Bednall Collection Pt 1: No.s 1176 to 1200

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PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Sleigh; Challinor; Wooley;  
DESCRIPTION: Notice of the dissolution by mutual consent of the partnership  between  Hugh Sleigh and Charles Wooley both of Leek, Staffordshire, Silk Manufacturers on 10 February 1864. The document was witnessed by Joseph Challinor of Leek.  Hugh Sleigh was to carry on the partnership on his own.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Birmingham; Cardiff; Ipswich; Norwich; Leeds; Wednesbury; Bangor; Barnsley; Chichester;  
PERSONS: Sleigh; Challinor; Hyde; Jones; Wiseman; Long; Armstrong; Chandler; Roberts; Scholey; Fryer; Oldacres; Cloiseman;  
DESCRIPTION: Twelve bills re firms trading and in account with Hugh Sleigh & Co, Leek, Staffordshire, 1892 to 1896. The firms were: (1)Model Clothing Ltd, 43 St. Mary Street, Cardiff;  (2)Charles Wiseman, Merchant Tailor, 5 St. Edmunds Street, Birmingham;  (3) S. Oldacres, Market Place, Wednesbury; (4) Jas. H.Hyde, South Parade, Leeds; (5)  W. E. Jones, 2 George Street, Wellingborough; (6) B. I. Fryer, 124 Hockley Hill, Birmingham; (7) W. Long, Chichester; (8) P.W. Armstrong, 3 Berners Street, Ipswich;  (9)P.W. Armstrong, 3 Berners Street, Ipswich; (10) Alfred Scholey, Barnsley;  (11) J.W.Roberts, 213 High Street, Bangor;  (12) Winslow Chandler, Quartrills Court, Surrey Street, Norwich;  Also a memorandum (item 13) from Cloiseman enclosing £5 towards money owing to Sleigh & Co. and proposing to send further payments weekly "if this was done." 

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Coburg, Canada;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Badnall; Boswell; Challinor; Shaw; Buck; Vivian; Ward; Brealey;  
DESCRIPTION: Seventeen items relating to Henry Beaumont Cruso: (1) Letter dated 21 January 1878 from Joseph Challinor to Thomas Shaw re a further loan of £1000 from the Building Society to H.B. Cruso. This states Michael Daintry Cruso was born on 23 Oct. 1801.   (2) Letter dated 8 November 1878 from  Thomas Shaw to Joseph Challinor enclosing a resolution of the building society committee concerning H. B. Cruso's application for a loan of £1000.  The Committee resolved that no further advance should be applied for.  (3) Joseph Cruso's notes concerning the late John Cruso's real estate. It includes an annuity of £200 under Gally-Knight wills.   (4) Letter dated 6 June 1888 from Joseph Challinor to Henry Beaumont Cruso in Coburg, Canada concerning  Cruso mortgages. H.B.Cruso and his father had jointly covenanted personally for mortgages totalling £7500. H.B.Cruso had alone covenanted for a loan of £500.   The annual value of the property (the big house was not being let) "continues much as it did in 1878  -£926 :10s excepting that the rentals of the Foker & Red Earth Farms should be put down as at about £260 instead of £335 : 16s,   (5) Letter dated 8 June 1888 from Joseph Challinor to Henry Beaumont Cruso in Coburg, Canada informing him that they had not been able to get the Building Society's consent to a further advance.   Challinor said he would send a Bankers Draft on receiving a deed of security which he was sending with the letter for execution.  He went on to say that " The mortgage debt is increasing due to capitalisation of interest and compound interest" and hinted that there might be a possibility of selling some of the land near Strangman's Walks for building purposes at a fresh price.   (6) Notes dated 30 July 1888 by Joseph Challinor re Henry B. Cruso's affairs.  It concerns Mr Boswell's views on the difficulties of getting Michael Cruso to agree to what was proposed. He was said to be "an obstinate man" who was "very old and ailing" and Boswell thought "his life was doubtful even beyond the present winter".  Mr Cruso's present property was said to be £6000 in investments and he -Michael Cruso- was said to live very quietly in a small house with his daughter and two servants and without a horse. Mr Cruso was said to live within his income and be free of debt and thus was unlikely to agree to do any more than sign a renewal of his covenants.   Boswell also saw Mr Badnall and told him what had taken place-Mr Badnall expressed himself very strongly that the rate of interest should have been 4% and that 4.5% compound interest was excessive. The Directors stated that considering they paid 4.5% to investing shareholders and 4% to preference  shareholders and that the money could not be obtained elsewhere for less than 5% they were not justified in taking less than 4.5%. (7) Minutes dated August   to 24th   1888 by Joseph Challinor re H.B.Cruso's affairs and in particular meetings he had had with Mr Ward, Mr Shaw and Mr Badnall.  Mr Badnall urged (23rd August) that Strangman's Walks be put up for sale and a plan prepared. He said he wanted to see Mrs Cruso to ascertain if it were quite her will to give up to Harry Cruso and his father and their mortgagees the proceeds of the sale, her income from the land being secured. 24th August. Saw Mr Badnall. He had seen Mrs Cruso this morning and she was quite willing to give up the proceeds of the sale as suggested.  She left the decision as to whether or not to sell to Mr Harry Cruso and his father.   (8) Letter dated 29 November 1888 from Henry Beaumont Cruso in Coburg, Canada to Joseph Challinor in Leek, Staffordshire. The letter was received on 14 December 1888. He sates his Father is very unwilling to give the further security.  H. B.Cruso said he left the decision with regard to Strangman's Walk lands entirely in Challinor's hands.   He said his Father was better than he had been for some time  "Aunt Sarah some 3 years ago  ailed and lost a good deal of flesh but got better  and was a great deal more active for her loss of weight and I hope it will be so with my father".   (9) Draft request and authority by  A. H.Boswell to the Leek & Moorlands Building Society to pay duties and costs out of the proceeds of sale of real estates mortgaged by Henry Beaumont Cruso. Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire,  20 March 1894. One of the notes mentions that Henry B. Cruso's wife's name was Emma.   (10) Notes re Michael Cruso deceased as to implied reversion of legacy to H. B. Cruso. 1893. It gives relevant notes from his will dated 18 November 1884 and three codicils. The last codicil dated 22 December 1888 revoked a clause in his will concerning the discharge of his mortgage debts and bequeathed  his share of his late brother's estates to his three daughters - Mary Buck, Ella Boswell and Selina Vivian.  In his will Michael Daintry Cruso had directed his executors to pay not exceeding $8000 of monies to which he might be entitled from his brother John's estate to his son " Henry for the benefit of himself and his wife".  11. Memorandum dated 28 January 1878 from Joseph Challinor to Mr Shaw asking him to state whether or not the Building Society would be prepared to make a further advance of £1000to Mr H.B.Cruso. Appended is a note states that after Mrs Cruso's death the residual Cruso estate of about £33000 would, subject to the payment of legacies of about £6000,  belong to Michael Cruso absolutely.   12. Copy Letter of Credit 7822, dated 21 March 1879, from the Manager of the Bank of Montreal, Lombard St., London to the Manager of the Bank's Toronto branch concerning £222  7s sterling.      13.  Draft letter to Challinor and Co  from Brealey dated 28 April 1888 concerning mortgages negotiated by Challinor & Co. on behalf of Mr Michael Daintry Cruso and his son , with the Leek & Moorlands Building Society in August1870, Dec. 1875 and January 1879 for securing £8000 at 5% compound interest.   The letter points out that the accumulated sum of capital and interest amounted to between £17000 and £18000 and requested that either the principal be paid or extra security provided. 

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Gaunt; Heath; Challinor; Shaw; Bishton; Brunt;  
DESCRIPTION: Seven items relating to Frederick (principally) and John Gaunt of Leek, Staffordshire.  (1) Copy of a receipt signed by John Gaunt for £378 -10s -10d received from Matthew and Josiah Gaunt for the share of Highfield and pews devised by his mother's will;  (2) Minute by Joseph Challinor re Highfield dated 20 April 1871.  Arkcoll brought up to me this morning the deed of conveyance of the Highfield estate in which my brother and myself were made parties as mortgagees of Mr. Frederick Gaunt's share". He expressed his regret at being made a party to the deed.  He signed it but "did not admit Mr Matthew Gaunt's competency".   (3) Income tax receipt re Mr Gaunt's Trustees 28 January 1897. The income taxed assessed was 8d in the pound on £48- 10s.  (4) Draft letter,  dated 21 September 1908,  to the Estate Duty Office re the estates of Frederick Gaunt deceased -Register E.G 1875  H52.  It mentions that his sister Sarah Ann Gaunt had married on 18 December 1879.   (5) Letter from  T. H.Bishton of Church Lane, Leek to Messrs Challinor & Shaw re Frederick Gaunt deceased, dated 29 January 1909. Says very little.   (6) Thomas heath's receipt for documents 10 February 1909. The documents listed includes : probate of Frederick Gaunt's will and the settlement dated 10 December 1879 on the marriage of F. Gaunt and Miss Heath.  (7) Minute dated 18 August 1908 of the personal estate of Frederick Gaunt deceased. Mainly furniture and  stock on farm i.e. one pony and two cows. The total value approximately £750.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Dishley; Gaunt; Brookes; Hardy; Sigley; Barris; Bamcock; Cope; Pickford; Plant; Wardle; Rushton; Robinson; Hudson; Challinor. DESCRIPTION: Henry Wm. Dishley, Agent, Leek, Staffordshire, rent account re Matthew Gaunt's devisees for the half year ending 18th May  1897. Date on outer 24 may 1897.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  London;  
PERSONS: Badnall; Challinor; Brough;  
DESCRIPTION: Challinor , Badnall & Challinor's account to Messrs Brough & Co. for "Items not allowed and taxation of Bill of Costs "in the case of brought & Co. versus Williams  September to December 1856.  Challinor & Co. were sending telegraphic messages at this time

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Nicholson; Allen; Shaw; Smith;  
DESCRIPTION: Letters to and from Arthur Nicholson at Highfield Hall, Leek, Staffordshire, August to October 1893 (1) Letter dated 18 August 1893 from William Allen of Hacker & Allen, Leek, to Arthur Nicholson. Allen states that he had heard that morning that Nicholson wished to purchase houses and premises in London Road, Leek occupied by Messrs Shaw, Knowles and others. Allen  said that although several applications had been made to him no price had been named or a sale considered and therefore if Nicholson wanted to make an offer for the whole he would submit it to the parties interested. Total area was about 12 acres.   (2)  Letter dated 9th September 1893 from William Allen of Hacker & Allen, Leek, to Arthur Nicholson re Ashbourne Road, property. Allen states that he had received Mr Smith's valuation on the property and that a copy was enclosed.   (3)  Letter dated 20 October 1893.on headed paper from Arthur Nicholson at Highfield Hall, Leek [National telephone No.3] to Mr Shaw accompanying papers which "more properly belong to you than to me".  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Bosley, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Brealey; Mason; Turnock; Chambre; Shaw;  
DESCRIPTION: Four items relating to John Brealey, of Leek, Staffordshire. (1) Printed Leek & Moorlands Building Society receipt, dated 30 December 1882, to the executors of the late R. Turnock for £569 - 11s -0d,  signed by the secretary John Brealey.  (2)Letter dated 6 January 1879 from John Brealey to Thomas Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire concerning an agreement re Butterton Moor Farm which he valued at £2500. He states " I think it is a good arrangement for Mrs Turnock".  (3) Letter dated 23 April 1894  from John Brealey to Thomas Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire returning a draft letter to Miss Chambre and discussing her suggestion that provision be made  the tenancy being continued after the 5 years expires.  She also required, he said, that the closet in the yard be converted into a W.C. and the cess pit filled up.  Brealey states that "I told her I should ask you and the Misses Turnock to agree to this, it will not cost much and I do not think anyone would take the house with it as it is now".  (4) Claim in the County Court at Leek by  Thomas Brealey & Son against  Leonard Mason of Bosley with regard to a debt of £6 - 11s -1.5d for 1250 drain pipes. Dated 27 November 1903. [All but item 1 Sold to John Smith of Leek 2/1999]

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Bermingham; Herbert; Samuel;  Challinor; Shaw;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft, typed, conveyance of a silk mill, houses and premises in Wellington Street, Leek, Staffordshire from Joseph Francis Bermingham of Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer, to H. Bermingham & Sons (Leek) Limited dated 16 September 1927. Challinors & Shaw, Leek.   Joseph F. Bermingham had previously been trading as H. Bermingham & Sons at Leek. Bermingham had mortgaged the firm's property  and the electric dynamo, shafting, heating plant and other  fixtures to the Leek & Moorlands Building Society for a total of £3250. On 16 September 1927 Bermingham agreed to sell to the Company  his silk manufacturing business, the name , good will of the firm , contracts, cash, notes in hand and all the freehold premises, fixtures and plant.   The price for the sale was £4850. The vendor was to receive 850 one pound preference  shares and 4000 ordinary shares in the company all of which were to be fully paid up. The Company were to take over all Bermingham's liabilities and obligations.  A schedule provides details of the property conveyed. This included 1565 square yards of land on the West side of Wellington Street, Leek, which had been part of Nixhill and a silk mill formerly known as the Nixhill Mill and now as Euston Mill together with houses numbered 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62 and 64 in Wellington Street. Numbers 54, 56 and 58 were being used as offices and the upper story of all these houses  had been converted into a warehouse.    

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Badnall; Phillips;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter  from Sarah Badnall of leek, Staffordshire to her brother "Dear John" dated 1st January 1866. She wishes John and the dear girls a happy new year and states she cannot report better of my dear uncle to-day and goes on to say "up to Saturday he has been improbably better in mind and health. On Sunday Haddy and Charles went to see him by his own express wish & they where perfectly amazed to see him, he was quite himself". She mentions the return of "his delusions about plate and furniture".. In ending she refers to "a very busy day -Church…morning, afternoon and evening a great school tea drinking". 

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: See BC/1185; Vernon; Davenport; Keates; Mien; Wagstaff; Potts; Spilsbury; Martin; Fernyhough; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Six items relating to Messrs Challinor's rents. (1) Macclesfield rents 4th May 1847. This includes not only the rents collected but also costs incurred in maintenance and Poor Rates.  (2) Bill paid by Mollatt the Challinor's agent to S. Bayley for the costs of 18 suppers and 18 quarts of ale provided for the rent supper 22 November 1854.  (3) John Mien's returns dated 7th February 1855 to Messrs Challinor's "mortgagees of Fernyhough -1/4 years rent. A note on the back states "Fernyhoughs Rose Bank Street. Miens rents."  (4)John Mien's returns dated 16 May 1855 to Messrs Challinor's "mortgagees of Fernyhough -1/2 years rent.  (5) Bill paid by Mollatt the Challinor's agent to S. Bayley for the costs of 17 suppers and 17 quarts of ale provided for the rent supper 24 July 1855. The 17 suppers cost17 shillings and the 17 quarts of ale 8s 6d.  (6) John Mien's returns dated 15th August 1855 to Messrs Challinor's "mortgagees of Fernyhough -1/4 years rent. 

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Keates; Hilliard; Badnall;  
DESCRIPTION: Three items relating to Miss Challinor: (1) Notice, dated 27 September 1852,  from William Keates of his intention to quit a cowhouse and land at Cornhill Croft  on 25 March 1853.  (2) Note re Miss C.Challinor's interest account May 1855. The six months  interest amounted to 343 -15s -0d and included  £12 -10s 0d interest on £500 from the late Mrs Badnall and £6 -5s -0d interest on £250 from the late Miss Sarah Challinor.   (3) Mr Hilliard's valuation of the household furniture, glass and other effects of the late Miss Charlotte Challinor dated 17 September 1870. The total value was estimated at £122 -3s-4d.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Butterfield; Hammersley; Lewthwaite;  
DESCRIPTION: Two letters from William Challinor, Pickwood, Leek, Staffordshire to Joseph Challinor and one from Joseph Challinor at Old Broadgate, Broughton on Furness to William Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire.  (1) Letter dated 7 May 1870 from William Challinor, Pickwood, Leek, Staffordshire to Joseph Challinor concerning a document relating to Mr H. Bermingham who had objected to one clause. William recommends that the draft be submitted to Mr Badnall "as you suggest and finally settled by him".  William Challinor also states that he met Mr Gould who thought  it " only reasonable some capital should be advanced if Mrs Bermingham is to take out an annual sum". (2) Letter dated 18 October 1893 from William Challinor to his brother Joseph concerning the case of the Shepherd's Friendly Society against Mr Butterfield, who was charged under the Trustees Frauds Act 24-25 Vict. C:96. This imposed penal servitude for between 5 and 7 years or imprisonment for not more than 2 years -with or without hard labour or solitary confinement.   Letter gives details of the circumstances. William Challinor also notes " it is thought that if Butterfield were imprisoned for any length of time he would not come out again."  He also states that "Hammersley promises if Butterfield gets off that he will still continue him at Leek at £2 -10s -0d per week by which he would be enabled to support his wife and four children and another one to be born in some weeks". The letter also notes that Butterfield " is about 70 years of age and was a trusted clerk of my uncle until his death and I think it difficult for us as the representatives of his large estate not to help in keeping his wife and children out of the workhouse in case of his imprisonment".   (3) Letter dated 19 October 1893 from Joseph Challinor at Old Broadgate, Broughton on Furness to William Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire.  Jo. Challinor stated he thought Butterfield had  no fraudulent intent in appropriating the money.  He suggests that "after all their serious losses and especially the disastrous result to Charles and his family of the Partition, I do not think they should bear any of the suggested contribution of £100 and if you agree, I am willing to contribute 1/3rd of it and also of the £15 you have paid towards the defence, for which I enclose my blank cheque "under £40".  (4) Letter dated 20 October 1893 from William Challinor, Pickwood, Leek, Staffordshire to Joseph Challinor.  William Challinor thanks his brother for a blank cheque not exceeding £40 "towards the unfortunate Butterfield".   Also states "will has also had a heavy share of losses in the Potteries".  Ends by expressing his hope that Henie continues to improve".  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Bermingham; Halton; Stretch; Bramwell;  
DESCRIPTION: Particulars of a case of wilful damage by  Joseph Halton of Cornhill Street, Leek, silk weaving manager to Messrs Henry & Elizabeth Bermingham, 5 August 1871.  Halton was said to have destroyed and burnt out certain silk label patterns bearing the names of certain customers of the firm on 29 July 1871. Halton was also said to have taken down the ties of the machinery and so rendered the machinery useless until the ties are restored. A note adds that the ties are used for tying the harness up for certain patterns or twills.  Halton was employed on a weekly basis as  at 23/- per week. 

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
: Davenport; Henshaw; Challinor; Shaw;  
DESCRIPTION: Eight letters concerning the Ball Haye Brook dated 1903-1904.  Seven of the letters are from C. Henshaw, Clerk to the Leek Urban District Council to Messrs Challinor and Shaw re the Ball Haye Brook. (1)Letter dated 14 October 1903 which is accompanied by a copy of a minute passed by the Sanitary, Paving & Sewering Committee which was confirmed by the Council on 13 October 1903. The letter also mentions a complaint by George Davenport to which the Committee replied they had taken every possible step to remove the pollution from the Ball Haye Brook caused by sewage matter but if not, they were prepared to do so provided it could be shown that pollution existed. (2) Letter dated 19 December 1903 from Henshaw to Challinors & Shaw Confirming receipt of letter which was to be submitted to the Sanitary Committee at their meeting on the 4th  January.  (3) Letter dated 6 January 1904 from Henshaw to Challinors & Shaw with copy of a minute passed by the "Paving Sewering & Sanitary Joint Committee and approved by the Council on the 5th January 1904. The minute relates to George Davenport's complaint of pollution of the Ball Haye Brook and damage to his fishponds and requests the Surveyor to discuss the matter with Davenport. (4) Letter dated 7th January 1904 from Henshaw to Challinors & Shaw replying to C & S's letter of same date. It states " the terms of the minute passed by the Joint Committee are not such as to authorise the Surveyor to adopt the course suggested" (5) Letter dated 14 January 1904 from Henshaw to Challinors & Shaw replying to a letter from Challinor & Shaw of 18 December 1903. They stated that it was impossible for any pollution of the Brook to result from the "recent collapse of the sewer in Weston Street [Leek]. They admitted the possibility of pollution as a result of a quantity of sewage escaping from the Buxton Road Sewer and flowing for a considerable distance. Other possible sources of pollution are mentioned as is the roads from which storm water was collected and mixed with the sewage which after a heavy fall of rain flowed over the storm safety weir into the Brook. This had been remedied by making up the weir and constructing storm drains. The letter draws Challinor & Co's attention to fact that  water from over 100 acres of land which also flowed into the Brook and that water from the Fountain Street reservoir was allowed to flow into the Brook at a rate of 20000 gallons a day to improve the quality of the water. Mentions an inspection of the Brook from its source to the River Churnet " a distance of 1550 yards" by the Rivers Inspector, the Medical Officer of Health, the Surveyor and the Sanitary Inspector.(6) Letter dated 14th January 1904 from Challinors & Shaw of Leek, solicitors to the Council replying on behalf of their client ( Davenport)  in some detail.  (7)Letter dated 16th September 1904 from Henshaw to Challinors & Shaw, stating that he was making arrangements for a meeting of the committee concerned and that until a few days since he had not been aware that the work in question had not been carried out.   (8) Letter dated 21 September 1904 from Henshaw to Challinors & Shaw containing a minute of the Sanitary & Paving [...] Joint Committee passed on the 20th September which was to come before the Council the following Tuesday.  The Minute concerned a letter which Challinors & Shaw had sent to them concerning the non-completion of work to be carried out for Mr George Davenport in connection with the Ball Haye Brook. The Committee instructed the Clerk to express the Committee's regrets that due to a misunderstanding the work mentioned in their Minute dated 8th February had not been carried out -it was, however, now in progress. The surveyor had been instructed to press on with the work.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Turnock; Fallon; Chambre; Challinor; Brealey; Shaw; Stevenson;  
DESCRIPTION: Six items relating to the Turnock family of  which the first two items relate to the Globe Inn, Spout Street, Leek, Staffordshire. (1) April 1894 Notes concerning Miss Turnock and in particular one which relates to an agreement between Misses Turnock and Miss Mary Chambre who agreed to take a house on St. Edward Street, Leek for 5 years at a rent of £45. Tenant to pay all taxes and do all the inside work, Landlord to keep the outside in good repair. A footnote states " Fallon has paid Miss T. £1 for stable for year's rent.  (2) 10 April 1895 re Misses Turnock. Receipt for £1 -16s -9d rent paid by Mr Fallon on 8th March as two quarters rent for a stable in the Globe Yard.   (3) Letter from Mary E. Turnock of St. Edwards Street, Leek to Thomas Shaw, solicitor, Leek dated 10 November 1892. Says very little.  (4) Letter from Mary Chambre, Leek, Staffordshire, to Thomas Shaw, solicitor, Leek, dated  14 September 1894. She writes to let him know she had prevented Mr Stevenson painting the Hall Door as he said he had been instructed to do by Miss Turnock because she didn't think it any use "for the door really ought to have the old paint burnt off. Miss Chambre said she wouldn't insist on the door being painted just now if not convenient but that when it was done it must be done properly.  (5) Letter from Mary E. Turnock of St. Edwards Street, Leek to Thomas Shaw, solicitor, Leek dated 13 March 1882. She states that her mother would be glad if he would let her have the interest from Mr Thomas, and mentions that Sigley's interest has not been paid yet.  " It has made us rather short of money just lately".   (6) Draft oath for the executors of the late Ruth Turnock, widow, deceased dated 30 December 1893. Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffordshire. Indicates that Ruth was the mother of Mary Elizabeth Turnock of leek and that she died on 4 November 1893 at Leek leaving personal estate valued at £1086 - 2s -10d. Her executors were her daughter, Thomas Shaw of Leek, solicitor, and John Brealey of Leek, Land Agent.  

PLACES: Leek, Wolstanton, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Tellwright; Badnall; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: (1) Note from W. A.M.Tellwright to Messrs Challinor & Co dated 29 June 1878 authorising them to pay £25 which he owed to the Leek & Moorlands P. B. Building Society for interest and also £44 -5s to Mr Badnall for interest which he owed him. (2) Rental (rough) of Mr Tellwright's settled estates dated 11 July 1895. The estates in question include Greenbank House and Greenbank Mines.  

PLACES: Leek, Whittington, Sneyd, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Cruso; May; Macclesfield; Gordon;  
DESCRIPTION: Agreement between Mr John Cruso, Mrs May and Charles Bower May for the sale of the Whittington Estate in mortgage to Mr Cruso and the proceeds to be used to pay off the £5000  in mortgage. Any surplus to be paid to Mrs May. If there is any deficiency, then Mr Cruso to be paid  out of any surplus arising from the Sneyd property.   All the stock, furniture and effects at Sneyd to be immediately sold.  Monies arising from the sale to be used to pay arrears of rent owing to the Earl of Macclesfield, then to pay off the debts of the late Mr May. The document bears the actual signatures of the parties concerned.  

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire; Penaclwdd, Swansea, Wales; Bristol; Sheffield; Manchester; Frodsham, Cheshire; London; Galashiels, Bridge of Allan, Scotland;  
PERSONS: Sugden; Lovatt; Challinor; Jones; Challinor; Shaw; Raper; Booth; Owen; Wrenn; Whyte; Woodward; Tanner; Brewer; McLaren; Butler; Parker; Scott; Sellers; Tickell;  
DESCRIPTION: 20 items relating to Messrs Lovatt & Gould of Leek, Staffordshire. (1) Manchester Waterproof Co. Dutton St., Manchester account with Sugden & Lovatt 1 November 1892.  (2) Printed notice of payment of claim into court in the case of Sugden &Lovatt versus George Raper  28 November 1892.  (3)  W. H. Booth of Main Street, Frodsham, Cheshire in account with Sugden & Lovatt 12 December 1892.  (4) John Jones of 223 High Street, Swansea, in account with Sugden & Lovatt 13 January 1893.  (5)     Daniel Owen, draper, Penclawdd, South Wales, in account with Sugden & Lovatt 21 April 1893.  (6)  Printed summons re claim in the case of Sugden & Lovatt versus J. Sellers to be tried at the Court House, Town Hall, Market Street, Leek  8 July 1892.  (7) Mrs Brewer of 14 Pritchard Street, Bristol, in account with Sugden & Lovatt 15 August 1893.  (8) Printed "Plaint Note" dated 18 September 1893 in the case of Sugden and Lovatt versus Owen.  (9) Letter from Sugden & Lovatt to Challinors & Shaw dated 1 August 1893 as king them to "apply for" the accounts of M. Jones, J. Tanner, Whyte W..., Wrenn & Co. Woodward.. A footnote adds " Letter Booth W. enclosed. "we have had plenty of promises before from him but end of week is not long is you can suspend proceedings so long".  (10)Plaint details and account with regard to debts owed by W. H. Whyte & Co of 4 Cave Street, Portland Square, Bristol to Sugden & Lovatt dated 2 August 1893.  (11) T. J.Weeks & Son, Boot Closer of 32 and 33 Banner Street, Bunhill Row, London EC in account with Sugden & Lovatt 1 September 1893.  (12) J E & S. Wright, drapers, of Attercliffe, Sheffield in account with Sugden & Lovatt 1 November 1893.  (13) Letter from Sugden & Lovatt to Challinors & Shaw dated 25 January 1901 re B. [  ] It states " Please see enclosed Preston Brook Co we feel inclined to join them as per their suggestion.  (14) Plaint details and account with regard to debts owed by P.McLaren of Bridge of Allan NB, clothier to Sugden & Lovatt dated 14 December 1893.  (15) Printed summons in the cases of Sugden and Lovatt v Westcott, against Butler and against Parker & Co, dated 20 April 1901. (16) James Scott of 14 Bank Street, Galashiels in account with Sugden & Lovatt dated 10 October 1901.  (17)  E. C. Valentines, 42 High Street, Peckham, London in account with Sugden & Lovatt dated 12 December 1892 (To goods £9-9s-7d). (18) J. T. Sellers of Bonner Street, Bethnal Green, London in account with Sugden & Lovatt, Leek, June 1892.  (19) Memo from Sugden & Lovatt of Acorn Mills, Fountain Street, to Mr Gwynne of Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire dated 2 august 1900 -it accompanied an account (20) for a man who had dishonoured a bill and twice dishonoured a cheque. (20) W. J. Tickell of Fore Street, Bodmin, Tailor, in account with Sugden and Lovatt of Leek, 2 August 1900.  

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire; London;  
PERSONS: Lovatt; Gould; Nixon; Durant; Partinton; Ladbury;  
DESCRIPTION: Two items relating to Messrs Lovatt & Gould of Leek, Staffordshire.  (1) Bill dated 8 September 1857 with respect to Lovatt & Gould's account with J. W. & J. Nixon. It relates to a  £3239 bill for 22 July 1857 of which £739 was outstanding in October 1857.  (2) Notes of an extract from Perry's Weekly 1857 concerning "Bills of Sale under 17 & 18 Vict. c:36 Lovatt John and Gould Joseph of Leek, silk manufacturers Rd. Durant  ... ? dated 21 Oct filed 5 Nov. 1857. Amount £13900  -Partington Ladbury & Co. City, London.    

PLACES: Thorpe, Derbyshire; Leek, Staffordshire.  
PERSONS: Badnall; Challinor; Cruso;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter from W.B.Badnall at Thorpe, Derbyshire to Joe Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire dated 5th October 1891. Thanks Challinor for the cheque for his fees but states he did not wish any charge on his account in the matter of his late Aunt's estate (Mrs Cruso). Badnall thanks Challinor for " many acts of kindness  towards me extending over  a long term of years". Black edged paper on account of the death of his brother the Venerable Archdeacon Hopkins Badnall.

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire; Bethnal Green, London; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Lyons, France; Mulheim, Rhonsdorf, Barmen, Eberfeld, Crefeld, Germany; Coventry, Warwickshire; New York, America; Manchester;  Nottingham; Derby; Lothbury; Cambridge; Wigton, Cumberland;
PERSONS: Arnold; Anres; Alcock; Andrea; Barnwell; Brown; Bredt; Rubel; Burroughs; Benjamin; Cleves; Cooper; Coenen; Chatteris; Chaninel; Durant; Diergarat; Evans; Eaton; Foote; Frost; Fisher; Melles; Godwin; Goater; Greatrex; Greenhalgh; Entwisle;  Gilnert; Henninghans; Homan; Hammersley; Jones; Kelsey; Kronhenn; Leaf; Leschallas; Manloves; Alliot; Mittlestone; Scherd; Moll; Morley; Moses; Mitchell; Slater; Nay; Nierhaus; Oppenheim; Pott; Hammond; Plimpton; Stevenson; Pearse; Midlane; Porteus; Paul; Perkis; Rowbotham; Ratcliffe; Reed; Langford; Schroers; Soden; Overton; Sexton; Stevens; Smith; Schuler; Thorp; Thompson; Pattinson; Worth; Waithman; Cleesves; Foster; Porter; Lloyd; Latrielle. Marshall; Newton; Rigg; Rain; Stagg; Stobbs; Twentyman; Wilson; Thodoy;  
DESCRIPTION: Creditors of Messrs Bennoch, Twentyman and Rigg, merchants of London & Manchester. 1857-1858.    

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire; London;  
PERSONS: Lovatt; Gould; Bennoch; Challinor; Badnall;  Nixon;  Twentyman; Rigg; Reed; Gray;  
DESCRIPTION: Two items re Lovatt & Gould, Silk Manufacturers, Leek, Staffordshire.   (1) Draft case for the consideration of Counsel (Mr John Gray of 3 Brick Court, Temple, London) as to the rights of the creditors of Messrs Lovatt & Gould with respect to the estates on Bennoch & Co, dated January 1858. Challinor, Badnall & Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire.  (2) Case for the consideration of Counsel as to the rights of the creditors of Messrs Lovatt & Gould with respect to the estates on Bennoch & Co, dated 19 January 1858. Challinor, Badnall & Challinor, Leek, Staffordshire.  A note on the front states " Your opinion in time for Thursday's post is requested.  This is the document actually sent to Gray and it carries his opinion dated 21 January 1858.  

PLACES: Leek,  Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Redfern; Cruso; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter dated 7 June 1884 from Thomas Redfern of Leek, Staffordshire, to  William Challinor of Leek. In it Redfern states  "Good Mrs Cruso called upon me the other day and gave me a further sum of £20. Was not this very handsome of her?. I have secured the balance at the bank".  

PLACES: Leek,  Biddulph, Bradley Green, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Whitehurst;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter from Challinor  & Co, Leek, Staffordshire, to the Surveyors of the Highways of Biddulph care of Mr James Whitehurst, Bradley Green, dated  18 September 1871.  The letter concerned a question which the Surveyor had raised through his assistant Whitehurst.  Challinor's opinion was that the trees on the line of the Old pack road belong to the owner of the land adjoining  and not to the Surveyors.  Also the public can not insist upon using the road as a cart road unless there is evidence forthcoming to show that it was originally a cart road beyond and in addition to any evidence that was submitted  to the Magistrates at Leek last June. The Magistrates Order was confined to the road as a drift, bridle and...road.    

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