Bednall Collection Pt 1: No.s 1251 to 1275

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PLACES: Alstonefield, Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester;  
PERSONS: Hulme; Brough; Robinson; Davenport; Bosley; Plant; Pyot; Wilkinson; Brindley; Goodall; Edge;  
DESCRIPTION: Letters written by Edwin and Mary Hulme? to one another on the topic of family history and in particular that of the Hulme and Brough families of Leek, Staffordshire.  

PLACES: Leek, Uttoxeter, Coton, Staffordshire; Buxton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire; High Wycombe; Dorchester, Dorset; Nantwich, Cheshire; Northumberland; Ullswater, Cumbria;  
PERSONS: Broughton; Hand; Challinor; Sneyd-Kynnersley; Burton; Follett;  Pennell; Fox; Robinson; Freeman; Gibson; Reid; Dickson; Dickinson; DESCRIPTION: Twenty seven items (chiefly letters) dealing with the estates and trust of the Revd. C.J.Broughton dating between 1872 and 1888. See also BC1/1247.  (1)  Letter dated 13 June 1887 from Revd. R.Bruce Dickson to Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire returning the Broughton Residuary Accounts and suggesting someone familiar with accounts for an opinion concerning 1796 -16s-10d. Letter provides 4 pages of his detailed comments. (2) Credit receipt from the Union Bank Uttoxeter to executors of the late C.F.Broughton dated 31 August 1887.  (3) Letter dated 20 October 1887 from Mrs May Williams Freeman of Dorchester re Broughton trust. She points out errors regarding monies she had  received particularly those from the Gibson Trust.  (4) Letter dated 22 October 1887 to Mrs May Williams Freeman of Dorchester  from Challinor & Co, Solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire. One or more pages may be missing. The letter points out that their earlier letter had been intended to obtain her agreement to the payment of a share of a deficiency. They point out that they followed Frank Hand's accounts when drawing up her overall account and also that there was a deficiency in another fund. They also pointed out that if she did not pay her share of the deficiencies the children of Broughton's second marriage would be severely affected since they had in total only received 1700 whereas she and her sister had received 6150 or thereabouts, each. (5) Letter dated 28 October 1887 from Revd. R.Bruce Dickson to Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire. It Thanks Challinor for his explanation and returns "the account". He also states that as soon as matters are settled with Mrs Freeman "there is nothing to hinder the entire completion of the accounts and releases." (6) Letter dated 3 December 1887 from T. Sneyd Kynnersley at Moor Green to Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire enclosing a letter from Mr Hand and the Uttoxeter Bank and asking Challinor to acknowledge balance due from bank to Pennell's executors and to take action wind up the Pennell account. He states that he  felt "more and more unequal to the task of dealing with the accounts" and asked Challinor to "set me at liberty".  (7) Letter dated 12 December 1887 from Revd. R.Bruce Dickson to Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire. Relates to letter received from Mrs Freeman which he had answered. Suggests Challinor make the best arrangement he can. (8)  Letter dated 15 December 1887 from Revd. R.Bruce Dickson to Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire. Suggests Challinor credit Mrs Freeman with the 100 she claimed not to have received and send her the 20 due to her after bearing her share of the overall deficiency.  (9) Letter dated 17 December 1887 from T. Sneyd Kynnersley at Moor Green to Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire. Hopes Mrs Freeman will accept Challinor's reasonable offer and that she "1 will remember my 84 years and let me have the satisfaction of being all clear before I am called home".  (10) Letter dated 6 January 1888 from T. Sneyd Kynnersley at Moor Green to Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire. Apologises for writing again and stresses his anxiety to get the Pennell and Broughton affairs settled.  He states "I think you are not aware how much older I am than I was two years since and how necessary  I should be relieved of all money matters".  (11) Letter dated 10 January 1888 from T. Sneyd Kynnersley at Moor Green to Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire. Asks to see the Pennell and Broughton accounts.  (12) Letter dated 23 January 1888 to Rev. R. Bruce Dickson from Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire. It concerns problems with Broughton trust accounts due to Mr Hand's "defalcations". (13) Form sent by G.S.Herbert of London to Challinor & Co. Leek, for signature on sale of stock in the Broughton trust.  (14) Memo dated 7 February 1888 from the Union Bank, Uttoxeter to Challinor & Co. Leek, Staffordshire re interest on the Broughton "Clergy" Insurance policies. Suggests method of payment to the individuals benefiting from the account. (15) Minute re stocks sold, bought and transferred re Mrs Dickson's settlement.  (16) G.P.Herbert's receipt re the transfer of Midland Railway stock 22 February 1888. (17) G.P.Herbert's receipt re the transfer of Midland Railway stock 23 February 1888. (18) Herbert's memo accompanying the dividend cheque re Midland Railway shares  24 February 1888. (19) Letter dated 4 February 1888 from T. C. Sneyd Kynnersley to Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire re Broughton-Pennell affairs. States he has received a parcel of deeds relating to the trusts and also papers which he would, where necessary, execute. (20)  Notification by the Burton, Uttoxeter and Ashbourne Bank Ltd at Uttoxeter to Challinor & Co, Leek, Staffordshire that the C.J.Broughton account had been credited 28 February 1888. (21) Letter dated 6th March 1888 from Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire to the Rev. Bruce Dickson at High Wycombe. Letter deals with "Mr Dickson's account of Mr Clement's maintenance" and states that he had been enquiring about asylums in the district. At Coton Hall near Stafford the payment for the patient's income varied according to their means from about nil to 200 a year. Challinor thought it probable that Dr Dickinson would agree to keep Clement at Wye House on similar terms. The income available for Clement was estimated to be 93. He thought that both Dr Dickinson and Coton Hall Institution would accommodate their terms to Clement's circumstances.  (22) Credit note from the Union Bank Uttoxeter 7 March 1888. (23) Note from the Union Bank, Uttoxeter  forwarding passbooks for various persons and requesting specimen signatures 12 March 1888.  (24) Letter from Reginald E. Broughton of Dysart Buildings, Nantwich to Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire dated 28 March 1888. Acknowledges receipt of cheque for 6-3s-8d of Broughton Trust monies. Letter is on paper with the printed heading "Backworth Cottage, Backworth, Northumberland. (25) Letter dated 28 March 1888 from Miss Eliza Broughton of Clifton, Ashbourne to Challinor & Co. Leek, Staffs. acknowledging receipt of money. (26)Letter from Reginald E. Broughton at Nantwich to J. Challinor & Co, Leek dated 13 May 1888 acknowledging receipt of stock certificates due under the Broughton Pennell Settlement. Crested paper. (27) Letter from Tom Sneyd Kynnersley at Moor Green to Challinor & Co. Leek, Staffs., dated 21 July 1889. It thanks Challinor for his letter and states he would have been "happy to see you here on Saturday" but he was going from home for a month. He was delighted to here all was going well with the Broughton-Pennell Trusts "hope yet to see a final release before I am taken away". Kynnersley was going to Ullswater (Patterdale) for a month. "I am doing my work at the Police Court without anyone telling me to my face that I'm an imbecile".

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Davenport; Henshaw; Macmorran;  
DESCRIPTION: Two items relating to pollution of the Ball Haye Brook, Leek, Staffordshire. (1) Draft letter from  Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire, to  Urban District Council re the Ball Haye Brook, dated December 1903. It refers to a Council minute of 13 October 1903 and the Council letter in which they stated that they had "taken every possible measure to remove pollution from Ball Haye Brook caused by sewage matter". The Council was apparently willing to do more if pollution could be shown to exist but the Medical & Sanitary Officers had reported "no active pollution".  The letter writer had had samples analysed which showed that the water was " rather sewage than brook water".  The escape of sewage from various sewers is also mentioned. The opinion of Alexander Macmorran K.C. had been sought. Before taking formal legal action their client wished to seek the Council's agreement to removal of sewage silk and rubbish from his ponds or alternatively pay him 40 compensation. (2) Draft case for the opinion of Counsel, Challinor & Shaw, leek, Staffs.  States that in 1902 George Davenport purchased fields in Leek through which the Ball Haye Brook flows. In one of his fields two ponds were made before the 1855 Leek Improvement Act came into force and the brook flows through them. When he bought them he had them cleaned out but they have now become polluted. Document gives details of some drainage arrangements and failure of the sewage system which led to pollution.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; London;  
PERSONS: Badnall; Challinor; Bennett; West; Travis; Wardle; Mellor; Stonehewer; Birch; Robinson; Hilliard; Flint; Dyke; Stokes;  
DESCRIPTION: Twenty two items relating to the estates of Mrs M. Badnall nee Challinor.1837-1840. (1) George Tunnicliffe's bill 1837-38. (2) Church fees for Mrs Badnall's funeral 1838. (3) Charles Flint's bill for medical treatment 1837. (4) Receipt for shares.  (5) Thomas West's bill for Ale at the funeral1838. (6) Account of bills paid by Mr Challinor as trustee for Mrs Badnall.  (7) Mr Stonehewer's bill for cutting an inscription for Mrs J. Badnall's gravestone 1838. (8) Mr Birch's bill for dress and other materials for the funeral.  (9) John Travis's bill for the oak coffin and shelf for Mrs Mary Badnall 1838. (10) Mrs C. Challinor in account with Mr Challinor 1837-1838.  (11) Account re Miss C. Challinor and the executors of Mr W. Challinor 1840. (12)Legacy duty payment re estate of Mrs Badnall deceased.(13) Letter, dated 21 December 1840, from Dyke & Stokes at Doctors Commons to Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire re the goods of Mary Badnall, widow, deceased. Contains their bill for legal work in connection with proving the will the payment of duty.  (14) Stated account of the executors of Mr Badnall, widow, deceased of leek, Staffordshire, dated 1838-1840. This tells us that Mrs Badnall had a servant Elizabeth Bennet to whom she left some money, and that Miss C. Challinor kept house for Mrs Badnall from at least 13 November 1837.  (15) Dyke & Stokes detailed bill of the expenses of obtaining probate of the will of Mrs Mary Badnall, widow, deceased, 1838. (30-13s-2d).  (16)  Stated account re the late Mrs Badnall's personal estate May 1838. This also indicates the payments to be made out of this money. (17) As for (16) but is not complete. (18) Bill submitted by The executors of the late Mrs Badnall 1838. (19) Stated account of Mrs Badnall's estate 1838. (20)Stated account of Mrs Badnall's estate 1838  -as for (19).  (21) Acknowledgement, dated 13 November 1835,by Charles Chadwick to Mrs Mary Badnall that he had received the rent due to him for the house she lived in and agreeing to a further lease for three years. (22) Mr Mellor's bill  to the executors of the late Mrs Mary Badnall of Leek, Staffordshire for materials including gloves. It also includes the "use of best pall".  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire  
PERSONS: Devillle; Jannance;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy of the inventory of goods and chattels in a house which was referred to in a bill of sale dated 25 May 1866. The house had 6 rooms and a cellar, i.e. House Place, Kitchen, Cellar, Parlour, and rooms 1 to 3.  The only personal names mentioned are William Deaville (deleted) and at the end -R Jannance. [was 1247 document needs correcting]  

PLACES: Brussels; Uttoxeter, Staffordshire; London; Birmingham;  
PERSONS: Broughton; Hand; Pennell; Kynnersley; Watson; Milne; Margetts;  
DESCRIPTION: Thirty eight page draft bill, dated 1881, from Francis Bryan Hand, Uttoxeter, solicitor to the Trustees  and Parties  under settlements made on the marriage of the Reverend C.F. Broughton and his second wife Mary Jane on 10 and 14th February 1854.  

PLACES: London; Uttoxeter, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Hand; Broughton; Freeman; Watson; Kynnersley; Pennell; Woods; Milne; Challinor; Gwynne; Jones; Paine;  
DESCRIPTION: Four items relating to the Broughton-Pennell Trusts. (1) Statement by F.B.Hand, solicitor, of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire of amount of trust monies in the Union Bank and the proportions belonging to the various trusts. Dated 1 November 1880. The total amount was 18036 -2s-0d and the majority was attributed to the trust set up under the Broughton marriage settlement of 1843.  (2) Draft account, dated 1880, between the Trustees and Executors under the will of the late Miss  Sanders and  parties entitled to a legacy under the terms of the will I.e. the Revd.C.F.Broughton and his first wife Anna Louisa for their respective lives and then their children. (3) Draft account, dated 1881, between the Trustees and Executors under the Marriage settlement of the Revd. C.F.Broughton and Mary Jane his second wife and the parties entitled, F.B.Hand, solicitor, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. Amongst other things this mentions a leasehold house in Cumberland Terrace, Regents Park, London and the mortgaging of the advowson of Snelston, Derbyshire dated 30 January 1878. This gives a balance divided in eight equal shares between Miss Eliza Broughton Mr Clement Lacon Granvill Broughton and his trustees, Bryan William Broughton and his trustees, Miss Eleanor Frances Rosamund Broughton; Reginald Edmund Broughton, Walter Basil Broughton, Miss Amy Georgina Broughton and Miss Jessie Broughton. (4) Letter from G. Burton of the Union Bank, Uttoxeter to F.B.Hand (undated) stating that he had, at Hand's request, visited Paine and Jones at Hanley (presumably solicitors) and that Mr Jones had got the application adjourned for a fortnight. Burton also states " I saw the perjurer Gwynne sneaking about there and I gave Mr Jones not only Gwynne's character but Challinor's as well".  

PLACES: Earlswood; Uttoxeter, Staffordshire; Oxford; Snelston, Derbyshire;  
PERSONS: Hand; Broughton; Pennell; Dickson; Nichols; Wigley; Millington; Kendrick; Cordell; Hood; Brain; Heslop; Minion; Teddimans; Agnew; Cox; Humphrey; Holyoak; Minion; Woodward; Gerard; Westall; Hyham; Bowen; Goodwin; Wallace; Ross; Frith; Kynnersley; Edwards; Roberts; Harsent; Nash; Gibson; Oakden; Winterton; Briggs; Adams; Woodward; Wallis; Frogatt; Roper; Vernon; Walker; Lasbrey; Wilkins; Davies; Goddard; Thorley; Shemilt; Lacon; Richardson; Cope; Smith; Cheyne;  
DESCRIPTION: Three documents re Broughton-Pennell affairs written in a different hand to that of Francis Bryan Hand and dating between 1879 and 1883. (1) Payments to legatees under the trusts and executorships relating to  the Revd. C.F.Broughton. This consists of seven separate handwritten accounts one for each of the Broughton legatees. The account for Bryan Broughton mentions half yearly payments of 26 -5s for his maintenance made to Mr. Nichols of the Earlswood Asylum. The account for the Revd. Reginald Broughton mentions the payment of term fees etc. at Keble College in the 1880s.  Similarly the account for Walter Broughton shows that in 1879 he attended a school run by a Mr Millington which may have been the Bromsgrove School (also mentioned). In 1882 he entered the Worcester College  Misses Amy and Jessie Broughton went to Oxford High School from at least 1879. They received music lessons from a Miss Teddiman.  (2) Draft account by Executors of the late Revd. C.F.Broughton in account with the residuary legatees 1879-1883. This mentions a picture by David Cox for which a Miss Agnew paid 350 and also lists items purchased by others in 1879 when presumably the Revd. Broughton's estate at Snelston was sold. Christie & Co. sold some of the pictures. Broughton's death was advertised in the Times in August 1879. The Revd W.H.Woodward purchased the Snelston, advowson in 1880 for 3500.  (3) Memoranda re Mr Hand's bank book 1883.  

PLACES: Leek, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Broughton; Sandar; Watson; Gibson; Dickson; Bartlett; Newall; Thomas; Robertson; Barnes; Martin; Miles; Kynnersley;  
DESCRIPTION: Five items relating to the Broughton-Pennell trusts.(1) appointment of bank interest on bank book to 1 March 1881. (2) Items relating to the Broughton Trusts (mainly share certificates) "found in a box by Jas. Newall 7 April 1885. (3) Account of transfers with respect to the Broughton Trusts 2 February 1887. (4) Broughton's Trustees Bank interest due for 24th February to 1st March 1881 on 14441 -18s - 10d. (5) Account with Miss Lucy C.Broughton dated 1880 and probably made out by Frank Hand of Uttoxeter, solicitor.  

PLACES: Leek, Uttoxeter, Stone, Froghall, Clifton, Mayfield, Ellastone, Norbury, Roston, Alton, Denstone, Burton, Staffordshire; Derby, Ashbourne, Derbyshire; Tottenham, London;  
PERSONS: Broughton; Hand; Holmes; Pilkington; Carrington; Morris; Wells; Taylor; Foster; Bainbridge; Bennett; Jones; Carter; Massey; Baldwin; Amies; Hall; Frith; Caffyn; Barber; Currey; Titterton; Walters; Archer; Throley; Whittmore; Goodwin; Littleton; Jerram; Bell; Griffin; Braham; Bradley; Swinscoe; Clarke; Mason; Stephens; Hill; Bull; Hawkins; Henstock; Foulks; Bunting; Cox; Stanley; Osborne; Kenyon; Bass; Nash; Allsop; Harrison; Udale; Bednall; Atkin; Hunt; Abraham; Mellor; Gask; Adams; Lister; Stonier; Picksley; Simms; Hull; Blackwell; Gray; Davison; Walker; Payne; Gare; Ashworth; Hadwen; Buxton; Ford; Sutton; Brambles; Parkin; Howell; Marston; Festing; Whitehurst; Burgess; Lees; Birch;Poole; Ware; Lambert; Hollis; Twells; Brown; Hood; Bramwell; Pegg; Kench; Lacon; Waterer; Bamford; Joynson; Sellers; Frogatt; Bax; Dickson; Hefford; Twigge; Maclean; Harvey; Britton; Glover; Clowes; DESCRIPTION: List of debts of the late Reverend Clement Francis Broughton of Snelston, Derbyshire. Hand, solicitor, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire about 1879.  Names, occupations, amounts and whether paid or unpaid.  

PLACES: Uttoxeter, Leek, Staffordshire; London;  
PERSONS: Broughton; Sandar;  Gibson; Dickson; Kynnersley; Freeman; Hand; Pennell; Granville; Pearson; Jolliffe;  
DESCRIPTION: Four items re the Broughton Trusts. (1) Approximate statement, dated  3 September 1883, of trust monies and deficits re Marriage settlement of Revd. C.F.Broughton, deceased. Interested parties were Mary Louisa Freeman, Grace Agnes Dickson; Lucy Clementina Broughton, Alicia Susanna  Harriet Broughton. The latter died an infant  after 1862. (2) Draft statement re Broughton- Pennell trusts to show method of distributing dividends, Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire 13 September 1886. (3) Challinor & Co.'s costs in connection with journeys to London in "Bill against the Trustee under Revd. C.F.Broughton's settlement in the action Broughton versus Hand 1884-1885. The action took place before Mr Justice Pearson at the end of December 1884 when Mr Hand was removed from the trust, the appointment of new trustees moved to Chambers and the Bank was directed to pay the money in their hands to the credit of the Action. (4) Challinor & Co's bill to the Executors of Emma Jane Burton dated 1885. This relates to costs due to searching Mr Hand's office for papers relating to Miss Emma Jane Burton's marriage settlement and other work.  

PLACES: Uttoxeter, Leek,  Staffordshire; London;  
PERSONS: Broughton; Hand; Phillips. Ridsdale; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft letter from Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire to Ridsdale & Co., and Minutes with regard to the affairs of the late Francis Bryan Hand, solicitor, of Uttoxeter dated Leek 5th May 1885. Hand died insolvent leaving his affairs in a very complicated state. It concerns in particular money which Hand paid into Chancery in December 1882 in connection with the case of Phillips v Hand. The money was obtained from accounts at the Union Bank Uttoxeter which he administered as executor of the late Revd. C.F.Broughton. Document states that Mr Hand died from softening of the brain which the medical certificate stated had been of some years duration. Hand refused to give up the trusts etc. or to allow anyone to draw up accounts for the Broughton trusts and thus action was started in Chancery against him on 22 July 1884 and he was removed from office. The letter carries counsel's opinion on the possibility of recovering the money which Hand extracted from the Broughton accounts and used  for other purpose.

PLACES: Leek, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire; London;  
PERSONS: Pennell; Mellor; Milne; Riddle; Hand; Giffard; Kynnersley; Broughton; Dalton; Lacon; Woodward; Gibson; Williams;  
DESCRIPTION: (1) Minutes re the Pennell Trust dated 19 June 1883. The Pennells lived at Cumberland Terrace, Regents Park, London. (2) Accounts of assets and payments re Pennell deceased, Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire 7 April 1887.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Carr; Broadhurst; Simpson;  
DESCRIPTION: Notice from Carr to Broadhurst not to sell silk and cotton both wrought and unwrought in the Dane Bridge Mill occupied by Miles Simpson. The goods had been distrained by Broadhurst but they actually belonged to Carr who had sent them to Simpson to manufacture them for him. Dated July 1864.

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; London;  
PERSONS: Badnall; Challinor; Lovatt; Gould; Whittaker; Pollock; Gregory; Clarke; Gray; Woodcock; wills;  
DESCRIPTION: (1) Draft official summons to attend the Court of Exchequer of Pleas before Sir Frederick Pollock at Westminster on 14th January 1856 in the action between John Lovatt and Joseph Gould, plaintiffs and James Whittaker, defendant. Challinor, Badnall & Challinor of Leek, Staffordshire were attorneys for the plaintiffs. (2) Copy declaration, plea and reply in the case of Lovatt and Gould versus Whittaker. Dates 10 December 1855 to 3rd January 1856. (3) Copy of telegram from Sugden and Lovatt, silk manufacturers, Leek, Staffordshire to John Davies, tailor and draper,c/o Post Office, Neath, Glamorgan (undated). (4) Copy of the opinion, dated 10 January 1856, of Alfred Wills of 4 Harcourt Buildings, Inner Temple on the case of Lovatt & another versus Whittaker. (5) Particulars of plaintiff's demands in Lovatt & Gould versus James Whittaker dated 30 November 1855.  

PLACES: Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Brocklehurst; Cooke; Frost; Hardman; Hardy; Lees; May; Poole; Toler; Ball; Quinn; Urmson; Hodgson; Wilson; Worrall; Allen; Barber; Bower; Furnival; Gibson; Holdsworth; Mercer; Merritt; Moors; Norman; Richardson; Rawlinson; Tomkinson;
DESCRIPTION: Report of the joint meeting of the Upton & Parkside Mental Hospitals Visiting Committee, Macclesfield held in the Crewe Arms Hotel, Crewe on 1st October 1928.  

PLACES: Bollington, Macclesfield, Cheshire; Kowsley, Lancashire;  
PERSONS: Allen; Stanley; May;  
DESCRIPTION: Two letters from James Allen of Bollington to J.F.May, Macclesfield, solicitor dated February and July 1876. (1) 17 February 1876 concerns proof of the age of Thomas Buxton and the name of "his Lordship's agent". (2) 15 July 1876 Requests May to settle the business at once or supply the name of Lord Derby's agent  at Knowsley so that Allen's solicitor could communicate directly with him.  

PLACES: Mayfield, Ashbourne, Derbyshire;  
PERSONS: Tatton;  
DESCRIPTION: Printed notice of special resolutions of the William Tatton & Company Limited dated 1946. It reports that an extraordinary meeting of the Company was held at the Mayfield Mill, Mayfield near Ashbourne on 31 January 1946 at which it was resolved that the articles of association would be altered with regard to the voting rights of certain shares. Unsigned but carries a certificate number 242082.  

PLACES: Cambridge; Carlisle, Cumbria
PERSONS: Salusbury; Littleton; Jones.  
DESCRIPTION: Unsigned, undated handwritten notes about monumental inscriptions of the Jones and Salusbury families. It includes notes on Salusbury Jones, M.A son of John and Elizabeth Jones, and a fellow of St. Johns College and Chaplain to the Bishop of Carlisle who died aged 28 on 31 May 1763 and was interred in All Saints Church, Cambridge. The range of dates  is 1758 to 1791.  

PLACES: Leek, Tunstall, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Wardle;  
DESCRIPTION: Two letters signed by Thomas Wardle of Leek (1) Letter from Thomas Wardle to his son Frederick dated 19 July 1893 concerning the Standard Sewage Company. Although on paper headed "Thomas Wardle, Leek" the letter was sent from Morleys Hotel. It is signed "Your affectionate Papa".  (2) Typed letter dated 14 December 1901 from Thomas Wardle to Mr Challinor stating he would not be able to attend the All Saints Schools Meeting on Monday night because he had to open an Art Exhibition at Tunstall that evening. He also states that " I still adhere to my suggestion as to utilising the crypt of the church".  

PLACES: Hopton, Derbyshire; Leek, Staffordshire;  
: Pole-Gell; Challinor; Robinson; Brealey;  
DESCRIPTION: Minutes and two letters re Pole-Gell estate duties dated 14 July 1897. Letter of 6th July 1897 indicates that Pole-Gell was seeking to escape the payment of death duties and Challinor suggested giving away a portion of the estate to Gell's son and heir in lieu of his allowance. In the second letter (to Challinor from Thomas Robinson) Robinson states that the rental of Hopton was 4000 and thus its value at 25 years purchase 100000 "there are 12000 for portions, 5000 for his son a 6000 mortgage, 700 for Mrs Pole-Gell and 1000 a year to her for life. The estate duty likely to be payable was estimated at 4500.  Robinson goes on to state " I have heard that the son is in the hands of the Jews-not to a great extent ". The memo reviews the relevant Acts and concludes that the estate could be freed from estate duty provided the action was taken more than 12 months before the "settler's" death.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire  
PERSONS: Challinor; Heaton;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft "preliminary" agreement by the legatees under the will of William Challinor late of Leek, deceased, that all his property should be valued by Charles Heaton of Endon, land surveyor, except for houses and premises at the bottom of gardens in the possession of William Challinor and the houses fronting Derby Street, Leek and the grounds behind which are to form one lot which is to be taken by him as his share of the valuation already made. Remainder of property to be divided into five lots and the lots drawn for. Cash adjustments to be made where necessary to ensure share values equal.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Sugden; Heath; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: William Challinor in account with Isaac Heath for works carried out at a house in Wood Street, Leek, W. Sugden & Son, Architects, Leek, Staffordshire -April 1883. Details materials used, work done by plumber, glazier and painters. Total amount 77-18s-4d  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Badnall; Sneyd; Naden; Ingelby; Pickford; Smith; Wakefield; Barnett; Ball; Pegge Burnell; Gatty; Lowndes; Armishaw; Hulme; Salt; Deavill; Bowers;  
DESCRIPTION: Affidavits by J. Challinor, W.B.Badnall and  concerning return of duty for spoiled stamps dates range from 1852 to 1860. (1) Draft affidavit by Joseph Challinor dated 1860 for stamps applied to indentures between Edward and Ann Smith and Edwin Pickford; between Revd Charles Ingleby and the Revd. John Sneyd; between The Revd. Charles Ingleby and Susanna Ingleby and the Revd John Sneyd.  The documents had not been signed by one or other of the parties and had no effect. (2) Draft affidavit by William Beaumont Badnall dated 1852 for stamps applied to conveyances for Thomas Wakefield to Herbert Barnett and from John Naden to James Ball.(3) Draft affidavit by William Beaumont Badnall dated February 1860 for stamps spoiled on conveyances from Thomas Lowndes  & others to James Salt; from John Lowndes to Josiah Fernihough Hulme; from Isaiah Tyzard and Edward Valentine Pegge Burnell to Revd. Alfred Gatty and others. Also for stamps on two promissory notes and a bond by Thomas Armishaw and others.  (4) Draft affidavit of Mr J. Challinor for allowances for spoiled stamps dated December 1861. This mentions indentures of apprenticeship of Edward Keates to Mr John Lees; a conveyance from Joshua Brough to the trustees of the Leek Literary & Mechanics Institution, but the one specifically mentioned was an affidavit signed by Sir William Fitzherbert on 20 July 1861 which was not used.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Stubbs; Cruso; Challinor; Travis; Perkin; Redfern; Foster; Fergyson;  
DESCRIPTION: (1)Draft particulars and conditions of sale  by auction at "the house of William Stubbs the Red Lion Inn in Leek in the County of Stafford on Friday 21 February 1817 at 6 O'clock in the Evening"  Lot 1 was described as "all that messuage or dwelling house situate in Spout Street in Leek aforesaid consisting of seven  rooms on a floor and three stories with good cellaring Garden yards stable and other conveniences the whole containing 998 square yards of ground or thereabouts and in the possession of Mr John Cruso "(2) Printed sale notice with bindings on the reverse dated 9 January 1879 re property in Britannia Street and Bell Vue Road Leek that included a blacksmith's shop.