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BC2/ 1401
PLACES: Foxley, Herefordshire; Leek, Maer, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Mortgage by John Davenport  of Foxley, Herefordshire,  to  William Davenport of Maer Hall, Staffordshire, William Henry West of Gly Faes, Brecon and Thomas  Salt of Stafford, of the Abbey de la Cresse Estate in Leek Frith, Staffordshire to secure £10434-12s-2d and interest at 4%. Dated 18 August 1860.  The document includes a coloured plan. Vellum, signed, sealed and stamped. 
NAMES: Davenport; West; Salt; Cruso; Daintry; Thorneycroft; Rawlinson; Cave; Chorley; Mountford; Mills;

BC2/ 1402 
PLACES: Foxley, Herefordshire; Leek, Staffordshire; 
[1] Copy declaration by John Leech of Leek, Staffordshire, land agent, re the identity of the Westwood Estate, Leek, Staffs, dated 20 October 1865.

[2]Abstract of the title of the Reverend George Horatio Davenport of Foxley, Herefordshire to Hillswood Farm, Leekfrith, Leek, Staffordshire -lot 2 in the particulars annexed to the contract for sale to Frank Argyles. Title runs from the 1722. Gives detailed descriptions of the lands (including Franklins and Upper Foker Farm), outlines the wills of Davenport and Hinckes families etc. Genealogical and local history interest.

[3] Schedule of title deeds relating to the North Hillswood Farm, Leek, Staffordshire belonging to the marriage settlement of F. A. Argyles and his wife Susanna 1829 to. 1897.

[4] Agreement (with plan) between John Davenport of Westwood Hall, Leek, Staffordshire and the Staffs. Potteries Waterworks Co,  re land on the North Hillswood Farm and Tittesworth Farm required by the Company for a compensation reservoir  dated 1 December 1855. Paper document signed, sealed and stamped. Plan included. Document limits use of reservoir by others. 
Davenport; Leech; Cave; Daintry; Grey; Egerton; Sneyd; Alcock; Atkinson; Challinor; Hinckes; Holyoake; Cruso; West; Salt; Mills; Heaton; Williamson; Collins; Stephenson; Pigot; Hollins; Lankford; Mills; Stafford; Kenyon; Greenwoolers;  Tatton; Glover; Austin; Parr; Fenton; Ridgway; Parker; Hodgetts; Gnosall; Lee; Birtles; Rider; Norris; Sykes; Tomlinson; Johnson; Bowman; Salt; Chorley; Lennox; Critchlow; Welles; Wright; Furnivall; Lyon; Wilkinson;  Touchett; Bailie; Critchlow; Bayley; Riley; Rawlinson; Weston;

BC2/ 1403 
PLACES: Foxley, Herefordshire; London; Glas Faes, Brecon; Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Reconveyance by William Davenport of Maer, Staffordshire and other to the Revd. George Horatio Davenport of Foxley, Herefordshire,  of part of the Dieulacresse Estate, Leek, Staffordshire. Dated 17 June 1867. This includes a coloured plan and a detailed schedule of the lands concerned giving occupiers' names, field names and acreages. Vellum, signed, sealed and stamped. Includes the Abbey Farm, North Hillswood, The Bowling Green Inn, Fould Farm, Sheephouse Farm and Gun Gate.
NAMES: Davenport; Bailey; Critchlow; Searight; Massey; Johnson; West; Salt; Hulme, Cruso; Atkinson; Rawlinson; Mountford; Holmes; Rider; Needham;

BC2/ 1404 
PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Foxley, Herefordshire; Milnthorpe, Westmorland.
DESCRIPTION: Conveyance of the Hillswood Farm, Leek, Staffordshire by the Reverend George Horatio Davonport of Foxley, Herefordshire to Frank Atkinson Argyles of  Eversley, Milnthorpe, Westmorland,  dated 15 July 1871. Vellum, signed, sealed and stamped. Includes coloured and indexed plan of the farm. 
NAMES: Davenport; Argyles; Hulme; Critchlow; Searight;

BC2/ 1405 
PLACES: Staffordshire; Shropshire; Warwickshire 
DESCRIPTION: Royal assignment of William Mills of Leek, Staffordshire as a Commissioner for Oaths Staffordshire, Shropshire and Warwickshire with full authority and power to take and receive from any person in any cause, affidavits to "be made use of in the Courts of Kings Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer", dated May in 2nd year of the reign of George I (1715-16).  Vellum, stamped and sealed. NB Not yet fully transcribed in particular the significance of a reference to the Court at Westminster in the 29th year of the reign of Charles II, is unclear.
NAMES: Mills; Blackburn;

BC2/ 1406 
PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Conveyance from John Davenport of Westwood Hall, Leek, Staffs to the Staffordshire Potteries Waterworks Company of land in Tittesworth part of Tittesworth Farm in Leekfrith, Leek, Staffordshire, dated 24 June 1856. Land was wanted for the construction of a reservoir. Vellum, signed, sealed and stamped with a small coloured plan
NAMES: Davenport; Riley; Badnall; Rawlinson; Sneyd; Weston;

BC2/ 1407
Leek, Staffordshire; London; Coston, Warwickshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Grant of an annuity of £12 by Thomas Jolliffe of Coston, Warwickshire to John Joliffe of Inner Temple, London in return for consideration of £150.  The annuity was charged on Birchall Farm, Leek, Staffordshire, then in the possession of John Taylor and lists the various field in the parishes of Leek and Cheddleton; Vellum, signed (by both Jolliffes), sealed and stamped.  
A note on the outer skin states " This deed received from Coston after Messrs Biddulph had executed the deed to the purchas…" 
NAMES: Jolliffe; Harris; Smith;

BC2/ 1408 
PLACES: Castleton, Derbyshire; Dublin, Ireland; Leek, Staffordshire; Middlesex; London; 
DESCRIPTION: Small bundle of 3 documents relating to the Searight family and in particular to the appointment of trustees under the settlement made on the marriage of William Chambre with Miss Mary Searight  
[1] Draft appointment of new trustees of the settlement made on the marriage of William Chambre with Miss Mary Searight, dated 3 October 1873. This carries the note "To be endorsed on the official settlement of 18 September 1850. Challinor & Co., Leek.  
[2]Draft appointment of Hugh Ford Searight as  new trustee under the will of Hugh Ford esq, deceased in place of John Cruso deceased, Challinor & Co, Leek, 17 May 1873. This document is an indenture between the Rev. Hugh Ford Bacon, late Vicar of Castleton, Derbyshire but now of Walwers Cottage, Lewes, Sussex and Hugh Ford Searight of Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park, London and mentions that Hugh Ford late of Leek, Staffordshire, made a will on 12 February 1819 and after making several codicils in 1830 died on 7 October 1830  
[3]Draft transfers of Mersey Docks & Harbour Board bonds securing £2000.  
[4] Group of 3 letters from Hugh Ford Bacon of Walwers Cottage, Lewes, Sussex dating between 26 March and 19 April 1873 and dealing with aspects of the appointment of a new trustee "under Ford's will, in his place. 
NAMES: Challinor; Searight; Ford; Chambre; Cruso; Bacon; Hulme; Catlow; Prince; Badnall;

BC2/ 1409 
PLACES: Leek, Stafford; Staffordshire; Westminster, London; 
DESCRIPTION: Two witness summons calling on named individuals to appear at the Stafford Assizes on the 12 March 1830, to testify in the case of William Bassett plaintiff versus Joseph Mitchell and Isaac Smith the younger in a plea of trespass, in the Court at Westminster. Both are signed "Ellinborough" and "witness Charles Lord Tenterdon. The local solicitors who issued these were Messrs Killmister & Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire.  
[1]Summons issued to Thomas Pegg, William Rushton, John Vickerstaff and James Beresford in February 1830.  
[2] As [1] but the names of the witness(es) summoned are missing
NAMES: Bassett; Beresford; Challinor; Ellinborough; Killmister; Mitchell; Pegg; Rushton; Smith; Vickerstaff;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Shepherds Bush, London; 
Documents relating to the case of John Duncan Macgregor of Ball Street, Leek, journalist, versus Robert Pearce of Old Jury, London, solicitor, brought in the Leek County Court, in November 1900.  
[1] Small bundle [10] of case papers including a copy summons to the defendant, witness summons  sent to Frank Viner, Percy B. Miller and Harry Swift, all of Leek, Staffordshire, 3 letters from Robert Pearce to Mr Gwynne at Leek dating between 25 and 31 October 1900, a letter from Percy B. Miller of the Leek Times to Robert Pearce, dated 24 October 1900 and Miller'snotes about a meeting between Miller and Macgregor in Derby Street, Leek.  
[2] Copy of the evidence to be given in the case of Macgregor v Pearce in the Leek County Court 9 November 1900. Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire.  
[3] Copy of Notice to produce all books, papers, letters etc, required in the case of Macgregor v Pearce in the Leek County Court (Case No D755) dated 18 November 1900.  
[4] Ten letters dated between 7 September and 4 November 1900 some to John Duncan Macgregor from Alfred Grinsey and Robert Pearce and some from John Duncan Macgregor to Robert Pearce, Mrs Bailey and C. M. Gwynne.
NAMES: Allen; Bailey; Grinsey; Gwynne; Miller; Macgregor; Pearce; Swift; Challinor; Viner;

BC2/ 1411
PLACES: Buxton, Derbyshire; Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: The Leek National Reserve Club, Field House, High Street, Leek, Staffordshire : 26 documents, ledgers and other records.  

[1]        Leek National Reserve Club (LNRC) Cash book 1946-1970 containing many loose bills.  
[2]        LNRC Membership book 1949966.  
[3]        LNRC Income and expenditure book 1964 1967.  
[4]        LNRC Income and expenditure book 1968 1971.  
[5]        LNRC Petty cash book 1991 1997.  
[6]        LNRC  Bar prices and margins club 1991 1997.  
[7]        LNRC  Bar prices and margins club 1992 1995.  
[8]        LNRC  Bar prices and margins club 1995 1997.  
[9]        LNRC Wages Book 1991-1993.  
[10]      LNRC Goods received book 1974 1977.  
[11]     LNRC Election of new members lists 1990 –1997 listing names, addresses, proposers, seconders, sums paid and pass  numbers.  
[12]      LNRC Guests receipts book 1990, 1999.  
[13]      LNRC Wages boo1993.  
[14]      LNRC Statements of accounts 1981 to 1997. [1981, 1983, 1984,  
[15]      LNRC Bar stock index of prices and gross margins  
[16]      LNRC Concert book 1993. Signed and dated entries noting the chairman, the artist and the fee.  
[17]      LNRC Concert book 1993 continued.  
[18]      LNRC Concert book 1997.  
[19]      LNRC Concert book 1997.  
[20]      LNRC Printed Rules  undated.  
[21]      LNRC Printed Rules 195(3 copies).  
[22]      LNRC Printed Rules 197(4 copies).  
[23]      LNRC Printed Rules 1993.  
[24]      LNRC Miscellaneous entertainment items. 
“Pubs/Clubs” list of discs to be played. 
Handwritten lyrics of popular songs e.g. “Big spender”, “When you tell me that you love me”, 
            and a list of club tapes.
             Bundle of LNRC tickets for special events e.g. senior citizens’ party, members’ outing 1997. 
“Wot’s On plus Clubland Review” Vol. 42, No. 5 May 1995 published by the North Staffs & South Cheshire
             Entertainment Federation Ltd.  
[25]      “Successful Club Management” published by the United Trade Press Ltd 1970.  
[26]     Agreement, dated 1 April 1937, between the Leek National Reserve Club of Field House, High Street, Leek, Staffordshire and Buxton & High Peak Entertainment Ltd, for the tenancy of a plot of land on High Street, Leek, Staffordshire. Bowcock & Pursaill, Leek. Signed, sealed and stamped. Plan attached showing the land in question lay next to and on the west side of Field House.  
[27] Miscellaneous ephemera relating to the Leek National Reserve Club: (1)Printed voting form for the election of a president, vice-president and committee dated 1956. The President (H.Hassall) and vice-President (B. Plant) were unopposed  but 8 persons (A. E. Ball, E. Biddulph, W. Frith, D. Heywood, E. Murphin, H. Oliver, A. Pegg and R. Piggott) were the candidates  for the 4 places available on the committee. (2) Atlas Insurance Co Ltd receipt, dated 29 September 1957) for the premium for the insurance of the contents of the Leek National Reserve Club's club house i.e. Field House for £325. (3) Two key insurance renewal receipts  paid by Mr B. Lees c/o Thomas Whittles Ltd, Wellington Mills, 20 & 20 Langford Street, Leek, Staffordshire for 1959-60 and 1960-61.(3);
NAMES: Ball; Biddulph; Frith; Grindey; Hassall;  Heywood; Lees; Murphin; Oliver; Pegg; Piggott; Plant;

BC2/ 1412
PLACES: Endon, Fenton Culvert, Leek, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Final agreement made in the Court at Westminster in 1826-27 between John Cruso the elder, plaintiff, and Thomas Fenton Grosvenor and Mary his wife deforciants of 20 messuages, 10 shops, 5 chambers, 10 barns, 1 stall barn, 2 stables, 20 curtilages, 10 gardens, 2 bowling greens, 50 acres of arable, 50 acres of meadow, 50 acres of pasture, 10 acres of wood, 10 acres of furze and heath, 5 acres of land covered with water and their appurtenances in Leek and Endon and all manner of tithes from the said premises. Also all tithes from 2 messuages, 4 gardens, 80 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow, 60 acres of pasture and 10 acres of wood with appurtenances in Endon and Leek, Staffordshire and a moiety of 20 messuages, 10 shops, 5 chambers, 2 barns, 10 stables, 20 curtilages, 10 gardens, 5 orchards, 80 acres of arable, 80 acres of meadow, 80 acres of pasture, 10 acres of wood, 10 acres of furze and heath, 5 acres of land covered with water, common of pasture for all cattle and common of turbury in Leek, Fenton Culvert and Stoke upon Trent. And a moiety of all tithes whatsoever yearly arising out of the premises in Leek. And a moiety of all the rents, tolls, pickage, stallage, free custom dues, duties, profits and advantages of the fairs and markets of the Town of Leek. And a moiety of all tithes arising out of 2 messuages, 2 gardens, 30 acres of arable, 30 acres of meadow, 30 acres of pasture and 5 acres of wood with appurtenances in Endon and in the parish of Leek.  Thomas Fenton Grosvenor and his wife Mary acknowledged that the tenements, etc, were the right of John Cruso which he had of their gift and they had remised and quit claimed to John and his heirs forever. Usual warrantees by Thomas and Mary. For the agreement John Cruso gave Thomas Fenton Grosvenor and Mary his wife £2660. 
NAMES: Cruso; Grosvenor;

BC2/ 1413 
PLACES: Heathylee, Leek, Leekfrith, Quarnford, Tittesworth, Upperhulme, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Settlement papers, dated 1832-33, relating to the removal of Sarah Downes, a single woman, from the township of Leek & Lowe, Staffordshire to the township of Tittesworth, Staffordshire. Sarah Downes, who was about 22 years old, had been turned out of the Heathylee  home where she had been born, by her father about 6 months after her mother died. Sarah was about 11 years old at the time and a "weakly not sickly" child. She went to live with her Aunt Martha wife of Joseph Heapy of Etches Green, Heathylee and subsequently her Aunt arranged for her to live with Soloman Ash and his wife Sarah of Tittesworth.  She was not employed by Ash but was fed and clothed (secondhand) by Ash and his wife. As she wasn't bound to stay there she often left and sometimes spent Christmas with Rosamund Alcock in Leek. After 6 1/2 years she was hired by Joseph Dane of Newset in Leekfrith at wages of £3.5 per year though her employment only lasted from New Year's Day to Christmas Eve so as to prevent her gaining settlement. She stayed there until New Years Day 1830 when she went to work for Mrs Ash as a hired servant at wages of £4 for a 51 week year.  On Christmas Eve 1932 she left Mrs Ash's having previously  been hired by William Brunt of Upper Hulme and she worked for him for about 6 weeks from New Years Day 1833 . About February1833 Sarah was poorly and "as she had no where else to go", went to Mary Read in Leek for the benefit of her health.  On applying for relief Sarah said "six weeks since then I have not been in any place".  An order for her removal was signed by Rev, J.H. Heathcote and John Sneyd on 3 April 1833 and Sarah was removed to Heathylee, Staffordshire the following day. Heathylee appealed.

[1] Order for the removal of the pauper Sarah Downes from the township of Leek & Lowe, Staffordshire to the township of Tittesworth, Staffordshire, dated 6 March 1833 and signed by the Rev. T. H. Heathcote and John Sneyd, Justices of the Peace.

[2] Statement on oath, dated 3 April 1833, by Sarah Downes of the Township of Leek & Lowe, Staffordshire stating that she was born in Heathylee, Staffordshire and that to the best of her knowledge had done nothing to gain settlement in her own right. Furthermore she believed she was "pregnant with child". Sarah signed the statement with a cross and the two JPs witnessed it.

[3] Examination of Ann Ash, daughter of Soloman and Sarah Ash of Tittesworth, Staffordshire with regard to the settlement of Sarah Downes. Undated but watermarked 1832.

[4] Examinations relating to the settlement of Sarah Downes being draft depositions on the part of Tittesworth with regard to the removal of Sarah Downes in the case of Tittesworth versus Leek & Lowe. Undated but one sheet watermarked 1830. Depositions are those of Sarah Downes herself, of Mrs Sarah Ash, widow, Martha Heapy and Miss Ann Ash daughter of Sarah Ash.

[5] Staffordshire Michaelmas Sessions 1833. Heathylee-appellants and Leek & Lowe -respondents in re the removal of Sarah Downes. Draft brief for the respondents. Cruso, Leek.

[6] Staffordshire Michaelmas Sessions 1833. Heathylee-appellants and Leek & Lowe -respondents in re the removal of Sarah Downes: Brief for the respondents. Also states "To Mr Whateley". This document carries additional notes about the advocates' fees etc, including "Mr Whateley Mr Shutt with you". It contains all the depositions about Sarah Downes and her life with additional notes here and there..

[7] Staffordshire Michaelmas Sessions 1833. Heathylee-appellants and Leek & Lowe -respondents in re the removal of Sarah Downes: Brief for the respondents. Also a note stating "To Mr Shutt". This document carries additional notes about the advocates' fees etc, including " Mr Shutt Mr Whateley with you". It contains all the depositions about Sarah Downes and her life with additional notes here and there.
NAMES: Ash; Alsopp; Brunt; Cruso; Downes; Heapy; Heathcote; Read; Sneyd; Shutt; Whateley;

BC2/ 1414
PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: [1] Contract and conditions of sale of freehold property situated at Nab Hill, Leek, Staffordshire to be sold by auction on the 15th September 1952 by order of the executors of Mr. James O. Jones deceased. Attached to this is a detailed sales catalogue  incorporating a photograph of the property and a plan showing the location of the various lots.   The document also contains the agreements signed by the purchasers of Lots 2 and 3.

[2] Illustrated catalogue for the sale, on the 18 & 19 September 1952, of the "antique and modern furniture" and other contents the property called Nab Hill, Leek, Staffordshire, by auction, on the orders of the executors of the late Mr. James O. Jones deceased. Handwritten notes alongside some of the more than 463 lots listed give the prices achieved. The illustrations are mainly of carved ivory figures.

[3] A selection of typed 10 Delivery Notes of the auctioneers W. S. Bagshaw & Sons of Uttoxeter etc, giving Lot numbers, brief descriptions and the amounts raised(?) at the sale on 18th and 19th September 1952 of the contents of the Nab Hill former residence of the late Mr James O. Jones of Leek, Staffordshire.
NAMES: Bagshaw; Bailey; Challinor; Jones; Shaw; Sherratt;

BC2/ 1415
PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
DESCRIPTION: Extract  from the award of Joseph Boultbee, Thomas Rowley and Joseph Gould the Commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament made in the 45 year of the reign of his late Majesty King George the Third entitled " An Act for Inclosing lands in the Parish of Leek in the County of Staffordshire". The extract relates to allotments totalling 973  acres 0 roods 37 perches, made to Edward Trafford Nicolls under the award dated 3 January 1811.  
The land was on Blackshaw Moor, the Gun and the roaches and the extract details its boundaries in relation to other allotment  numbers in the Award and features of the areas in question, such as "the old coal road", the "Township of Heathylee old inclosures" and occupation roads. 
NAMES: Boultbee; Boyer; Gould; Hulme; Mills; Nicolls; Rowley;  Turnock;

BC2/ 1416
PLACES: Leek, Rudyard; Stone, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Deeds relating to Miss Ann William's property on St. Edwards Street, Leek, Staffordshire 1753 to 1833.

[1]1 Indentures of  release, dated 30 May 1753, of a house and garden in Spout Street, Leek, Staffordshire by John Pennell of Leek, husbandman and Lydia his wife to Ralph Sterndale of Leek, stocking weaver. Consideration. John and Lydia made marks. The property is described as "All that upper end or apartment, containing one bay of building being part of all that messuage or tenement in Leek aforesaid situated in a street there called the Spout Street (the whole containing two bays of building) and standing betwixt the houses of one Josiah Lancelott on the lower end and a smithy or smith house formerly and now in the holding of John Stretch, blacksmith, on the upper end thereof, which upper end or one bay of building was formerly  in the holding of William Taylor or his assigns  but now in the possession of Robert Joule".  It also included "so much of the backside of the house as carrieth the length of the sidewall of the said bay of building to the middle of the gable end and from the middle of the gable end by a direct line nine yards in length up to the dead wall at the upper end of the said backside. And also the upper part of the garden lying beyond the backside 8 yards long and 9 yards broad together with the house of ease therein standing."  The premises had been purchased from one Jeremy Tomkinson who had purchased them (amongst others) from  Thomas Rudyard of Rudyard and  his son and heir Thomas Rudyard the younger. The document was witnessed by Margaret Oakes and William Wardle.

[2] Indenture of sale, dated 28 June 1755, between Ralph Sterndale of Leek, Staffordshire, framework knitter and Thomas Lowndes of Leek, cordwainer, of all that upper end or apartment containing one bay of building etc [as for item 1] by Sterndale to Lowndes for £60. Witnessed by William Condlyffe and Henry Nixon. The property was said to be "now in the holding of Robert Smith the younger".

[3] Mortgage by demise for 500 years of four messuages or dwelling houses in Leek, Staffordshire as security for £80 and interest, by James Lowndes of Leek, cordwainer, to Joseph Creswell of Park Lane in the parish of Leek, yeoman, dated 4 July 1801. The property included the house on Spout Street, Leek where James Lowndes then dwelt on the site of which  "formerly stood an ancient messuage or tenement the estate of  Thomas Lowndes deceased, father of the said James Lowndes, and by him purchased from Ralph Sterndale now deceased." The property also included " All those three several messuages etc, lying in the yard or backside of the said tenement which were formerly in the holdings of Daniel Knight, William Jump and James Broadhurst but now of James Lovatt, Joseph Steel and Thomas Lowndes. The three houses were also formerly part of the estate of Thomas Lowndes deceased having also been bought by him from Ralph Sterndale.

[4] Conveyance by feoffment, dated 30 June 1806, of three dwelling houses in Spout Street, Leek, Staffordshire by Mrs Mary Bott of Stone, Staffordshire, daughter and devisee of Thomas Lowndes of Leek, cordwainer, deceased to James Lowndes of Leek, cordwainer, for the sum of £42. Thomas Ley of Leek, breeches maker, was also a party to the conveyance. The three houses stood in the garden or backside of a house in Spout Street, Leek,  belonging to James Lowndes and were formerly in the holdings of Daniel Knight, William Jump and James Broadhurst.

[5] Assignment, dated 29 September 1821, by Thomas Tompkinson of Park Lane, Leek, farmer, Miss Ann Tompkinson of Stafford and James Lowndes of Leek, cordwainer to Thomas Shallcross of Leek, dyer, of four houses in Spout Street, Leek, Staffordshire for the residue of 500 years as security for securing £150 and interest. The houses included the house formerly the estate of Thomas Lowndes deceased, father of the said James Lownes and 3 houses in the yard or backside of the house.  The document cites the will of Joseph Creswell and that of Thomas Tomkinson.

[6] Release, dated 2 October 1833, of four dwelling houses and garden on Spout Street, Leek, Staffordshire by George Wardell of Leek and Thomas Lea of Leek, breeches maker, trustees of James Lowndes formerly of Leek, deceased and their mortgagee to Miss Ann Williams of Leek. The houses included that where James Lowndes had formerly dwelt which was then occupied by Dinah Lowndes and Olive Blackwall. One of the 3 houses behind this was unoccupied, the others were occupied by Agnes Touflet and James Smith. 
NAMES: Bott; Bramwell; Broadhurst; Challinor; Condlyffe; Creswell; Cruso; Hallows; Joule; Jump; Knight; Lancelott; Lea; Lovatt; Lowndes; Nixon; Oakes; Pennell; Perkins; Rudyard; Shallcross; Smith; Steel; Sterndale; Taylor; Tompkinson; Touflet; Wardle; Wardell;

BC2/ 1417 
PLACES: Congleton, Cheshire; London; Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Case as to Matthew Gaunt's claims on the estate of Mrs Sarah Fowler of Highfield, Leek, Staffordshire, deceased.  For the opinion of Mr Prior 9 Old Square, Lincoln's Inn. Gregory & Faulkner & Co for Challinor, Badnall & Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire, 3 July 1852.  Mrs Fowler was Matthew Gaunt's mother and both were partners in the Bank of Fowler, Gaunt & Co formerly carried on at Leek and Congleton. Mr Prior's opinion is written on the final page.
NAMES: Badnall; Challinor; Dakeyne; Fowler; Gaunt; Prior; Towgood; Watt;

BC2/ 1418 
PLACES: Ashbourne, Derbyshire; Cheddleton, Horton, Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Draft conveyance, dated 4 October 1876, by Francis Bryan Hand of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire to Thomas Phillips of Leek, Staffordshire, a Major in HM 18th Regiment of Hussars,  of the reversion in fee of and in the Ashenhurst Estate at Bradnop in Staffordshire. Milne, Riddle & Milne, Temple. Document contains a schedule of  Phillips' properties listing tenants names, location and description of property and the area of land. The properties include not only Ashenhurst but also property in Ashbourne, Derbyshire and Cheddleton and Leek, Staffordshire, such as Fynney Lane Farm, Cheddleton and Field House, Leek.  The document also contains extracts from various Phillips wills and provides other  Phillips - Milne etc, family details.
NAMES: Adams; Allen; Bailey; Beard; Bolton; Bowyer; Chell; Clark; Cursham; Eardley; Fernyhough; Godwin; Hand; Hill; Hobbs; Hodgkiss; Johnson; Milne, Phillips; Plant; Russell; Sant; Smith; Spencer; Steel; Wainscott; Wardle; Warrington; Whittles;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Inclosure of Leek Wastes and Commons: Draft summary of claims for allotments under the 1806 Act, Book 1.  
Thomas Armett; George Astles; Anthony Appleby; Trustees of the Almshouses; Ralph Allcock; William Ash; John Bott of Thorncliffe; John Barnfield of Leek; James Barnett of Waterfall and Richard Howorth of Musden Grange; Martha Birtles of Mill Street Leek; John Bagnall of the Ringe; Sarah Brentnall of Leek; William Brunt; Richard Burgh Esqr; Josiah Booth; Wm.  Bradbury; Thomas Ball of Leek; James Bullock; William Brough of Middle Hulme; Mary Braddock; Betty Brunt; John Booth; James Bulkeley Esquire; Henry Beard of Leek; Elizabeth Bagnall & Sarah Bagnall; Elizabeth Bagnall & Sarah Ann Bagnall; William Boyer; Samuel Bowyer of the Mill Street in Leek; Mr John Barker of Leek; John Brough of Newcastle under Lyme; Ferdinando Bullock; William Booth; Thos. Bailey; Richd. Badnall; John Fynney & Richd. Badnall; William Badnall; Richard Bentley, Clerke Vicar of Leek; Eli Cope; Isaac Cope Surgeon deceased; Joseph Condliffe; James Clulow  Gunside; Aaron Cope; Joseph Clowes; Jerimiah Condliffe of Leekfrith; Toft Chorley ; Mary Chorley ; Joshua Chorley; Jospeh Clulow of Heaton,; Mr. Benjm. Challinor; John Cruso (Trustee for Maddocks); John Cooper; Samuel Challinor of Oakmoor; Joseph Clulow of Congleton; Michael Daintry of Byrons in the County of Chester Esq; Elizabeth Debank of Leek ; Joseph Deaville;  Lewis Davies of Leek ; Robt. Emerson; John Edge; Hugh Ford; John Fowler Esq. of Leek; John Fynney; Hannah Farrington; Josiah Gaunt; Josh. Goodwin; Richard Goodwin; Booth Grey of Bicester ; Richd. Gould; Mr Saml. Goodwin of Leek; Thomas Fenton Grosvenor Esqr; [To be completed]

PLACES: Leek, Rushton Spencer, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Indenture, dated 5 August 1837, conveying a plot of land on Foker Moor, Leek, Staffordshire from  Hugh Wardle of Leek, chemist and druggist and Nathan Wardle of Rushton Spencer, Leek, Staffordshire, farmer, to Sarah Fowler widow, Matthew Gaunt, gentleman and Josiah Gaunt, silk manufacturer, all of Highfield, Leek, Staffordshire, in consideration of the sum of £11-12s-3d paid to James Wardle late father of the said Hugh & Nathan Wardle, paid on 28 February 1828. 
NAMES: Ash; Gaunt; Fowler; Wardle;

BC2/ 1421
PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Leamington Spa, Warwickshire; 
DESCRIPTION: Five letters concerning the health of Miss Elizabeth Flint. Joseph Challinor wrote three of the letters to his brother William in Leek, Staffordshire from either 15 Beauchamp Road, Leamington (16 August 1889 and 23 December 1889) or from Selwyn College, Cambridge (20 August 1889). Joseph Challinor was attending to series of "clerical lectures" at Selwyn college including one on the Sermon on the Mount by the Dean of Emmanuel College.  And pronounced himself "much impressed".  Joseph Challinor's 4th letter, dated 11 May 1889, was addressed to his wife Jessie in Leek. The fifth letter, dated 31 May 1889, was addressed to Joseph Challinor by a Mr J. Fenn Clark and in contrast to the others concerned the health of Elizabeth Flint's sister Louisa and Louisa's concerns that her sister Elizabeth should make a will. 
NAMES: Argyles; Brealey; Brunt;  Challinor; Clark; Critchlow; Flint; Gailey; Hawkess; Jennings; Killmister; Knowles; Ritchie; Stubbs;

BC2/ 1422 
PLACES: Bagerley, Cheshire; Egginton, Etwall, Norbury, Willersley, Derbyshire; Lartington, Durham; Manchester, Lancashire; Hattan Garden, Middlesex; Westminster, London; Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire; Barlaston,  Cheadle, Cotton, Crakemarsh, Doveridge, Hollington, Leek, Longsdon, Madeley, Milwich, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Whitmore, Staffordshire; Mossen, Newport, Shrewsbury, Salop; Coston, Worcestershire;  
DESCRIPTION: Documents relating to the Ball Haye Estate, Leek, Staffordshire.

[1] Abstract of the title of the trustees of Dr James Hulme to a capital messuage and mansion house called Ball Haye and about 73 acres of land adjoining and belonging to it, situated in the parish of Leek, Staffordshire. Sharpe, Field & Jackson, Bedford Row, London 1853.

[2] Draft conveyance, dated 28 October 1853, of lands formerly part of the Ball Haye Estate in Tittesworth, Leek, Staffordshire from Isambard Kingdom Brunel of Duke Street, Westminster, Middlesex and James Michael Holdship of Hyde Park, London to Isaac Middleton of Leek, Staffordshire, grocer of Lots 11 and 12, purchased in the sale of the Ball Haye Estate on 16 June 1853, by James Brough and Edwin Heaton and subsequently sold to Middleton. Engrossed 24 Oct. 1853. Draft receipt on reverse shows that the consideration was £521 : 6s : 5d.

[3] Sale of the Ball Haye Estate, Leek, Staffordshire: Stated accounts with the purchasers. Undated but probably 1853. The purchasers were John Cruso (Lots3,  4, 5, 8 &9), Mr R. Hammersley (Lots 6, 13 & 14) and Mr E. Pickford (7 & 10).

[4] Draft advertisement for the sale of the Ball Haye Estate, Leek, Staffordshire, dated 21 April 1853.

[5] Account of the sales of the Ball Haye Estate, Leek, Staffordshire. [Undated but probably 1853] The purchasers were John Cruso, Joshua Brough, R. Hammersley, E. Pickford, E. Heaton and S. Gould. The total raised was £10785 : 18s : 4d.

[6] Letter, dated 21 October 1853, from William Beaumont Badnall of Leek, Staffordshire, solicitor, to his partner William Challinor re Lot 1 in the sale of the Ball Haye Estate and some problems he had with some of the provisos.

[7] Letter, dated 12 October 1853) from William Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire to W.B.Badnall of Leek (his partner)  re answers to queries concerning the sale of the Ball Haye Estate.

[8] Plan, on linen and to a scale of one chain to an inch, of land on the Ball Haye Estate, Leek, Staffordshire proposed to be divided for building purposes August 1853. Note attached about land purchased by Mr Johnson, by John Brough and by James Brough.

[9] Coloured plan of the Ball Haye Estate, Leek, Staffordshire showing the mansion, lake and gardens and other features including the parsonage. Some names of occupiers indicated. 
NAMES: Abury; Bagnall; Beard; Bilson;  Birds; Birtles; Blakeaway; Blunt; Bostock; Bradburn; Broadhurst; Brough; Brunel; Catlow; Chorley; Clowes; Cope; Cotton; Cruso; Davenport; Dewhurst;  Edge; Edmunds; Every; Fenton; Ferne; Ford; Gilbert; Gould; Harrison; Heathcote; Heaton; Heygate; Holdship; Hollins; Holmes; Hulme; Joliffe; Lockett; Mainwaring; Mellor;  Mills; Morris; Parker; Phillips; Pickford;  Plant; Rhodes; Sherratt; Shilton; Steer; Stubbs; Tayleur; Toft; Unwin; Wells;

BC2/ 1423
PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire.
DESCRIPTION: Office copy of the order of exchange of lands in Leekfrith and Tittesworth, Leek, Staffordshire between John Davenport of Westwood Hall, Leek, Staffordshire and Mrs Elizabeth Atkinson of of Haregate, Leek, widow,  dated 23 February 1860. Vellum, signed, sealed and stamped. Single sheet carrying the Inclosure Commissioners' stamp and incorporating a coloured plan and a schedule of lands.
NAMES: Davenport; Atkinson; Critchlow; Birch;

BC2/ 1424 
PLACES: North Shields, County Durham; 
DESCRIPTION: Inventory of the stock in Messrs Ainslie & Turner's "smith shop" at 70 Bell Street, North Shields, dated 1 July 1878. Apart from iron and blister steel, nuts and bolts, nails, nuts, spikes etc, the inventory includes 18" gin wheels, an 18" gin,  fisherman's canhooks, towlines and lanyards, anchor schakels, quoits, "old Davids", double winches,  mandrels, slings fo a boat, anvels,  derrick blocks, rudders, boat sails, "spunyarn castings", boat masts, wrenches, hammers, running gear,  towline thimbles, chains, jumping plates, cinder rakes, drill stand, fire crane,, gas piping, slit rod and boiler plate.  The booklet also includes a list of debts owing to the firm. 
The total value of the stock was £158 : 3s : 9.5d, book debts amounted to £61 : 10s : 10.5d; on the slate 18s 9d; cash in hand £36 : 8s : 1d. Total £257 : 1s : 6d. 
NAMES: Ainslie; Carr; Crayshaw; Elwell; Fawcet; Grieves; Gillespie; Jones; Smith; Patterson; Spencer; Stroud; Turner; Wedgwood; Willets;

BC2/ 1425
PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire 
DESCRIPTION: Memorandum by the Committee of the Leek Building Society concerning the purchase of land at King Street, Leek, Staffordshire. 27 February 1851. It states that James Alsop had entered a contract of purchase with Mr Thomas Sneyd for the purchase of the Cheshire Field at £550 on the understanding that any loss is to be made good and any gains to be divided consequent on the ultimate disposal of such field by and among himself the undersigned members of the Committee and Trustees of the Leek Benefit Building Society on terms arranged amongst them. 17 signatures appended. 
NAMES: Alsop; Birch; Brough; Cruse; Fergyson; Gould; Hammersely; Heaton;  Johnson; Mollatt; Mycock; Nall; Rider; Shaw; Sneyd; Wood; 


PLACES: Dunston, Chesterfield, Derbyshire; Leek, Staffordshire; 
DESCRIPTION: [1] Copy memorandum as to mineral lease re the Dunston Estate 1856. It is addressed to the trustees of the estates of the late Mrs Elizabeth Mary Smith and cites a proposal made by Messrs Fowler  to take a lease of the coal and ironstone under the Dunston Estate for the term of 42 years.  The Trustees only had powers to lease for 21 years and Fowlers had agreed to accept the shorter term provided that Mr W. B. Smith "the tenant in tail remainder" after the death of Thomas Milnes Smith Milnes would join in a covenant to do whatever was necessary to expand the lease for the residue of the 42 years. The signatories to the document "as a consideration for the concurrence of Mr W. B. Smith agreed that if such a lease was granted by the trustees they would "secure unto the said W. B. Smith during the life of Thomas Milnes Smith Milnes and other the term of  our own beneficial interest in the rent and profits of the said trust estate one equal part or share" jointly with themselves in the net rents and profits arising under the lease. Signed by Mary M. Smith, Charles Stead, Margaret Smith, W. B. Badnall.
Two letters are attached to the document.
[2]Letter, dated 28 June 1856, from George Sampson of Beauchief Abbey to William Beaumont Badnall, Leek, Staffordshire  enclosing (originally) a cheque for £98 as her half year share in the Dunston Rents.
[3] Letter, dated 3 July 1856, from William Beaumont Badnall of Leek, Staffordshire to George Sampson returning the memorandum on the mineral lease which he had signed.. Badnall points out that his wife's  interest in the estate was settled 
on their marriage and he could therefore only bind himself to the extent of a life interest that might cease in Mr Milnes lifetime. 
NAMES: Badnall; Fowler; Milnes; Parker; Sampson; Smith; Stead;

BC2/ 1427 
PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Sheffield, Yorkshire 
DESCRIPTION: Mortgage in fee with power for sale of a dwelling house in Leek, Staffordshire to secure £2000 and interest, made by John Hulme of Harpers Gate, Leek , farmer, to Miss Mary Sutton of Leek, and an Assignment by John Cruso junior of Leek to Henry Cruso of Leek, of a term of 1000 years affecting part of the hereditaments for better security and to attend the inheritance, dated 1 October 1828. The property concerned is described as "all that messuage or dwelling house, situate, standing and being in a certain street called Custard Street in Leek, Staffordshire, commonly called Custard Lane, now and for many years last past used as an inn of public house commonly called or known by the name or sign of The Queen's Head, together with the brewhouse, stables, necessary and other outbuildings and the yard…..heretofore in the occupation of John Barlow deceased, since of Ann Barlow, widow and now of John Barlow his son. There was also another messuage at the bottom of Leek Market Place near the top of Custard Lane and adjoining the Queen's Head and formerly in the holding of Miss Margaret Mountford and now of the said Ann Barlow and also a room of building lately taken out of the back part of the last mentioned messuage and land at the back of the shop adjoining thereto, then in the occupation of Messieurs Claudius and Thomas Simkin, mercers and drapers but now of Joseph Hervey Smith, mercer and draper. In addition there were three messuages or dwelling houses and shops on the north side and fronting Custard Lane and near to the Market Place and  directly opposite to the first two mentioned (Queen's Head etc.) and occupied by Ralph Mountford, grocer and flax dresser, James Tunnicliffe, ironmonger, and Thomas Johnson, druggist, which were erected in about 1812 by William Hulme late father of the said John Hulme, on the site of a messuage, three shops and a stable formerly in the holding of George Orme and his wife Mary, Benjamin Woolf, tailor, Sarah Burtinshaw, milliner, and William and John Cope, butcher. The property also included three closes -the two Lower Closes and Whitefield in Leek formerly occupied by John Barlow deceased, then by John Birch and in 1828 by Thomas Bloore. Vellum (5 sheets), signed, sealed and stamped. 
Bloore; Barlow; Birch; Burkinshaw Cope; Challinor; Cruso; Gaskell; Hulme; Johnson; Keates; Mountford; Orme; Simkin; Smith; Sutton; Tunnicliffe; Woolf;

Leek, Staffordshire;
Printed particulars of sale and a plan of freehold cottages and building land for sale by auction at the Town Hall, Leek, Staffordshire on 20 July 1905. Challinor & Shaw, Leek. The property was in Horton Street, New Street and  St. Edwards Street, Leek and the land was in the area between Nab Hill, the North Staffs Railway line and the Macclesfield Road,
Adams; Ballard; Bailey; Brealey; Cartwright; Clarke; Challinor; Corbishley; Eggleton; Peacock; Prince; Robinson; Rogers; Sheldon; Singer; Taylor;

Leek, Staffordshire;
A bundle of papers relating to local and parliamentary elections, the Overseers of the Poor of Lowe and the Poor Rates for Lowe, Staffordshire 1890 to 1897.  

[1] Printed Voting Paper for the election of commissioners under the Leek Improvement Act 1855, dated 29 April 1890. 12 persons had been nominated and voters were to be choose not more than 8 names. Eligibility to vote depended on the amount of rates paid and the more a voter paid the more votes they were entitled to.  
[2] Letter, dated 17 May 1893, from the Local Government Board to T. Robinson, Chairman of the Overseers of the Township of Leek & Lowe concerning a proposal by the Overseers to rent rooms in no.40 St. Edward Street, Leek.  
[3]Printed notice of the annual parish meeting for the parish of Lowe to be held in the Overseers' Offices in St. Edward Street, Leek, Staffordshire on 25 March 1896. In addition to the usual business the meeting was to consider and resolve what steps should be taken to ascertain what charities affected and belonged to the parish and to apply for the requisite order for the apportionment of any charities belonging to the old township of Leek & Lowe.  
[4] Six printed lists of parliamentary, county and parochial electors for the Leek Division of Staffordshire, No. 15,  Leek Polling District -District O. 1897. The lists (all for the Parish of Lowe) give the full names of voters, their addresses, qualification to vote and a description of the qualifying property. The 6 lists carry the following headings: 1. Separate list of Parochial Electors -Persons entitled to vote as Parochial Electors only; 2.Ownership Electors- Parliamentary & Parochial Electors. 3;  Occupation Electors (other than lodgers); 4 Lodgers List.  
[5]  Four items relating to the Return under the Agricultural Rates Act 1896 for the Lowe Highway Parish in the Rural  District of Leek, 5th September 1896. They include Schedule 1 Form 1. This gives the total rateable value of properties for highway purposes was £1810-5s-0d and the document was signed by William Critchlow, Surveyor of Highways, Lowe Hill, Leek.  
The other items are Schedule 1 Form 2, 5th September  particulars of how the area of the highway parish had diminished since 25 March 1895;  Schedule 1 Form 3 also dated 5th September 1896 and Schedule T, Return for the Highway Parish of Lowe, 5th September 1896.Rateable Value £1810-5s-0d; Rateable Value of exempt properties £197-10s-0d.  
[6] Printed detailed rates account for the Parish of Lowe, Staffordshire dated 1896. Includes a property tax assessment and overseers' return giving a detailed breakdown of the properties on which were rated in Lowe, i.e. houses (£43-19s gross), land etc (£2283-15s-6d gross), underwood (£3 gross), railway (£806-14s gross) and quarries etc(£3-5s gross).
[7] Letter from the Local Government Board to the Overseers of Lowe Highway Parish dated 2nd March 1897 and concerning the Return furnished by the Highway Surveyor and requesting that a further return be made in the form of Schedule T of the Order. The form was duly completed by William Critchlow on 5 March 1897 and this gives the rateable value of the parish as £2442-10s of which the rateable value of agricultural land was £1522-5s and that of buildings and other non-agricultural property £920-5s.

Alcock; Bailey; Bassett; Bennison; Bishton; Booth; Burnett; Burton; Carter; Challinor; Clemsha; Corbishley; Critchlow; Dale; Davenport; Dickinson; Fernyhough; Franklin; Fynney; Gaunt; Gee; Gilman; Godwin; Gould; Hill; Hulme; Johnson; Kershaw; Knowles; Lees; Magnier; Nixon; Nobles; Phillips; Robinson; Simpson; Sleigh; Sneyd; Tatton; Timmis; Trueman; Turner; Wardle; Ward; Watson; Wright;

Buxton, Hartington, Derbyshire; Kendal, Cumberland; Lytham, Lancashire; Hanley, Leek, Longsdon, Staffordshire; Leamington, Warwickshire;
18 documents relating to the will and codicils of Miss Elizabeth Flint of Beauchamp Avenue, Leamington, Warwickshire, including her will, dated 27 January 1885, two codicils and a copy of the will that superceded it, dated 7 June 1889.
Booth; Challinor; Dakeyne;  Flint; Gough; Harrison; Killmister; Lewthwaite; Lovatt;  Nadin; Paget; Senior; Smith; Watson; Wilkinson; Wilson;

London; Leek, Staffordshire;
Two letters from John Davenport of Salisbury Square, London  to John Cruso junior of Leek, Staffordshire concerning the possible purchase of Leek Town Land, uncertainty about the title to the land and the need for the Trustees of Leek Town lands to obtain a Parliamentary Bill.

[1] Letter dated13 December 1831.Also mentions a project for forming a new line of road from the White's Bridge to Leek by making a new line by the Nabs Hill, in order to avoid the heavy hill and disagreeable entrance through the Mill Street.

[2] Letter dated 28 December 1831.
Cruso; Davenport;

Cotton, Cheadle, Leek, Staffordshire;
Letter or memo from John Cruso junior of Leek, Staffordshire to his brother Henry, concerning instructions for the settlement of Miss Mills' estates at Leek and Cheadle and her share of the Cotton property previously to her marriage with S. R. B.Cave esquire. Cruso's & Coupland, Leek,  November 1821.
Adderley; Cave; Coupland; Cruso; Mills;

Handsworth, Woodthorpe, Sheffield, Yorkshire;
Three letters relating to the erection and endowment of a church at Woodhouse, Handsworth, Sheffield and another letter that may be related, which was with them..

[1] Letter, dated 10 July 1869, from John Bower Brown of Woodthorpe Hall, Woodthorpe near Sheffield, to the Reverend John Hand, Rector of Handsworth, Sheffield,  following a visit by Hand, Mr Gainsford and Mr Dobson to his bank, declining to aid the project put to him at that time but expressing his willingness to subscribe liberally towards the erection and endowment of a church at Woothorpe and, when this had been done, to give £100 towards the alterations to the parish church. Brown stressed that "essentials in the first instance are to be preferred, to convenience and ornamentals".

[2] Letter, dated 28 July 1869, from the Reverend John Hand to John Bower Brown of Woodthorpe, responding to Brown's of the 10th and asking him to specify the sum he would give to the building fund and what sum in aid of the endowment. He mentions that he and the church wardens had discussed the possibility of erecting a church and of appointing a curate to devote his whole time to the place.

[3]Letter, dated 29 July 1869, from John Bower Brown of Woodthorpe to the Reverend John Hand, Rector of Handsworth near Sheffield, respectfully reminding him "that all my contributions to churches, parsonages, schools and everything in the parish have been presented through and in the name of my friend Mr Dunn -this course I must follow in the matter of Woodhouse Church". He proposed to consult his friend and leave the whole matter in his hands".

[4] Letter, dated 1 October 1869, from Tom Phillips to his cousin enclosing a cheque for £350. Tom Phillips was cousin of John Hand Rector of Handsworth.
Bower Brown; Dobson; Dunn; Gainsford; Hand;

Chudleigh, Newton Abbot, Devonshire;
Letter, dated 14 June 1862,  from Charles Langley of Chudleigh, Devonshire, solicitor,  to the Reverend John Daintry concerning the financial difficulties of Mr & Mrs Moore "and their numerous family" and Daintry declining to advance any money. After reviewing the circumstances Langley agreed in "the propriety of settling for the benefit of Mrs Moore and her children, whatever can be spared, after releasing their husband and father from his difficulties; for their welfare will be more fully served by keeping him intact in character and reputation than by tying up a few additional hundreds for future purposes."
Cox; Daintry; Langley; Moore; Townsend;

Shrewsbury, Shropshire; Leek, Staffordshire;
[1] A letter, dated 23 October 1896, from the Reverend C. B. Maude, Council House Court, Shrewsbury to Mr Robinson, Leek, Staffordshire, thanking him for papers that he returned with the letter. Maude said  that "a sight of them astonished the Salopian Overseer to whom I showed them. The Poll is going on today. Each man has his vote entered opposite his name in the register. It is open, very open voting". Maude also said that "the Local Government Board mad an order conferring on the Council the appointment of Overseer for the parish of St. Chad, but not the appointment of an Assistant Overseer, so the appointment is made as heretofore."

[2] Enclosed in the letter is an undated cutting from a Shropshire newspaper concerning the Assistant Overseership of St. Chad's and a meeting to "nominate a successor to the late Mr Charles Mathews in the office". The Venerable Archdeacon Maude presided.
Adams; Bowdler; Clarke; Cross; Deakins; Downes; Evans; Gabb; Goyne; Jones; Joy; Lewis;  Lowe; Major; Roberts;  Rumsey; Smith; Mathews; Maude; Robinson; Vaughan; Vickery;

Leek, Lowe, Stafford, Staffordshire.
Miscellaneous documents concerning the Overseers of the Poor for the parishes of Leek and Lowe 1874 to 1901.

[1] Lease of a room for parochial offices, in number 68 St. Edward Street, Leek, by  Hugh Sleigh of Leek, Staffordshire  to the Overseers of the Poor of the Township of Leek & Lowe. Challinor & Co., Leek. Dated 29 September 1874. Rent £12 p.a.  
[2] Appointment of Thomas Robinson, Isaac Heath, Peter Magnier and Stephen Hall Goodwin as Overseers for the Townships of Leek and Lowe, Staffordshire, 29 March 1893.  The JPs who appointed the Overseers were T. Phillips, Arthur Nicholson and ..Brough. [3]Draft lease of 3 rooms for parochial offices, in number 45 St. Edward Street, Leek, by  Esther Goodwin, Stephen Hall Goodwin, silk broker and Arthur William  Goodwin, silk manufacturer of Leek, Staffordshire  to the Overseers of the Poor of the Township of Leek & Lowe. Challinors & Shaw., Leek. Dated 13 August 1893. Rent £20 p.a. The lease was in lieu of that relating to No. 68 St. Edward Street. [4] Staffordshire County Council Order, issued at a council meeting on 14 May 1895 under the 1894 Local Government Act, changing the name of the Parish of Leek and Lowe to the Parish of Lowe only.  
[5] Official return to the Staffordshire County Council of the parochial documents kept by the Overseer of the Township of Lowe, 15 April 1896. The fire-proof safe in the Overseer's Office contained only the parish rate books. The overseer had control of no other parish documents except for the parish minute book.. Document was signed by Richard Timmins, Chairman of the Parish Meeting of Lowe and carries the address of the Clerk to the Parish Meeting, Thomas Robinson of 10 Derby Street, Leek.  
[6] Order by the Staffordshire County Council issued under the Local Government Act 1894, section 25 (1) on 3 November 1896, postponing the operation of that section, "so far as it relates to highways", from the 31 March 1897 to 30 September 1897.  
[7]Letter, dated 2 March 1897, from the secretary of the Local Government Board to W. Critchlow, Surveyor of the Highways for Lowe Highway Parish asking him to provide the information requested in an attached memorandum (no longer attached).  
[8]Printed notice of the Annual Parish Meeting for the Parish of Lowe, to be held in the Overseers' Offices in St. Edward Street, Leek, Staffordshire on 21 March 1901.  
[9] Unindexed bundle of letters and minutes relating to parish meetings and the work of the Overseer for the Parish of Leek & Lowe, Staffordshire 1893 to 1901.

Blakiston; Bostock; Brough; Challinor; Crichlow; Fernyhough; Goodwin; Hatherton; Howard; Lloyd; Nicholson; Phillips; Robinson; Shaw; Simcock; Sleigh;

Worksop, Nottinghamshire; Leek, Staffordshire; Hull, Sheffield, Yorkshire;
Two letters from Thomas Sutton to John Cruso, Leek, Staffordshire dated 1814.

[1] Letter dated 1 June 1814, from Thomas Sutton at Sheffield Vicarage to John Cruso care of H.G. Knight, Langold, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, concerning Cruso's suggestion that it would be a desirable thing for Sutton "to purchase Mrs Bagnall's house as all my (Sutton's) Aunt's premises would be mine". Sutton states his willingness to purchase it "if all sold together" and asks Cruso to see "Mr Bagnall on the subject".

[2] Letter, dated 14 June 1814, from Thomas Sutton at Leary Greave to John Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire referring to the letter sent to Cruso at Langold and asking for details about the possible sale of Bagnall's property. Sutton's aunt had told him that "8 small houses" formed part of the property and he proposed to sell these if he was successful in purchasing Bagnall's property. Sutton also expresses his good wishes to Cruso and his wife on the forthcoming marriage of their daughter Mary Ann to Mr Coupland.
Bagnall; Coupland; Cruso; Roberts; Sutton;

Pointon, Cheshire; Ashford, Pilsbury, Derbyshire; Salisbury, Hampshire; Stoke, Herefordshire; Eastwick, Hadham, Hertfordshire; St. Giles in the Fields, London; Norfolk; Aqualate, Morley, Shropshire;  Bradnop, Cheddleton, Chillington, Kingsley, Leek, Oncott, Stallington, Staffordshire; Bookham, Surrey; Heytesbury, Compton Chamberlain, Swindon, Wiltshire; Great Writley, Hanford, Standford, Worcestershire;
Abstract of the title of Thomas Smith & others to an estate called Mixon Hay in the Township of Oncott. Leek, Staffordshire purchased by them from William a'Court and the Penruddocke 1710 to 1814. Adlington & Gregory. Smith and the others were plaintiffs in a Chancery case. The document contains a short pedigree of the Ashe Family showing the relationship of Lieut. General Ashe, Charles Penruddocke and Mrs Windham to the late Mrs Bridget Ashe, beginning with William Ashe. Comments by C. H. Chambers of Lincoln's Inn, dated 12 May 1826, are appended.

Various marriage settlements are mentioned including that of Sir Walter Blount to Mary daughter and coheir of James Lord Aston, Baron of Forfar and one of the two granddaughters and coheirs of Walter Lord Aston in or about 1766. Other documents include the purchase of manors and extensive estates by John Sneyd of Bishton, Staffordshire for £28000 in 1770.

Allen; Alsop; Ashe; a'Court; Aston; Bagot; Blount; Bromley; Brown; Bullock; Challinor; Chorley; Clifford; Dormer; Foley; Fynney; Goddard; Grove; Gordon of Hunsdon; Gould; Hand; Harvey; Hill; Howard; Killmister; Langdale; Leek; Locker; Edward Duke of Norfolk; Montague; Pedley; Penruddocke; Lord Petre; Phillips; Prince; Reppington; Sleigh; Smith; Sneyd; Sutton; Talbot; Weston; White; Windham; Winnington; Wyatt; Vernon;

Douglas, Isle of Man; Claughton, Lancashire; Montrose, Scotland; Burslem, Fenton, Leek, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire; Over Whitacre, Warwickshire; Sheffield, Yorkshire;
Two books of household recipes, dating between 1826 and approximately 1885, compiled by Mrs Sarah Badnall wife of Richard Badnall junior of Leek, Staffordshire. [Transcript available]
Badnall; Bateman; Bentley; Boulton; Bowen; Bryan; Challinor; Chorley; Clary; Cope; Craven; Cruso; Dacre; Flint; Fowler; Gregson; Hand; Heath; Hodgson;  Houseman; Jefferson; Knight; Leigh; May; Mainsthorpe; Mee; Norris; Orrell; Parker (Earl of Macclesfield); Phillips; Piercy; Ribbans; Robinson; Roe; Shinn; Shore; Sleigh; Smith; Spilsbury; Systen; Taylor; Turner; Ward; Wilkinson; Wilson; Woodward. 

PLACES: Cheadle, Leek, Staffordshire; Leamington, Warwickshire; Kendal, Milnthorpe, Westmoreland;
DESCRIPTION: Notes and letters relating chiefly to the health of Miss Elizabeth Flint of Leek, Staffordshire.

[1] Five pages of notes, dated 18th January 1866, concerning a visit by Joseph Challinor of Leek, solicitor and Mrs Barnes to Miss Elizabeth Flint and the results of an interview with regard to Miss Flint's health.
[2] Part of a letter, dated 28 Feb. 1866, from Miss Elizabeth Flint following her interview with Challinor & Barnes and hoping the Mr M[ould] had given his opinion of her  "on right grounds".
[3]Letter dated 16 March 1866, from Frank Atkinson Argyles of Eversley, Milnthorpe, concerning Miss Elizabeth Flint and discussing the possibility of a Commission".  
PERSONS: Atkinson; Barnes; Bennett; Challinor; Flint; Gough; Mould; Twemlowe;

PLACES: London; Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Copy from the private banking account of the late Mrs Fowler's [of Highfield near Leek, Staffordshire] showing balance of £2532-15-8d as of 14 August 1846.
PERSONS: Adderley; Alcock; Ball; Bould; Bostock; Cave; Challinor; Clowes; Croxen; Cruttenden; Dakeyne; Davenport; Fowler; Gaunt; Heath; Holroyd; Howes; Lassetter; Lockett; Watt; Wilson;

PLACES: Coburg, Toronto, Canada; Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Power of attorney, dated 25 May 1870,   by Michael Daintry Cruso  and Henry Beaumont Cruso both of Coburg, Canada to Arthur Radcliffe Boswell of Toronto, Canada, barrister,  in order to dispose of their estates under the will of John Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire deceased, Signed and witnessed.
PERSONS: Bacon; Badnall; Boswell;  Brealey; Cruso; Fitzherbert; Galley; Knight;

PLACES: London; Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Copy case submitted to Mr J. H. Christie of Lincolns Inn, London, barrister, concerning a sale made by the trustees of the will of John Fowler of Leek, Staffordshire, to John Cruso of Leek, solicitor with Mr Christie's opinion dated 26 June 1847. Hornby & Towgood, St. Swithin's Lane, London.
PERSONS: Christie; Cruso; Flint;  Fowler; Molyneaux; Towgood;

PLACES: Tasfield, Glocester; Fenton, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Documents relating to the firm Baker & Co Ltd of Fenton, Staffordshire.

[1] Stock taking balance sheet, Baker & Co., Fenton, 1878 to 1894. A small notebook giving  liabilities and assets, profits and losses.
[2] Correspondence between Baker & Co of Fenton and Mr M Baker of Tasfield Court, Gloucester  re condition of buildings, machinery, rent etc, of Baker & Co's manufactory and the effect on the company: 1884- 1888.  One letter, dated12 Dec. 1884, and 3 copy letters dated 30 June 1887, 18 November 1887 and 10 May 1888 respectively. The latter refers to the completion of compounding the mill engines and includes a sheet listing the cost of compounding mill engines.
[3] Printed copy of a special resolution of Baker & Co., Ltd concerning shares which was passed on 5th June 1908 and registered on 27 June 1908.
PERSONS: Baker; Challinor; Gimson; Jones, Cotterill; Scrivenor;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Five formal notices of the transfer of licenses for the sale of intoxicating liquor submitted to the Overseers of the Poor of Leek, Staffordshire and to the Superintendent of Police for the district between  August 1896 and June 1901.

[1] Notice by Edward Poyser of his intention to apply for the transfer of the license to the Black Lion in St. Edward Street, Leek to Samuel Sigley at the next Special Sessions -Dated 24 August 1896.
[2] Notice by George Cotton of his intention to apply for the transfer of the license to the Wilkes Head in St. Edward Street, Leek to Joseph Henry Neil at the next Special Sessions -Dated 1st September 1896.
[3] Notice by Charles Perkin of his intention to apply for the transfer of the license to the Globe, St. Edward Street, Leek to James Varden at the next Special Sessions -Dated 7th September 1896.
[4] Notice by John Dean of his intention to apply for the transfer of the license to the Cross Keys, Stanley Street, Leek to Joseph Williams at the next Special Sessions -Dated 25th January 1898..
[5] Notice by Arthur William Clowes of his intention to apply for the transfer of the license to the Dog & Partridge in Derby Street, Leek to John William Clowes at the next Special Sessions -Dated 7th June 1901.
PERSONS: Clowes; Cotton; Dean; Neil;  Perkin; Poyser; Sigley; William; Vardon;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Small notebook belonging to William E. Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire, recording "Wages, Farm Accounts Etc" between August 1896 and 11th July 1902. Gives some names and itemises expenditure in some case.  The farm was Pickwood Farm, Leek.
PERSONS: Adams; Bailey; Barlow; Challinor; Coe; Evans; Fallon; Fern; Goodwin; Grace; Heapy; Hill; Kirkham; Mycock; Sherratt; Smith;  Thompson; Watson;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous documents relating to the Highfields Estate, Leek, Staffordshire.

[1] Fowler's Estate: Highfield: Elizabeth Phillips' rent account 1845-1846.
[2] Mrs Fowler, Highfield: Solomn Stevenson's rental account 1838-1840.
PERSONS: Fowler; Phillips; Stevenson;

PLACES: London; Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Copy letter from Captain Ellis's solicitors, Amory & Coles of Throckmorton Street, London, to Richard Badnall of Highfield near Leek, Staffordshire, dated 17 January 1827.


We have this morning received a letter from Mr Cruso stating that you refused to sign the notice of dissolution with Capt. Ellis and sending a copy of your written communication. On this notice it is only needful of us to say that we really thought you too well informed to make objection so futile as they appear to be. He signing the notice will neither make you more liable than you are at present or take away any liability of any party to the creditors  but your refusal will compel us to send down a person to act in this matter as Mr Cruso declines to do so and to give public notice by placard and advertisement of your engagement to pay the debts and to dissolve the partnership accompanied by an extract from your deed.
Capt. Ellis is also applied to by Messers Glyn and Co for payment of £150 the balance of a bill of Mr Deakin with the endorsement of the Bank & by  Mr Marshall with we presume your knowledge as the application is through Mr Boulton for £60 & interest.
As to these or any debts of the Bank it is only right for us to say that the moment Capt. Ellis is molested in this respect we shall sue you on your covenant and bond.  And if you still persist in not signing an amiable notice of dissolution we shall no longer stand between you and the proceedings threatened by Messrs Wright & Co & Messrs Everett & Co.
We shall wait the return of post for you answer only.
We are sir
your obedient servants
Amory & Coles

 On the back of this letter, is a letter, in pencil, from G. K. Killmister of Killmister & Challinor, solictors, Leek, Staffordshire dated Leek 25  January ?. The name of the recipient is not stated. The letter concerns several matters but the first is headed "Ex Badnall" and under this Killmister writes " Please to get this consigned to us as soon as possible". The other matters mentioned are "Jackson' Recovery" and "Salt als Wilshaw". The latter was accompanied by notes to the value of £15 to be place to the account Killmister & Challinor.
PERSONS: Amory; Badnall; Boulton; Coles; Cruso; Deakin; Ellis; Everett; Marshall;

PLACES: Cheddleton, Leek, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Miscellaneous documents relating to the Hand family of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.

[1] Letter, dated 7 August 1871, from William Beaumont Badnall, Lincolns Inn, London to William Challinor, solicitor, Leek, Staffordshire re the case of Phillips v Hand in Chancery. It concerns the the defendant being compelled to  produce all accounts and documents relevant to the case. Badnall ends his letter "I should have answered your note sooner but work, and the last day or two, some additional time to my brother who sailed on the 4th, home hindered correspondence".
[2] Joseph Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire, solicitor: Minutes on seeing Mr Herbert and a statement by Miss Sneyd, dated 24 November 1883.
"After meeting Mr T. C. Sneyd-Kynnersley at Uttoxeter Station in accordance with his letters I saw Mr Herbert, Mr Hand's medical man; he said he had been attending him lately, also that at times his mind was clear and he was fit to transact business but that at other times his mind was entirely lost. Mr Herbert added that he was suffering from softening of the brain and the consequences of which sooner or later (but not very long deferred) would be his death, it was unlike ordinary unsoundness of mind, with which a man's life might long continue."

" I saw Mrs Sarah Badnall of Church Lane to-day. She said Miss Sneyd of Cheddleton had been with her yesterday and told her a very pitiful account of Mr F. Hand. She had quite recently been staying there for 8 days during the whole time he only came down 4 times and once he went to the office, but she said he was quite unfit to do any business and that he was very weak and infirm and although he still insisted on sitting at the head of the table and carving he was very weak and hardly able to do anything. She remarked to him that he seemed very poorly and he replied Yes, much worse."

[2] Letter, dated 14 April 1885, from Joseph Challinor, solicitor, of Leek, Staffordshire to Gregory & Co, London and concerning F. B. Hand deceased who died on the 13th insolvent. The medical certificates gave the cause of death as " softening of the brain of several years duration". For the last two or three years he had "been unfit to attend business". At the time of his death he was defendant in the action Broughton v Hand.  Challinor states Hand's various financial problems and requests Gregory & Co's opinion on the obligation of Hand's executor to prove Hand's will.
PERSONS: Badnall; Challinor; Hand; Kynnersley; Sneyd;

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;
DESCRIPTION: Documents (21) relating to the proposed creation of a new street in Leek, Staffordshire 1898-1901. These include a plan to a scale of 41.66 feet to an inch of buildings and land on St. Edward Street, Leek, Staffordshire to be acquired in order to construct the road; a detailed estimate of the cost of constructing "New Street through the Globe Inn yard from St. Edward Street to the east side of the "Fields" property"; a list of "Mrs Turnock's St. Edward Street property" giving areas of land and rents and a list of "Proposed values for purposes of resale" which gives frontages of the new plots.
PERSONS: Allen; Bunting; Challinor; Cheetham; Craze; Heaton; Henshaw; Milner; Moore; Myatt; Phillips; Pilkington; Shaw;  Shufflebotham; Sneyd; Turnock; Watson; Wright;


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