Bednall Collection Pt 1: No.s 1551 to 1575

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PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Coburg, Canada.  
PERSONS: Cruso; Challinor; Robinson; Bennett; Eardley; Hine; Finney; Bowcock; Walley; Knight;  
DESCRIPTION: Two documents relating to Succession Duty paid by Henry Beaumont Cruso.  (1) Succession account for Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Canada on the death of Anne Cruso who died 1 October 1893 under the will of John Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire proved at Lichfield 9 December 1867. The declaration was made on 11 October 1893 on property etc. with a net annual value of £597-11s or the equivalent of £6127-17s-5d invested to produce an equivalent annuity.  Succession Duty paid was £239-18s-3.  One particularly interesting feature of H.B.Cruso's inheritance is the £200 annuity paid under the will of Ralph Knight dated 9 August 1758. The annuity appears from other sources to have been levied on the Nottinghamshire lands held by Sir Henry Fitzherbert.  (2) Succession account for Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Canada payable on the death of Anne Cruso who died 1st October 1893 under the will of John Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire proved at Lichfield 9 December 1867. The value of the equivalent annuity in this case was £1766-18s-8d on which Cruso paid £24-1s-3d  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Coburg, Canada;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Challinor; Shaw; Bosville;  
DESCRIPTION: Case as to the settlement on Henry Beaumont Cruso his wife and children of $24500. Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire 1st December 1893. Pinned to it is a four page minute on relevant law. The document lists amongst other things : mortgaging by Michael Daintry Cruso and his son Henry Beaumont Cruso of their reversionary interest in the estates of John Cruso senior and junior on 3rd August 1870 to raise £6500.  Settlement by M.D.Cruso and H.B.Cruso of $24500 (£5104-3s-4d) for benefit of Emma wife of H.B.Cruso.10 November 1870.  By 1st December 1893 the mortgage plus further advances had grown to over £20000.  Mrs Anne Cruso died 1st October 1893. Matthew Daintry Cruso died 9 January 1889. The solicitors wanted to know if it were proper to apply the trust fund set up under the settlement of 1870 towards discharging the mortgage.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Coburg, Canada;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Herbert; Challinor; Shaw;  
DESCRIPTION: Mortgage by Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Canada to Edward Herbert and Arthur Herbert of London, stock brokers dated 10 January 1894. In return for the sum of £265-5s H.B.Cruso mortgaged Foxlowe in the Market Place, Leek together with all the lands etc. formerly the property of his grandfather John Cruso plus all the lands belonging to his late uncle John Cruso. [Document is unsigned and is marked " This not used"]. 

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Davenport; Smith;  
DESCRIPTION: Five letters from the Davenports of Foxlowe, Leek, Staffordshire to a Mr Smith  and a note concerning income and tax.  (1) Undated card From Margaret Davenport to Mr Smith that accompanied a "dreadfully formal letter" about the Trust [presumably the Davenport Trust].  (2) Letter on Foxlowe headed paper from S. Davenport to Mr Smith dated 23 January 1913. It thanks him for a statement received from Dr Somerville.  She mentions that they (Mr Smith and his wife were "in a more genial part of the country than this -no place I think being colder than Leek".  (3) Letter on Foxlowe headed paper from S. Davenport to Mr Smith dated 16 October 1913. She apologises for not replying to his letter as she had been "far from home for a few days". In thanking him for a cheque she ends " but as of old you never spare yourself for the benefit of others".  (4) Letter on Foxlowe headed paper from Ina Davenport to Mr Smith dated 19 July 1914. Simply thanking him for sending all the particulars of the Trust. (5) Letter on Foxlowe headed paper from Margaret Davenport to Mr Smith dated 13 July 1914. It too thanks him for his help and expresses the hope that he will be able to come and see them " before we leave Leek". They intended leaving at "the end of next month". (6) Note re Margaret Davenport's income and tax dated 5 Feb 1914. Her income [from the Trust?] was £199-10s on £39-10s of which she was taxed at 1/2 in the £. Over 2.5 years she had overpaid £9-6s-8d tax and this was reclaimed.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; London; Shirburn, Oxfordshire; Coburg, Canada.  
PERSONS: Cruso; Parker; Challinor; Shaw; Graham;  
DESCRIPTION: 28 items (mainly letters) dealing with the sale of the Leek property of Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Canada to the Trustees of the Earl of Macclesfield and dated between 21st September 1901 and 26 March 1902.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Slater; Wardle; Nutter; Gwynne; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy deed dated 5th July 1895 between Mrs Harriet Slater of 8 Waterloo Street, Leek, widow and Mr Henry Slater of Broad Street, Leek, joiner; Elizabeth Ann Slater of Stockwell Street, Leek, spinster and Mary Jane Wardle wife of Thomas Wardle of Chorley Street, Leek, employed at the Leek Gas Works. and   providing for the division of the real and personal estate of Henry Slater, platelayer retired, deceased, late of 11 Britannia Street, Leek. Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire. The late Henry Slater in a will dated 11 March 1890 left (amongst other things) houses on Dragon Street, Leek to his son Henry and daughters. He appointed his nephew John Nutter of 13 Summerseat Place, Bradford, Yorkshire, secretary and Thomas Nutter of Ivy Street, Keighley, Yorkshire, Assistant Overseer, as joint executors of his will. Henry died on 13 June 1894.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Trafford; Bostock; Gwynne; Challinor; Allen;  
DESCRIPTION: Brief for the defendant of an action in the Leek County Court 7th August 1892 between Ernest Trafford of Leek, silk worker and Samuel Bostock of Pickwood Road, Leek, silk worker concerning a debt of £4-12s-0d. Bostock was ordered to pay in one month..  

PLACES: Wetley Rocks, Shelton, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Grosvenor; Fox; Clay; Roberts; Daniel; Green;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy draft surrender and admittance of William Grosvenor of Wetley Rocks, nurseryman and Albert Brook Fox of Wetley Rocks, gentleman, trustees in the will of Frederick Fox to a copyhold messuage "in an ancient street" in Shelton called "The Row" or "Stafford Row" which was held by Fox of the Manor Court. Dated 28 June 1866. Frederick Fox died in December 1859 and his will was proved in the Principal Registry on 3 June 1861.  He had originally been granted seizin of the cottage on 7th July 1831 upon the surrender of George Green. Admission was "by the Rod according to the custom of the said Manor" and the tenure was subject to a herriot (2shillings) and customary services and fines.

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Pimlott; Fisher; Lowndes; Hulme; Badnall; Hackett; Marsden; Pointon; Nixon; Challinor; Wilson; Rider; Tipper; Barlow; Bratt; Ash; Booth; Brocklehurst; Kirkham; Swindells; Critchlow; Oakden; Hand; Shirley; Brassington; Carr; Platt; Armitt; Massey; Howard; Salt; Rigby; Alan; Brealey; Finney; Chaddock; Brindley; Cooper; Hine; Turnock; Lockett; Thompson; Foster; Johnson; Ball; Brough; Berrisford; Fergyson; Mountfort; Hales; Taylor; Heathcote; Billing; Grace; Tipper;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft stated account of Messrs John Lomas Pimlott, & Robert Pimlott in account with the residuary legatees under the will of the late Mr Robert Pimlott -May 1868. It lists cash in hand, debts of the deceased, proceeds of sale of farming stock, household furniture etc. Debts due to the deceased are given with the name of the debtor.  The legacies paid and recipients' names are given.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Peach; Nixon; Williams; Challinor; Shaw; Newall;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft mortgage by John Peach of Leek, Staffordshire, licensed victualler, to Messrs Henry William Nixon, gent, and Joseph Williams, licensed victualler both of Leek, of Leek of the Royal Oak Inn, 23 Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire to secure £3337-8s-9d. Challinors & Shaw, Leek. 13 September 1892. The Royal Oak Inn had previously been occupied by Joseph Williams then of William Henry Peach and currently (then) by John Peaach.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Wolstenholme, Goodwin; Allen; Challinor; Shaw; Bayley;  
DESCRIPTION: Fair copy draft Agreement between The Right Honourable the Earl of Macclesfield and the Trustees of the late Stephen Goodwin deceased and Stephen Hall Goodwin for the purchase of land and arrangement as to a new street near Westwood Lane, Leek, Staffordshire. Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire 16 February 1889. Includes plan. The Trustees were Esther Goodwin, widow, Stephen Hall Goodwin and Arthur William Goodwin, silk manufacturers all of Leek. For £70 the Trustees agreed to buy 792 square yards of land near the northwestwardly end of Black Acres Lane in Leek. For a further £28-7s-6d they were also to buy 227 square yards of adjoining land.  The Earl of Macclesfield was also agreed to surrender a 312 square yard strip of land to the purchasers so that Black Acres Lane could be widened.  The purchasers were to surrender a 665 square yards strip of land adjoining Black Acres Lane to the Earl.   Purchasers were to make up the road with a macadamises surface, curb stones and flagged footpaths down either side.  There was a cowhouse rented by a Mr Smith on the land purchased by the Trustees. The draft carries the approval of the Earl of Macclesfield's solicitors and a pencilled note that it was engrossed on unstamped demy paper on 14 February 1869.  

PLACES: Leek, Stallington, Alton, Staffordshire; Sydnall, Market Drayton, Shropshire; Jamaica;  
PERSONS: Young; Hill; Wardle; Lea; Redfern; Ward; Baker; Tatler; Gorman; Barlow; Morley; Rogers; Chadwick; Smith; Getliffe; Bennison;  Townsend; Steventon Lea; Walwyn; Clark; Challinor; Cooke; Harrison; Knowles; Allen;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft abstract of the title of William Young, esquire, to the Swan Inn and  premises situated in Leek, Staffordshire.  Challinors & Shaw, Leek 1896. The title started with an indenture dated 25 March 1864 between(1) Elizabeth Wardle formerly of Leek Brook but then of Lymhouse, Horton the widow of the late Hugh Wardle of Leek, druggist, (2) George Young of Leek, currier and (3) William Lea of Leek, currier. The description of the property  is "all that messuage, [etc.] situate near the church in Leek and commonly called or known by the name of the Swan Inn formerly in the occupation of Thomas Tatler, afterwards of William Gorman and then of John Barlow. Together with the stabling and warehouse adjoining late in the possession of Mr Chadwick, surgeon then of John Barlow and also all the yard, stables and other buildings…".  A later citation, dated 25 March 1864, mentions the will of Samuel Young of Leek, currier, dated 4th January 1832. Samuel died on 15 March 1833 and his property passed to one of his daughters Lydia Young. Lydia's will, dated 22 August 1845,  is cited and some details given. Lydia died on 13 May 1848 and her brother in law Hugh Wardle on 2 July 1860.  This indenture lists the property again and more fully as " All that messuage {etc] being under or adjoining the Swan Inn formerly in possession of Mr Charles Chadwick and then of the Co-operative Stores together with the yard formerly used by the said Charles Chadwick.  And also all that Assembly room belonging to the Swan In  aforesaid which is over part of the aforesaid last mentioned dwelling house together with all the cellaring and other rooms under the same Assembly Room.  And secondly all that messuage [etc] situate in Spout Street in Leek aforesaid adjoining the Swan Inn being formerly in the occupation of Simon Getliffe and afterwards of the Manchester & Liverpool and District Banking Company and then of Mr Worrall together with a right of road and passage through the yard immediately at the back of the premises leading to a privy and ashes hole in the same yard and the free use of the said privy and ashes hole  and other conveniences in the same yard in common with the owner and occupiers for the time being of the two houses adjoining the one thereby granted formerly in the occupation of Sampson Morley and Miss Rogers…"    An Indenture of 22 November 1872 is cited that shows some interesting relationships; "Indenture …made between (1) Robert Bennison of Stallington, Staffordshire, farmer and Catherine his wife, Barnett Young of Alton, Staffordshire, Land Surveyor,, Sarah Young of Lymhouse near Leek, spinster; Mary Young of Lymhouse near Leek, spinster, an infant of the age of 18 years and 9 months. (2) George Edwin Townsend of Sydnall near Market Drayton, Shropshire, farmer, and Eliza Lydia his wife, William Steventon of Jamaica (now on a visit at Leek) Doctor of Medicine and Mary Thomasina his wife and William Young of Leek, gent. (3) Thomas Wardle of Leek, silk dyer, and Elizabeth his wife and George Young Wardle of Number 4 Bloomsbury Place, Bloomsbury, London, Artist  and (4) The said George Young Wardle and Thomas Lea of Leek, currier, and (5) the within named George Young.       The document goes on to state that "the within named Samuel Young had only five children who survived Lydia Young or were born after her decease namely Catherine Bennison, Barnett Young, Sarah Young, Mary Young and Annie Young all, except for Annie had reached the age of 21 years.  George Young had only four children who survived Lydia Young namely Eliza Lydia Townsend, Mary Thomasina Steventon and William Young all over 21 and Annie Young who died intestate 17 January 1868.  The "within named" Elizabeth Wardle had three children namely Elizabeth Wardle party thereto, George Young Wardle and Mary Wardle who died intestate on 16 September 1860.   Elizabeth Wardle the mother died on 8 November 1871.  By 1877 George Young formerly lived on Clerks Bank, Leek was living with his daughter & son-in-law George Edwin Townsend at Berrington Wood Eaves near Market Drayton. Thomas Lea was George's partner in the currying trade.  In his will the public house was described as " called or known as the Swan with two necks" and was occupied by Mrs Ellen Barlow. Messrs Young & Lea occupied a portion of the old Theatre as a leather warehouse and W.H.Walwyn a joiner & cabinet maker and William Clarke occupied part as a flour store.  The adjoining house was occupied by the Leek Cooperative Stores.  
In an indenture of 8 November 1887 concerning a lease from William Young of Leek, silk manufacturer and the Leek & Moorlands Industrial Provident Society the property (or part of it) is described as "All that messuage [etc.] shop & premises situate on Overton's Bank, Leek….. ... formerly in the occupation of Mrs Dorothea Heathcote and then of the Leek & Moorlands Provident Society Ltd or under tenants of the Society…".  In 1895 Mrs Harriet Allen was the tenant of the Swan Hotel in 1896 the tenancy transferred to William Harrison. Harrison agreed to take the tenancy of the Hotel and of "the room occupied by William Knowles".

PLACES: Leek, Rushton Spencer, Staffordshire;
PERSONS: Mrs Harriet Allen was the tenant of the Swan Hotel in 1896 the tenancy transferred to Wardle; Dawson;  Redfern; Lockett; Parker; Rider; Bostock; Hacker; Yardley; Baldwin; William Harrison. Ainsworth; French; Burgess; Johnson; Brunt; Getliffe; Rowley; Birch; Hall; Birtles; William Brindley; Cruso; Mills; West; Hammond; James; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft abstract of the title of a house and shop on Church Street, Leek, Staffordshire. Challinors & Shaw, Leek 1891. It details the will of  James Wardle formerly of Rushton Spencer, Staffordshire, which includes bequests of property to his sons Hugh and Nathan Wardle. The property is described in a codicil of 1828 as " All that messuage [etc.] commonly called or known by the name of The Golden Lion Inn situate in Church Street in Leek with outbuildings thereto belonging and then in the occupation of John Hulme  and also his messuage in Church Street in Leek … as then in the occupation of Samuel Shatwell.." James Wardle died about June 1828.  This document also cites an indenture of release drawn up on 16 November 1838 between Hugh Wardle and his wife Elizabeth and Thomas Redfern.   A schedule of deeds is included that starts with a fine dated Hilary Term 26 George 3rd.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Doxey; Phillips; Critchlow; Moss; Nixon; Hales; Coupland; Gaunt; Child.  
DESCRIPTION: Draft deed of mortgage by Thomas Doxey of Leek, sawyer to William Phillips of Leek, esquire, of land in Stockwell Street, Leek, Staffordshire, Cruso & Coupland, Leek 1824.

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Nall; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Affidavit by J. Challinor of Leek, attorney-at-law, re the signing of a dissolution of partnership between George and Robert Nall, booksellers of Leek, Staffordshire. 15 March 1856.  

PLACES: Leek, Cheddleton, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Wood; Challinor; Mollatt; Burnett; Hill; Sargeant; Miles; Leigh; Nixon; Turner;  
DESCRIPTION: Agreement of mortgage between Benjamin Wood of Wetley Rocks, Cheddleton, Staffordshire, labourer and William Challinor his trustee  and William Sherratt Mollatt of Leek, the representative of John Burnett, deceased, to secure £238 and interest. 3rd April 1844. The mortgage was on four closes of land at Whitley Rocks formerly occupied by Mary Turner.  Wood made his mark. John Challinor was a witness to this.  

PLACES: Leek, Horton, Hanley, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Rainow, Cheshire; Manchester;  
PERSONS: Travis; Rider; Challinor; Woodward; Tomlinson; Tatton; Hulme; Dean; Wardle; Ainsworth; Barker; Lees; Rowbotham; Hacker; Ball; Hammersley; Hobson; Bowyer; Hill; Simpson; Heath;  
DESCRIPTION: Abstract of the title of Samuel Travis as surviving trustee under the will of the late Mr George Rider of Harracles, Leek, Parish Clerk, to houses etc., in or near Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire; Challinor & Co., Leek, 1877. Gives details of the will of Joseph Woodward, cordwainer, formerly of Leek dated 8 May 1841, and genealogical details of his family.  It also mentions Woodwards of Shrigley Fold who were silk workers. The property consisted of 5 house on the south side of Mill Street late (1841) in the occupation of Samuel Tomlinson, Mary Tatton, George Dean, Sarah Wardle and Thomas Hulme. Some details of the will of George Rider of Harpurs Gate, Leek, Blacksmith, are also given.  

PLACES: Leek, Cheddleton, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Sneyd; Ward; Hammersley; Brough; Heaton; Shaw; Steers;  
DESCRIPTION: Unsigned assignment by the Reverend Henry Sneyd of Woodlands near Leek and his eldest son William Debank Sneyd to Joshua Brough, silk manufacturer, Robert Hammersley, silk dyer, Charles Heaton, surgeon and John Ward, silk manufacturer, all of Leek and Trustees of the Leek & Moorlands Permanent Benefit Building Society, of the life estates in the Rownall and Hurdlow Farms situated at Whetley Rocks near Leek, Staffordshire and life interest in mortgage securities as security for £700 and interest. Dated 1857.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Ainger; Coe; Overfield; Sleigh; Brealey; Challinor; Badnall; Weston; Nadin;  
DESCRIPTION: Four items relating to the sale of Roche House, West Street, Leek, Staffordshire built, owned and occupied by Mr W. D. Ainger and other property including two houses in Russell Street, Leek.  (1) Draft sales notice (2) More extensive draft sales brochure or poster re auction to take place at the George Hotel, Leek on 11 March 1875. Gives details of house layout and construction including for example Minto tiles in the entrance hall and beautifully coloured window on the staircase.  (3) Part draft of conditions applicable to the sale of Roche House and property stating that the title of Lots 1, 2 and 3 would commence with the will of the late John Sleigh dated 28th October 1847. (4) Draft special conditions applicable to the sale of Roche House, Leek, Staffordshire stating title to Lot 1 would begin with an Indenture of 5th January 1856 between John Weston and William Dawson Ainger and John Heathcote Hacker. Title to Lot 2 to commence with Indenture dated 8th November 1856 between the same three parties. The title to Lot 3 was to commence with an indenture of 8th August 1859 between William Challinor, William Beaumont Badnall and Joseph Challinor on the one hand and John Nadin on the 2nd W.D.Ainger on the 3rd and  J.H.Hacker on the fourth.4th.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Hulme; Hockenhull; Challinor; Goodwin; Barlow; Davenport; Cope; Eaton; Cooper; Booth; Coupland; Pickford; Whittles; Barker; Woolfe; Heathcote; Martin; Morley; Stirling; Johnson;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft schedule of deeds relating to property in Custard Street, Leek, Staffordshire belonging to William Hulme, innholder and in mortgage to John Hockenhull of Leek for £200 plus interest at 4.5%. Challinor & Co., Leek, 10th April 1858. The title deeds begin with Indentures of Lease and Release dated 29th & 30th May 1799 between (1) John Cooper and Thomas Eaton, (2) Isaac Cope and Joseph Mellor, (3) Hannah Davenport, (4) Lucy Cope, (5) James Hulme, (6) John Barlow, (7) John Cruso and (8) Joseph Goodwin.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Nicholson; Challinor; Shaw; Myatt; Mellor; Morton; Swindlehurst; Hacker; Milner; Goodwin; Hall; Brealey; Alsop; Gould; Nutter; Brough;  
DESCRIPTION: Letters relating to the Ball Haye Improvement Scheme, Leek, Staffordshire  1892-1893.(1)  Copy letter 2 June 1892 from Challinor & Shaw to the Leek Improvement Commissioners. It states that Arthur Nicholson had met Mr. Milner and Mr. Goodwin to talk about the purchase by Messrs Nicholson, Brealey, Hall and J. Challinor last year 3416 square yards of land to the west of Ball Haye or Park Road, including 2 cottages to the westerly end of Rosebank Street, from Messrs Alsop for £750. They had bought the land so that 400 square yards of it to the north of the Cottage Hospital could be had " for its protection". Challinors also stated that another reason for the purchase was to enable the Commissioners to buy a strip of land to widen the road.  Challinors stated they had been instructed to offer the whole of the property to the Commissioners except for 1000 square yards "at the northerly end adjoining and near to the Cottage Hospital" at cost price with interest and expenses less £213 as the proportion to be allowed for the land retained for the Cottage Hospital.  The price was £580.  Challinor said that -if the Commissioners wished,- the vendors would pull down the cottages and retain the materials for £100 and allow the Commissioners what land they like for widening the road at 4 shillings a yard.  (2) Letter from the "Office of the Leek Improvement Commissioners 14  March 1893. Requests draft contracts for the sale of land to the Commissioners. Stresses that the proposed works were subject to the approval by the Local Government Board and their sanctioning of the borrowing required to pay for it. (3) Letter from the "Office of the Leek Improvement Commissioners 29  April 1893 Asks whether Challinor & Shaw can confirm that the arrangement with Mr. Alsop with regard to the road widening is definite. In connection with this it mentions clause 12 in the agreement with Messrs Nicholson & others and clause 4 of the agreement with Mr. Gould which were "either not known by us or brought to the notice of the Inspector of the Local Government Board upon his Inquiry". (4) Letter from the "Office of the Leek Improvement Commissioners 1  May 1893 States they didn't understand the previous letter from Challinor & Shaw and states that it was the Commissioners' intention to widen the whole road and that  they cannot do so without the land "and if Miss Alsop withholds her consent it appears to us from your letter and the clauses you have inserted in the agreement that the improvement cannot be effected at all".  (5) Letter from the "Office of the Leek Improvement Commissioners 11  October 1893. It provides Challinor & Shaw with a copy of Minute No. 4554 of the Paving and Sewering Committee "which was confirmed by the Board at the meeting held last evening,"  The minute recommends that the vendors of the cottages and so much of the lands in Ball Haye Road occupied by Mr. Morton and others as is required for sale and for widening the road with a view to the better disposition of the land for building purposes be requested to give notice to the Tenants to determine the tenancies of the lands and premises required on the expiration of one months  notice from the service of the notice but without prejudice to the notices to quit already served on them and that the question of compensation be left to Mr. Mellor or if he declines to act to Mr. Swindlehurst."  (6) Letter from the "Office of the Leek Improvement Commissioners to Messrs Challinor & Shaw 17  October 1893. Re Nicholson & others to the Commissioners. Deals with replies to queries raised by Challinor & Shaw on behalf of the vendors -chiefly concerning the rights of a tenant of one of the properties to be purchased. (7)  Letter from the "Office of the Leek Improvement Commissioners to Messrs Challinor & Shaw 19  October 1893. As in the previous letter, it concerns a receipt from the Inland Revenue concerning estate duty. It also mentions that on a previous occasion where Challinor & Shaw had acted for the purchaser they gave the tenant notice to quit on Challinor etc's behalf but on completion "the gentleman who had the matter in hand demurred to paying this and said that as between ourselves it ought not to be charged and we agreed to this".  They thought, therefore, that in the present case they ought not to be put to any expense for this.  (8)Draft letter from the Challinor & Shaw on behalf of Nicholson & Others to  the Controller as to Succession Duty  20  October 1893. Re James Aslop, deceased - Reference:  A. 1868. Under his will dated 31 March 1866, which was proved at Lichfield on 17 April 1869,  James Alsop late of Leek, silk manufacturer, who died on 14 December 1868, devised his real estate in Leek to John and Robert Alsop and directed them to pay 1/3d of the income to their two sisters Sarah Alsop and Maria C.S.Alsop (later Nutter), in equal shares for their lives and to the survivor for life. Succession accounts dated 31 March 1870 (Ref. A 1868 p.289) were delivered by the two sisters in respect of the annuities  to be paid to them and also by John and Robert Alsop. Mrs. Nutter died on 28 April 1882 and Miss Sarah Alsop died on 19 December 1882. Succession accounts submitted 31 January 1884. Challinors raised the contention by the solicitors for the purchasers of land that had been part of the Alsop property, that since Sarah Alsop died within 1 year of her sister no succession duty was payable by her in respect of her sister's death because no instalment of duty had become due. It carries on to detail further their query. (9) Letter  from the Offices of the Leek Improvement Commissioners to Messrs Challinors & Shaw re Nicholson & others to the Commissioners 23 October 1893.Concerns succession duty payable on the death of Miss Alsop and the information the Challinors should have placed on the abstract of title. The Commissioners' solicitors had had experience of a case in which a client had been unexpectedly called upon to "render an account".   (10)Letter  from the Offices of the Leek Improvement Commissioners to Messrs Challinors & Shaw re Nicholson & others to the Commissioners 8 November 1893. Accompanied a plan of the land in Ball Haye Road rented by Mr. Morton and others and required by the Commissioners to carry out the improvement. There are also copies of minutes 4554 and 4572 of the Paving & Sewering Committee which had been confirmed.  

PLACES: Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Holland; Bullock; Bloor; Hatton;  
DESCRIPTION: Plan of property in the Bank Street, Orchard Passage part of Macclesfield. To scale. Names of adjacent property owners.  

PLACES: Macclesfield, Cheshire; Buxton, Derbyshire;  
PERSONS: Hilliard;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter from J. H. Hilliard of Macclesfield to [probably] Challinor & Co. at Leek, dated 6 May ? [after 1845]. Hilliard mentions that £14 had become due for the Quiet Woman and £6 for a house and land at Brown Edge. He requests that the recipient send  £10 to him at Buxton "the Dividend my creditors agreed to accept I must pay at least one half of it on Saturday…"  

PLACES: Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Mottershead; Salt; Kidd; Stubbs; Hambleton; Burnett;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter form Matthew Mottershead of Adlington near Macclesfield to an unknown person [possibly John Cruso or William Mills of Leek] dated 19 April 1774.  He expresses the hope that the recipient was well enough to ride over to Macclesfield Fair "which will be on Friday the 6th of next month". He wished to see him and his son-in-law or failing that both the recipient's son and son-in-law were invited to come over and stay all night.  Mottershead mentions that " my wife is got forward with child again and hath had a poor time of breeding.  I have a very fine lad which I greatly want you to see". On the back of the letter is " Burnett's Account of Thomas Salt's Estates" dated 1794.  The heading to this states " The Admeasurements of Thomas Salt's estate taken in 1794 when the Common was inclosed. The estate is Womersley in Butterton. It gives field names and areas and then a breakdown into : Womersley; Old Inclosure and New Inclosure. Total area 95acres 2 roods  34 perch..  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Braddock; Cruso; Bagnall;  
DESCRIPTION: John Braddock's bill to Mr John Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire for a farm work carried out between March 1791 and May 1795. The total was £14-10s-0d and the bill was settled on 30 July 1795. The items listed include ploughing for two days, carrying dung, straw, oats and wheat as well as "taking a load of hay to Macclesfield".