Bednall Collection Part 2 (BC2) No.s 1151 to 1175   

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Places: Leek, Staffordshire; 

Description: Miscellaneous items relating to the building of the Market House at the bottom of the Market Place, Lee, Staffordshire 1806 -1811

[1]An account of money expended by J. Hulme esq., in altering the Town Hall at Leek August 1811. The amount expended was £54-17s-5.5d. The items purchased included stone, flags and railings. On the back is a receipt, signed by Hulme, for £120 "received on account" 13 May 1812.

[2] Joseph Holroyd's bill to James Hulme esq., for a door sill to the Market Hall and 63 ft of strong flags. Supplied in 2 March 1811 and bill paid on 23 May 1811.

[3] Joseph Dale's bill for the carriage of 17 loads of stone re the Town Hall in Leek.

[4] Daniel Watts bill to Mr Hulme esq., for 1 day work with horse and cart, drawing a load of flag stone and for drawing a load of sand from Sheep House Lane, on 4th, 6th and 11 March 1811 respectively.

[5] G. Astly's bill for "Carring brick and stone from Market Hall 1 day and a load of morter"

Names: Astly; Bold; Dale; Ford; Hassels; Holroyd; Hulme; Hunter; Saunders; Sherratt; Stonehewer; Watts;  


Places: Cheadle, Leek, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire; London;

Description: Uncatalogued bundle of letters and other documents relating to the purchase of the Earl of Macclesfield's waterworks in Leek, Staffordshire by the Leek Improvement Commissioners, 1860-1867. Correspondents include Charles Trubshaw -Staffordshire County Surveyor and J. F. Bateman, Civil Engineer of 16 Great George St., Westminster, and Henry Chawner, Chairman of  Churnet & Dane mill owners.

Names: Austin; Bateman; Bloore; Brealey; Broughton; Carr; Challinor; Chawner; Crewe; Cruso; Dyson; Elliot; Hacker;  Heaton; Slagg; Trubshaw;  Webb; White;  


Places: Birmingham; Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: [1] Schedule of freehold and leasehold property of Mrs Heywood deceased.  September 1859. Property includes Two messuages and outbuildings, cottage and gardens, land, silk shade or factory, singeing house situate in spout Street, Leek, Staffordshire, with a pew (no.5) in the western aisle of the parish church.

[2] Draft stated account  by the Reverend Jeremiah Barnes and George Ridgway Killmister,  the trustees under the will of the late Mr B. F. Heywood, deceased 1853 to 1860. 

Names: Barnes; Bicknell; Brown; Davis; Gulson; Heywood; Johnson; Killmister; Quinton; Russell;  


Places: Hitchin, Hertfordshire; 

Description: Draft Petition to the Honourable the House of Commons of the United Kingdom in Parliament assembled from the owners and occupiers of land and others in the Parish of Hitchin in the County of Hertford concerning the possibility of the Corn Laws being repealed and stating their objections to this.   "Heavily taxed as your petitioners are, it is absurd to suppose that they can compete with the Foreign Farmer without adequate protection" Undated but the paper is watermarked 1839. 




Places: London; Middlesex; Leek, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Oncott, Stone, Wollstanton, Staffordshire;

Description: Abstract of the title of the Trustee under the will of the late Elizabeth Debank, deceased. To lands in Leek, Staffordshire called Kings Hill and Pingle: 1712 to 1814. Killmister & Challinor 1831. The porperty is described as " all that piece or parcel of land  lying and being  near Spooners Lane in Leek and commonly called or known by the name of Kinckshill or Knightshill. And all that other piece of land or meadow ground lying near the same containing by estimation about  half an acre, called by the name of the Pingle…both of them in the hoding or occupation of  Lydia Heath widow. (1712).  

Names: Birtles; Debank; Dewberry; Gent; Harrison; Heath; Moreton; Rogers; Salt; Sneyd; Stevenson;



Places: Astbury, Cheshire;  Hartington, Derbyshire; London; Cheddleton, Leek, Little Haywood,  Staffordshire; Kendal, Westmoreland; 

Description: Abstract of the title of Mrs Elizabeth Atkinson to houses and premises in and near Spout Street, Leek, Staffordshire:1812 to 1853, Moser, Kendal, 1860. Cites indentures of demise or mortgage dated 1 January 1771 between William Lucas of Leek, button merchant and Charles Cartwright of the Bank, Astbury, Cheshire. The premises are described as " all that messuage, tenement or dwellinghouse, formerly in two messuages……or dwellinghouses, situate in Leek in a certain street called Spout Street, theretofore in the possession of John Taberner & Robert Joel afterwards of John Phillips, glazier, and John Henshall, labourer, since then of William Yates deceased and then of Francis Hilliard and which said premises were theretofore the estate of Thomas Joliffe, esquire, afterwards of Samuel then of Harry Lankford, since then of William Lucas and were purchased of  him or his trustees or both of them by the said William Yates deceased.

Names: Atkinson; Birtles; Cartwright; Challinor; Chorley; Debank; Dewberry;  Fynney; Gent; Gould; Harrison; Henshall; Hilliard; Hordern; Joel; Joliffe; Lankford; Lucas; Moreton; Phillips; Rogers; Salt; Sleigh; Sneyd; Sutton;  Taberner; Yates;



Places: Alderwasley, Derby, Findern, Hilton, Langley, Wirksworth, Derbyshire; Nottingham; Leek, Rocester, Yoxall, Staffordshire; 

Description: Abstract of the title to a piece of land in Leek, Staffordshire, called Gallimore Leys, the property of John Leech: 1650 to 1842.  Hacker & Bloore, Leek, 1851. The earliest deed is a deed of feoffment, dated 10 January 1650, made between Francis Malkin of Leek, Staffordshire, yeoman, and Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Gallimore of Leek, yeoman, by which Malkin and his wife sold to Thomas Gallimore "All that parcel of land with the appurtenances in Leek aforesaid, commonly called Leedoke Wall containing by estimation 2 acres or thereabouts…. For £220.

Names: Bainbrigge; Cheshire; Cheyney; Dakeyne; Gallimore;  Gell; Hurt; Johnson; Lightwood; Malkin; Peach; Porter; Ryley; Shepperd; Sleigh; Swinnerton; Ward; Webster; Wright;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire 

Description: Items relating to the Maude Church Institute, Leek, Staffordshire.

[1] Maude Church Institute deposit account book with the  Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co. Ltd  July 1896 to March 1898.

[2] Maude Church Institute "Income Account" deposit book with the  Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co. Ltd  October 1896 to June 1899.

[3] The Revd. C. B. Maude's "Clerks Bank Account" book -Parrs Banking Company & The Alliance Bank Ltd, October 1895 to June 1896.

[4] Edward Challinors Parish Church "Young Men's Union" account with Parr's Banking Company & The Alliance Bank Ltd, December 1894 to June 1897.

[5] Maude Church Institute-cheque book stubs October 1893 to January 1896.

[6] Maude Church Institute-cheque book stubs October 1895 to July 1896.

[7] Maude Church Institute-cheque book stubs October 1896 to March 1897. 

Names: Allen; Brealey; Breton; Brindley; Brookes; Carding; Carr; Challinor; Chambre; Davenport; Eaton; Flint; Fogg; Goodfellow; Grace; Hassall; Heath; Howard; Lowndes; MacRobbie; Malkin; Maude;  Myatt; Mountfort; Nixon; Orme; Overfield; Phillips; Pilgrim; Potts; Rider; Shallcross;  Sleigh; Sneyd; Snow; Walwyn; Ward; Wardle;  Watson; Whittles; Woolliscroft; Worthington;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire; 

Description: [1] Accounts of expenses and receipts of the Maude Church Institute, Leek, Staffordshire 1897.

[2] Statement of accounts for the Young Men's Union, Leek, Staffordshire 1893-1894.

[3] Income Account for the Maude Church Institute, Leek, Staffordshire for year to  March 1897.  Estimated income.

[4] Income Account for the Maude Church Institute, Leek, Staffordshire for year to  July 1897.

[5] Capital Account for the Maude Church Institute, Leek, Staffordshire for year to  March 1897.

[6] Draft statement for the Parish Magazine, of moneys subscribed in connection with the Maude Church Institute, Leek, Staffordshire which has been presented to the Parish as a memento of the Rev. C. B. Maude's vicarate. March 1897.

Names: Allen; Brealey; Breton; Brindley; Cannings; Cantrill; Carding; Cartwright; Challinor; Chambre; Cooke; Davenport; Eaton; Gailey; Goddard; Grace; Hassall; Howes; Lowe; MacRobbie; Malkin; Maude; Milner; Myatt; Overfield; Prince; Robinson; Shallcross; Sleigh; Sneyd; Snow; Swift;  Towndrow; Unwin; Ward; Wardle;  Watson; Whittles; Woolliscroft; Worthington; Young;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: [1] Agreement of tenancy between the Anthony Ward, Herbert Sleigh, silk manufacturer, Edward Challinor, Gilbert Charles Wardle, silk dyer and Victor Prince, silk manufacturer all of Leek, Trustees  of the Maude Church Institute, Leek, Staffordshire and Amy Brindley, wife of Arthur Brindley of Leek, Mistress of the Young Ladies School, 1st October 1896. Mrs Brindley  agreed to rent the most northerly room on the ground floor of the Maude Church Institute for use as a Day School for her pupils at an annual rent of £18.

[2] Trustees of the Maude Church Institute and the Leek & Moorlands Building Society Schedule of deeds etc, to  school buildings, cottages and premises on Clerks Bank in Leek, Staffordshire belonging to the Institute, February 1897.

[3] Challinor & Shaw's law bill  for work carried out on behalf of the Trustees of the Maude Church Institute, Leek, Staffordshire 1896-1897.

[4] Draft minutes of a meeting of the Trustees of the Maude Church Institute, Leek, Staffordshire 13 July 1900. The resolutions included one "that the top floor of the Institute be let to a responsible Committee of the Leek Church High School for Girls."

[5] Agreement between the Trustees of the Maude Church Institute, Leek, Staffordshire and the Leek & Moorlands Building Society concerning a draft further charge on the Maude Church Institute and cottages situate on Clerks Bank, Leek, Staffordshire -Reg No. 9475 . Challinor & Shaw, Leek, 31 August 1900.

Names: Allen; Brealey; Challinor; Chambre; Fearson; Maude; Myatt; Prince; Robinson; Shaw; Sleigh; Wardle; Ward; Wright;



Places: Cotton, Stretton, Derbyshire; Barlaston, Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Indenture of release in fee, by Thomas Sneyd Kynnersley Esq of Loxley Park, Staffordshire by the direction of John  Robert Browne Cave Esq late of Stretton, Derby and now of Cotton Park, Derbyshire and Catherine Penelope his wife to Mrs Sarah Fowler of Highfield, Leek, Staffordshire, Matthew Gaunt of the same place and Josiah Gaunt jnr, silk manufacturer, of closes of land between the old and the new turnpikes and  adjoining the Highfield Estate, Leek, Staffordshire, 26 & 26 September 1834. The consideration paid was £1700. Schedule of deeds 1712 to 1821.

Names: Abney; Adderley; Austen; Bagnall; Beard; Bennett; Cave; Cotton; Coupland; Cruso; Davis;  Edensor; Fenton; Fletcher; Gaunt; Gilbert; Goodwin; Hammersley; Harrison; Haughton;  Jennings; Johnson; Kynnersley; Lockett; Mainwaring; Marston; Mills; Moore; Plant;  Sneyd; Swan; Wedgwood; Welles; Woolliscroft;



Places: Macclesfield, Cheshire; Manchester, Prescot, Salford, Lancashire; Coventry, Warwickshire;

Description: Release of several messuages and tenements in Macclesfield, Cheshire, by Messrs Francis Nicholson of Macclesfield, Cheshire, apothecary, and James Nield of Salford, Lancashire, hatter  (two of the creditors of Thomas Endon late of Manchester, chapman, deceased and also surviving trustees for the sale of the real estate of Thomas Endon deceased) to George Statham of Macclesfield, gent,  dated 13 July 1762. The indenture quadrupartite also involved "Elizabeth Endon late of Manchester afterwards of Prescot in the same county of Lancashire but now of Coventry, widow and relict and also executrix and devisee named in  the will of Thomas Endon,  and benjamin Endon, brother and heir at law of the said Thomas Endon who was son and heir at law of Adam Endon late of Macclesfield, merchant, deceased. Thomas Endon's will is dated 8 August 1740. In addition to his wife, Thomas appointed his "brother" Edward Bradshaw, grocer, and Master William Lunt apothecary as his executors.  When he died, Thomas Endon's debts exceeded the value of all his  real and personal estate and several creditors brought suits against his estate. To end these and make a final settlement, indentures of lease and release were drawn up  dated 14 & 15 October 1757 between Elizabeth Endon and the above Francis Nicholson and James Nield and Roger Sedgwick of Manchester whereby Elizabeth assigned Thomas Endon's property in Macclesfield to the other parties to hold upon trusts for sale with the moneys raised being passed to James Heywood and Richard Broome for the benefit of all creditors of Thomas Endon. The Macclesfield property is described as "all those four several messuages…..situated on the South side of a certain street in Macclesfield called the Back Street together with the three stables.." formerly in the possession of the late Adam Endon  his assigns or undertenants and late in the possession of said Thomas Endon his assigns and undertenants and now in the holding of James Hollishead,  Francis Hall; Jeremiah Swain and Jonathon Harvey as tenants of said Francis Nicholson and James Nield. 

Names: Bradshaw; Broome; Endon; Harvey; Heywood; Hollinshead; Lunt; Nicholson; Nield; Sedgwick; Statham; Swain;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire; 

Description: [1] Cruso Nursing Association: Ninth Annual Report and Statement of Accounts, Leek 1904. Contains lists of subscribers.

[2] Letter (on Cruso Nursing Association headed paper) dated 26 June 1906, from W Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire to A. H. Shaw, Leek, relaying to him a "hearty vote of thanks" passed at the Annual Meeting of the Association for auditing the Association's accounts, and expressing the association's hope that he would act again in this capacity for the coming year.

Names: Allen; Bishton; Breton; Brunt; Carr-Smith; Cartwright; Challinor; Cruso; Cushion; Davenport;  Fogg; Gasson; Goldstraw; Hall;  Henshaw; Miller; Moreton; Nicholson; Piddock; Prince; Rayner; Rider; Tatton; Wardle; Watson; Woolliscroft; Worthington; and others.



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Printed rules of the Leek Benefit Building Society, Leek, Staffordshire 1850. The trustees were James Alsop, Thomas Birch, Joshua Brough, Charles Heaton and Robert Hammersley. Sampson Gould was the treasurer,  Mr Challinor the solicitor and Charles Heaton the surveyor.  The Committee Members were: George Hamersley, Thomas Johnson, William Wood, George Woolliscroft, Robert Fergyson, Jonathon Cruse and Thomas Shaw. Mr Mollatt was secretary.  Some of these printed names have been crossed out and others inserted. 

Names: Alsop; Birch; Brough; Cruse; Fergyson; Hammersley; Heaton; Johnson; Mollatt; Mycott; Nall; Nixon; Rider; Shaw; Warrington; Woolliscroft; Wood;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire; 

Description: Leek Improvement Commission: Schedule of Market Tolls, Stallages and Payments authorised to be taken in present and future markets and fairs by the Act. Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire. Undated but paper watermarked 1854. 

Names: Challinor;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire; 

Description: Printed report: The 41st Annual Report of the Royal Prince Albert Lodge No. 1096 of the Grand United Order of Odd-Fellows, held at the house of Mr William Harrison, Queen's Head Inn, Leek, Staffordshire for the year ending 31st December 1894. Established 29 August 1853. 

Names: Ash; Ball; Bowcock;  Bradley; Braddock; Bullock; Cope; Crombie; Davenport; Done; Fisher; Forrester; Goodier; Hambleton; Harrison; Hollinshead; Hill; Hudson; Kirk; Kirkham; Leedham; Loton; Malkin; Millward; Milner;  Morley; Nicholson; Nixon; Osborne; Provost; Rendall; Robinson; Smith; Trafford; Vigrass; Wagstaff; Walker; Wilson; Yates; Yoxall;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire; 

Description: Leek Charity Organisation Society. Office: Silk Street, Leek, Staffordshire. Undated. This lists the "Vistors"  for 25 districts covering the town of Leek.  The visitors' duties were:

1. To attend periodical Committee Meetings at the Commissioners' Offices;

2. To send in to the Office the day before each meeting, or in urgent cases immediately, the names, etc, with particulars of cases recommended by them;

3. To make personal enquiries about and report on any cases referred to them by the Charity Officer.

Hon. Secretaries were J. Challinor and William S. Brough. The Vistors included Mrs Cruso and the Misses Sleigh;

Names: Barrett; Broster; Campion; Challinor; Cruso; Davenport; Deeming; Flanagan; Gallimore; Gibson; Goodwin; Gould; Gwynne; Hankinson; Hoskins; Johnson;  Knowles; May; Morton; Pilkington;  Richmond; Sheldon;  Sleigh; Tatton; Waller; Ward; Worthington;



Places: Aleppo, Scanderoon, Turkey ; 

Description: Annual sales charges and net proceeds of 9 bales of cloth containing 90 thirds received from London by the Molly Capt. George Stothart. Consigned us by Mr Edward Forster of said place for his proper account.  1756. Some of the goods were sold in barter for silk. Aleppo Custom is mentioned and one of the traders is described as Hagy Mahamed  Bachur. Another Barara Trapoli.  Transport from Scanderoon.  The bill is dated 17 September 1756 and signed by John & Nathaniel   ce.  On the from is a design of a circle on which is superimposed to triangles forming a six pointed star  and in the centre of this are the initials "FF". 

Names: Bachur; Forster; Stothart; Trapoli;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: The Swan with Two Necks Sick Club, Leek, Staffordshire. Undated list headed: "Sir, According to your request we have transmitted to you by the bearer Ralph Hide, the High Steward of the Sick Club kept at the  Sign of the Swan with Two Necks the signatures of the Members belonging to the said Society."  A list of names of those absent and the signatures of marks of those present follows.  11 out of 27 were absent and 7 of those remaining made their marks. [Date possibly about 1817] . 

Names: Benjamin Hope;  Thomas Ball; Samuel Johnson; Henry Lowe; Ralph Hyde; William Sleigh; William Mottershed; Joseph Lovatt; Joseph Pyott; James Bradshaw; Samuel Clowes; John Fletcher; Jeremiah Buxton; Thomas Woolliscroft; Thomas Pyott; George Earls; John Buxton; John Goddard; Charles Shrigley; John Morewood; Thomas Morewood; John Pilsbury; Robert Clowes; William Biddulph; Daniel Large; James Cope; Job Stretch;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire; 

Description: The Abbey & Beggarsway Road, Leek, Staffordshire. Fowler & Davenport.  Notes of evidence  taken in 1831 as to roads to  Beggarsway and Meerbrook. Gives names and (sometimes) ages of the witnesses.  One example is

William Trafford. Aged 89 –says that there always was a publick road for foot and carts from Barngates to the Mill round Westwood Heath. When the Methodists began to preach regularly at Nab Hill area the people went from Barngates round Westwood  Heath.   
Abbey Road. Has always known a public footway from Ball Lane to Meerbrook through the Abbey Fold yard and has never known anyone interrupted. Has gone that way many and many a time. 

Names: Birchenough; Bowcock; Brough; Bullock; Davenport; Emerson; Fowler;  Hall; Hudson; Hulme; Hyde; Juice;  Manlove; Pickford; Prince; Salt; Shallcross; Trafford;



Places: Burton, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire;

Description: Duplicate bank book for the Trustees of the late Revd. Clement Francis Broughton T. C. Sneyd Kynnersley and Mr B. Hand in account current with the Burton Union Bank Ltd., Uttoxeter, Staffordshire 1880 to 1883. 

Names: Baker; Broughton; Freeman; Hand; Pennell; Sheppard; Smith; Sneyd-Kynnersley;  Watson;



Places: London; Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Letter, dated  11 May 1787, from T. Mills junior of Leek, Staffordshire  to Mr Cruso concerning legal business for Mr Michael Daintry, the Rev. Salt's affairs, Abraham Staffurth's wife's dower  and other matters. 

Names: Ball; Bradley;  Bush; Cruso; Daintry; Davenport; Gibbs; Hogarth; Mills; Salt; Staffurth; Wardley;



Places: Burton-on-Trent, Castle Hays, Staffordshire; 

Description: Copies of statements in the possession of Mr William Osborne, attorney, of Burton-on-Trent, respecting the late Mr. M. Harris's affairs, 11 January 1825.

[1 Valuation of the house and furniture belonging to the late Mr John Harris of Castle Hays, dated 26 January 1816.

[2]  Valuation of the farming stock, implements of husbandry, house and furniture etc, belonging to the late Mr John Harris of Castle Hays, Staffordshire, taken the 26th January 1816.

The original valuations are said to have been in "the hand writing of Mr Thomas Lea".

A note in pencil states" Money from Lord Dartmouth per the Steward for money laid down by Mr Harris for Building at Castle Hays - To whom paid".

Total value of the inventory £2145-13s-6d.

Names: Harris; Hodson; Lea; Osborne;



Places: Coburg, Ontario, Canada; London ; Shirburn, Oxfordshire; Leek, Staffordshire; 

Description: Documents relating to the property of Mrs Ann Cruso of Leek and also that of Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Ontario, Canada.

[1] Copy agreement to let the Foker Farm, dated 25 January 1893, between Mrs Ann Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire (the Landlady) and Charles Hine of Burnt Oak, Hollins, Leek Frith, Staffordshire, farmer, [the tenant]. The lease ran from year to year at an annual rent of £105 clear of all deductions except the Landlord's property tax. Foker Farm extended to 83 acres 1 rood and 10 perches and was occupied by John Chappells.  Details of the field names,  acreages and type of cultivation are given.

[2] Copy agreement to let Red  Earth Farm, dated 30 May 1900, between Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Ontario, Canada [the Landlord] and Robert Edgar Bennison late of Gorsty Hall, Staffordshire [the tenant]. The lease was  from year to year at an annual rent of £240 clear of all deductions except the Landlord's property tax.  The farm contained 179 acres-0 roods and 38 perches and was said to have been "late in the occupation of Thomas Eardley. NB Cruso was represented by his proxy Mr Brealey.  A schedule gives details of the field names,  acreages and type of cultivation.

[3] Agreement, dated 13 November 1901, between Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Canada [the Vendor] and The Honourable Henry Parker of Shirburn Castle, Oxfordshire and Frederick William Fane of Chester Square, London [the Purchasers] for the sale of lands with appurtenances and inheritence of the fee simple in possession of lands specified on the enclosed schedule and  plan, that is to say, three farms and lands in Leekfrith, Staffordshire known respectively as "The Upper Foker Farm" (encompassing 81 acres 1 rood 2 perches),  Pool End Smithy [containing 5 acres 2 rood 25 perches] and "Red Earth Farm" [containing 171 acres 2 rood  25 perches], together with lands, woods and plantations at Red Earth totalling 17 acres 2 rood and 18 perches. Field names, acreages, cultivation and occupier's names are given together with Ordnance Survey numbers of the fields. Stamped and signed by Parker & Fane.

[4] The Earl of Macclesfield's Settled estates. Purchase from Mr Henry Beaumont Cruso of the Red Earth Lands, Leek, Staffordshire. Requisitions on title, dated 8 January 1902. Laurence Graham & Co.

[5] Conveyance, dated 26 March 1902, from Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Canada and his mortgagees to The Honourable Henry Parker of Shirburn Castle, Oxfordshire and Frederick William Fane of Chester Square, London, trustees of the settled estates of the Earl of Macclesfield, of lands in Leekfrith, Staffordshire, i.e. Upper Foker Farm, Pool End smithy and Red Earth Farm plus woods and plantations.  Lawrence Graham & Co. Challinor & Shaw, Leek. Includes a plan of the lands and a detailed schedule giving filed names, occupiers, acreages, cultivation and Ordnance Survey reference number. A second schedule gives a short list on indentures from 1870 to 1900.

[6] Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Ontario, Canada to Lord Macclesfield's Trustees, copies of notices to the tenants of Red Earth, Foker and Pool End Farms (Robert Edgar Bennison, Charles Hine and Thomas Finney respectively,] of the sale by Mr Cruso. Dated 25 March 1902.

[7] Undated plan incorporating a detailed schedule, giving field names, names of occupiers and owners of adjacent lands, acreages, cultivation and reference numbers of lands sold by Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Ontario, Canada to Lord Macclesfield's trustees. 

Names: Badnall; Bennison;  Brealey;  Brough; Cave; Challinor; Chappells; Cruso; Davenport;  Eardley;  Fane; Finney;  Gaunt; Green; Grosvenor; Hammersley; Heaton; Henley; Hine; Hulme; Myatt; Parker; Peake; Searight; Shaw; Turnock; Ward; Wooley;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire; Whittering, Northamptonshire;

Description: Letter, dated 13 December 1826,  from [the Marquess of Exeter?] to Mr Mills.  The letter [headed "Private"] states: "I recollect some time ago you applied to me for a living for your son. At that time it was out of my power to oblige you but I now find I can have that pleasure. Mr Cookson has notified to me his intention to resign the living of Whittering at Christmas and I take the liberty of writing to offer it to you for your son if he will accept it upon the condition that he should reside within the Parish which I consider a matter absolutely necessary for any person who may accept it.  I am happy to say I have found upon enquiring the reports of the Revd. Mr Mills conduct so satisfactory that I feel confident he will discharge his duties with zeal and attention should it suit his views to accept the Living which I beg you will be kind enough to ascertain for me.

I am dear Mr Mills, Yr faithfull & obt servt.  

Names: Cookson; Mills;