Bednall Collection Pt 1: No.s 1201 to 1225

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PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Bestwick; Gailey; Brough;  
DESCRIPTION: Three medical certificates issued by  Dr Edgar Gailey, Physician, Surgeon of Leek, Staffordshire to John Bestwick who was suffering from chronic rheumatism. (1) 11 February 1871 This states that John Bestwick was under treatment in the Cottage Hospital and was not fit to attend to his regimental duties, The note was countersigned by J. Brough J.P.   (2)25 February 1871. In this note the Doctor stated that John Bestwick was improving and would require about two months absence "for his security".  (3) 20 March 1871. Dr. Gailey reported that John Bestwick was suffering from Chronic Rheumatism and was not yet fit to resume his duty. "He asks for a months extension of leave." This note is addressed on the back to " Commander of the depot at C........

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Fernyhough; Mollatt; Galley; Worthington; Lowndes;  
DESCRIPTION: Three items relating to Joseph Fernyhough. (1) Notice to Mr William Phillips, as executor of the late Samuel Phillips, of a further charge on property belonging to Joseph Fernyhough, dated 8th April 1853.  This states that by an agreement dated 21 July 1852 Fernyhough had placed an additional charge of 100 and interest at 4.5% on his houses in Petty France, Leek, and conveyed the houses and his premises situated on the North side of the Parish Church in Leek  to William Challinor, W. B. Badnall and J. Challinor in trust as collateral for the repayment of 200. A loose leaf in this letter gives, amongst other things the rents received by Fernyhough from his Rose Bank property (51) and his property in Petty France (140). He paid 78 pounds to Mr Phillips, 60 to the building society and 43 to Mrs Fernyhough.   (2) Warrant of distress issued by Wm. S. Mollatt, agent to Joseph Fernyhough the owner of the premises,  to William Worthington and his assistant authorizing them to distrain the goods and chattels in the house of Mary Ann Galley in Petty France in Leek, Staffordshire, for 9s  6d arrears of rent. Dated 28 September 1854.  (3) Incomplete warrant of distress issued by Wm. S. Mollatt, agent to Joseph Fernyhough the owner of the premises,  to William Worthington and his assistant authorizing them to distrain the goods and chattels in the house of John Lowndes in Petty France in Leek, Staffordshire, for ..... arrears of rent. Dated August 1855.  

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Brough;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter from  J. Brough at Buxton to Challinor & Shaw? dated 6 December 1883. Brough stated he feared he would not be able to attend the meeting to appoint a new tax commissioner because he had such a cold cough he daren't venture out.  He states he might accept "your offer" of leasing a bit of land behind my Pickwood Road property and "giving my tenants an opening there it would afford them more fresh air and breathing room".  He had decided to dispose of the property to his son in law who, he said, was better able to look after it than he was, and asked that a deed be prepared conveying it for a nominal sum.  "I have had 40 years uninterrupted occupation that title will be sufficient without going any further back".  "I don't know how you feel but my body to-day  is very shivery & cold and I shall be glad when warmer weather comes".  

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Shaw; Mottershead; Wain; Burnett;  
DESCRIPTION: Two notices to quit issued by Thomas Shaw of Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire on 24th March 1904. (1) Notice  addressed to John Burnett of Wood Street, Leek to quit the stables, buildings and land on or near Wood Street, Leek, on 25 March 1905 .  (2) Notice  addressed to Thomas Wain  to quit the house, buildings and land on Ashbourne Road, Leek, on 25 March 1905 .   

PLACES: Leek, Warslow, Alstonefield, Eyam,  Staffordshire; Chesterfield, Derbyshire;  
PERSONS: Bishton; Cooper; Wardle; Boswell; Challinor; Shaw; Austin; Plant; Brindley; Mellor; Pitts;  
DESCRIPTION: Five documents dealing with bastardy and similar matters. (1) Letter, dated 3 March 1908,  from T. H. Bishton, solicitor, of 3 Church Lane, Leek to Challinors & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire re Wardle and Sons and Lucy Elizabeth Boswell Cooper by Sarah Cooper. States the Registrar has fixed Thursday next as the day to take Mrs Cooper's evidence.  (2) Letter, dated 7 March 1908,  from T. H. Bishton, solicitor, of 3 Church Lane, Leek to Challinors & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire re  Cooper and Boswell. Accompanied by copy of notice Bishton had served on Joshua Wardle and Sons that day. He states that "Please take this letter as notice for you to produce and show to the Court held on the 17th instant on the hearing of the above application the agreement prepared by you as Solicitor for the late E. H. Boswell admitting the paternity of the illegitimate child."  (3)  Letter, dated 25 April 1908,  from T. H. Bishton, solicitor, of 3 Church Lane, Leek to Challinors & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire re  Cooper and Boswell v Wardle & Sons. Simply states Miss Cooper will attend the Court on Tuesday next so that her evidence can be taken before the Judge.  (4)  Particulars of evidence for the defence in the case of Esther Ann Austin versus J. H. Niness with REFERENCE:  to bastardy, 5 June 1871.  Miss Austin was 24 years of age and Niness 17 years of age.  Complainant came from .. ..previously living at the George Inn, Mrs Plant's house, at Alstonefield.   The child in question was born 20 April 1870. Complainant had a bad character. It gives details of girl's relationship with various men. Amongst other things she was seen taking liberties with and dancing with various men at Warslow Wakes.  

PLACES: Leek, Warslow, Alstonefield, Eyam,  Staffordshire; Chesterfield, Derbyshire;  
PERSONS: Robinson; Challinor; Bullock; Critchlow; Argyles; Gaunt; Bulfield;  
DESCRIPTION: Items which mention servants:  (1) Letter dated 31 May 1879 from William Challinor at Leek, Staffordshire to Mr F. A. Argyles .  Amongst other things he states " I am sure my son and his intended will take every care of the whole -which have been so kindly confided to them.  My son went up to Haregate and our man also - within the last day or two. Mrs Bulfield said she was going to Eversley today but intended returning on Monday and that she had arranged with Lovatt to sleep at the house in her absence and that she felt satisfied that all would be right.  I had made enquiry and if necessary found a Mrs Critchlow who had formerly been housekeeper and servant at the Miss Gaunts and whom we knew would have gone up to take charge for a short time if necessary but from what Mrs Bulfield says this will not be requisite.    (2) Letter  from J. Robinson of Westwood, Leek, to Mr Challinor at Leek, Staffordshire dated 2 October 1871 [on black edged paper].  Robinson states that "Mrs Bullock whose child was fined on Wednesday for throwing dirt has applied to me this morning for time to pay the fine and costs $2 -10s -6d. Her husband is a labourer and the sum is large, so that I think it would be reasonable to allow her the 3 weeks from this day (which she asks) if there is no objection on the score of bad character. Her husband works at Highfield and she says is a steady man.  

PLACES: Leek, Ipstones, Horton,  Staffordshire;  Torquay, Devon;  
PERSONS: Cooper; Gaunt; Healey; Alsop; Bloore;  
DESCRIPTION: Minutes of the will of Ellen Cooper, widow, listing bequests. She bequeathed Mount Pleasant House, to Josiah Gaunt of Horton; 3 fourth shares of Clough House in Onecote to Matthew Gaunt; devised all her land, etc. in Ipstones occupied by Mr Smith and pieces of land called the noon Sun and the Fox Wood and a piece of land on the South side of the Buxton to Leek road? occupied by John Matthews and used as a timber yard and land adjoining used as a garden occupied by Pickford unto James Alsop and James Bloore their heirs, etc. in trust to pay  rents to Miss Elizabeth Healey (Torquay) for life and after her death in trust for Frederick Gaunt his heirs and assigns for ever.

PLACES: Leek, Cheddleton, Hanley,  Staffordshire;  Torquay, Devon;  
PERSONS: Hulme; Jones; Goostrey;  
DESCRIPTION:  Draft notice by Mr William Hulme of the firm Goostrey and Hulme, paper manufacturers of Cheddleton, Staffordshire, to Mr Elijah Jones of Hanley dated August 1861. The notice  warns Jones not to part with the possession of any letters, books, or papers belonging to the said firm also not to pay any cash which as agent and on account of the said firm you may already have received or may henceforth receive either to my partner Mr William Goostrey or to any other person or PERSONS:  whatsoever without my consent. 

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Slater; Hammersley; Wardle; Nutter; Mitchel; Ball; Ashton; Walker; Wemyss; Fergyson;  
DESCRIPTION: Two items re the estate of the late Henry Slater.  (1) Outline of the executors balance sheet dated 22 November 1895.  It lists receipts from rents, sales of property,  etc. , and payments made re funeral and other expenses.  (2) Instructions for proving the will of Henry Slater late of 8 Waterloo Street, Leek, Staffordshire, a retired platelayer who died at Leek on 13 June 1895 leaving a wife Harriet Slater still living. This document also lists the names and addresses of his children. 

PLACES: Manchester; Lichfield; Appleby Magna, Burton on Trent; Amington; Polesworth; Church Street, Leek?;  
PERSONS: Blower; Davis; Cooper; Riley; Bath;  Chaplin; Woodcock; Gibson; Ward.  
DESCRIPTION: Two pencilled lists of firms owing money for goods to some unknown firm.

PLACES: Leek, Wetley Rocks, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Sharples; Wood;  
DESCRIPTION: Two schedules or inventories of goods.  (1)  A list of household furnishings including an organ, an 8 day clock,  and a bakestone. entitled "Mrs Sharples furniture" and dated 30 June 1908.   (2)  A schedule of the goods of the late Thomas Wood of Wetley Rocks, Staffordshire undated but about 1900.  

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Lomas; Robinson; Shaw; Jones; Broster; Whiston; Newall; Hine; Bould; Mathews;  
DESCRIPTION:  Five items associated with funerals and mourning. (1) Black edged envelope bearing the address Joseph Challinor, Leek.  (2) Notice, dated 1 October 1876, by Robinson for himself and co-trustees of the late Matthew Lomas that they would pay 1500 owing on mortgage to Thomas Shaw, solicitor of leek. On black edged paper.   (3) Invitation to attend the funeral of Joseph Broster of 18 Hugo Street, Leek on the 2 July 1898. (4) Invitation to attend the funeral of Elizabeth Whiston of 15 Wood Street, Leek on 20 December 1919.   (5) Invitation to Mr O. Jones to attend the funeral of John Newall of 3 Roche View, Ashbourne Road, Leek, Staffordshire on 20 October 1943.

PLACES: Stone, Caverswall, Staffordshire; Birmingham; Blithbridge;  
PERSONS: Reade; Martin; Ratcliffe;  
DESCRIPTION: Three scraps of paper with notes about family relationships. (1) John Reade and his brothers and sisters.  (2) Jno. Martin's children of Grindley House parish Stone. (3) Notes re John Malkin deceased -calculation to ascertain value of Mrs Mary Ford's interest.  

PLACES: Sedsall; Eaton; Roston; Rocester; Doveridge; Alton; Staffordshire; London; Manchester;  Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire;  
PERSONS: Reddie; Wood; Webb; Smith; Brandon; Appleby; Taylor; Lyon; Ormondie; Challinor; Rawcliffe; Pegg; Parey; Wheat; Moseley; Silcocks; Cotterill; Oakden; Atkins; Cassells; Young; Webb; Wood; Minors; Manisty;  
DESCRIPTION: Ten documents  (1) Pencil sketch of roads showing a road crossing a river via a bridge built in 1840 where previously there had been a ford. Along some of the roads notes of names and dates seem to indicate the ownership of land e.g. Webb to 1865  [...] Taylor 1865 -,   [...] Lyon  -1882,  Reddie 1889. A little further along is a note which states " Monksholme - Sedsall, Eaton, [...]" and on the opposite side of the road "Brandon now Appleby  Silcock."  At the bottom on the same side it states: The Rookery ? Monkscloudsholme.  Sedsall Farm now occupied by Wood formerly by Smith.  Other notes on the same side simply state: Sedsall - Smith Wood / Eaton - Carrington / Eaton Manor Minors".  On the other side it states : Wood's tenancy - Football field also the Dove meadow 1892 to 96.  Wood never spoke to Dr Reddie as to the road prior to the purchase."  (2) Copy letter dated 22 May 1896 from Challinor & Shaw to Mr Wrekins. It states that Dr Reddie had consulted them re a claim made by Mr Wood and other tenants of the Marquess of Ormondie to a right of way over the Abbotsholme Estate belonging to our client." The letter also states that they had searched documents and concluded that the claim was "of but recent origin and that there is no justification for it".  Suggests arbitration as a way of settling a dispute between neighbours who were otherwise on good terms.   (3) Letter dated 7 July 1896 from C.S.Gwynne to Mr Thomas Shaw c/o F. Arundel, Court Hall, Sidbury, Sidmouth re the case of Ormondie versus Reddie.  (4) Copies of letters sent to Challinor & Shaw by Thomas S. Wilkins in the cases of Lord Ormondie versus Reddie (27 & 29 May 1896) and Wood versus Reddie (27 May 1896). The former refers to a gate which Dr Reddie had placed across a disputed way and the latter to the use of barbed wire by Dr Reddie and injuries to Mr Wood's cow which  had resulted in its death. (4) Letter from Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire to Rawcliffe Rawle & Co. London, dated 3 August 1896 and concerning the case of Ormondie versus Reddie. It relates to the defence concerning the lodge gates and in particular that they were locked from May 1874 not from November as stated earlier.  (6)  Letter from the Clerk of Marston Montgomery Parish Council to Dr Reddie  dated 27 January 1896 concerning complaints received about a gate at the bottom of Martin Bank leading to Abbotts Holme secured with lock and key.  (7) Is a draft letter, dated 14 February 1896, to the Chairman of the Marston Montgomery Parish Council from Dr C. Reddie of Abbotsholme, Rocester in connection with a letter from Lord Ormonde's solicitor claiming a right of cart road across Reddie's land for all the tenants of the Eaton Estate. Mentions former bridle road from Abbotsholme to the church at Doveridge. (8) Letter from the Clerk of the Council to Dr Reddie  dated 26 May 1896 concerning complaints received about a bridle road from Doveridge to the Abbotts Holme school and asking Reddie to ensure that the gate he  had put up was not locked in future. Attached to this is a copy  of Reddie's reply. See Bed Sale 459 Five pages of statements by Tom Pegg, dated 1 August 1896, contain information about fox hunting in the area and in particular the keeping of hounds in the stable yard at Cloudholme by a man called Taylor and the meet used to be at Cloudholme once a year. Gives details of conversion of a bridle gate into a hunting gate and mentions a football field.  (9) Draft clause for an agreement detailing the rights of Gervase Scott Wood, the tenant of Sedsall Farm with regard to the use of a road from the lodge gates to Sedsall Farm. (10) Letter dated 6 February 1896 from H. Manisty of 1 Howard Street, London to Dr Cecil Reddie with legal opinion with regard to setting up a gate on a road to Monksclowne Holm and possible rights of way. It mentions that "The Ashes" was once part of the Abbots Clownholm Estate and the chances that there was once a road from The Ashes thorough Monks Clownholm to Abbots Clownholm and from the latter out onto the high road.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Carr; Shaw;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter from Henry Carr to Thomas Shaw dated 10 February 1870. Carr states " I have wired for Mr E. N. Carr to come up to Leek. He may be here to night but there is great difficulty getting on the wire under the new post office arrangement -if not the first train tomorrow arrives 1-20.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Shaw; Thompson; Allen; Swindlehurst; Smith; Mellor; Keates; Warrington; Knowles; Alcock;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy valuation of  property in Leek, Staffordshire belonging to the trustees of George Thompson and William Allen dated September 1893. The property includes Springfields House, Wood Cottage adjoining Springfields, a slaughter house and premises on Wood Street, land and cottages adjoining London Road, Leek, and a "newly erected" villa residence "The Elms" fronting London Road.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Hammersley; Trafford; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Agreement of lease from George Hammersley of Leek, Staffordshire, to William Stafford of leek, silk manufacturer dated 3 December 1866 of a shade  occupied by Trafford and others, and land and a slaughter house occupied by Thomas Plant all "lying together and situated on the westwardly side of Nelson Street, Ball Haye Green, Leek." The lease was to commence from 1st January 1867. The lessor was to  provide and "affix" a proper 4 h.p. engine and an 8 h.p. boiler house, any main shafting required  and steam piping for heating several rooms before 1st April 1867. The Lessor was also to insert 6 new windows in the upper room of the shade. The Lessee was to pay 54 per year for the  property and "such other rent as shall equal 10 percent on the total sum expended by the Lessor on the engine, boiler, etc.  The Lessor was also required to construct a sewer from the shade to the main sewer in Nelson Street or Ball Haye Road and paint the outside of the building. The Lessee was to pay all taxes on the property except Land Tax and the Landlords property tax. He was also required to paint exterior and interior wood and ironwork with one coat of oil colours three times during the term of the lease.  The Lessee was to have the right of purchasing for 900 plus a further amount to cover  the investment made by the Lessor in boiler, house, engine, and the other works carried out under the terms of the lease, less 5% per annum. Challinors & Co. were to prepare a lease in accordance with the agreement.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; London; Great Yarmouth;  
PERSONS: Bermingham; Harbord; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Four documents relating to the Bermingham company. (1) Statement of assets and liabilities of Messrs J & H. Bermingham of Leek, Staffordshire dated 28 August 1869.   (2) Copy of Debenture of H. Bermingham & Sons (Leek) Limited dated 16th September 1927. Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire.   (3) J.F. Bermingham, C. H. Bermingham, Florence Bermingham, widow, and Hannah Mary Bermingham, widow, of Leek to Alexander G. Harbord of 4 Wellington Road, St. Johns Wood, London, Schoolmaster,  re Charge of various interests in support of a Guarantee of Debenture, 20 October 1928, Challinors & Shaw, Leek.    (4)  Signed, sealed and witnessed Charge on "Hillside" and Broad Street properties in Leek, Staffordshire and in a sum of War Stock by Messrs J.F & C.H. Bermingham & Mrs Florence Bermingham to Alexander G. Harbord, dated 1928. Challinors & Shaw, Leek. This carries a pencilled note " Not proceeded with" and another referring to Mr Harbord " Sefton House, 12 Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth until 29/9/98".  

PLACES: Leek, Newcastle under Lyme,  Staffordshire; Manchester;  
PERSONS: Goodwin; Allsop; Tatton Morrison; Bulleid; Cooper;  
DESCRIPTION: Memorandum and articles of association Stephen Goodwin & Tatton Limited incorporated 26 September 1900.  

PLACES: Leek, Rushton,  Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Simpson; Goodwin; Challinor; Badnall; Waithman;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft agreement for the production of deeds between Miles Simpson of Rushton near Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer, and Stephen Goodwin of Leek, silk manufacturer, dated 9th November 1859. Challinor, Badnall & Challinor, Leek. this cites an indenture made on the same date between (1) William Challinor, (2) Jane Catherine Ferriar, (3) James Simpson, (4) Miles Simpson and (5) Stephen Goodwin in which part of a house, silk mill, shade and shed were conveyed to the use of Stephen Goodwin. Miles Simpson had deeds in his possession relating to the property. A specific deed is mentioned namely that dated 4 December 1857 and made between (1) Miles Simpson, (2) Henry Waithman and James Simpson, (4) Creditors of Miles Simpson.  

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Congleton, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Wardle; Davenport; Bowen; Heapy; May; Hacker; Allen; Underwood; Slater;  
DESCRIPTION: 19 letters and other items relating to the leasing of property adjacent to Albion Mill in Macclesfield by Wardle & Davenport Limited of Leek, Staffordshire January 1903 to July 1903. (1) Letter dated 3rd January 1903 from Walter Bowen of Park Cottage, Macclesfield to Messrs May & Sons, solicitors, Macclesfield. Bowen states that he had received a letter from Wardle & Davenport that morning agreeing to their terms for a 7 year lease at 70 per annum.  (2) Details of the lease of the top room, warehouse and offices attached to the power loom shed adjoining the Albion Mills. One of the conditions was that the landlords were to insure against fire, and to put the floors, windows, and main walls in reasonable  condition and white wash them  Two rooms were to be converted into w.c.s to provide two new closets with lavatories in warehouse. The landlords were top construct a separate entrance; to provided suitable hot water apparatus and couple it up to the existing steam system. They were also to provide a suitable covered in position for the lessee's gas engine and allow the tenants to use all shafting pulleys etc.  Lessees to do the interior maintenance.   (3) Letter dated 7 January 1903 from Daniel, solicitor, Church Side, Macclesfield  to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease. States they will send their bill of costs.   (4) Letter dated 5 February 1903 from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire, to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease. Acknowledging receipt of draft lease.    (5) Letter dated 9 February 1903 from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire,   to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease. Requesting schedule which had been omitted from the draft lease.    (6) Letter dated 13 February 1903 from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire, to Messrs May & Wain solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease. Approving draft lease as altered subject to their approval of a list of fixtures.      (7) Letter dated 16 February 1903 from Daniel, solicitor, Church Side, Macclesfield  to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease. Acknowledging receipt of agreement of tenancy, etc.  (8) Letter dated 23 February 1903 from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire, to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease. Accompanied the return of the list of fixtures and that they were preparing for the exchange.  (9)Letter dated 12 March 1903 from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire, to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease. Requests the lease so that they can get the counterpart stamped.  (10) Letter dated 14 March 1903 from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire, to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease. Acknowledging receipt of lease.  (11) Letter dated 7 April 1903 from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire, to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease. Notifies Wain & Son that their respective clients had arranged that certain of the fixtures should be removed by the lessors and that the schedule must be accordingly modified. (12) Letter dated 19 May 1903 from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire, to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease. They had heard nothing more about the fixtures and requested that the matter be expedited.   (13) Letter dated 5 June 1903 from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire, to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease.  "shall be pleased to hear whether the parties have yet settled the list of fixtures.."   (14) Letter dated 18 June 1903 from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire, to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease. Requesting that "if the lease has been executed by your clients" it should be sent to them for comparison with the counterpart.  (15) Letter dated 7 July1903 from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire, to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease.  States that the counterpart lease  had been sent to be stamped and that it would be forwarded on Wednesday.  They enclosed May and Sons charges and "our client's cheque".   (16) Letter dated 9 July 1903 from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire, to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield re Albion Mill lease. Accompanied the counterpart lease.  (17) Letter dated 11 July 1903 from Walter Bowen of Brookside, Henbury, Macclesfield, to Messrs May & Son solicitors, Macclesfield acknowledging counterpart lease of rooms in Albion Mill by Wardle and Davenport of Leek.  (18)  Signed  and stamped provisional agreement entered into by Messrs Wardle & Davenport of Leek with Walter Bowen (as trustee for the late Thomas Heapy's estate.   (19) Letter from Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffs. dated 24 Feb. 1903 to Messrs May & Son, solicitors, Macclesfield in the matter of Slater to Wardle & Davenport; Davenport Ltd.  It merely refers the phrasing of part of the lease and states that they will "get our part sealed by our clients and forward it to you, when you can send us the lease signed by your clients".

PLACES: Leek, Rudyard, Upperhulme,  Onecote, Longnor, Warslow, Fenton, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Congleton, Bosley, Cheshire; Ashbourne, Derbyshire; Birmingham; Liverpool; 
PERSONS: Watson; Lovatt; Thompson; Amson; Simpson; Relf; Challinor;` Swift; Foster; Young;  Chatwin; Bailey; Gordon; Smith; Cook; Tatton; Clemsha; Heath; Swindells;  Brealey; Brough; Stubbs; Brooks; Ball; Hulme; Beresford; Clayton; Bonsall; Martin; Larkin; Wood; Hammersley; Collins; Biddulph; Follows; Astles; Clark; Wilson; Hanway; Wardle; Mellor; Hill, Broadhurst;  Parker; Dean; Broadhurst; Graham; Pegg; Wells;  Hill; Finney; Keates; Palmer; Dutton; Potts; Sherratt; Green; Beswick; Steeple; Cooper; Forrester; Grundy; Timins; Fisher; Phillips; Harlow; Lomas; Brook; Wheeldon; Birtles; Prince; Bowcock; Shaughnessy; Mee; Tipper;  West; Sigley; Trafford;  Fenton; Leese; Hollinshead; Porter; Massey; Gallimore; Carding; Matthews; Ward; Fiddler; Mayer; Kinsey; Michael; Howard;  
DESCRIPTION: Items relating to the failure of  James Amson of London Mills, Leek, Staffordshire 1887. (1)List of book debts 6th September 1887 -contains many names.  (2)List of tools, etc. at London Mills 6th September 1887.  (3) Statement of affairs (a) and (b) are  draft notes (c) is the statement. (b) explains why Amson failed in detail. 6th September 1887.  (4) Resolution and assent of creditors 6th September 1887.   (5) Draft letter to creditors 6 September 1887.  (6) Printed statement  of Mr Amson's affairs submitted to his creditors at a meting held on 6th September 1887 and the debtor's offer to pay 6/- in the pound by instalments. It incorporates a printed acceptance form.   (7) Printed standard letter incorporating a receipt reply form issued by Challinor & Co. 15 October 1887.  (8) Thirty three signed printed receipt forms.  (9) Letter from Mrs Simpson of 36 Kiln Lane, Leek, Staffordshire stating she was quite willing to accept the decision of the creditors undated but probably written in August 1887. (10) Printed letter from Challinor & Co. to all creditors of James Amson of London Mills and Haywood Street, Leek, Staffordshire, Engineer, advising creditors that he had consulted them with REFERENCE:  to his affairs and that a meeting was to be held at their office at 10 Derby Street, Leek on 6th September.     

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Broster; Challinor; Mollatt; Gwynne; Astles; Simpson; Goodwin; Wright; Hall; Stubbs; Alsop; Finney; Pilkington; Tomkinson;  
DESCRIPTION: Nine items relating to the Broster family 1858 to 1898.  (1) Notice dated 13 May 1858 from Jesse Broster to W. J. Mollatt agent for Mrs Challinor of his intention to quit the house, winding rooms and shade which he then rented on 13 November 1858.  (2)Agreement dated 9 June 1898 made between Joseph Broster of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer and his son Arthur Broster of Leek, silk manufacturer for the sale of a mill.  Arthur Broster had been manager of the mill and warehouse in London Road, Leek where the business had been carried on by his father who owned the fee simple of the property.  Arthur was to pay his father 1200 in 3 six monthly instalments, and also pay him 3 a week for life. After his father's death, Arthur was to pay his  mother 2 a week for life and after her death 1 a week to his two unmarried sisters Mary Ann and Harriet Ann Broster. Document is signed and witnessed.  (3) Letter dated 14 June 1898 from the Leek United Permanent Benefit Building Society  43 St. Edward Street, Leek, to C. J. Gwynne, stating the amount due to the society from Joseph Broster. The sum outstanding was 1188 :3  :2.     (4) Draft indenture of assignment, dated 15 June 1898,  from Joseph Broster of Leek, to his son Arthur of the goodwill of the business and book debts in consideration of covenants to pay an annuity.  (5)  Draft conveyance, dated 15 June 1898, of the equity of redemption in a freehold house, shade formerly used as a silk mill and twisting shade erected on land formerly used as a garden at the back of the house, on the East side of London Street, Leek, Staffordshire. The property was formerly in the occupation of Josiah Astles then afterwards of Miles Simpson and subsequently of Stephen Goodwin and others, then afterwards of Arthur Goodwin and Robert Wright and William Hall the younger. Afterwards it was occupied by Joseph Broster and Pownall Stubbs but now of Joseph Broster. The property also included land on Shoobridge Street, Leek. Boundaries are given with respect to other land owners.   (6) Draft authority, dated 15 June 1898,  by Joseph Broster to his son Arthur Broster to pay 400 to his  Mary Ann Broster and 300 to Harriet Ann Broster, his daughters and Arthur's sisters. Joseph Broster . Joseph Broster stated that he gave the money as gifts.   (7) Rough memorandum re Joseph Broster's estate dated 30 June 1898. It states amongst other things that Joseph Broster died on 30 June 1898 intestate.  (8) (a) Official Oath for administrators of the estate of Joseph Broster of Hugo Street, Leek, Staffordshire which was made by his widow Harriet Broster. It states that his estate amounted to 413 :16s  :0d.  (b) Official bond by Harriet Broster widow of Joseph Broster of Hugo Street, Leek, and her son Arthur of Westwood Road, Leek, binding them to produce a true inventory of Joseph Broster's estates. Dated 8 August 1898.   (9) Printed affidavit for estate duty purposes re the goods of Joseph Broster of Leek dated 8th August 1898 and sworn by Harriet Broster the deceased's widow.  

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Allen; Shaw;  Fynney; Dawson; Haynes; Sheldon; Pointon; Nicholson; Smith;  
DESCRIPTION: Twenty two letters dating between April 1873 and May 1894 concerning the property known as Springfields on the Ashbourne Road in Leek, Staffordshire.  In the letter dated 3 May 1883 Allen states that the London Road property in which Shaw has an interest consisted of " your own dwelling, 17 other houses, a stable & gig house and about 12 acres of land (of which Allen owned a fourth part) and two adjoining closes containing 7816 square yards."  

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: White; Challinor; Stonehewer; Plant; Ridgway; Killmister; Harrison; Hulme; Buckley; Sleigh; Dawson; Braddock; Harding; Goodwin; Smith; Yates; Locket; Carter; Mountfort; Wardle; Wooliscroft; Barton; Condliffe; Sutton; Sleigh;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft memorandum from James White  of Rowley Gate Farm, Leek to William Challinor of Leek,  of deposit of title deeds as security for 100 and interest on 10 houses in Bell Vue Road, Leek, Staffordshire, dated 14 December 1892.  The title related to No's 135 to 153 Bell Vue Road otherwise Back o' th' street and included a croft. The occupiers were Mary Ann Hulme, Thomas Buckley, William Sleigh, Lucy Dawson, John Braddock, Robert Harding, Samuel Goodwin, Samuel Smith, John Yates and William Lockett.  The title deeds start in 1810 with an indenture made between Joshua Stonehewer, James Plant and G.K.Killmister.