Bednall Collection Pt 1: No.s 1351 to 1375

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PLACES: Macclesfield, Bollington, Knutsford, Prestbury, Cheshire; Bowden Middlecale, Shallcross, Fernilee, Chapel in le Frith, Burbage, Derbyshire; PERSONS: Stafford; Tatton; Wright; Mears; Dawson; Lankford; Cooke;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy of the will of Mr John Stafford of Macclesfield 2 February 1775. He had property in Macclesfield, Bollington, Knutsford, Prestbury, Cheshire; Bowden Middlecale, Shallcross, Fernilee, Chapel in le Frith, Burbage, which he left to his trustees -his brothers in law William and Thomas Tatton and his kinsman Samuel Wright of Nether Knutsford. It mentions his daughters  Lucy and Penelope Margaret Stafford, Sarah Lankford, grandson Harry John Lankford, grand daughter Lucy Lankford, sister in law Mrs Barbara Tatton; his sister Frances Warburton, his son William Stafford. He also mentions his daughter Sarah Lankford's aunts Mrs Mary Tatton, Mrs Frances Tatton and Mrs Barbara Tatton.   

PLACES: Sutton, Macclesfield, Kerridge, Rainow, Bollington, Winckle, Cheshire; Ormskirk, Manchester, Lancashire; London;  
PERSONS: Barton; Parry; Bailey; Cooper; Broadhurst; Brocklehurst; Sergeant;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy probate of the will of  Samuel Barton of Parvey Cottage, Sutton near Macclesfield, 1st January 1870  He died on the 2nd January 1870 and the will was proven at Chester on 14th February 1870 to Thomas Barton the testator's son and Ann Barton his widow. He owned the Brunswick Mill in Lowe Street, Sutton, Macclesfield and was obviously a silk manufacturer. He also had goods at Ormskirk and in London on premises occupied by his sons George and Thomas. His property in Sutton included Knowles House Parvey Cottage, Parvey Farm and Kinder Fields and held estates called Nettlebeds and  Lane End in Wincle. His daughters names were Sarah, Frances and Elizabeth.  

PLACES: Leek, Heaton, Staffordshire; Whitchurch, Shropshire; Coburg, Ontario, Canada; Birmingham, Kenilworth, Warwickshire; Odstone, Leicestershire;  Kings Newton, Derbyshire; Foxley, Herefordshire;  London;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Challinor; Shaw; Peake; Green; Cave; Badnall; Kynnersley; Adderley; White; Goodwin; Chappells; Rider; Needham; Johnson; Fynney; Plant; Whieldon; Hulme; Findlow; Lockett; mills; Jennings; Marston; Moore; Davenport; Bourne; Brealey; Bacon; Knight; Galley; Hammersley; Heaton; Turnock; Brough; Ward; Seawright; Wooley; Smith;  
DESCRIPTION: Press copy of an abstract of the title of Henry Beaumont Cruso to farms and lands in Leekfrith, Leek, Staffordshire, dated  1901 Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek. The property included  81 acres 1 rood 2 perches comprised of Foker Moor Farm, Pool House or Whites lands in Leekfrith formerly held by Thomas White, then of his son Abel White and since of Joseph Goodwin but lately of Joseph Chappells. The property also included Red Earth Farm, the Overhouse and the Lower House and Woodend. Fields, their location and tenants are listed.  The house in the Market Place, Leek etc. is also detailed.  

PLACES: Leek, Tittesworth, Horton, Cheddleton, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Hall; Jackson; Ward; Ash; Young; Key; Davenport; Pyott; Turnock; Cartwright; Lloyd;
DESCRIPTION: Copy of a bill in Chancery in the case of  Jackson and others versus Hall Gould 1796?.Plaintiffs in this action were Nathan Jackson of Macclesfield, Gent, Martha his wife, Fanny and Dorothy Cartwright of Macclesfield, spinsters, the executors of the will of Dorothy Ward late of Macclesfield, widow. The deforciants were William Stonehewer Hall of Cheddleton, Staffordshire. Hall claimed to be seized of the fee simple in an estate after the life interest of Catherine Hall the widow of his uncle William Stonehewer Hall deceased. In January 1791 he approached Dorothy Ward for a 400 loan which she granted on security of a mortgage on the property, dated 3 January 1791. The property was devised to Catherine Hall for life with remainder to W.S.Hall subject to payment of  legacies and debts I.e. 200 to John Read, 200 to William Read, 200 to Sarah Read, and 200 to Hannah Read.  On signing the mortgage W.S.Hall granted all his property (Houses) in Derby street, Leek in the holding of John Davenport, John Clewes, and James Davenport together with two houses called the Kiln then in the possession of Robert Turnock and John Pyott, the two Cornhill Cross fields one of which had been purchased from Thomas Jolliffe, and late in the holding of William Key, a piece of land called Brants field then in the possession of John Davenport and formerly exchanged for Birchall Croft plus the tithes, and  several pieces of land called  the Day Work then in the possession of Thomas Ash, the Calf Croft then in the possession of William Key and the Furlongs then in the possession of Barnet Young. The property also included Pickwood Farm near Leek then in the possession of Thomas Ash, Foulchurch Farm in Tittesworth,  then in the possession of Soloman Ash, Crowborrow Farm in Horton, then in the possession of Richard Bolton. Dorothy Ward died 9 Sept 1792  leaving a will dated 19 July 1792. Her trustees asked Hall to redeem the mortgage but Hall thought up "divers pretenses to avoid paying".  

PLACES: Leek, Endon, Rudyard, Croxden, Cheadle, Eaves, Whiston, Kingsley, Nutton Heath, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Coston, Worcestershire; Sheffield, Yorkshire;
PERSONS: Dale; Slaley; Challinor; Jolley; Cowopp; Cope; Clayton; Nickson; Ridgway; White; Hyde; Locker; Greaves; Buckley; Rogers; Booth; Trevis; Cook; Michell; Hollins;  
DESCRIPTION: Schedule of title deeds and writings relating to houses in Leek, Staffordshire in mortgage from Mrs Martha Dale, Mr Christopher Slaley and Mary his wife to John Challinor as security for 457  15s  0d and interest 1632 to  1786.Amongst the persons listed are:1664 James Cope of Leek, husbandman;1709 John Cope of Leek, corwainer;1709 William Clayton of Macclesfield, merchant;1716 Daniel Nickson of Endon, tanner;1757 Samuel Hyde of Leek, joiner;1757 George Greaves of Sheffield, Button Maker;1767 John Trevis of Leek, taylor;1767 William Booth of Leek, chairmaker;1772 John Trevis of Leek, silk weaver;1772 Joseph Cook of Leek, silk throwster;1772 James Michell of Leek, taylor;1774 Joseph Dale of Leek, baker;1774 Samuel Locker of Eaves, taylor;1784 Thomas Dale of Leek, baker;1784 Christopher Slaley of Leek, baker;  

PLACES: Leek, Hilderstone, Staffordshire; Chesterfield, Derbyshire; London;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Bright; Bourne; Badnall;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter dated  14 November 1890, from Joseph Challinor of Compton, Leek, to  Joseph Bright of Bankclose, Chesterfield re Mrs Badnall's Trust. Challinor draws attention to a mortgage of 5585 -0s -0d owing to "you and me as trustees". The mortgage was on the Hilderstone Estate (owned by a Mr Bourne) which had depreciated in value since the money was lent in 1878 and "Mr & Mrs Badnall had  requested that notice be given requiring payment of the money.  Challinor and his brothers had also lent 5730 of their own money on the estate which he had also requested should be repaid. Notice had been given in April but the money had not been paid by November. Challinor had instructed their London Agents to initiate proceedings to foreclose. 

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Hand; Holt; Mair; Blunt; Redfern; Yates; Cruso; Hammond; Davenport; Goodwin; Hall; Goodfellow; Greaves;  
DESCRIPTION: Notice by Wm Henry Hand  of 3 Church Side, Macclesfield, solicitor to Messrs Mair, Brunt and Yates of Macclesfield, solicitors on behalf of Catherine Holt of the Travellers rest, Sutton in Macclesfield, and Hannah Holt of the same place that they had paid Thomas Redfern of Leek 500 of 3rd March 1880 on security of a mortgage on two closes near Barn Gates in Leek formerly occupied by Isaac Hammond which had been used as gardens for many years. The Holts had, due to events, now become owners of the property and finding out that Redfern had previously (but without notifying them) mortgaged the same property many times before, they wished to buy out the other charges on the estates.  The Leek property was bounded on the north by Westwood Road and West Street, on the south by John Cruso's land, on the east by Westwood Terrace and Britannia Street and on the west by land belonging to the Revd George Horatio Davenport. The 12896 square yards of land were said to be "newly laid out for building purposes. They also owned New Close or Barn Field and the Well or Little Upper Field which measured about 6 acres 27perches.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Fynney; Hordern; Killmister; Yates; Wreford; Bray;  
DESCRIPTION: Undertaking, dated May 1823, by John Wreford to produce conveyance of  part of the Furlongs   Killmister & Challinor, Leek. It mentions an indenture of lease and release made between (1) John Fynney and Edward Harder of Leek as Trustees and Executors of the will of William Challinor deceased; (2) William Challinor eldest son and heir of the said William Challinor; (3) John Wreford and (4) William Bray, sacking manufacturer on 12 and 13th May 1823 concerning a close through which it was intended to make a street.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; London;  
PERSONS: Badnall; May; Lockyer; Robinson; Machell; Adams; Searight;  
DESCRIPTION: Account of William Beaumont Badnall acting for the Venerable Hopkins Badnall the surviving trustee under the marriage settlement made on the marriage of Miss Harriet Hopkins Badnall and Mr Charles Bower May dated 21 July 1847.  Also an Agreement of Release from the parties interested. Shares of the balance of the estate were paid to Mr. Charles May, Mrs. Grace Adams; Mrs Ada Harriet Searight; Mrs Edith Robinson; Mrs Maud Elizabeth Lockyer; Mrs Constance Machell; Mr Walter Edward May. All of whom signed the Agreement of Release in 1892.Edward Richard Adams signed as attorney for Mrs Grace Adams. All were children of the late Mrs Harriet Hopkins May of Leek, Staffordshire. Mrs H.H.May appears to have died on 9th May 1891.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Watson; Ruston; Howard; Challinor; Shaw;  
DESCRIPTION: Signed and stamped lease of steam power dated 6 February 1894 from William Saddington Watson of Leek, silk manufacturer, to the Harriet Rushton (widow), Henry Hall (coal merchant), Harriet Rushton the younger, and Hannah and Ellen Eliza Rushton (spinsters) all of Leek and Executors of the late Joseph Rushton, silk manufacturer. The document was a supplement to a lease dated 12 October 1875 and another made on 2 May 1882.Watson agreed to supply steam power from his boilers in the London Mills, Leek for not more than 56 1/2 hours a week to power machinery and heat the factory. for a rent of 92 a year.  

PLACES: Leek, Cheadle, Upper Hulme, Mayfield, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Tatton; Johnson; Jones; Morris; Rochford;  
DESCRIPTION: Signed and sealed agreement for a conveyance dated 6 July 1937, between William Alexander Tatton of Leek, silk dyer, Maxwell Alexander Tatton, silk dyer, of Leek and Hugo William Johnson of Leek, silk dyer, (called "The Trustees") and  William Tatton Company Limited of Upperhulme Dye Works near Leek, silk dyers (called "the Company").  The Trustees held property in Coneygree Lane, Mayfield in trust for the purchasers - "the Company". At a meeting on 25 June 1937 the Directors directed the Trustees to convey the property absolutely to the Company and a resolution to this effect was written in the Company minute book. William Alexander Tatton was chairman of the directors.  

PLACES: Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Catlow; Smith; Robinson; Bradbury;  
DESCRIPTION: Duplicate agreement dated 12 April 1916 between Messrs D.M.Catlow & Company of Silk Street Mill, Macclesfield, scarf manufacturers, makers up, knitters and embroiderers and Mr John Fred. Bradbury of 281 Peter Street, Macclesfield for services as a manager. The agreement was to last for five years with provision for further extensions. The pay consisted of a commission  equal to one half the net profits of the knitting department of the business providing they did not exceed 2000. Above this he was to receive a further commission of 25% of the profit up to a maximum profit of 5000. The maximum amount he could receive in any one year was not to exceed 1750.  The Manager agreed to lend money out of his commission to the firm until he had lent them 200 on which he was then to receive interest at 5%. Extension of the contract depended on the average net profit of the Knitting Department exceeding 800 per annum.  

PLACES: Macclesfield, Upton, Sutton, Hurdsfield, Rainow, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Clarke; Foyer; Hilton; Heapey; Cholmondley; Ryle; Swindells; Johnston; Mixon; Blount; Greaves; Rolls; Tylston; Colley; Brocklehurst; Swaine; Cook; Swanwick; Deane; Hopley; Clulow; Partington; Daintry; Pownall; Sharp; Pacey; Norbury; Broderick; Hopes; Wilson; Killmister; Heapy; Hobson; Street; Harpur; Brandt; Davies; Eccles; Curie; Simpson; Goldie; Burry; Weston; Clarke; France; Stubbs; Chapman; Potts; Higginbotham; Hooley; Hough; Povey; Lonsdale; Legh; Hurst; Fernie; Mellor; Crewe; Staley; Percival; Wyatt; Johnson; Curwen; Ridgway; Walls; Swinnerton; Fitzgerald; Whitehurst;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy acknowledgement for production of deeds to property in Macclesfield, Cheshire dated 11 June 1907 and from Edward Arthur Clarke of Ivyholme, Macclesfield and Edwin Kennedy Hilton of Booth Street, Manchester, solicitor, Executors and Trustees of Harriette Clarke of Park House, Macclesfield, deceased, to Messrs Foyer & Co. solicitors of 26Essex Street, Strand, London. The document contains a schedule of deeds relating to the Park House Estate purchased from T. Heapey's Trustees in 1867; Dyeworks and other premises purchased in 1874 from J. Hobson's representatives; Park Cottage; Park Farm bought in 1878 from the Revd. Henry Lonsdale; Knowsley Bower Farm bought in 1867 from Mr Staley; part of Hobson's Pool.  The document was witnessed by Gerald Higginbotham, gentleman, of Ivyholme, Macclesfield. Land on South side of Park Lane purchased in 1879 and 1880  

PLACES: Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Hewetson; Forster; Oldfield;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy agreement dated 21 March 1916 between Augustus William Hewetson of Albion Mills, Macclesfield, embroidery manufacturer, and Frank Forster of 79 James Street, Macclesfield, Head Designer, for 3 years employment as head designer. The wages were to be 2 a week for the first year, 2 -5s for the second year and 2 -10s for the third year, payable every Saturday.  

PLACES: Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Clarke; Mellor; Barlee; Oldfield; Bullock; Marsh: Lowndes; Roylance; Clapham; Bull; Hamson;  
DESCRIPTION: Macclesfield Town Council notification to A.W.Bullock, solicitor, re Edward Arthur Clarke, deceased and Miss M. E. Clarke of their proposal to lay a new sewer through property in Ivy Lane, Macclesfield, dated 16 January 1924. The land in question was tenanted by H.E.Barlee and W.A.Mellor.A plan of the scheme, drawn by E.Hamson the Borough' Surveyor, is included.  

PLACES: Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Clarke; Higginbotham; Bullock; Marsh; Haworth; Harrison;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft lease dated 11 April 1924 from Mrs Mary E. Clarke of Ivyholme, Macclesfield, A. W. Bullock of Macclesfield, solicitor, George Shoefield Haworth or Lord Street, Southport, bank manager, and John Hedley Marsh of Macclesfield, Doctor of Medicine, to William Higginbotham of 93 Mill Street, Macclesfield, brush manufacturer. The land leased is shown in an attached plan and lay on Ivy Lane. Higginbotham was bound by the lease to erect good and substantial houses fronting Ivy Lane on the site of a "clear letting value of 30 at least". Spacing between each house was to be at least 10 yards.  

PLACES: Ashbourne, Kniveton, Fenny Bentley, Mappleton, Buxton,  Derbyshire; Chester; Barrow in Furness, Cumberland; London; Cheddleton, Stoke on Trent, Leek, Rocester, Staffordshire; Coburg, Ontario, Canada: Cape Town, South Africa;  Scarborough, Yorkshire; Milton Regis, Sittingbourne, Kent; Rhyl, Wales; Chippenham, Wiltshire;  
PERSONS: Aspinall; Badnall; Challinor; Shaw; Adams; Ayres; Aspinall; Armstrong; Buck; Booth; Bateman; Browne; Bridden; Coates; Cruso; Cock; Cox; Craven; Colley; Deacon; Duckworth; Eddowes; Etherington; Frost; Farrell; Goodman; Greaves; Hardy; Hodgkinson; Jones; Knowles; Lister; Loundes; Lockyer; Lucas; Moult; May; Machell; Micklewaite; Nivin; O'Connor; Knight; Sampson; Farrall; Potter; Parsons; Robinson; Searight; Spink; Twigg; Tomlinson; Wardle; Wilson; Walton; Wright; Winter; Wither;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter Book of the Leek solicitors Challinor & Shaw dealing with the estates of Mr and Mrs William Beaumont Badnall of Thorpe near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, deceased 1920-21. One of the persons involved in dealing with the various trusts was General Goodman C.M.G. of the Sherwood Foresters Brigade,  The book provides addresses for Badnall families and their relations including Lancellot Wykeham Badnall who wrote from the Baltic House, 27 Leadenhall, Street, London; Mrs M.E. Lockyer of Rose Villa, North Road, Darlington (Death of Sir Norman Lockyer mentioned page 149); H.M.Robinson, Beech Field, Penkhull, Stoke on Trent; Mrs C.M.Deacon of 7 The Beacon, Plymouth; Miss Gertrude and Miss Ethel Badnall of Trenance, Wordsworth Road, Worthing; Miss M. Pembroke Jones of Oswald House, Canterbury; Mrs Bertha May of Sandhurst, Rhyl; Mrs A. O'Conner of 54 Waldegrave Park, Strawberry Hill, Tottenham; Mrs Constance Machell of The Hall, Penny Bridge, Ulverston; Mrs A.S.Searight, 122 Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, London; Mrs Evelyn E. Browne, (wife of Major General Browne formerly the wife  of Captain Nothcott nee E.E. Badnall) of Dane John Place, Canterbury ; Mrs Deacon, The Beacon, Exmouth; R.B. Badnall, solicitor, Molteno, Cape Colony, South Africa; H.O.Badnall, Cape Town, South Africa; Mrs Nivin, 235 Nance Street, Montreal; Mrs Florence Niven, 343  14th avenue West, Calgary, Alberta; Mrs V. Wellesley Colley, 28 Kensington Court, London; Maurice F.G.Wilson, 11 Ashburn Gardens, London S.W.7; Edward R.Adams, Assistant Mech. Engineer, South African Railways, Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa; NB In December 1920, Lancellot Wykeham Badnall was in South Africa, and Miss Gertrude Badnall on holiday in Majorca; Mrs Blanche Constance Angus, The Nyth, Blackheath Park, London; Mrs M.E.Parsons 3 Beaumont Road, Toronto, Canada; Mrs Lockyer seems to have moved in 1921 to 57 Sanderson Road, Jessimond, Newcastle on Tyne;    

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Brocklehurst; Flint; Palmer; Hall; Gifford; Watt;  
DESCRIPTION: Brief judgement by the Master of the Rolls  in the case of Brocklehurst v Flint 21 April 1852.    

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Watson; Thompson; Braithwaite; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Two Briefs for  Plaintiffs in cases brought in the Leek County Court by Watson & Co. of Leek, Staffordshire. (1) No. 130 against John Braithwaite dated 6 March 1885 and (20 No. 131 against M. A. Thompson dated 6 March 1885. A letter dated 28 February 1885.from Thompson is attached to the latter explaining situation and asking what he should do. Pencil note indicates payments to be made. Also (3) a draft affidavit of debt made out by Watson & Co of London Mills, Leek, silk manufacturers, against A. Singlewood &Co. of 48 Tenby Street North, Birmingham, showcase manufacturer.  

PLACES: Leek, Leek Edge, Staffordshire; Manchester; Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Goodwin; Johnson;  Bowers; Cooper; Sleigh; Ward; Jolliffe;  
DESCRIPTION: Abstract of the Title of Mr Joseph Challinor to  land in Hartington Street, Leek, Staffordshire. Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire 1891. (For Mr H. Goodwin). Contains genealogical information with respect to Mr W. Fynney Johnson of Cheetham Hill, Manchester. Contains two plans of the property.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Fergyson; Phipps; Muntz; Liberty;  
DESCRIPTION: Four documents listing items at Compton House, Leek, Staffordshire on 24 April 1915 and valuations by Fergyson & Son . (1) Headed Mr Phipps and includes items  from Butterton Moor House. (2) Headed Mrs Stuart Liberty; (3) Headed Mrs Muntz  and includes items  from Butterton Moor House. (4) Headed Miss Challinor  and includes items  from Butterton Moor House.  There is also (5) a copy of the balance sheet re  a six days sale at Compton House, Leek starting 1st July 1915.  

PLACES: Leek, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Sleigh; Basford;  
DESCRIPTION: Summons dated 8 January 1895 I the County Court of Staffordshire held at Burton on Trent in the case of Hugh Sleigh, trading as Hugh Sleigh & Co. Leek, silk manufacturer, versus J.H.H. Basford of 23 Station Street, Burton, tailor, for debt. Documents carries official stamps for money paid into court  on 5 different dates.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester;  
PERSONS: Lovatt; Gould; Grundy; Hammersley; Cooper;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy of advertisement for the sale of Messrs Lovatt & Gould's property on 25 February 1859 at the Lion Hotel, Leek, Staffordshire. Includes 14,657 square yards of land in Leek, a silk mill, steam engine, etc.  

PLACES: Rainow, Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Broome; Holland; Pownall; Clarke; Pott; Jackson; Whiston; Parkinson; Ward; Turner;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy probate of will of Edward Broome of Rainow, Prestbury, Cheshire, shopkeeper,  1 February 1814, Bullock and Swindells, solicitors, Macclesfield. Will was proved at Chester 15 August 1815. Sworn under 100.  

PLACES: Cheddleton Grange, Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Manchester;  Liverpool; Birmingham; Homerton; Nottingham; London; Plymouth; Sheffield;  
PERSONS: Brassington; Challinor; Millan; Marsden; Wulfert; Gilbey; Messmaker; West; Clowes; Lee; Sykes; Peling; Stanley; Ridgway; Lazenby; Simons; Wood; Smith; Crosse; Blackwall; Berry; Thompson; Adams; Fryer; Benson; Foster; Frean; Hirst; Brooke; Hall; Muir; Anderson; Goodfellow; Petters; Trafford; Hambleton; Broster; Pickford; Brunt; Knowles; Wardle; Davenport; Turnock; Thurston; Magnier; Deane; Prince; Milner; Allen; Newall; Hudson; Wardle; Beswick; Tatton; Bryan; Fergyson; Hopkins; Young; Smith; Morton; Arckoll, Nicholls; Fynney; Bromley; Birch; Frith; Gaunt; Barlow; Ford; Phillips; Wheeldon; Stafford; Dale; Walker; Gettliffe; Kirkby; Hassell; Vesey;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft statement of affairs in the proceedings for liquidation by arrangement with creditors by Henry Brassington of Leek, Staffordshire, wine spirit and paper dealer, Italian warehouseman, paper box manufacturer and commission agent now residing at Cheddleton Grange near Leek.. 26 April 1877. Details include list of creditors.