Bednall Collection Pt 1: No.s 1601 to 1625

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PLACES: Great Fenton, Leek, Staffordshire; Cadmore, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire; Worsley, Sheffield; Chepstow;  
PERSONS: Dickson; Broughton; Hand; Hawkins; Tomlinson; Carter; Adams; Eardley; Birks; Shrigley; Grove; Richardson; Robinson; Bibby; Stanier; Taylor; Minton; Geary; William; Owen; Williams; Cooper; Wagg; Freeman; Reason; Langford; Gardener; Burgan; Warburton;  
DESCRIPTION: Small bundle of papers re the Reverend Robert Bruce Dickinson of Cadmore Vicarage, High Wycombe, Bucks,  and his wife Grace Agnes nee Broughton. Item 1: Schedule of documents relating to the marriage settlement of Robert Bruce Dickson and Grace Agnes Broughton his wife. Dated 1st November 1888. These include documents relating to property in Great Fenton, Stoke on Trent. Item 2. Draft appointment, dated 1 March 1888, by the Reverend Robert Bruce Dickinson  and his wife to the Trustees of their marriage settlement. Item 3. Authority to send papers to their solicitor March 1888. Signed by W. H. Williams, C. J. E. Broughton; H.P. S. Freeman; O. H. Pearson; Item 4: Letter from Robert Bruce Dickson to Messrs Challinor & Shaw dated 10 Nov. 1888, confirming he had received a bundle of documents. Item 5: 4 small items, receipts, solicitors costs, copy of account with the Dicksons March 1888.

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Watson; Prince; Chadwick; Moreton; Hill;  
DESCRIPTION: Inventory of the machinery fittings and furniture of the silk mill in Bath Street, Leek, belonging to the late William Prince. 6th  February 1897.  Very detailed listing giving machinery makers' names, e.g. boiler by John Chadwick & Son of Princes Bridge Iron Works, Manchester.; 8 h.p. horizontal engine - also by John Chadwick & Son.- with an 18" stroke and a 9" bore.  Hill Brothers occupied a shed in this Mill.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; London; Castleton, Derbyshire;  
PERSONS: Strangman; Chorley; Lucas; Badnall; Cruso; Gillies; Cotton; Forbes; Carlisle; Ward; Jennings; Bradley; Geils; Brealey; Bourne; Bacon;  
DESCRIPTION: Abstract of the title of the surviving trustee under the will of John Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire to land in or near Strangman's Walks, Leek.  For Mr Stephen Goodwin -Challinor & Shaw 1890. The title starts with indentures of lease and release dated March 1838 which cite an indenture of lease and release and settlement  dating from 8 and 9th July 1794. The latter was made on the marriage of Toft Chorley and Ann Strangman. Property purchased by John Cruso in 27 November 1837 for £3600. The property comprised Nix Hill [2 a: 2r : 39p.],a shade standing near the top of a footway leading from Spout Street, Leek to the Gas Works called Strangman's Walks and a cottage adjoining and a garden, summer house and orchard. [A note states that the site of the shade, cottage, etc. now forms the site of the Wellington Mill and premises]. Other property included the Ludcroft or Milkfield with sludge pool to the top thereof and a barn standing on it [5a: 2r: 25p.] the Hungerfield or Bankyfield [1a: 3r: 8p], Both the latter had been in the possession of John Cruso prior to the death of Toft Chorley. Longdale with a barn [8a: 1r: 27p], the Handkerchief Piece [0a: 3r: 18p].  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Mathews; Myatt; Pilkington; Sanders; Sleigh; Harris; Broster; Creighton; Brassington;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft agreement between the Leek Bobbin Manufacturers with regard to prices. Challinor & Shaw 10th November 1899. The manufacturers who signed this were: Henry West Brassington for Henry Brassington, Isaac Creighton and Jabez Mathews for himself and for John Mathews. Enclosed with this was a letter from  J. & J. Mathews "Steam Saw Mills & Joinery Works, Leek " Joiners & Builders, Spool Manufacturers; English & Foreign Timber Merchants. Returning the draft agreement with one or two items inserted and asking Challinors to proceed and produce copies.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Tatton; Phillips; Somerville; Newall; Hordern; Keates; Magnier; Taylor; Williner;  
DESCRIPTION: Executors stated account re James Hall Tatton  who died on 9th April 1922. His will was proved 11 May 1922.  

PLACES: Leek, Hatton, Newcastle under Lyme, Cheadle, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Bolton; Knight;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy of correspondence by Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire with Messrs Thomas Bolton & Sons, Oakmoor Mills near Cheadle, Staffordshire and Messrs Knight & Son of Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire from 7th to 9th April 1888, on the subject of the Staffordshire Potteries Waterworks Company's bill before Parliament re proposed water pumping stations at Hatton and Creswell. Also a letter  to Knight & Son dated 23 April 1888.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Nicholson; Shaw;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter from Arthur Nicholson of Highfield Hall, Leek, Staffordshire to Mr Thomas Shaw of Challinor & Shaw, Leek. Dated 28th February 1900.  Nicholson congratulates Shaw on his birthday and goes on to say " your are really a wonderful man, for although your sight has failed you to some extent, your bodily and especially your mental vigour are extraordinary at your age".  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Nicholson; Ellis; Argyles; Phillips; Hall; Rider; Bill; Harrison; Woolley; Watson; Bishton; Myatt; Cooper; Meakin;  
DESCRIPTION: Undated list of "Subscriptions received up to date" headed by Sir Arthur Nicholson, J.P. President and including the North Staffs. Railway Company and Colonel Bill.  

PLACES: Macclesfield, Sutton, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Ryle; May; Higginbotham; Birchenough; Barker;  
DESCRIPTION: Form of composition deed re John Ryle of Macclesfield, silkman and silk throwster, and all the creditors of the said John Ryle dated 15 January 1864.  A majority of the creditors ( three fourths of those owed £10 or more) had consented to the composition.  The payment proposed was 5/6 in the £ by instalments at intervals of three, five and eight months from 15 January 1864. Payment secured by promissory notes of John Ryle and Reuben Ryle of Sutton, Cheshire. The creditors listed in the schedule were Joseph Barker for himself and his partner and John Birchenough.  

PLACES: Thorpe, Derbyshire; Liverpool; Leek, Staffordshire; Grange, Westmoreland;  
PERSONS: Badnall; Challinor; Shaw; Barrington;  
DESCRIPTION: Four letters from William Beaumont Badnall dating between 3rd June 1876 and 15th July 1900.  (I) dated 3 June 1876 to Thomas Shaw at Leek re the Working Men's Freehold Land Society, returning the papers and his opinion on them. Badnall states that he was "going to Liverpool this afternoon for a few days".  (2) dated 28th September 1876 to Mr Shaw at Leek (Badnall was at the hotel Grange).   Mentions Sant & Arrowsmith to the Leek Building society. States he was unable to send "these papers, yesterday " as was amongst the Lakes".  He requested an "entire holding for a short time(3)  dated 17 June 1886 to Challinor & Co., Leek enclosing a list of fees and stating that they were sent to them on 23rd February last.  (4) dated 15 July 1890 to "Barrington".  It concerns " scheme of division" of stock between seven legatees "excepting the seventh share allotted to the late Mrs Craven's family" prepared by Edward Challinor.  Barrington and " Charlotte" were two of the legatees.

PLACES: Leek, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire;  
DESCRIPTION: Receiver's statement of cash account for Messrs C & J. May, 21st August 1875. Pencilled notes of extracts from legal cases.  

PLACES: Basford, Stoke on Trent, Silverdale, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: May; Tyson; Pope; Wright; Windsor; Massingham; Hall;  
DESCRIPTION: Two wills of Mrs Ann Frances May of Basford, Stoke on Trent, widow dated  17 August 1893  and an earlier one made on 14th March 1890 and then cancelled.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Birmingham; London; Oxford; Derby; Burnley, Lancashire;  
PERSONS: Walmsley; Brunt; Fynney; Moss; Bowcock; Clulow; Lowndes; Coates; Smith; Brough; Dawson; Cox; Trafford; Sherratt;  
DESCRIPTION: Two items. (1) Draft further charge on property -Mrs Sarah Walmsley the elder, of Milledge Road, Burnley, Lancashire,  Philip Broster Walmsley of North Parade, Oxford, ,  Miss Sarah Walmsley the younger, John Maydew Walmsley of London Road, Derby, and Martha Walmsley, to Mr James Clulow of Alderlee, Leekfrith, Staffordshire, farmer.  Redfern & Son., Leek, dated 1862.(2) Draft further charge on property -Mrs Sarah Walmsley the elder, of Francis Road, Birmingham, Philip Broster Walmsley of the same place,  Miss Sarah Walmsley the younger, John Maydew Walmsley of London and Martha Walmsley, to Mr James Clulow of Alderlee, Leekfrith, Staffordshire, farmer.  Redfern & Son., Leek, dated 1873.Two of the male Walmsleys were Wesleyan Ministers.  The property referred to was 3 of 5 shares in a "silk warehouse or factory in the Black a Moors Head Lane, Leek erected by and formerly in the possession of the late John Fynney, late of Ralph Moss and Isaac Brunt but now of… together with the range of buildings at the North end formerly used as a stable, slaughter house, engine room and for other purposes but then lately converted into 5 dwelling houses heretofore in the respective occupations of George Bowcock, James smith, Ann Moss, William Lowndes, and Mary Coates and now of..? And also all that silk shade adjoining on the south end of the silk warehouse and formerly in the possession of  Thomas Fynney then Ralph Moss and Isaac Brunt and now of ?…  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Bentley; Hammersley; Clowes; Middleton; Beardmore; Royle; Mountford; Biddulph. Carr; Bradshaw;  Gaunt; Birch; Brough; Johnson; Walker; DESCRIPTION: Draft conveyance  of the share of Joseph Bentley of Leek, silk manufacturer, in certain property in Leek, Staffordshire to George Hammersley of Leek. Challinor, Badnall & Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire. Dated initially 1854 then 22 May 1855. It cites an indenture of 25 March 1845 between (1) Vernon Royle, John Allen and John Cruso, (2) G. Hammersley  (3) Joseph Bentley and (4) Ralph Mountford concerning a property on Leek Moor covering 649 square yards and formerly occupied by John Biddulph but then of Edward Bradshaw which was conveyed to Ralph Mountford - half in favour of George Hammersley and half in favour of Joseph Bentley. A further indenture was made on 9 August 1845 between (1) Mary, Thomas, Charles and Henry Carr (2) G. Hammersley (3) Joseph Bentley and (4) Ralph Mountford concerning a plot of 356 square yards on Leek Moor formerly part of a larger area obtained by Thomas Carr through exchange with George Thompson, and another plot of 788 square yards -half a plot of 156 square yards intended as an open road called Victoria Street leading from Fountain Street to Cross Street and the Ashbourne Turnpike Road. The land adjoined other land bought by George Hammersley from the trustees of Richard Gaunt deceased. All this was conveyed to Mountford as before. In or about 1850 Hammersley and Bentley agreed with Samuel Clowes for the purchase of the 3rd portion of land described.  Hammersley and Bentley erected a silk mill and buildings on the land.  On 6th January 1855 George Hammersley and Joseph Bentley, who had been trading as silk manufacturers as co-partners had mutually agreed to dissolve their partnership and had settled accounts between them concerning all credits, debts and other effects and transactions.  They had also agreed that Joseph Bentley ( who intended to carry on the business on his own) should have for his own use all George Hammersley's part in the goods, merchandise, stock in trade, machinery, fixtures etc., credits and effects (with exceptions). In return Hammersley was to have to his own use the share of Joseph Bentley in the property before mentioned.  In effect Hammersley acquired rights over all the property including the sites of their Victoria Street silk mills  and Bentley's house.  The signatures of Hammersley and Bentley were witnessed by William Beaumont Badnall and his brother Charles Henry Fiennes Badnall.  

PLACES: Leek,  Butterton, Staffordshire; Spottiswood, Berwick; Scarborough, Yorkshire;  
PERSONS: Byrom; Belcher; Campbell; Watkins; Burnett; Black; Everett; Hutton;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy of the will of Sarah Henrietta Jones Byrom of Leek, Staffordshire, widow, 5 May 1877. Redfern & Son, Leek. Her estates were placed in trust for the benefit of her son William Richard Colin Jones Byrom. In the event of his death before the age of 21, the benefit of the trust was to pass to Helen Watkins and then to the grandniece of Helen Watkins - Frances Helen Hutton daughter of Major and Helen Hutton.  

PLACES: Waterfall, Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Brunt; Burnett;  
DESCRIPTION: In the Court of Common Pleas. Between John Doe on the remise of Josiah Brunt petitioner and James Burnett defendant. 13 June 1835.  Concerns the recovery of a lease of land in Waterfall, Staffordshire, and damages for trespass and expenses. Unsigned. Redfern, Leek.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Mills; Hulme;  
DESCRIPTION: Extract from a deed of 1807 concerning roads. Challinor & Co., Leek. Concerns the right of Thomas Mills and his heirs to a road for horses, carts & carriages and all other purposes "from and out of the highway leading from Mill Street to Abbey Green in at the gate near unto the croft opening into the Ball Haye and so on by the hedge side into the present gate which went into the upper Stoop Croft…"Road to be maintained by "the said James Hulme"  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Hacker; Wooliscroft; Challinor; Tatton; Cruso; Gettcliffe; Mellor; Hammersley; Lovatt; Roberts; Williams; Cruso; Davenport; Mycock; Rowley; Tatler; Young;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft abstract of the conveyance from George Wooliscroft of Leek, grocer, to Mr Samuel Tatton of Leek, dyer, and William Challinor, of a garden and grounds in the Victoria Gardens, Browhill, Leek. Redfern, Leek 31 May 1849. The land is described as situated in or near Browhill in Leek and measured 2200 square yards including a road up to the middle lying on the South side of the plots. The plots were occupied by James Davenport; James Mycock, John Rowley and Joseph Williams.   On the North the plots were bounded by land belonging to John Cruso; on the East by another part of the Victoria Gardens sold to George Massey; on the South by plots sold to Simon Getcliffe, William Mellor and William Hammersley; and on the North West by land belonging to the Earl of Macclesfield.   "All which said several plots of land were part of a certain close then used as garden ground and known by the name of Victoria Gardens, theretofore known by the name of the Browhill Field late in the possession of Mr Thomas Tatler".  Tatton also acquired those parts of the watercourse running over the North and Northwest sides of the plots bought.  He also had the right to use the carriage and foot way out of the Browhill road on the East and south sides of a house that belonged to George Wooliscroft, then occupied by John Lovatt…Schedule of deeds from 1843.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Burton; Brough; Badnall; Challinor; Bowcock; Mellor; Spilsbury; Pickford; Clowes; Clulow; Ash; Nixon; Jackson; Washington;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft conveyance by Joshua and John Brough of Leek, silk manufacturers and devisees in trust for sale under the will of Ellen Hulme, deceased, to Joseph Burton of Leek, baker, of four houses and a bakehouse on the East side and fronting Black a Moors Head, Lane otherwise known as Pickwood Road, Leek, Staffordshire.  Challinor, Badnall & Challinor 23 June 1858.  Consideration £202. One of 5 messuages had been converted into and was then used as a bakehouse. On the North the cottages abutted a shade used for the twisting of silk and on the South the Workhouse Road.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Shaw; Goodall; May;  
DESCRIPTION: Affidavit of Thomas Shaw of Leek in the case of Joseph Pitchford Goodall versus Charles Bower May and Joshua Bulkeley May in Chancery. 18 October 1875 Challinor & Co., Leek. Redfern was solicitor for the defendants and acted for them in composition proceedings under the Bankruptcy Act.

PLACES: Leek, Ipstones, Kingstone, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Gaunt; Abbott; Bailey; Brindley; Coates; Gould; Hassall; Heath; Kirkham; Millward; Mostram; Naden; Shenton; Swift; Woodings; Winfield; DESCRIPTION: Bundle of documents relating to Misses Ellen and Catherine Gaunt.  Item 1: Listing of the tenants of Miss Catherine Gaunt's property-undated.  Item 2: Draft minutes of an affidavit by Mrs Elizabeth Taylor wife of William Taylor of Costock, Nottinghamshire, farmer, re Miss Catherine Gaunt's state of mind -1879.  Item 3: