Bednall Collection Pt 1: No.s 1526 to 1550

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PLACES: Macclesfield; Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Hines; Plant; Holloway; Brocklehurst; Radley; Sheldon;  
DESCRIPTION: Two items (1) Draft assignment of a leasehold plot and house known as Woodlands at No. 161 Buxton Road, Macclesfield by Mrs Anne Elizabeth Hinds wife of Samuel James Boyd Hines of Chestergate, Macclesfield, confectioner, and William Healy Holloway of Woodlands, 161 Buxton Rd., Macclesfield, commercial traveller. Dated 7 January 1909. Includes plan of site. (2) Invoice from Whittaker & Bradburn, architects and surveyors of King Edward Street, Macclesfield re cost of carrying out a survey of the plot purchased by Holloway from Hines- dated 7 January 1909.  

PLACES: Cotton, Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Redfern; Townsend; Manifold;  
DESCRIPTION: Certificate of Notice by William Redfern to the Reverend William Manifold Townsend, John Townsend, Margaret, Elizabeth and Harriet Townsend of his objection to their claim to the Commission for Commutation of Tithes in the Township of Cotton, Staffordshire with respect to lands which he occupied. Dated 5th September 1840 and endorsed on the back with the dates on which the notice was served I.e. 7th September and 9th September. In pencil on the back was written " 10 May 1648 Beardmore - ..Manifold".  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Wheeldon; Cruso; Coupland; Bagnall;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft particulars and conditions for sale by auction at the Red Lion Inn, Leek, Staffordshire of a farm at Low Hill near Leek, Crusos & Coupland, Leek. Dated 26 August 1822 [Auction date?]. The farm was then occupied by William Wheeldon. Field names and areas are given. Total areas: Lot 1 39 acres 1 rood 26 perch. Lot 2:[occupied by Miss Bagnall] 6 acres 1rood 5 perch.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Darlington, Durham;  
PERSONS: Weston; Mountford; Cruso.  
DESCRIPTION: Copy of an affidavit for proof of debt of £17-12s-9d, by John Weston of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer, against William Mountford of Darlington, Tailor & Draper. Dated May 1848.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Biggin, Derbyshire.  
PERSONS: Brough; Astles; Nixon; Cruso; Badnall; Challinor; Johnson; Alsop; Milward;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft release by John Brough of Mount Pleasant, Leek, Staffordshire to Josiah Astles of Leek, silk twister, of a plot of land known as the Furlongs. Cruso, Leek, 1 January 1835. The plot was described as " containing in width in front to the newly laid out street….157 feet 3 inches and at the back part thereof next to land belonging to the trustees or executors of the late Mr John Haywood Alsop deceased 154 feet 5 inches thereof and in depth at the top or southwardly end thereof adjoining to building erected on other part of the Furlongs and premises now belonging to Mr Samuel Milward 76 feet and at the bottom or Northwardly end thereof  adjoining other part of said Furlongs sold and conveyed to Wm. Rawlins 70 feet and 9 inches. And which said plot…..of land contains in the whole 1268 yards  2 feet 9 inches".. The land was subject to an annual charge of 3 shillings 4 pence payable to the Poor of Biggin, Derbyshire.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Middlesex;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Badnall; Mellor; Mackrell;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft conveyance of land , stable and coach house in Ford Street and Market Street, Leek, Staffordshire by Joseph Challinor of Leek, to William Beaumont Badnall of 5 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex. Challinor & Co., Leek. 1876. It cites an indenture dated 14th Nov. 1874 between Badnall and Challinor by which property was to be conveyed by Badnall to Challinor. The boundary on the North side of the property was "premises belonging to said Wm Beaumont Badnall and now in the occupation of Miss Mellor".  

PLACES: Alstonefield, Elkstone, Leek, Onecote; Biddulph, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Moss; Wood; Cook;  
DESCRIPTION: Hand written pencil statutory declaration by Mrs Mary Moss of the Cave Farm, Upper Hulme, Alstonefield, Staffordshire, widow, dated 10 June 1868. In her statement Mary said she was 58 years old and had lived at Cave Farm (35 acres) since she was a child of 3 or 4 years. She remembered Joseph Wood now deceased, was the tenant of the farm and remained so until his death in about 1829. Her mother Millicent Wood, then succeeded him and was tenant of the farm for about 4 years and on her death in or about 1833, Mary herself took over the farm. Two years later she married her late husband  Moss who then became tenant of the Cave Farm (& common about 10 acres) and continued so until Xmas 1866 when he died. Mary again became tenant jointly with her son Job Moss and were still the farm's tenants.  The farm and common formerly belonged to Thomas Cook of Onecote Lane End and John Cook of Biddulph Lane End, butcher, equally.. After Thomas Cook died then it belonged to W. Cook the son of Mr J. Cook and after their respective deaths to William son of William Cook.  The 10 acres of common land was described as situate also in the township of Upper Elkstone and near to Blakemere House.

: 1533  
PLACES: Cheadle, Forsbrook, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Phillips; Molloy; Berridge;  
DESCRIPTION: Two Staffordshire Poor Law documents (1) printed "Complaint" re non-maintenance of a "Poor Relative" relating to Bertha Phillips wife of Henry Redvers Phillips of Cheadle, Staffordshire dated 4 January 1946 and (2) a printed "Default in Payment -Complaint" re the maintenance of a pauper Robert Molloy of Forsbrook dated 10 May 1946. Molloy's son  had been ordered to pay the Council 15/- a week for his father's support but had failed to do so.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Powys; Milner;  
DESCRIPTION: Two letters relating to the new police station. (1) dated 14 May 1845 from John Cruso to Captain Powys re land intended as the site "of the lock ups in this town" and a misunderstanding with Mr Milner concerning the price. (2) dated  5 October 1835 from Captain John Powys to John Cruso again concerning Milner and asking Cruso if " is it not possible to find another spot?"  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Ainsworth; Ashton; Alcock; Austin; Astles; Abbott; Ball; Broderick; Birchenough; Bowcock; Bowyer; Beard; Brocklehurst; Bibbey; Brooks; Bishop; Brassington; Birch; Brough; Billing; Broster; Beardmore; Booth; Bradley; Cooper; Critchlow; Clulow; Cundy; Challinor; Clarke; Cope; Casson; Chapman; Crombie; Dale; Dent; Edwards; Eardley; Fenton; Fogg; Forrester; Ferris; Fisher; Gibson; Goodwin; Green; Goldstraw; Grundey; Giddings; Goddard; Gould; Heathcote; Hill; Hulme; Hambleton; Holes; Hand; Kirk; Keates; Lombard; Lomas; Leese; Lovenbury; Lowndes; Mellor; Moss; Morris; Martin; Mitchell; Marland; Morley; McColl; Nixon; Nowland; Poyser; Pate; Plant; Putman; Parr; Perry; Pickford; Peacock; Rushton; Riley; Smith; Stevenson; Simpson; sales; Schoefield; Sheldon; Swarbrick; Shenton; Sigley; Stanway; Stonehewer; Stubbs; Salt; Trafford; Turner; Tomkinson; Tate; Tatton; Tomlinson; Taylor; Towers; Vickerstaff; Worthington; Wharton; Wheeldon; Wheeler; Wardle;  Yeomans;  
DESCRIPTION: Alphabetical list of applicants for Naylor's Dole dated 6 December 1898.  24 foolscap pages listing names, addresses, ages, marital status and  sometimes whom recommended by. Occasionally health information is given such as "subject to fits" in the case of a 30 year old woman, and "had stroke" in the case of another -47 year old woman. There are also brief comments such as  "husband in asylum, 4 children working, 5 at school" or "widow very respectable".  The age range is from 16 to 83 years with many of the younger ones being either disabled, ill or women with large families and low incomes.

PLACES: Leek, Cheddleton, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Heathcote; Ward; Challinor; Sleigh; Sneyd; Cooper; Boucher; Wardle; Bradshaw; Barnes;  
DESCRIPTION: Order in the Leek County Court appointing new trustees of the Joliffes Charity 20 June 1856 signed by the Clerk of the Court and officially stamped.  The trustees appointed were the Revd. T.H. Heathcote, John Ward, silk manufacturer and Joseph Challinor all of Leek together with the Revd. Jeremiah Barnes, Hugh Sleigh, silk manufacturer and Richard Cooper, surgeon all of leek; Thomas Wardle of Leek Brook, silk dyer; the Revd. John Sneyd of Ashcombe Park; Revd. Samuel Bradshaw of Basford Hall; Revd. Francis Boucher of Heath House; and Charles Brassington of Cheddleton Grange, farmer all of the parish of Cheddleton.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Milner; Wain; Allen; Bibby; Prince; Bowcock; Harrison;  Abbott; Pickford; Wood; Brooks; Hill; Milward; Belfield; Sheldon; Doxey; DESCRIPTION: Fifteen credit notes issued by  "Carr's Charity" in 1917 and 1920.  The documents are signed by a Trustee of the Charity (John Wain in 1917, R.S. Milner in 1920) and ask the person to whom they are addressed to a person whose name and address is given with either 1 ton of coal (1917) or £1 (1920).  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Cox; Overfield; Ainger; Challinor; Fergyson;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy letter from Challinor & Co, Leek, Staffordshire containing a full draft of the advert for the sale at the George Hotel, Leek, on the 11th March 1875 of Roche House, Weston Street, Leek then occupied by Mr W. d. Ainger.  The house is described as occupying "an eligible position as a villa residence commanding beautiful views over the town of Leek, the Roches, and surrounding neighbourhood". The other lots for sale included two houses on Russell Street, Leek.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire  
PERSONS: Hulme; Hockenhull; Cope; Goodwin; Wright; Fenton; Cooper; Mellor; Davenport; Pickford; Kinnersley; Martin; Coupland; Challinor; Badnall; Phillips; Holmes;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft schedule of deeds re a property in Custard Street, Leek, Staffordshire belonging to William Hulme, brickmaker,  and mortgaged to Mr John Hockenhull of Leek.  Challinor, Badnall & Challinor 24 October 1855. The recital starts with indentures of Lease & Release dated 29 & 30 May 1799 between (1) John Cooper and Thomas Fenton (2) Isaac Cope and Joseph Mellor,  (3) Hannah Davenport,  (4) Lucy Cope, (5) James Hulme (6) Joseph Goodwin -glazier, (7)Joseph Goodwin -blacksmith, and (8) Thomas Wright.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester;  
PERSONS: Davenport; Sale; Parker; Somerville; Challinor; Agnew; Smith; Hilton;  
DESCRIPTION: Account between the Trustees of the Settlement made by the late George Davenport in favour of his three daughters and Messrs Sale & Co. of 29 Booth Street, Manchester July 1912 to September 1914. Signed and stamped. Chiefly concerns appointment of a new trustee Mr Challinor.  

DESCRIPTION: Two printed applications to the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales with regard to the exchange of lands. Both are unused and carry the date 1850.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Bollington, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Wardle; Davenport; Challinor; Smith; Earls;  
DESCRIPTION: Eight items relating to the Wardle family of silk dyers, Leek, Staffordshire. (1)Printed letter from Wardle & Co, Hencroft Works, Leek, Staffs stating they were looking for a site on which to erect a silk and cotton printing works. Dated 1907. (2) Typed letter from Wardle & Co, Hencroft Works, Leek, Staffs. To the Town Clerk  dated 12 December1907 stating they were looking for a site to build a works and asking that their enclosed printed form (1 above?) be sent to "the principal agents" in their areas. (3) Handwritten letter on headed paper from Bernard Wardle to Mr Challinor dated 29 September 1899. Stating that they were "ready to fall in with anything you arrange. The value of the plant does not appear to be so important as the list of things belonging to my father. Some are our own some were here when he retired (1896). We have been adding ever since and many of the appliances now existing are W & Co's."  (4) Typed letter dated 22 Nov. 1900 from Sir Thomas & Arthur H. Wardle, Silk Dyers, to Thomas Robinson enclosing a receipt for the dividend of £18-18s which had been paid to them with respect to a bill of £63-2s-4d. (5) Memo from Sir T.Wardle, Leek, Staffs dated 27 March 1901.Notes refer to his will and need to consider extra provision for Fred. It lists "Children: 1. Gilbert Charles, 2. Arthur Henry, 3. Bernard, 4. Fred Darlington, 5 Lydia Young, 6.Margareta E., 7. Tom, 8. Edith Leeke, 9. Elizabeth.  (6) Letter from Wardle & Davenport, silk manufacturers, Leek, Staffs., dated 4 June 1881 to Messrs Challinor & Co., Leek. Re debt owed the firm by J.H.Smith . At the end it states " Mr Henry Davenport is the sole owner of our firm (trading as Wardle & Davenport). (7) 52nd Annual Report of Wardle & Davenport, Ltd. 8th November 1951. Mr F.L.Davenport, Chairman, presided. (8)Handwritten note dated 11February 1881on the back of  Wardle & Davenport note paper. It states "Further charge on property in Grosvenor Street, Leek belonging to Aribella Earls now of Bollington, Cheshire, spinster, and Maria Earls of Grosvenor Street, Leek, spinster, of £150 - the consideration being credit which has already been given or may from time to time be given to Francis Earls, silk manufacturer of Grosvenor Street, & Fountain Street, Leek by Henry Davenport trading as Wardle & Davenport".  

PLACES: Leek, Leek Brook, Staffordshire.  
PERSONS: Wardle; Hammersley; Brough; Nicholson;  
DESCRIPTION: Three documents relating to Wardle & Co. of Leek Brook, Staffordshire. (1) Letter dated 22 February 1869 from J. Wardle to Challinor & Co., Leek. It mentions an account with Brough in the first half of 1867 "when the agreement terms were intact". During the 2nd half of that year Hammersley "had made a private arrangement with them lowering the terms- the account diminished". "Mr Nicholson told me that if we did not immediately accede to terms equivalent to Hammersley's the account would be withdrawn after Christmas of 1867".  They had to lower their terms in order to compete. Wardle's did not claim damages for the loss of profit caused by Hammersley's treachery but fulfilment of the agreement and damages provided by its terms.  (2) Letter dated 9 March 1869 from J. Wardle to Challinor & Co., Leek. This is on the same theme as (1) and states that two manufacturers had withdrawn work from them and given it to Hammersleys. Wardle asked Challinor to call so that they could discuss the " best mode of procedure". (3) Handwritten list of Cases relevant Wardle's claim against Hammersley,  e.g. "Contracts not prohibited by laws nor adjudged illegal by precedent may nevertheless be void as against principle".  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Fenton; Sheldon; Challinor; Shaw; Goodwin;  
DESCRIPTION: Deed, dated 1st September 1892, between John Edward Fenton and John Sheldon, of dissolution of the partnership in the business of Sheldon and Fenton, silk manufacturers, Leek, Staffordshire.  The partnership was established by indenture dated 1st January 1873 when the partners set up their silk manufacturing business in the Britannia Mills, West Street, Leek. By 1892 they were still occupying the Britannia Mills as tenants of Esther, Stephen Hall and Arthur William Goodwin.  Fenton wanted to retire from the business and the whole of the business was to be transferred to Sheldon. The document was signed and sealed by both partners and witnessed by Arthur Shaw. The cover carries the official stamp of the County Court Macclesfield dated 13 March 1896 and a handwritten note at the top of the document states " In Bankruptcy No.3 of 1896". A pencilled note states "This deed belongs to and must be returned to us-"  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Shaw; Leech; Birch; Jackman;  
DESCRIPTION: (1) Letter from The Leek Spun Silk & Manufacturing Company Ltd of Gordon Mills, Leek to Messrs Challinor & Co., Leek re the shares of Miss Emma Leech deceased dated 17th August 1943. (2) Printed forms relating to a sale of shares in the Leek Spun Silk & Manufacturing Company Ltd 20 October 1890. 1400 Ordinary Shares were to be issued at £2 each. The firm was incorporated under the Companies Acts 1862 to 1888.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Fergyson; Rushton; Gwynne; Gould; Hay; Challinor; Shaw; Potts; Nobles; Fitzgerald; Smith; Bermingham; Sutcliffe; Rider; Hordern; Walters; Hacker; Allen; Brealey.  
DESCRIPTION: Two Sales leaflets (1) re sale by Messrs Fergyson & Son at the Red Lion Hotel, Leek on 18 November 1909 of the London Mill, London Street, Leek complete with machinery. Occupants names given. (2) re sale by Messrs Fergyson & Son at the Town Hall, Leek on 3 March 1908 of various houses and a silk warehouse on Duke Street, Compton Street and London Street, Leek. The silk warehouse was occupied by Robert Potts. 

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; London;  
PERSONS: Watson; Challinor; Jackman; Robinson; Tomlinson; Pearsall;  
DESCRIPTION: Several documents relating to silk industry trade marks (1) Draft Account of fees for trade marks required one trade mark in Class 31 or 32  Application lodged on behalf of the Leek Spun Silk & Manufacturing Company, silk manufacturers, Leek, Staffordshire 23 June 1881. This application was made by Charles Watson and the trade mark was a Bengal Tiger. Also a printed letter from the Trade Marks Registry Office dated 5 November 1881 stating that since Trade Mark 26370 had been advertised in the Trade Marks registration Journal as required and the Registrar was proceeding to register the mark.  (2) Letter from W. Newall of Challinor & Shaw, to Mr Robinson, Leek, Staffordshire dated 27th November 1884 concerning Watson & Co's interest in registering a trade mark in Classes 30 and 32. Newall points out that another company -Pearsall & Co. had already registered the words "Filo Floss". Watson & Co. claimed the words were now "common in the trade and were short for Filloselle Floss. Newall wanted to sort out this point with the Registrar. (3) Printed form from the Patent Office to Messrs Watson & Co. dated 2 June 1885 concerning their application for registration in Class 30. (4) Short statement re Messrs Watson & Co, silk manufacturers of Leek, Staffordshire's application to register a trade mark with regard to a "class of silk goods known in the American Market as Filo Floss", and the problem relating to Pearsall & Co.'s trade mark and the clear intention of Pearsall's solicitors to fight any infringement of their registered mark. (5) Letter dated 30 October 1883 from the Registrar of Trade Marks  stating why he would not register proposed Trade Marks 33840 and 33841 because they did not include a "distinctive device" He had no objection to their use of the words "Eastern Filoselle Silk" on one and " Eastern Cross Stitch Silk" on the other provided they  also had the essential "distinctive device". (6)Memo re Messrs Watson & Co's application to register a trade mark. 

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Challinor; Shaw; Fawcett;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy of the case and the opinion of W.M. Fawcett of Lincolns Inn as to an implied revocation of a legacy to Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Canada. Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire 16 January 1894. The document was accompanied by the will and codicils of Michael Daintry Cruso of Coburg, Canada which was proved at the Principal Registry England on 23 November 1892. Under the will (dated 19 July 1867) of the testator's brother John Cruso who died on 20 October 1867 Michael Daintry Cruso was bequeathed a residuary personal estate of £40000 which was to be his absolutely after the death of John's wife Anne. Anne Cruso died on 1 October 1893. John Cruso's real estate (£10000) was bequeathed to his widow for life and after to Michael D. Cruso for life and afterwards to Michael's son Henry Beaumont Cruso in fee.  H.B.Cruso borrowed money from the Leek Building Society on the security of his father's contingent life estate and his own reversion in fee of the real estates of his Grandfather and of his Uncle. Later M.D.Cruso charged the personal estate of the Uncle with a small advance and part of the interest. The amount due for principal and interest on the mortgage to the Building Society was £20,300 on 31st December  1893. The real estate of  John Cruso was estimated in October 1893 to be worth £18000 but an auction sale of part of this produced less than estimated and it is doubtful that the valuation will be realised.  The mortgage securities to the Building Society included real estate of the value of £10000 derived from H.B.Cruso's Grandfather. Michael Daintry Cruso's will made an $8000 bequest contingent on the value of the real estates of  both John Cruso the uncle and John Cruso the grandfather.  The barrister was as to decide whether the latter bequest had been revoked by the codicils to the will of M.D.Cruso and also whether or not the executors of M.D.Cruso could require the estates of both the Uncle and the Grandfather to pay pro rata for the various charges or whether the real estate of the uncle could be first applied in payment of the mortgages.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Coburg, Canada; London;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Parker; Fane; Challinor; Shaw; Bennison; Hine; Finney; Peake; Cave; Brealey; Wooley; Myatt; Graham;  
DESCRIPTION: 9 documents relating to the sale of property by Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Canada to the Earl of Macclesfield. (1) Agreement for the sale and purchase between Henry Beaumont Cruso and The Hon. Henry Parker of Shirburn Castle, Oxfordshire and Frederick William Fane of 42 Chester Square, London. Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire 28 September 1901. This contains a schedule of the lands giving names, acreages, field number on OS Map and occupiers. They relate to Red Earth Farm, Upper Foker Farm; Pool End Smithy, and various woods -a total  of 28.420 acres. The purchase price was eleven thousand pounds. This document has much crossing out and interpolation but carries signatures of the solicitors representing both parties to say they approved it as altered.  (2) This is a further copy of (1) but lacks the schedule of lands.  (3) Henry Beaumont Cruso to The Trustees of the Earl of Macclesfield. Schedule of deeds given on completion of purchase 25 March 1902. (4) Henry Beaumont Cruso to The Trustees of the Earl of Macclesfield. Undertaking as to rents 25 March 1902. (5) Letter from Lawrence Graham of Lincoln's Inn, London to Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire dated 8 January 1902. Simply accompanied a list of requisitions (queries) with regard to Cruso's title to the lands being sold. (6) H.B.Cruso to Lord Macclesfield's Trustees -Draft further replies to requisitions , Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire. (7) H.B.Cruso to Lord Macclesfield's Trustees -Draft statutory declaration re the Red Earth and other farms being sold by Cruso to Lord Macclesfield's trustees. by Thomas Brealey of Leek, Land Agent & Surveyor, Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire 1902. 60 year old Brealey was the son of Thomas Brealey the principal manager of the estates of John Cruso late of Leek and also of estates to which John Cruso was agent. Thomas junior became clerk to John Cruso 2 years before Cruso's death.  (8) Account of principal owed by Henry  Beaumont Cruso to the Leek & Moorlands Building Society 10 February 1902. The amount was £8814-5s-4d. (9) Copy letter dated 14 February 1902 from Joseph Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire to Henry Beaumont Cruso, Coburg, Canada saying how pleased they would be to see him and his wife and "hoping you will stay with us a few days". He went on to say there was no need for H.B.Cruso to be here  until the 25 March " the day fixed for the completion of the sales unless you would prefer it or it is convenient for you to come previously".  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Challinor; Brealey; Bowcock; Eardley; Hine; Finney; Gally-Knight; Adams; Worthington; Siddall; Cantrell; Coupland; Buck; Bourne; Rendell; Galton; Goldstraw; Whalley; Kemp; Brough; Fitzherbert;  
DESCRIPTION: Details of the real and personal estates of John Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire who died in October 1867. Document is dated 24 October 1893.  Itemises all property, gives rents, valuations and occupants.