Bednall Collection Part 2 (BC2) No.s 1136 to 1150   

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Places: Buxton, Hartington, Derbyshire; Manchester, Lancashire; Leek, Staffordshire; 

Description: [1] A small, lockable ledger containing the private stock taking  and other accounts of William Leech, partner in Messrs Clowes & Leech of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturers 1879 to 1935.

[2] A note book of balance sheets and other accounts of Messrs Clowes & Leech of Leek, Staffordshire[?] 1889 to 1897.  Contains lists of shareholders and also a loose list of shareholders or debtors/creditors dated 1933.[NB Found in Wm Leech’s private deed box]        

[3] Agreement, dated 19 May 1851,  between James Bloore of Leek, Staffordshire and John Leech of Leek concerning the production of deeds relating to a house called Wall Hill in Leek purchased by Bloore.

[4] Catalogue (with plan) for the sale of a freehold property in Leek, Staffordshire, including buildings used as an iron foundry, under an Order in Chancery concerning the estates settled by John Leech of Leek, deceased. The property was to be sold by auction at the Swan Inn, Leek, on 5th May 1881.      

[5] Abstract of the title of the representatives  of John Leech, senior, to two messuages, etc., at Wall Hill, Leek, Staffordshire. The document was prepared for William Leech, the purchaser. Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire.   

[6] Valuation and inventory of Wall Hill House, Leek, Staffordshire and contents, the property of Mr William Leech, taken for insurance purposes by Gurr, John & Co., valuers, 1 King Street, St. James’ London. 1 August 1916

[7] List of the stocks and shares of William Leech deceased, of Leek, Staffordshire. Undated.         

[8] Printed particulars for the sale, on 28th May 1891, of Wall Hill and other land in Leek, Staffordshire    

[9] Inland Revenue succession estate duty account for the succession of William Leech of Leek, Staffordshire on the death of John Leech on 6th November 1865. Document states that William Leech was born on 19 February 1858 and was “a stranger in blood to the said John Leech”.           

[10] Copy inventory and valuation of the fixtures in Wall Hill House, Broad Street, Leek, Staffordshire as appraised by Robert Mellor Fergyson on 5th May 1891.

[11] Land Tax assessment, 1901/2 for William Leech of Wall Hill, Leek, Staffordshire dated 18 October 1901.

[12] Copy of the will of John Leech, farmer, of Hill Park, Colton, Lancashire, dated 19 March 1879 and copied by William Leech on 2nd April 1879.  

[13] Letter from C. T. Gwynne of Leek, Staffordshire to William Leech of Leek, Staffordshire, dated 16th May 1891, together with a pencil tracing from Mr J. G. Smith’s plan, showing Wall Hill House, Leek and adjacent plots. A red line shows the land to be given up for the widening of Junction Road.  

[14] Memorandum from G. S. Herbert & Sons, London to William Leech, dated 15th August 1933, relating to the value of the leek Spun Silk Company shares and giving (amongst other things) details of the balance sheet.  

[15] Plan of the area around Wall Hill House, Leek, Staffordshire giving the names of occupiers of adjacent lands. 

[16] Five tied bundles of personal letters written by John M. (Jack) Johnson of Embden Street, Hulme, Manchester to William Leech of Leek, Staffordshire between October 1882 and July 1887.  In some cases the envelopes carry an “Owens College” impressed mark and loose notes by William Leech indicate that the letters cover the period when “Jack” was at college. 

NB These will be deposited, shortly, in the Staffordshire Record Office and access to the private letters of William Leech [item 16] will be restricted.

Names: Chell; Clowes; Johnson; Leech;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Documents relating to the building of the Town Hall in the Market Place, Leek, Staffordshire.

[1]Copy articles of agreement, dated 7 February 1806, between John Fowler, Toft Chorley, Thomas Phillips, Thomas Mills, Hugh Ford, Richard Badnall, John Sleigh; John Fynney, John Cruso, Richard Gaunt, John Haywood and Samuel Goodwin, Freeholders within the Townships of Leek & Lowe, on behalf of all the freeholders of these townships, and Robert Emerson of Leek, joiner and John Radford of Leek, stone mason.  Emerson and Radford agreed to " carry on and build, complete and finish the erection of building begun and now carrying on by them…..situate and being near the bottom of the Market Place in Leek aforesaid and which is intended for a Market House for the use of the Town of Leek and a Prison or Lock up House for the convenience of the said Town  and the magistrates acting in and for the northern part of the said County.." This document gives details of the construction of the building including the use of " all the old stone in the old cross that is of the dimensions before specified".  The price for this work was £673-18s-7d and Emerson and Radford were to have all the materials of the old cross and lock-up house. Hornby & Towgood, St. Swithins Lane. Exhibit B.

[2] As above but in an abbreviated form that leaves out much of the detail .

[3]Orders  of Sessions the 1st, dated 26 April 1805, directing the building of a new lock-up at Leek, Staffordshire and the 2nd, dated 9 October 1806, directing payment of £138.  Referred to in paragraph 23 of Mr Cruso's affidavit sworn 20 February 1854.  Exhibit F-F.

[4] Extract from Exhibit A being a book containing the plan and specification for building the Town Hall, Leek, Staffordshire 1805.  Referred to in paragraph 5 of Mr Cruso's affidavit sworn  28 July 1858.  Hornby & Towgood. This refers to a list of subscribers and indicates which subscriptions are to be returned to the subscribers out of the rents of the Leek Town Lands, in rotation, with interest, until they are repaid in full.

[5] Subscription paper of £10 each and upwards towards the building of a  Market House and Lock-up in Leek, Staffordshire. February 1806.  Referred to in paragraph 22 of Mr Cruso's affidavit of 10 February 1854…simply a draft with no signatures appended.

[6] Three items relating to the Leek News Room. [a] Notice of a Meeting of the Members of the News Room on 27 June 1853, with regard to finding ways to settle a dispute concerning the News Room without resort to Chancery and a resolution to submit the matter to "the Judge of the County Court made in the recent Act".  A note states " In Chancery…referred to in the affidavit of James Bloore… [b] Copy of a letter from Hacker & Bloore of Leek to Thomas Redfern of Lee dated  28 June 1853 which accompanied a resolution made by all members of the News Room the previous evening.  [c] Letter from Redfern to Messrs Hacker & Bloore of Leek, dated 1 July 1853, confirming that he had received Hacker & Bloore's letter.

[7] Copy Order of Sessions issued at the Staffordshire Easter Sessions on 25 April 1805 ordering that a Lock-up be built at Leek under the direction of the Justices acting for the northern part of the Hundred of Totmanslow and that the sum of £138 be allowed for that purpose. On cover F.F 29 June1853.  "In Chancery….This paper…was shown to John Cruso at the time of swearing his affidavit in this cause 10 February 1854.."

[8]Letter, dated 4 January 1855, from J. Fowler Gaunt, to Messrs Challinor & Co, containing a resolution by Members of the Leek Town Hall News Room pointing out that the Lord Chancellor was not aware that  the room had been enclosed at the expense of the members and that the site had never belonged to the Leek Town Lands. The members also agreed to refer this "trifling question" to the County Court judge" and resolved that nothing further be done until "these facts are known and a trustee appointed as suggested by the Vice Chancellor".

Names: Badnall; Carr; Challinor; Chorley; Critchlow; Cruso; Emerson; Ford; Fowler; Fynney; Gaunt; Goodwin; Griffin; Hacker; Haywood; Jones; Mills; Milner; Phillips; Radford; Russell; Sleigh; Ward; Whittles;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: [1] Printed address by W. Challinor (for himself and Mr Carr)  to the Freeholders of the Township of Leek and Lowe, dated 25 June 1852, concerning  questions as to whether the Trustees of the Leek Town Lands could "legally charge rent for the room in the Market Place now used as a news-room", whether it formed part of Town Lands property and whether Town Land funds should be used in litigation about these questions.  This documents gives a good picture of the background to the creation of the news-room and the subsequent dispute.

[2] A further copy of [1].

Names: Carr; Challinor; Cowling; Redfern;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: The petition of the freeholders and inhabitants of the Township of Leek and Lowe, Staffordshire to the High Court of Chancery  and to Her Majesty's Attorney General "That in the opinion of your petitioners if fresh Trustees of the Leek Town Lands be appointed, they should as far as possible be impartially selected from persons representing all parties and that your petitioners consequently recommend that the following persons being Commissioners acting under the Leek Improvement Act ( 6th George 4th Chapter 71) being the only authorised public body in the Town appointed under act of Parliament for the management of town affairs or such of them as shall be selected by the Court shall be appointed together with Mr Sleigh the future Trustees of the Town Lands, and that all  requisite steps be taken for this purpose.   The Commissioners' names are listed and the document has been signed by approaching 200 people, all of whom give their occupations.

Names: Alsop; Birch; Brough; Carr; Challinor; Critchlow; Cruso; Davenport; Flint;  Gaunt;  Hammersley; Milner; Phillips; Russell; Ward; Woolf;  Worthington; Young;  and many others.



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: In the matter of the Leek Town Lands: 
[1]The Petitioners' Tabular Statement of Leek Town Lands in respect of which rent should be paid. Hornby & Towgood. List headings are "Antient description of property in 1724"; Description of property in 1819"; "Name of Tenants in 1819"; "Yearly rent payable from time to time  since 1711"; Names of tenants in 1854 or pretended owners"; "Names of occupiers in 1854"; "No. on the Survey and Plan"; "Present quantity"; "Description in 1854"; "Value according to the petitioners' estimate"; "Annual Rent according to the petitioners' estimate"; "Observations".  The properties are in "Back 'oth Street" and "Nab Hill" and the list ends wit a group of "Lost Lands".

Names: Badnall;' Bennett; Bentley; Bowcock;  Bowyer; Brindley;  Brookes; Brundred; Bullock; Cope; Daintry; Dale; Dawson; Davenport; Earls; Espley; Gaunt; Goodwin; Hammersley; Harrison; Heaton; Hulme;  Johnson; Kirkland; Mellor; Mills; Milner; Moor; Nixon; Parker; Perkin; Plant; Pratt; Proctor; Rowley; Scragg;  Sharratt; Sheldon; Shufflebotham;  Simcock; Simpson; Smith; Stonehewer; Turner; Wamsley; Walker; Walters; Warrener; Weston; White; Wood; Vigrass; Yarwood;




Places: Leek, Staffordshire; 

Description: [1] In Chancery. Exhibit 12 In the Matter of the Leek Town Lands. Statement of lands for which rent ought to be paid for which none is now paid.  "This is the exhibit marked with the figure 12 produced and shown to Thomas Redfern at the time of his swearing his affidavit in this cause this 3rd day of February 1854. Before me A. R. Killmister".

[2] Exhibit U 31 January 1833, Account of Messuages, Lands and Tenements in the Township of Leek & Lowe, Staffordshire, called "Town Lands". This is a fair copy of Exhibit S and Exhibit S was made from Exhibit R which was corrected edition (made in or about 1819) of the Survey (Exhibit F) extracted from the Township Survey.  Referred to in paragraphs 6 and 17 of Mr Cruso's affidavit sworn 10 February 1854.

Names: Ainsworth; Badnall;  Bennett; Birchenough;  Bold;  Bowcock; Brindley;  Brooks; Bullock; Cope; Daintry;  Davenport; Gaunt; Harrison; Hunt; Lees; Mellor; Mills; Milner; Perkins; Pickering; Pointon; Scragg;  Shallcross; Shufflebotham;   Stonier; Tatton; Walker; Wamsley; Wood; Yarwood;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: In Chancery in the Matter of the Leek Town Lands: Exhibit 6. Particulars of the sale of houses, buildings and lands in and near Leek, Staffordshire, the property of Messrs Mellor & Pratt, bankrupts, at the George Inn, Leek, on 23 April 1798.  A note states "This paper writing marked with the figure 6 was produced and shown to Thomas Redfern at the time of his swearing  his affidavit in this cause this 9 January 1854, before me R. Bagshaw".  Referred to in paragraph 3 of Mr Cruso's affidavit sworn 10 February 1854.

Names: Badnall; Baker; Bennett; Bramwell; Cruso; Cumberlidge; Daintry; Davies; Earl;  Fynney; Hammersley; Hargrave; Holroyd; Hunt; Keen; Mellor; Mottershaw; Pickerall; Plant; Pratt; Redfern; Stonier; Sutton; Wheeldon;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Copy of an agreement, dated 23 December 1724, between the Freeholders and Landowners within the Liberty or Township of Leek, Staffordshire on the one part and Adam Jackson of Leek, innholder and Joseph Sykes of Leek, innholder of the other. The Freeholders leased Westwood Heath and other lands  "from time beyond memory has been sett and lett by the Constable of ye sd Town for the time being & the yearly rents & profits thereof by him received & imployed by the direction of the said freeholders for the repair of highways within the  said town or for come other public use touching the joynt benefitt of the said Freeholders.", to Adam Jackson and Joseph Sykes for the term of 99 years or  4 lives.  The lives were those of Jackson's sons William & John and Sykes; sons Edward & George.

Names: Buxton; Harris; Hollinshead; Hulme; Jackson; Jolliffe; Lankford; Mills; Noble; Plowman; Sykes; Whywall;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: In Chancery in the Matter of the Leek Town Lands.  
[1] Copy survey or list of the town lands extracted from the township survey. Referred to in Mr Cruso's affidavit sworn 28 July 1853. Hornby & Towgood. This lists the No. of the land on the sketch, occupiers' names, a description of the premises, quantities, rate per acre in shillings and "Amount" (of rent?).

[2] Extracts from the Trustees of the Leek Town Lands minute books 1711 to 1827. Including  Town lands set by Joseph Steel, Constable, set to Westwood Heath  4th March 1711;  an account of rents of several town lands in Leek "appropriated to the repairs of the streets, etc., repairs of the engine, part of the organist's salary etc. for the use and benefit of the town from Lady Day 1820 to Lady Day 1821…; the purchase of land for the new cattle market etc. 1827.

[3] Leek Town Lands. A rough list extracted from  Mr Sleigh's affidavit as to the Leek Town Lands shewing the description of the property of the Charity  -October 1854.

Names: Aspinall; Badnall; Birchenough;  Boocock; Chawner; Chorley; Clarke; Cope; Cruso; Cumberlidge; Dainport; Davenport; Emerson; Eyre; Ford; Fowler; Fynney; Gaunt; Gormans; Griffin; Hammersley; Harrison; Heaton; Heawood; Kirkland; Mellor; Mills; Mould; Orme;  Phillips; Radford; Ridgway; Scrag; Shallcross; Sherratt;  Sikes; Sleigh; Steel; Tatton; Wheyall; Wood; Yarwood; Yeomans;  Yern;




Places: Leek, Staffordshire; 

Description: Accounts of rents etc for the Leek Town Lands, Leek, Staffordshire.

[1] Account of the rents etc, of Leek Town Lands to Lady Day 1851. Hornby & Towgood. (No. 4 on cover]

[2] Account of the rents etc, of Leek Town Lands to Lady Day 1852. Hornby & Towgood.(No. 5 on cover]

[3] Account of the rents etc, of Leek Town Lands to Lady Day 1854. Hornby & Towgood.(No. 7 on cover]

[4] Leek Town Lands -Statement of income and expenditure 1855. Hornby & Towgood.(No. 8 on cover]

Names: Badnall; Barlow;  Blades; Cartwright;  Challinor; Clarke; Clee; Cruso;  Cumberlidge; Fernihough; Davenport; Frost; Garrett; Gaunt; Hall; Hammersley; Hargreaves; Haynes; Heath; Howes; Kirkland; Lasseter; Nadin; Nall; Pimlott; Pointon; Poultney; Rooke; Sleigh; Williamson; Wright;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Printed address to "The Ratepayers of Leek" by James Alsop, Thomas Birch, John & Joshua Brough, Thomas Carr, N. Davenport, R. Hammersley; John Russell, John Ward, John Weston and George Young, dated 26 April 1856.  The address  was made in reply to "an attack which Mr Brunt has made upon us".  Brunt had apparently claimed that "a Committee of the present Commissioners, appointed to make arrangements for the purchase of the Earl of Macclesfield's waterworks on the most favourable conditions, have complete the purchase at the Earl's own price, £11,000., without having the of the general body's. sanction. 

Names: Alsop;  Birch; Brough; Brunt; Carr;  Davenport; Hammersley; Russell; Ward; Weston; Young;




Places:  Marchington, Staffordshire;

Description: County of Stafford: The examination of Thomas Bladon, assistant overseer of the poor of the Township of Marchington in the same County, taken on oath before two of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace acting in and for the said County the 17th day of February 1830.   Who saith that about the 16th of September 1827, Ann Bennett of Marchington applied to the overseers of Marchington aforesaid for relief for William Wardle who had been sent to her to nurse. The overseers took the child and placed it in the Workhouse of Tutbury at the expense of the overseers of  Marchington and it has been in the same workhouse at their expense ever since.  Thomas Bladon. Sworn before us the day and year first above written E. T. Trafford; T. H. Heathcote.

Names: Bennett; Bladen Heathcote; Trafford; Wardle;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire; London;

Description: [1] Consols Insurance Association. Instructions to advise. Mr W. B. Badnall. Challinor & Co., Leek. 30 July 1881. Incorporates Mr Badnall's opinion and advise dated 6 August 1881.

[2] Consols Insurance Association: Copy observations of the Official Manager upon Mr Badnall's opinion. Gregory Rowcliffes & Co, 1 Bedford Row.10 October 1881.

[3] Press copy of [2]

[4] Consols Insurance Association- balance of accounts-undated.

Names: Badnall; Brown; Burton; Cleland;  Fuller; Godfrey; Hall; Jones; Joyce; Meiklam; Scott; Simons; Wood;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: Press copy: Epitomes of articles of Partnership and of a lease of the dyeworks of Messrs Joshua Wardle & Sons, Leekbrook, Leek, Staffordshire 8 May 1896.

Names: Wardle;



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;

Description: In the County Court of Staffordshire held at Leek .  Plaint No. W.359 The North Staffordshire Railway Company versus Thomas Wardle.  Brief for the defendant. Challinor & Shaw, Leek, 4th August 1893. The plaintiffs were suing the defendant to recover £40-14s-11d for the carriage of goods during the period February to May 1893. Defendant admitted liability for £39-16s-3d but disputed the balance since it, he contended, represented an increase in the rates since 1st January 1893 which plaintiffs had no right to claim.

Names: Ford; Challinor; Shaw; Wardle;