and intended sending it, duly signed and with the 50 deposit, the following Monday.
[8] Letter from Challinors, solicitors, Hanley, Staffordshire to Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek dated 21 July 1884 re Sykes etc to Cotton. This accompanied the signed contract and deposit.
[9] Letter from Challinors, solicitors, Hanley, Staffordshire to Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek dated 23 July 1884 re Sykes etc to Cotton. Reports a slight delay but hopes to send the item concerned to Challinor & Co the following day. Challinor (Hanley) expresses his hope that they "will not object to Mr Cotton continuing to bricks upon the land".
[10] A note by Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek  to Mr Cooper, dated 2 July 1884 re the sale of land in Hanley by Sykes & others to Mr Machin and stating that Machin was expected from Hanley  that morning to complete the purchase.
NAMES :  Challinor; Cooper;  Cotton; Forshaw; Goostrey; Machin; Overfield; Sykes;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Printed price lists issued by the Silk section of the Leek Chamber of Commerce, Leek, Staffordshire, between 1900 and 1902.
[1] Formal notification  to members of the Silk Section of the Leek Chamber of Commerce by the Hon. Secretary, Thomas Robinson concerning an agreement on prices reached at meetings between the Silk Section and the Silk Twisters Union on 13 March 1900 and applicable from the14 March 1900.
[2] Printed price list issued jointly by the  Silk Section of the Leek Chamber of Commerce and the Amalgamated Society of Silk Twisters and dated 10th April 1902.  
:  Robinson; Stubbs;

PLACES: London; Manchester; Bicester, Oxfordshire; Leek, Staffordshire.
DESCRIPTION: [1] A red leather bound pocket book, possibly that of Joseph Deaville, marked as Exhibit B, which was referred to in the affidavit of John Gaunt of Leek, Staffordshire, sworn before James Bloore on 10 December 1852 in the Case of Louisa Deaville Plaintiff and Joseph Deaville defendant in Chancery.  The note book contains what appear to be that of a silk manufacturer or manufacturer's traveller and contains business accounts for silk goods supplied to various firms in (mainly) Manchester and London (1827 to July/August 1830).. It also contains accounts between various people  and Joseph Deaville and accounts of salary payments by Frances Brothers (from 1 July1830 to July -Oct 1842) and by Gaunt Brothers (1842-1843). The book also contains a list of property bought be Joseph Deaville including a house on Ball Haye Green (Leek) and a house in the Market Place (Leek). 4 pages (no.s 87-88 and 90-91). Person details of the Deaville family are given on page 96 and the facing end page and include births, marriages, deaths and ages.
[2] In the pocket Joseph Deaville's promissory note for 100 with interest at 4.5%, dated 18 April 1833 and witnessed by Thomas Redfern. 
[3] A receipt signed by Joseph Deaville at Leek on 12 January 1850 for the sum of 100 received from Louisa Deaville. This is marked "Exhibit A referred to in the affidavit of John Gaunt of Leek, Staffordshire, sworn before me James Bloore this 10 December 1852" in the Case of Louisa Deaville Plaintiff and Joseph Deaville defendant in Chancery.  
:  Alcock; Andrews; Armfield; Barker; Biden; Brassington; Brough; Carruthers; Cropley; Danks; Deaville; Driver; Dracup; Edmonds; Fletcher; Foster; Fowler; Frances; Gaunt; Gibson; Hart; Hughes; Jones; Pollard; Ponting; Powers; Redfern; Sergeant; Smith; Towers; Varley; Wilkinson; Yates;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Small collection of photographs and negatives relating to Leek, Staffordshire.
[1]Framed photograph of the the staff of Messrs Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire taken about 1860.
[2]Framed photograph of the the staff of Messrs Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire taken  1910.
[3] Photograph of an unknown women, on glass, about 1860.
[4] Six 4" x 5" black and white negatives of Leek, Staffordshire. Some of these appear to be photographs of illustrations from "Olde Leek" by Miller. The sleeves carry the following names "Ashenhurst Hall (two copies of this), St. Edward Street, The Abbey,  Old Leek (a view along Derby Street from the Market Place) and Westwood Hall.
[5] Two B&W photographs of N0.7 High Street, Leek, Staffordshire -the converted former silk factory that once stood in the yard of the Globe Inn, Spout Street, Leek.
[6] A B&W photograph of an unknown man standing by Downes & Son's handcart at the corner of School Street, Undated but place thought to be Leek, Staffordshire.
[7] Undated photo of a street scene in which two women walking along a curving road in a town. There is a factory on one side (behind them) and trees can be seen above the houses in the background.
[8] Photographic card carrying a picture of Frank Downes and the words "Leek Urban District Council Election, Monday, March 30th, 1931. Vote for Frank Downes." Printed and published by G.Hill & Sons, 8 Stanley Street, Leek.  
:  Downes;

PLACES: Congleton, Cheshire; London; Leek, Hanley, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous documents relating to the estate of the Rev. James Morrow of Leek, Staffordshire.
[1] Notebook containing the receipts and payments by Charles Flint and James Alsop, executors' of the Rev. James Morrow of Leek 1836 to 1853. A final settlement account is given on the last page.
[2] Letter (undated) from R. W. Marsland of Congleton to James Alsop of Leek, expressing his sympathy with the family of the deceased and his willing ness to "comply with your request to inter the remains of your Pastor on Thursday next at 2 o'clock".
[3]Receipt, dated 25 July 1836, by Charles Flint and James Alsop as executors of James Morrow deceased, from Samuel Goodwin, one of the executors and trustees of the will of the late Samuel Goodwin deceased, the sun of (?)1-16-0 being the interest of 344 secured by a mortgage deed from the late Joseph Cook deceased to Richard Godwin and others dated 28th July 1780. James Morrow was entitled to this under a deed dated 27 July 1780 for preaching the Gospel at the Protestant Dissenting Meeting House at Leek up to the day of his decease-which happened on 22 July instant (1736). A deleted line states "the interest previously having been paid up to the 18th May 1832"
[4] Letter, dated Wednesday 14th December, from Charles Flint of Leek, Staffordshire to James Alsop of Leek, stating that he had received a request for 200 which he wanted Alsop to consider.
[5] Letter, dated 16 December 1836,  from F. C. Boothby of Congleton, Cheshire to Mr Flint, surgeon, Leek stating that he had "been with Mr Alsop some time since and have been awaiting an answer for several weeks." He wished Flint to let him know if and when he could have the money. He also states that the security is good and the money might be wanted for 9 years "when the child will be of age. Your interest you may have either from the executors of from me".
[6] Letter, dated Leek 19 December 1836, from James Alsop to F. C. Boothby in answer to his letter of the 14th. And explaining the that there had been a misunderstanding between them. With respect to Boothby's application, he states that the will Boothby had left with him had been placed in the hands of his (Alsop's) attorney, Mr Challinor, and that they couldn't decide on making the advance without Mr Challinor's approval. Mr Challinor it seems wished to meet Boothby before giving his advice.
[7/1]Copy letter, dated 9 February 1837, from Charles Flint of Leek, to Messrs Wolfe Brothers of (23 Change Alley) London concerning transfers of shares and payments into the joint account of himself and Mr Alsop. In a Post Script Flint asks the firm to " The office copies under cover and addressed to Mr Flint, Leek, be pleased to leave  at the warehouse of Messrs Downes * Spilsbury, 111 Wood Street, Cheapside, London".
[7/2] Three notes or accounts relating to a transfer of canal shares to Joseph Flint and James Alsop by  Henry Wheeler of Cannonbury through the agency of Wolfe Brothers, brokers of 23 Change Alley  They also concern the sale, on 11 February 1837, by Fowler & Gaunt's Leek Bank for Flint & Alsop, of a bill for 200.
[8] Note from Jashua Brough to Mr Alsop -undated. "In consequence of a letter received from Mr Newland we shall be obliged if you will step over to the warehouse before dinner for a moment or two".

[9]Letter, dated 25 April 1853, from Joseph Challinor of Leek to Mr Alsop re Morrow's executorship and specifically their law stationer's charges.
[10] Replies to queries prepared by Joseph Challinor of Leek on 21 March 1853. 
:  Alsop; Barlow; Birch; Boothby; Brough; Challinor; Clee; Downes; Eaton; Flint; Fowler; Gaunt; Hambleton; Hammersley; Heathcote; Hilliard;  Johnson; Lockett; Marsland; Morley; Morrow; Nall; Newland; Nixon; Scotten; Slack; Smith; Spilsbury; Tatler; Tatton; Wardle; Wheeler; Whittles; Wolfe;

PLACES: Hanley, Leek, Staffordshire;  
DESCRIPTION: A small bundle of letters and notes  relating to sales of land in Hanley, Staffordshire by the Leek group of entrepreneurs Goostrey, Overfield & Sykes, 1882 to 1884. 
[1] Instructions for conditions of sale, Overfield & others,  21 August 1882. Commercial Street (Road) and Picton Street, Hanley Staffordshire.
[2]Letter, dated 12 June 1884, from Challinors, solicitors, Hanley to Challinor & Co, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire concerning a client of theirs who was willing to offer 4/- a yard for part of the land between Waterloo Street and the Trent & Mersey Canal belonging to Messrs Overfield & Sykes.
[3] Letter, dated 13 June 1884, from  J. Sykes of Leek to Challinor & Co, Leek, stating that the offer of 4/- a yard for land was "of no use whatever we have 5/- offered long ago".
[4] Letter, dated 14 June 1884, from  Challinors, solicitors, Hanley to Challinor & Co, Leek, concerning "Waterloo Street Land" and asking for the very lowest price their clients would accept.
[5] Letter, dated 16 June 1884, from  Challinors, solicitors, Hanley to Challinor & Co, Leek, concerning Sykes, Overfield & Goostrey's land  at Hanley and specifically the Commercial Road land. Simply states they will see the clients and report back.
[6] Letter, dated 8 July 1884, from  Challinors, solicitors, Hanley to Challinor & Co, Leek, concerning Sykes, Overfield & Goostrey's sale to Cotton. It states " Mr Sykes and the gentlemen entitled to the property at the bottom of Charles Street have agreed to sell it to our client, Mr Cotton and as he is anxious to commence to build upon the site we shall be glad to hear if you will send us the draft contract".
[7] Letter, dated 8 July 1884, from  Thomas Shaw of Challinors & Co, Leek, Staffordshire to Mr Joseph Sykes of Leek, Staffordshire stating that they had been asked to send Sykes draft contract for the sale to Mr Cotton for perusal". On the reverse in blue pencil is a draft, dated 9 July 1884,  for  a document,  "Sold to Mr        Cotton        yds of land fronting Commercial Road and Nelson Road, containing        yards at 5/- a yard. The causeway in Commercial Road to be measured but not that in Nelson Road. - All existing buildings belonging to the Vendors (but not to the tenant) are included. Mr Forshaw to measure and set out the land. Purchaser to make a fence on the eastwardly side. To complete 1 September 1884. 
:  Challinor; Cotton; Goostrey; Overfield; Sykes;

PLACES: Belper, Darley, Derby, Etwall, Sudbury, West Hallam, Derbyshire;     
DESCRIPTION: Two large (7.25" x 16.25" x 2.7") indexed, calf bound volumes of medical prescriptions, marked "A" and "B" on their respective spines and  containing 598  and 602 pages respectively. Volume A covers prescriptions dating between 1891 and 1908 and Volume B prescriptions dating between 1907 and 1917. Veterinary prescriptions (1906-1924) for horses belonging to Stretton's Brewery are given at the rear of Vol. A.  The names of prescribing doctors  include H. Clifford Hopkins, A. E. Carter M.B.,  G. Porter Norman, John M. Wallace LRCP, LRCS, LM, Eisenberg, Elliot, and Orr. Amongst the persons receiving the prescriptions were Lord Vernon's butler, Lt. Col. Vernon, Major Meynall, Lt Humphrey Cave, the Rev J. M. Fletcher of St. Andrews Vicarage, Mrs Canon Weir, St. Werburgh's Vicarage, the Rev. Wallis, J. Montifiore Esq., the Rev. H. Madden and the Rt. Hon. Mrs Alexander. The street names mentioned e.g. Friar Gate, Ashbourne Road, Uttoxeter Road and Derwent Street, and the addresses of those receiving prescriptions indicate that the books are those of a dispensary in Derby. 
: Alexander; Barker; Carter; Cave; Elliot; Eisenberg; Fletcher; Hopkins; Mackenzie; Madden; Martin; Meynell;  Montifiore; Norman; Orr; Paterson;  Prestage; Star; Stretton; Vernon; Weir; Williams; Woodcock;

London; Rocester, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Photocopy of a catalogue, for the sale of "The Woodseat Estate", Rocester, Staffordshire by auction at the Auction Mart, London on 29 October 1861.Document carries the William Salt Library stamp and reference 81/2/45 f.  The estate is described as "An important residential freehold estate  containing upwards of 750 statute acres  of fine valuable land adjoining the rivers Dove and Churnet, with a commodious and substantially built family mansion and outbuildings, farmhouses, &c., &c., the Manors or Lordships of Rocester, Combridge, Denstone, Quixhill, Calton, and Waterfall; mines, minerals and manorial rights, pews in the parish church of Rocester, the advowson of Rocester, about 10 acres in the Rivers Churnet and Dove; free fishing &., game preserves and valuable plantations of growing timber. By Messrs Kemp." Gives detailed particulars and plans. The "present" rental of the estate was said to be 2000 per annum.

Also included with this are notes on Woodseat's inhabitants and copies of various references to Woodseat e.g. directories; a 1920s buildings insurance specification; and a photocopy of a sales catalogue relating to the sale at auction (on the premises) of the furniture and effects of Woodseat, Rocester, Staffordshire,  by W. S. Bagshaw & Sons of Uttoxeter, Ashbourne etc, acting on instructions from C. H. Campbell Esq.. Date of the sale 26th 27th & 29th July 1920. Latter document gives room by room descriptions of the items for sale. There are also miscellaneous relevant prints/photocopies of photographs of the house interior and of people outside the house.  
: Alcock; Alsop; Atkins; Bainbridge;  Bell; Berresford; Bolt; Boulton; Brookes; Burton; Carter; Cavendish; Clark; Corden; Faulkner; Fountain; Fox; Garrard; Gaunt; Hainsworth; Harris; Harrison; Holmes; Hordern; Horton; Keeling;  Kemp; Kidd; Longridge; Manifold; Moor; Moss; Orpe; Prince; Salt; Shaw; Smith; Stubbs; Taylor; Tomlinson; Tortoyshell; Walker; Webb; White;

PLACES: Congleton, Cheshire; Burslem, Endon, Leek, Longnor, Norton, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: A small, thin, black, accounts booklet (4.5" x 7") on the first page of which it states "No. 16   In Chancery.  Wardle & others  v Acton & others.  The paper writing marked "No. 16" was produced and shown to William Challinor at the time of his swearing his affidavit in this cause this 7th day of January 1853 before me Thomas Redfern. Apart from the unused pages (27) the book lists what seem to be (since it is not stated) descriptions of household related items sold at auction giving the prices paid and the purchasers' names. The items include domestic pots and pans, paintings and furniture, linen, carpets,  law books, maps, basins, barrels, bidets, etc Other items include scythes, shovels, one horse cart, grindstone, garden roller,  ladders, saddles, harness, grid iron, a carriage and a chariot phaeton.
: Acton; Bassnett; Bennison; Boad; Bolton; Booth; Bowers; Brittlebank; Bullock; Carr; Carter; Cash; Challinor; Cope; Cunningham; Critchlow; Glover;  Field; Gaunt; Hall; Haywood; Heaton; Hopkins; Houlcroft; Keeling; May;  Marsh; Mayer; Mountford; Redfern; Robinson; Sergeant; Sheldon; Smith; Taylor; Titterton;  Turner; Unwin; Waller;  Wardle; Weatherby; Wedgwood;  White; Wrigby; Yeavons;  

Leek, Staffordshire(query); 
School exercise book bearing the handwritten title "Arrears of Fees & other monies" covering the period from December 1874 to March 1878. Each page is divided into several columns headed (L to R) "By whom owing"; "No"; "Amount" (sub-divided into "Fees" & "Constable"); "Remarks"; and "When paid". Later (April 1875) the sub-divisions of the "Amounts" column disappear and 3 months later,  the "By whom owing" column is sub-divided into "Complainant" & "Defendant". The remarks made include " "In account with County", "Comt (committal) issued"; "A fortnight allowed to pay in", "Distress warrant issued", "In account with Commissioners", "Police accounts", "Went to gaol",  Went for trial", etc. Sometimes the remarks state the type of case i.e. "Felony case",   "murder case" and "Larceny". 
Adams; Arcoll; Ash; Barker; Birtles;  Blades; Berrisford; Brealey; Brunt; Clowes; Cooper; Farrow; Frost; Gaunt; Goldstraw; Gould; Hall; Hawley; Heywood; Hodgson;  Hart; Keates; Knight; Lightfoot; Millward; Murfin; Newall; Nicholson; Robinson; Shaw; Shufflebotham; Webb; Williams; Wilson; AND MANY OTHERS.

Alderley, Chester, Macclesfield, Cheshire; Soho, London, Middlesex; Cheadle, Leek, Staffordshire;
[1] Conveyance, dated 4th April 1809, by Thomas Mills of Leek, Staffordshire and John Leigh Esq, of Woodhaed, Cheadle, Staffordshire, devisees in and under the will of the late Frances Salt late of Ashenhurst in the parish of Leek aforesaid, widow, to Mr Robert Nixon of Leek, victualler, of a messuage and tenement in Custard Lane, Leek, Staffordshire.  To Uses to bar dower with declarations as to outstanding terms and covenant for production of deeds.
The property was described as a messuage, dwelling house, or tenement standing and being in Custard Lane, Leek and the building on the back used as a shop formerly in the tenure or holding of Benjamin Turner and since of Ralph Alcock and Hugh Hall their heirs or assigns and now of the said Hugh Hall and Samuel Ball. Following an auction at the George Inn of some of the late Francis Ash's property to cover debts and provisions of her will, the Custard Street property was bought by Robert Nixon for 198. The document incorporates a schedule of deeds relating to the property dating between 11 December 1744 and 27 & 28 March 1809. Document was signed by T. Mills, John Leigh, John Cruso and Henry Jones.

[2] Lease for a years, dated 3rd April 1809, made from John Mills and another to Robert Nixon in respect of the above property and signed by Mills and Leigh. NAMES: Alcock; Anderson; Atwist; Ball; Booth; Bratt; Brett; Coleclough; Cotton; Cruso; Daintry; Day; Hall; Hayward; Hurst; Leigh; Mills; Nixon; Porter; Roberts; Salt; Stafford; Stanley; Turner; Wood;

Kerridge, Cheshire; Hollington, Leek, Staffordshire; 
Specifications of works to be executed in the erection of two houses situate in Compton, Leek, Staffordshire. Undated but watermarked "1849".  Headings: Excavations; Bricklayer's Work; Masons Work; Slater's Work; Plaster's Work; Carpenter's & Joiner's Work; Plumber's Work; Glazier's Work; Painters Work.. Other (sub-) headings included Ceilings; Floors; Quarter Partitions; Stairs; Windows; Shutters; Doors; Skirtings; Architraves; Gables; Lintels; Pump; and Blind Roller.
Notable features include stone foundations faced with brick, 2' 6" high base course in Hollington stone and the same stone to be used for front window sills and heads and Roaches stone for those at the back of the house. Polished Kerridge hearthstones; coal vault under front doorsteps; wrought iron palisades on stone walls to front with three gates too match; Welsh slate roof; stone steps up to back gardens. 

Macclesfield, Cheshire; Leek, Staffordshire; 
Booklet bearing the title "Hulme, William. -Subscription List and Account as to the Funeral Expenses etc. The main entry states "Your kindness and consideration are invited to the case of William Hulme aged 20 son of Mr William Hulme aged about 74 formerly a baker at a shop at the corner of South Bank Street and Talbot Street who in consequence of misfortunes and losses  connected with some property he formerly had and his trade, has been reduced in circumstances, obliged to give up his trade and is now in ill health and unable to do anything or support his son.  William Hulme the sonm has long been disabled and crippled by rheumatism of long standing which has deprived him of the use of his legs and hands and as to which Mr Ritchie surgeon gives no hope of improvement. It is proposed to endeavour to send the boy to some hospital and provide an outfit travelling expenses and sustenance for him in the meantime. Your kind contribution is therefore solicited.
Leek  November 1883.
Approximately 23 people subscribed sums of from 2s 6d to 5. 
Baylis; Bermingham; Blades; Brough; Campion; Carr; Challinor; Cheetham; Clayton; Cruso; Deacon; Denton; Fisher; Glover; Hulme; Myatt; Nicholson; Prince; Robinson; Shaw; Sleigh; Smith; Ward;  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Silk dyers book  (Leatheret) of "Shades Dyed on Nylon -Fast to Boiling" by Joshua Wardle Ltd, Leekbrook, Leek, Silk Dyers.  Undated
NAMES: Wardle;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Account of "Sums drawn out by Mrs Gaunt" between 3rd May and 30 November 1849. [Probably Mrs Elizabeth Gaunt of Leek, Staffordshire widow]
NAMES: Allen; Gaunt; Hall; Oliver; Peach; Pointon; Weston;

PLACES: Ashbourne, Derbyshire; Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire; Endon, Horton, Leek, Lichfield, Swinnerton, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Documents relating to the Hand and Tomkinson families of Endon, Staffordshire.

[1] Abstract of the title to a moiety of a dole of land in Park Lane, Endon in the parish of Leek, Staffordshire, which was formerly parcel of the estate of Mr John Hand deceased since purchased by Mr J. Wain from Mr Hand's son Mr William D. Hand. Killmister & Challinor Undated but water marked 1816.

The title begins on 18th April 1745 with a surrender in the court of the Manor of Horton by Thomas Sherratt of Park Lane, Leek, Staffordshire yeoman and customary tenant of the manor to the use of William Ford of Endon.  This document includes extracts from the wills of Thomas Sherratt and of his nephew John Hand.. The gross value of the inventory was 337 and the net value, after accounting for rent of 130, was 207.  Cheese, corn and hay alone had a combined value of 135, livestock accounted for a further 156-10s and his household furniture and dairy utensils just 30. The remainder was made up by his cash and "implements of husbandry".

[3] Letter, dated 27 July 1832 from Mr Chinn of Lichfield re Richard Harrison and the estate of Joseph Tomkinson deceased.

[4] Letter, dated 23 August 1832, from Mr Chinn of Lichfield to John Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire re Unwin against Harrison stating that the cause had been disnissed and enclosing Chinn's account. Chinn mentions that his son has been presented to the Rectory of Carsington and that Cruso's friend, Mr Gell,  "has heretofore rented a part of the tithes" and "we shall be glad to know what his future wishes might be as to any future arrangement".

[2] Copy of Messrs Dean & Martin's valuation of the personal estate of Joseph Tomkinson of Lane Head, Endon in the parish of Leek, Staffordshire, deceased, dated 19 October 1819. A note states that the original was sent to Mr Chinn at Lichfield on 19 May 1832.
NAMES: Ball; Beresford; Boothby; Challinor; Chinn; Coupland; Cruso; Dean; Fenton; Fitzherbert; Ford; Hand; Harrison; Kidd; Knight; Martin; Mayer; Sherratt; Sutton; Tomkinson; Unwin; Wain; Wedgwood;

PLACES: Westminster, London: Alstonefield, Alveton, Barlastone, Betley,Biddulph, Bilson, Bradnop, Brewood, Bromley Regis, Chatcull, Checkley, Croxton, Eccleshall, Fulford, Hanley, Hansworth, Hampstall Rideware,  Leek, Leekfrith, Leigh, Penkridge, Pipe, Sedgely, Uttoxeter, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Writ of Assize, issued in the King's Court of at Westminster in the case of Josiah Mellor of Stafford v John Doe, 1807. Plaintiffs John Cruso, Richard Cutting and George Harrison, Deforciant of two messuages, two barns, two stables, 50 acres of arable, 50 acres of pasture and 50 acres of meadow, with appurtenances in Alstonefield, Staffordshire was Josiah Mellor of Stafford. Includes a list of Staffordshire jurors and a writ to the Sheriff to distrain the plaintiffs and deforciant to appear at the Stafford Assizes on 29th July 1807.  A note on the back states "Stafford 17 Doe v Mellor   non suit  all deforciants not appearing to conf etc."
NAMES: Averill; Ball; Barlow; Bate; Battye; Beardmore; Bilson, Birch; Blurton; Bott; , Brookes; Byron; Cope; Crewley; Cruso; Cutting; Day; Devie; Earp; Fearn; Fletcher; Forster; Gent; Gould; Harrison; Heath; Hine;  Holland; Jackson; Jones; Lane; Lockley; Lyon; Lynn; Meigh; Mellor; Moore; Moxon; Newman; Nock; Page; Plant; Platt; Rawlins; Robinson; Sherratt; Simkin; Skett; Tomlinson; Ward; Worsey; Willots;

PLACES: Stone, Stafford,  Staffordshire; Westminster;
DESCRIPTION: Plea of Trespass in the Court at Westminster in the term of Holy Trinity in the 46 year of the reign of King George III 1806. Plaintiffs Thomas Lymer and Thomas Woolridge against Thomas Heath in connection with several sums of 50 owing for goods goods, wares and merchandise sold and delivered to Heath, at his request. Heath,  represented by attorney  William Townsend, denied the claim and "put himself upon the County" and his opponents did the same. The Sheriff was thus commanded to bring the case before the court "from the day of Holy Trinity in three weeks".  The jury between the Thomas Lymer and Thomas Woolridge plaintiffs and Thomas Heath defendant was respited until the morrow of all Souls unless the J7ustices of the King assigned to hold the assizes in the County .in that case made and  provided shall first come on Wednesday the 13th August next at Stafford aforesaid for default of jurors because none may come. Therefore let the sheriff have the bodies etc. And be it known that the Justices  in court in this same term have delivered a writ thereupon to the deputy sheriff of the said county aforesaid to be executed.
NAMES: Barbor; Heath; Lymer;  Townsend; Woolridge;

PLACES: Leek, Leekfryth, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Copy, verified by Ralph Wood on 10 August 1706, of a Final Concord made in the Court at Westminster in the Holy Trinity the 3rd September in the 5th year of the reign of Queen Anne, between John Shattwell gent and John Ford and his wife Ellena and William Davenport and Ellianora his wife, deforciants of 4 messuages  [quinque  .], 5 gardens and tribuz acres of arable with appurtenances in Leek and Leekfrith  in the county of Stafford. A plea of covenant was entered   and John Ford  & Elleana and William and Ellianora acknowledged the property was the right of the said John Shattwell which he had of their gift. Usual warrantees. For the agreement Shattwell gave the Fords and Davenports 120.
NAMES: Davenport; Ford; Shattwell; Wood;

PLACES: Hanley, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Particulars of sale and plan for the sale by auction of new houses in Waterloo Street, off Charles Street, Hanley and building land in Commercial Road off Nelson Road: Dresden Street, Picton Street and Lincoln Street Hanley, Staffordshire on the 11 July 1888. The houses had annual rentals of from 31-4s-0d  to 44-4s-0d and are described. The plan shows the Nelson Pottery, the Wellington Pottery and the Waterloo Pottery and some names of property owners i.e. F. Machin (between the Nelson and Wellington potteries and Josiah James).
NAMES: Butters; Challinor; James; Machin;

PLACES: Newcastle under Lyme; Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Printed particulars for the sale of Basford Hall, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire and 53 acres of land by auction at the Railway Inn, Stoke on Trent, on 1st November 1870. Gives brief details of Basford Hall, pleasure grounds and gardens.
NAMES: Challinor; Edwards; Higginbottom; Hyatt; Sparrow;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: [1] A bundle of papers relating to the Cruso Memorial Fund. (Not yet numbered).

[2] A bundle of papers relating to the Cruso Nursing Association which includes the nurse's summary reports on patients treated and a copy of the Association's 3rd  Annual Report. (Not yet numbered).
NAMES: Cruso; Challinor;

PLACES: London; See also in "Description" below.
DESCRIPTION: Document of Henry Stoner Smith, Deputy Chief Usher of the Court of Exchequer dated 21 March 1837 and also 9th March 1838 and signed by Smith. It lists, under separate headings: ARCHBISHOPS, BISHOPS, DEANS and CHAPTERS, DEAN and CANONS; CHAPTER: WARDEN and FELLOWS.  Alongside the names under these headings (see below), in pencil,  are given the dates "Returned to" and against some either "No powers" or "exempt".  
Bishoprics etc Named: Saint Asaph ;  Bangor ;  Bath and Wells  ;  Bristol ;Canterbury  ;  Carlisle ;  Chester ; Chichester  ;  Durham  ;  Ely  ;  Exeter   ; Gloucester  ; Hereford ;Lichfield; Lincoln; London;   Llandaff;   St. Davids;  Manchester;   Norwich;   Oxford ;  Peterborough; Ripon;    Rochester; Sarum; Southwell; Wells;   Westminster; Winton;   Worcester ;   York;
NAMES: Smith; 

PLACES: Great Fenton, Hanley, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Conveyance, dated 1st June 1852, of a plot of land (935 sq. yds) of South Street,  Great Fenton, Staffordshire,  between (1) Jesse Hill of Stoke-on-Trent, potters foreman, John Allen of Stoke, grocer and Thomas Minishall of Stoke, woollen draper (2) John Dixon of Shelton, Staffs, toll-gate keeper,  (3) Edward Challinor of Hanley, gentleman and (4) Samuel Astbury of Hanley, earthenware manufacturer. Dixon purchased the land from Hill, Allen & Minishall for 54-7s-8d. Small coloured scale plan. Astbury and other signatures.
NAMES: Allen; Astbury; Challinor; Dixon; Hill; Lowndes; Minishall; Shingler; Simpson; Smith;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire
DESCRIPTION: Will, dated 6 March 1694, of Mrs Mary Wainwright nee Morewood wife of Samuel Wainwright, of Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire. Mary mentions her marriage settlement bearing date 11 May 1678. She gave and devised to her husband and her mother, all the messuages, lands and tenements, tithes and premises in Milne Street, Leek (except the messuage and premises heretofore in the holding of James Turner and the tithes of the said premises and land being in the inheritance of William Wedgwood's heir.
NAMES: Ball; Elliot; Horsley; Morewood; Turner; Wainwright; Wedgwood; 

PLACES: All counties in England & Wales named and some bishoprics.
DESCRIPTION: A long, narrow, vellum document which bears the signature of John Crew. There is no direct indication of the document's purpose and it is undated.  It appears to be some sort of taxation list as it lists bishoprics and counties in England & Wales with an amount against each and a reference mark against some that appears to mean "received". John Crew may be the first Baron Crew whose dates are 1597/8-1679.  He was an MP from 1624 and sat in the Long Parliament.  He was briefly committed to the Tower in 1640 for refusing to surrender papers in his possession as chairman of the committee on religion.  It is thus likely that this document is  a tax assessment "and was probably taken before 1660 when Crew was made a lord". It is possible that "it may date to the 1650s when raising money was a priority and Crew sat on the Committee for Both Kingdoms and was also responsible for raising funds for the Piedmontese Protestants."  See "Lay Taxes in England & Wales 1188-1688 , J Jurkowski, C L Smith & D Crook, PRO 1998.[NB the above is based on comments by the National Archives] 



    A.W. Bednall, Macclesfield 2009.