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Places: Ashbourne,  Bradbourn, Chellaston, Iridgehay, Derbyshire; Harrow, Middlesex; London; Barton-under-Needwood, Calton,  Ilam, Throwley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire; Richmond, Surrey; North Attrington, Kellingham, Thornton le-Street, Yorkshire; Rhos-on-Sea,


Description: Documents relating to lands in the Manor of Throwley, Staffordshire 1920 to 1975.

[1] Conveyance, dated 4 November 1920, of Woodhead Farm, Ilam, Staffordshire, by The Right Honourable George- Earl Cathcart  to Jesse Howson of Woodhead Farm, Ilam,  for £700. Certain rights of way were retained for Cathcart and his tenants and to the owner(s) of Lees House Farm, Ilam. Document is vellum, signed, sealed and stamped and incorporates a plan and  schedule of lands  and deeds.

A note on the reverse states that by a conveyance dated 14 August 1936, Alice Cantrell and Charles Howson as personal representatives of Jesse Howson deceased, and with the concurrence of Frank Thomas Dale as mortgagee, conveyed the fee simple of the several pieces of land to The National Trust  For Places Of Historic Interest Or Natural Beauty.

[2] Abstract  of the title of the Right Honourable George 5th Earl Cathcart to freehold estates in Staffordshire, Ellis Peirs & Co., 17 Albemarle Street, London, 1920.   The citation commences with an indenture dated 1 april 1850 between the (1) Hon. Alan Frederick Cathcart commonly called Lord Greenock, eldest son and heir apparent of the Right Honourable Charles Murray Earl Cathcart, (2) Elzabeth Mary Crompton of Woodend, Yorkshire, spinster, eldest daughter of Sir Samuel Crompton, bart deceased and then an infant and ward of court, (3) Dame Isabella Sophia Crompton, widow of the said Samuel Crompton, the Hon. Frederick McAdam Cathcart, Colonel in Her majesty's Army and Edward Charles Winyates a Colonel in Her Majesty's Army, guardians of the said Elizabeth Mary Crompton, (4) Charles Murray Earl Cathcart, (5) the Honourable George Cathcart, Colonel in Her Majesty's Army, John Gilbert Preston esquire, (6) Henry Stormont Murray esquire, and the Revd. Frederick Alexander Sterkey and (7) the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Freemantle bart and Sir John Andrew Cathcart.  This in turn cites the will, dated 7 January 1805, with codicil,  of Samuel Crompton the paternal grandfather of the said Elizabeth Mary Crompton and by death of the male issue of her father the said Elizabeth  was seised as tenant in tail of several manors, messuages, tenements, farms, lands, etc., in the parishes and townships of Kirby Wick, Thornton le Street, North Attringham and Kellingham in Yorkshire and elsewhere in the same county, and in the parishes or townships of Ilam and Throwley, Staffordshire.  Her estates were subject to  several "incumbrences" with those in Staffordshire being subject to a term of 1000 years as security for £15000 and a mortgage of 2000 years on estates in Yorkshire as security for £10000. Elizabeth also had to pay  a jointure of £600 for life. The estates were also charged under Sir Samuel Crompton's will with £10000 to provide portions for his younger daughters. Sir Samuel Crompton's will was admitted to probate on 7 July 1849.  The document continues with the proposal for the marriage between Alan Frederick Lord Greenock and Elizabeth Mary Crompton and the settlement associated with this. The marriage took place at Thornton le-Street, Yorkshire on 2 April 1850. Amongst other things, the document concerns the Manor of Throwley and contains a schedule of the Throwley Estate comprising Throwley Hall, Rushley, Lees House, Throwley Moor, Stode House, Beeston Tor and Wood Head, the total acreage of 1352 acres 2 roods, bringing in a total annual rental of £1084 in 1912.

[3] Certified copy of an entry in the Principal Probate Registry (UK) stating the Jesse Howson of Woodhead Farm, Ilam, Staffordshire died on 4 November 1935 at Middleton Farm, Calton, Staffordshire and that probate was granted to Alice wife of Henry Cantrell of Woodhead Farm, daughter of the deceased and the deceased's son Charles, on 23 March 1936. Howson's estate was valued at £1677-8s-0d and the net value of his personal estate was £142-12s-7d.

[4] Abstract of the title of the personal representatives of Jesse Howson deceased and their mortgagee to the Woodhead Farm, Ilam, Staffordshire, Eddowes & Simm, Ashbourne, 1937. Includes a plan of the farm and incorporates schedules of lands and deeds. Mentions conveyance of 61.232 acres to the National Trust on 14 August 1936.

[5] Conveyance of the Woodhead Farm and  other lands in Throwley, Waterhouses, Staffordshire, by (1)Frank Thomas Dale formerly of Gorse Hill Bradbourne, Derbyshire but  then of Nairn House, Chellaston Road, Derby, retired farmer, (the mortgagee), (2) Alice wife of Henry Cantrell of Woodhead Farm, Ilam, Staffordshire, farmer and Charles Howson of Middleton Farm, Calton, Staffordshire, farmer, the personal representatives  of Mr Jesse Howson, deceased to Thomas William Hambleton of Daisy Bank Farm, Calton, farmer, for £550. The conveyance is dated 3 April 1937 and incorporates a plan and a schedule of the lands. Signed, sealed and stamped.

[6] Mortgage of Woodhead Farm and  lands in Throwley, Waterhouses, Staffordshire, by Harold Richardson of Rowley Hall, Ilam, Derbyshire, farmer,  to the Leek United & Midlands Building Society to secure £450 and interest at 4.5%. The mortgage is dated 23 October 1944 and incorporates a schedule describing the property. Signed, sealed and stamped.

[7] Conveyance of Woodhead Farm and  lands in Throwley, Waterhouses, Staffordshire, by Thomas William Hambleton of Daisy Bank Farm, Calton, Staffordshire, farmer, to Harold Richardson of Rowley Hall, Ilam, Derbyshire, farmer, for £500 . Bowcock & Pursell, Leek, 24 October 1944.  Document  incorporates a schedule describing the property. Signed, sealed and stamped.

[8] Copy agreement, dated 4 July 1945, between The National Trust and Harold Richardson of Pales Corner, Calton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, (the tenant) for the tenancy of lands forming part of Woodhead Farm, Ilam, Staffordshire. A.A. Martineau, 42 Queen's Gate, London SW1. Stamped "Dovedale Committee National Trust". The document incorporates a schedule of the 61.232 acres of land on the east side of the River Manifold.

[9] Copy supplemental deed of covenant, dated 30 July 1945, between The National Trust of 42 Queen's Gate, London SW1and  Miss Alice Ford of Pinehurst, Brompton Avenue, Rhos on Sea, (the mortgagee) and Mrs Doris Durose, wife of Wilfrid Henry Durose of Ireton Wood Hall, Iridgehay, Derbyshire, in respect of Throwley Hall, Staffordshire. This concerns parts of Throwley Hall and Throwley Moor Farms Estate bound by a covenant and termed "restricted lands".

[[10] Conveyance of the Woodhead Farm, Waterhouses, Staffordshire, by Harold Richardson of of the Woodhead Farm, Throwley, Waterhouses,  farmer, to Arthur Thomas Richardson of Throwley Hall, Ilam near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, farmer, for £550. The documents is dated 6 February 1961 and has been signed, sealed and stamped.

[11] Conveyance of the Woodhead Farm, Waterhouses, Staffordshire, by  Arthur Thomas Richardson of Throwley Hall, Ilam near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, farmer,  to Stanley William Clarke and Mrs Hilda Joan Clarke, both of The Dower House, Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire  for £20000. The documents is dated 17 June 1974 and has been signed, sealed and stamped.  The farm is described as a messuage or tenement or farmhouse barns, stables and outhouses and closes or parcels of land known as Woodhead Farm situate at Throwley in the Parish of Waterhouses in the County of Stafford containing in the whole sixteen acres one rood and thirty-six perches.

[12] Agreement, dated 7 January 1975, between the he National Trust of 42 Queen's Gate, London SW1and Stanley William Clarke of The Knoll, Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire, for the tenancy of lands, containing about 60.82 acres, known as Little Wood and Hell Hole, Ilam, Staffordshire, from 25 March 1974 at a rent of £60. Document contains a schedule of the lands and a related Ordnance survey plan of the area.  

Bayley; Bentley; Bishton; Bowcock; Cantrell; Cathcart; Clarke; Crompton; Dale;  Durose; Firsby; Ford; Fox;  Freemantle; Gaze; Hare; Hambleton; Hill; Howson;  Leaper; Lupton; Mander; Murray; Preston; Richardson; Rose; Salt; Sterkey; Surtees; Warrington; Winyates;  



Places: Dursley, Gloucestershire; Whitchurch, Shropshire; Leek, Staffordshire; Birmingham, Warwickshire;


Description: Documents relating to Debank Farm, Leek, Staffordshire, one of the properties held by the Leek Townlands Charity 1901 to 1945.

[1]Letter, dated 25 September  1901, from E. Challinor  of Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire, to Thomas Brealey of Leek, land agent and surveyor, concerning sewerage and water supply at Debank Farm.

[2] Undated draft agreement between the Trustees of the Leek Town Lands and John Andrew Dale of Debank Farm, Leek, Staffordshire, with regard to the letting of the 61 acre farm to Dale at an annual rent of £115 , payable  half yearly. Two pages of conditions.

[3-1] Estimates re work at Debank Farm, Leek, Staffordshire for the Trustees of the Leek Town Lands, September 1933. The contractors bidding  for the contract to build a new cow shed, were James Heath & Sons of Shoobridge Street, Leek, Staffordshire, Thomas Grace of Leek, builder, and the Salopian Cattle Bowl Company, Whitchurch, Salop.  The prices quoted were: Grace £412; Salopian Co: £359; and Messrs Heath & Son: £330-18-0. The contract was awarded to Heath. [14 items]

[3-2] Estimates for the Debank Farm water scheme, dated 1934. [5 parts].  Includes a plan [BC2/1069/3/2/B].

[3-3] Papers relating to the cowshed at Debank Farm, Leek, Staffordshire. 1933.. Includes a plan  of the cowshed, a further copy of Heath & Son's quotation

[4] 5 items relating to the proposed sale of Debank Farm, Leek, Staffordshire by the Trustees of the Leek Town Lands in 1945. {1} Letter, dated 14 July 1945, from Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, to W. Chatfield Smith, of 6 Derby Street, Leek notifying him that they proposed to sell the farm and asking him  to report upon this and in particular the best mode of sale, {2}Printed, Charity Commission instructions with regard to proposals for sales of charity estates. {3} Pencil notes re questions to be answered. {4} Printed Charity Commission application form for authority to sell land. It has been completed in pencil only. {5} Typed report and valuation of Debank Farm, Leek, Staffordshire, which it describes as" distant three quarters of a mile from the centre of the Town of Leek, with on the west a frontage to the Mount Road of 187 yards and on the North east a frontage to the Bradnop Road of 243 yards..". Ellaway Smith estimated the farm's value at £3450. Undated but almost certainly 1933.

[5] Copy of Central Land Board Claim Form completed with respect  to a claim, under Section 58 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1947, by the Trustees of the Leek Town Lands, for a payment  for the depreciation in the values  of Debank Farm and three enclosures in Leek, Staffordshire, dated March 1948?. Includes 9 letters and notices relating to this issue and dated 16 March 1949 to November 1952. The Trustees claimed that the   land had an  unrestricted value of £1800 and a restricted value of £1150: the corresponding Inland Revenue figures were £1650 and £1150 respectively. The development values thus differed by £185 but after negotiation, the Central Land Board accepted the Trustees' figures.  

Names: Abbott; Brealey; Challinor;  Clowes; Dale; Ellis; Grace; Goodwin; Heath;  Hewlett; Johnson; Moore; Morris; Nicholson; Phillips; Sillito; Smith  




Places: Leek, Rushton, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire;  

Description: Papers relating to the sale by the Trustees of Leek Town Lands to the West Midlands Gas Board, of the Woodcroft Lands, Leek, Staffordshire for £830 and costs,  April-June 1952. The land purchased by the Gas Board was adjacent to the Leek Gas Works. The 25 items include a a memorandum of a tenancy agreement with Philip Rogers, dated  6 April 1927, a plan of the site and detailed valuations. The Leek Dogs' Home stood on this site.  

Names: Bagshaw; Brown; Meakin; Smith;  



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;  

Description: Three photographs of the  public toilets abutting the Talbot Inn, Leek, Staffordshire which needed improvement. A dotted outline on one of the photographs carries writing and arrows in white ink indicating the improvements required another shows a proposed screen and  new entrance for the toilets. The work was to be carried out by the Trustees of the Leek Town Lands at the request of Mr Green the Sanitary Inspector in 1928.  

Names: Brealey; Green;  



Places: Leek, Staffordshire;


Description: Two acknowledgements of tenancy and of outstanding rental debts, dated 25 August 1829.

[1] "25 August 1829 Benjamin Brough of Leek, weaver do hereby acknowledge myself to be a weekly tenant of a house in Blacks Head Yard in Leek to Mr William Challinor at the weekly rent of three shillings and six pence and which is payable weekly. As witness my hand…Benjamin Brough. Witness: Wm. S. Mollatt."  Below this and carrying the same date is written " I Benjamin Brough do acknowledge to be indebted to Mr William Challinor the sum of two pounds and nine shillings for arrears of rent from the 18th day of May last to this day  being fourteen weeks. As witness my hand…." It is signed and witnessed as above.

[2] As for one  but with respect to Thomas Moors of Leek, weaver, who was also a tenant on one of Challinor's houses in the Black's Head Yard, Leek and paid the same rent as Brough. He too was in arrears with rent to the same extent as Brough but whereas Brough signed his acknowledgement, Moors made a Mark (cross).


Names: Brough; Challinor; Moors;  




Places: Leek, Staffordshire;


Description: Two lists headed "List for Coals" both of which are undated but one carried a watermark dated 1825. It seems likely that the document was prepared later than this because it mentions "yard behind Mrs Joseph Badnall's house (Dale's Yard)" which implies Mr Badnall was dead by then and Joseph Bednall died in 1830.  One document lists 29 names and the other 22. The shorter list seems to have been a draft version of the longer. Each list gives the names and addresses of the individuals and in one or two cases additional details are given, e.g. "Works for Mr Ward", "Badnall's Dole", "out of Township" or simply "dead".  In two cases, that of widow Hannah Knight, of Strangmans Walks,  88 and widow Sarah Peacock of Bottom of Derby Street, 55, are ages given. One woman, Ann Swan of Pool End, is described as "very poor -formerly lived at the cottage at Highfield Gate".  They may have been prepared as part of a public subscription for the poor similar to that of 1816.  NB Of those listed on the longer list, only 9 were men and of the women 5 are described as widows. Five lived on Mill Street, two each in Back o'Street, Brough's Yard, Jacob's Alley, Leek Moor and Clerks Bank, and one each in various other places. Altogether 4 lived in yards behind other buildings including the Cock and Cross Keys Inns.


Names: Badnall; Bills;  Bold; Brassington; Brindley; Cope; Earls; English; Gaunt; Gibbons;  Hammersley; Heathcote; Henshaw;  Kelly; Knight; Lovatt; Maskery; Mason; Peacock; Rushton; Salt; Scraggs; Searight; Sherratt; Shingler; Simpson; Smith; Spilsbury; Steele; Swan;  Trafford;  Ward;  




Places: Leek, Staffordshire;


Description: Draft schedule of title deeds and writings relating to houses and premises on Clerk's Bank, Leek, Staffordshire belonging to Joseph Davenport in mortgage to William  Henshaw of Leek, shopkeeper, as security for £200 and interest. Redfern, Leek, 1842. The title commences with indentures of demise and release between the Governor and Company of the Bank of England and Uriah Davenport  of Leek, Staffordshire, baker, dated 23 January and 7th February 1828. The property is described in one of the documents listed as " twisting shades and messuages situate on Clerks Bank, Leek"


Names: Badnall; Challinor; Colquhoun;  Cruso; Davenport;  Fowler; Gaunt; Killmister;  Redfern;  




Places: Leek, Staffordshire;


Description: Schedule of deeds relating to a messuage or dwelling house, garden and outbuildings known by the name of The Club Row situated on Ball Haye Green in the Township of Tittesworth, Staffordshire, belonging to Joseph Davenport of Leek, Baker and deposited with Thomas Redfern  of Leek as security for £10 and interest. Redfern, Leek 1843. Carries the heading "Equitable Mortgage".  The recital commences with an indenture, dated 11 May 1829, between William Sneyd of Ashcombe, Staffordshire and Thomas Tomkinson of Park Lane, Staffordshire, (Trustees of the said Building Society thereinafter referred to of the 1st par, Joseph Chell, Innkeeper, John Travis joiner, William Johnson coal merchant, Samuel Milward silk manufacturer, James Barlow stone mason, Thomas Doxey sawyer, and Ralph Mountford grocer, all of Leek, Staffordshire  & the committee of the said Society of the 2nd part and Uriah Davenport of Leek baker, and George Ridgway Killmister of Leek of the 4th part.


Names: Barlow; Chell; Davenport; Doxey; Johnson; Killmister. Milward; Mountford; Redfern; Sneyd; Tomkinson Travis;  




Places: Leek, Staffordshire;


Description: Undated, handwritten list of the population of the townships of Leek & Lowe in Staffordshire from 1801 to 1861 based on figures taken from the Blue Book of Official Census Returns. The list indicates that Leek's population had trebled in the 50 years from 1811 to 1861.  



Places: Leek, Lichfield, Staffordshire;


Description: Letter from William Mott, The Close, Lichfield to an unknown recipient, dated 4 September 1819.  It concerns the results of his search for the marriage of John Birtles of Leek, gent to Miss Ann Wolrich.  He reported that he had only been able to find a licence granted on 12 March 1731 for the marriage of John Birtles of Leek, gent, aged 24 and Miss Ann Wolrich of Leek aged 18. He suggested searches of the marriage registers (if any) of Meerbrook.  A footnote states " Mr Sneyd could not wait for this letter".
NB Ann Wolrich was the daughter of John Wolrich of Congleton, Cheshire and sister of Sarah who married William Badnall of Leek, silk dyer and of Mary who married the Rev. William Brooks, vicar of Biddulph.


Names: Birtles; Mott; Sneyd; Wolrich;  




Places: Norton, ?


Description: Five documents relating to the accounts of Norton House Farm, September - October 1946.
[1] Letter, dated 5 October 1946, from Bourner, Bullock & Co., Chartered Accountants, Albion Street, Hanley, Staffordshire to B. Robertson, of Hollinshead & Moody, solicitors, Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, concerning a visit to Norton House Farm to check time sheets and wages sheets. Incorporates a list of cheques drawn during an unspecified period and accompanied items 2 to 5.
[2] Cash account for H. R. Moody of Norton House Farm for three weeks ended 3 October 1946. Balance £2762-8s-4.5d.
[3] Norton House Farm Wages Sheet No. 269 for the week ended 13 September 1946.
[4] Norton House Farm Wages Sheet No. 270 for the week ended 20 September 1946.
[5] Norton House Farm Wages Sheet No. 271 for the week ended 27  September 1946.


Names: Baker; Birch; Blakeman; Burgess; Chapman; Cheadle; Dodd; Earle; Emery; Fox; Groves; Hawkswood; Hobly; Lovatt; Moore; Morrey; Nicklin; Pugh; Smith; Stubbs;  




Places: Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire; Greenock, Scotland; Leek, Staffordshire; Birmingham, Warwickshire; Kidderminster, Worcester, Worcestershire: York;


Description: Three items relating to the accounts  of Messrs Sutton & Sleigh of Leek, Staffordshire, ribbon manufacturers.
[1]  Mr Davenport's account for work carried out for Messrs Sutton & Sleigh between Hilary Term 1777 and 4 January 1779. Much of the cost was incurred in connection with the bankruptcy of Sutton & Sleigh's customers in Birmingham, Greenock, Kidderminster, Liverpool, Manchester, Worcester and York.
[2] Mr Thomas Hobson's account with Sutton & Sleigh July to November 1781. Also Mr Christopher Hodgson's account with Sutton & Sleigh 1781 and Mr Thomas William's account from March 1780 to September 1781.
[3]  Sutton & Sleigh's account s for the period March 1784 to December 1785. Gloucester and Coventry are mentioned.


Names: Bathus; Bloxham; Campbell; Capper; Chatterton;  Dear; Davenport; Haslam; Hobson; Hodgson; Holland; Hunter; Kay; Key; Lucas; Pickersgill; Robinson; Satterthwaite;  Sleigh; Steel; Sutton; Wall; Watson; Wharton; Warren; Williams; Yate;  




Places: Leek, Staffordshire;


Description: Miscellaneous household bills of Mr & Mrs William Beaumont Badnall of Leek, Staffordshire.
[1] James Heath's bill for work carried out between 12 August and 18 September 1854.
[2} Ann Twigg's bill for 3 drawn bonnets made for Mrs Badnall in 1854.
[3] G. Hulme's bill for salt supplied between 20 June and 1 December 1854.


Names: Badnall; Heath; Twigg;  

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